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  1. What makes you think it's a female only?
  2. Might Fido eat you?

    Two men stuck on life raft for for a month with no food or water. Only 1 and half made it to safety. True story bro.
  3. who is the worst Thai girl or frang

    Oh yeah. Cause there's no uni educated farangs trapped in abusive relationships worldwide. Is there?
  4. A company tried to hire interns based on how good they looked in a bikini

    What were they doing being out of the kitchen anyway?
  5. Is it true that 50% of the people you meet every day are below average intelligence?
  6. Surprised they didn't say they went there to give her some jump training so she could earn her Para Wings.
  7. Or the biggest faux pas is pink shorts or shirt.
  8. Actually, if they didn't have a pussy, they would all be stacked 10 high at the rubbish dump.
  9. Must of a been a slow day in Russia if that was news worthy.
  10. Please help me understand this!

    Take comfort in the fact that at least your 1 car ahead of the guy behind you.
  11. “I lived in Patong for ten years so I can truly say that I am a Patong resident. This is like coming back to my home,” he said." Yeah! Full of brown envelopes !