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  1. Lucky Kimono? I can't up with all these new MMA arm lock hold names.
  2. So it's safe to assume it wasn't a robbery gone wrong then?
  3. You already know your answer. You can't have your Kate and Edith too.
  4. I died a couple of times.... But I got better.
  5. She obviously didn't realize that the anesthesiologst brings the best drugs with him to a operation for a sting. Well, thats how I read the headline.
  6. Prawit's party joke: Hey, you wanna see my c#ck turn into a watch? Put two hands and a face on it.
  7. Panda13

    Einstein’s Travel Diaries Reveal His Shockingly Racist Views On Asians

    Does anything he did make his observations inaccurate ?
  8. Panda13

    Pattaya cop fired for bribery, sexual assault

    Fired? I thought that's how they earned their Parachute badges !
  9. This girl is looking for a generous lover and is very subservient.
  10. Panda13

    Over-manning over here

    Every problem contains its own solution.