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  1. Phone under 3,000THB

    we have an oppo To works great and cheap
  2. Bar problem

    Great life you born with eyes and a brain use it to the best of your ability. use cash cc are dangerous for scams
  3. Where Is The Rain

    Rain in Phrae for few hours
  4. All people are different . some adapt some dont Ex pats of all nationalities have different backgrounds and cultures if live in Thailand why not just do as the thai do they are actuely very helpfull people if u try and do a bit to speak to them in Thai or to help them with English . We grow flowers use Dutch cultevtaion methods but my Thai neighbour who grows vegatables shows me that thai ways als help sometimes even better so there you go why not listen to what they have to say instead of being i know i know i farang .
  5. Agree wit that very stupid.
  6. Two Britons charged with sexual abuse of minors

    sick people
  7. Shirtless Falange in Restaurants

    Mind your own business who cares what others do if u dont like move on look other place
  8. Think Back when you were young say 18 to 20 some 45 years ago did you not want to do the same in the hippy rage woodstock rage back packers will be around for many years to come either from asia or as people say low class europeans well many back packers have a very good education just want to get away from the rat race for a while Realy what is wrong with that and if u give them some food money what ever then is up to you But i guess many here that talk crap on the site are old and only drink beer all day and have there thaughts had i done this had i done that but realy sit on ther ass all day complaining . Anyone with a small budjet that travels see things good luck to them better than being a crimenal .
  9. White Sands resort across road from beach a little further down than Rayong 6 km mai phim beach
  10. Great for u have a better life
  11. Why does it fit Thailand many places the same, the girl is dead rip think this tipe of comment can be kept to ones self .