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  1. maybe u not good looking or rusky
  2. Fool ex pat givs he comunity a bad name wred the firs part saw the video think wow poor man but now i think he lit the fuze and all exploded silly man and in front of his child ,deporting him does not do anything except his thai family loose maybe a cooling down course of a few weeks at how i behave as a guest here would be better. i was in Norway 2 months ago also with an australian and he put his finger up at a Norwegen guy hegot clamped in and police arrived give him a hour roasting and a 100 euro fine this Australian said was normal in Australia to ball and shout and middle finger up and was pissed at the fine just asking Australians here it that normal.
  3. Patong to fall quiet to respect late King

    The days of respect exelent
  4. bar ripped me off, sick of walking away

    Pay as u go better can leave when u like if u want a chic then pay for as well direct the tip u can give her then no hassle and what is 500 baht 15 dollars if u miss 1 good meal for a day then u back to normal if you dont have the money dont go boosing or anything els it just causes agrivation.
  5. Happy for him can do much with that
  6. Alcohol sales 26th to the 31st Oct?

    Thats Amasing that u think about some silly bit of alcohol on the most stressfull days in years in Thailand the king is being cremated no a beach Party if you are so conserned that you will be dry then stock up 2 weeks before if you have guests explain then that the king is being cremated this man was one of the most respected man in thailand loved by all i guess y have no respect just a tipical farang complains about all here .
  7. hi where did you buy this in thailand
  8. Panasonic good reliable but make sure you have an earth i mean a real earth not nutral
  9. No winners here if there is a nuke war North Korea is full of minerals and valuable coal stone and what ever els it has who takes over the Russians next door the Americans 10000 km away it will be a sad day when north/south Korea are just parking lots cos if it starts then thats it ,who els gets hit well thats the war machine maybe a stray bomb hits Vietnam laos or Thailand what will these goverments do? look at this Trump and start another slagging match again and he threaten them also total total distruction Kim is of 3 rd generation Trump is a baught in money president to total different things kim will go on till he dies Trump will after 3 years just go back to his money imperium and like the rest of american presidents wait till the next president slags him off because they think he did it all wrong like now Obama care the iran treaty the wall of mexico if anybody is a nutter its him lets hope that both parties just cool down but i think Trump must do the first step because he just keep s adding wood to the fire sending a bomber force along the border line of North Korea doesnt help Who knows maybe a pilot will make an error and enter North Korea air space and be shot down who is right and wrong then . in General America lost the Vietnam war pulled out of Afganastan doesnt like the Iran treaty papers what another President made to calm things down and he wants to change this also proviking iran to start its nuke program again Sticks its hands in every thing but expects many to pay because they are so called America First what a load of crap. wonder what he will dream up next / how many children will die in NK and how much suffering will there be now that there is no fuel no income cos china has to bend its knees because also thretened with loss of trade to America . even if Kim backs down it will take years of bla bla talk to even get help going again then there wil be another usa president with different thinking and it all starts over again . The money machine like poisen
  10. Pattaya expat worries: unofficial survey

    Thats humour and is happeing even now this visa is realy a pain and all the other red tape
  11. very funny i will look this evening waaaaaa
  12. Sorry to all involved why people think that killing and injury changes things i have never understand been self in many war zones Always shocking to see and hear
  13. Looks like some are jellace why are they as stupid as today and whyBloody hippies was a great time 25 years ago and now they do the same maybe u are both shirt tie and dont know how to enjoy life what are you doing here then winging winging bad place you know you can Always leave and let the rest be happy