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  1. What's red and bad for your teeth ? A brick.
  2. 3 kids on a scooter throwing toilet cleaner.. wow! Thats what passes for a Thai bikiè gang?
  3. Escaped serious injury? Is that like when I escape have sex with a beautiful girl? You either do or you don't , escaped...phhttt!
  4. Screw the Pope. I talk to God all the time, and he's never mentioned the Pope.
  5. Its weather, you roll the dice and you take your chances. How do tell if a weatherman is lying? His lips are moving! TIT. It the tropics.
  6. So what's he gonna do if Mexico an N Korea suddenly get friendly and and tell him to step off?
  7. White water rafting, jet ski, canoeing, surfing, scuba diving, any of the water sports really. The only difference is, you can do them down Nanai and Banzaan Road, instead of having to go down the beach.
  8. It's never wise to get your ambitions and your capabilities confused.