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  1. Or the biggest faux pas is pink shorts or shirt.
  2. Actually, if they didn't have a pussy, they would all be stacked 10 high at the rubbish dump.
  3. Must of a been a slow day in Russia if that was news worthy.
  4. Take comfort in the fact that at least your 1 car ahead of the guy behind you.
  5. “I lived in Patong for ten years so I can truly say that I am a Patong resident. This is like coming back to my home,” he said." Yeah! Full of brown envelopes !
  7. Gee. Human relationships are complicated... Who da guessed?
  8. What a beautiful dog. Dogs are the 1 redeeming feature of humanity that they seem to totally unaware of. Go figure.
  9. Love anything Bulldog to death. I'd eat it. And buy one to keep.
  10. I haven't drunk for 20 years, pissed on tequila tonite cause of brown skinnned temptress. What ever. Heaven won't take me and Hells afraid I'll take over and Death don't take boarders.