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  1. Good Thailand goverment give this elite and free trip around what els could they have given. for all volenteers what ever nationalety fantastic job i think all volenteers just do this to help the situation and dont expect to much back but a thankyou with some food a shower and a beer or two go a long way .
  2. Equipment and other things is not important here the boys and coatch and the rescue workers are the debri and bottles can be when rain season goes
  3. To all that are involved direct or indirect it is fantastic work that you have already done the days of hard work and patience now the last bit to 100% great and thanks to everybody
  4. mikecha

    Remove stains from shirt armpits

    thing called vanish can get at makro just rub some on stain then wash
  5. Dont forget both passports old and new show both no problem
  6. Every country needs a starting point to this plastic bag issue in india they fined my coleague for still producing plastic bags big time/ plastic bag ban now glad to see that plastic bags will be reduced .
  7. mikecha

    Kim Jong Un 'takes his own toilet' to Singapore summit with Donald Trump

    So u are like a parrot then if trump said put your head in the gas oven u do that to because u borrow his rubbish nothing wrong with Norway but is shit hole cold in the winter
  8. mikecha

    Street fighting !!!

    whats a coolie
  9. mikecha

    Kim Jong Un 'takes his own toilet' to Singapore summit with Donald Trump

    Why is it a shithole country have you been there u speak like u are an expert
  10. 1year non imergrant o is 90 days retirement not tourist thats 60 days with possible extension of 30 days
  11. Hoe said it was a he /him blowing the story apart as usual
  12. mikecha

    Swedish Brewery Makes Beer with Recycled Sewage Water

    If u have been in the desert 6 months with no beer then it does not matter what it is Courage Watneys Whitbread even if come from the north if put in fromt of u on a hot day all would drink it and enjoy
  13. mikecha

    smoked mackerel

    There is a guy in hu hin that sels hering and fish a dutch man cant remember his name but maybe he has brado that is full of fish oil other thing maybe use fish oil capsules 1 a day