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  1. we paid 700 baht transfer fee last month for 1000m3 land family to family at land office in phrae maybe different in other places
  2. The look at me show silly person costs many people time and energy and i think the rescue team deserve a very big thank you how many more idiots are coming here or is the new mode how i act stupid as a foreigner in my own country i would be put to jail or made to pay think they should let this person pay much then passport stamp no entry aloud
  3. When u move everything do not forget the mamifest in 3 coppied realy detailed serial number of machines mixers electrical goods and not to many the same ,say u have 2 vacume cleaners sell 1 and 1 to the manifest Thai customs like detils so realy make an effort to have this done in detail 2 0ft container is best as it keeps it all together if u have boxes stick manafest on side of the box what inside and mark 1 to 20 or more exact colly stated if Thai custom check they may open 2 and chech if all is correct they may back off import duty you might have to pay or some small envelope in right place to stamp in documents goods free personal efects are sometimes let in free but not all the time if u have a thai GF /wife u can say it is her thai personal efects then maybe go easier good luch at the customs or find a company that do door to door but again the manifest must be made by you like others say sell most and keep little
  4. German man found dead in Walking Street hotel room

    Sherlock holmes r,i,p
  5. What would be the outcome of a second referendom now that the outcome is seen and on paper would people vote no or yes like many say here it is just the pocket filling for some then get out but leaving many in a ruin . maybe it is time to re think and stay in europe would have been a big loss of money till now but in time think it will be better border control is there anyway was there last month took for ever to get in checking this and that so the border control is not an issue
  6. explain please why chairman Mao was crasy and do u know him personaly
  7. Russians held over ATM scam

    nice music
  8. yeah dip out poor nurse they are the best people what a tragedy
  9. Flew china southeren business They do not give fast track tickets
  10. Amerika first no respect for anyone no where just think they can dow what they like good they got caught
  11. Poor really are getting poorer in Thailand

    Have u ?tell us more
  12. taxi great no hassle no stress
  13. Motorbike Accident

    Be nice buy all lunch and just shake hands and thanks sorry for the hassle we both know mr thai is wrong but where does it go ask them to help u on your house or where u live a few days maybe drainage ditch or moving something that farangs dont like to do am sure that they will do if they very local people U got away Lucky moterbike here is Always dangerous we have sold ours and i even live very rural
  14. Motorbike Accident

    i agree is it worth all the hassle for a 350 euro i know that some farangs Always want what is right and dig there heels in but what is right here and what is wrong you will never win . be a good semaritan buy them lunch and talk about it and maybe u have new friends for life if u have big property ask them come and help u a few days cleaning or cutting or what ever .