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  1. McHale comes to mind.......
  2. Duty of care ? Where does the buck stop ? Surely someone is responsible !
  3. The problem with " common sense " is that it is not common !
  4. Wonder if they pay a two tier fee for entering national parks where they are aliens ?
  5. Maybe if they forfeit their vehicles they may adhere to the law more ? No pain no gain !
  6. Sometimes if you can't have something it becomes more valuable than it really is ?
  7. How to make a small fortune in Thailand ? Answer start with a big one !
  8. The grass is greener.....
  9. Serial scammer, anything too good to be true normally is ! Should seize all assets and pay restitution to aggrieved .....never ceases to amaze how gullible people are ! One born every minute ?
  10. is key to behaviour change. The needs to be addressed as part of the school curriculum encouraging use of protection and the ramifications if not adhered too.....perhaps police should be teaching road behaviour and graphic examples of non compliance ?
  11. motor bikes, young men, testosterone , no protection, excessive speed, little or no policing of road rules can only be one result......maybe show, when the get license some graphic photos and stories on the effect on those left behind.....seems such a waste ! Something needs to change....
  12. Thanks Chas.....
  13. Thank you again, just a random question, my partner a Thai said she would like some work, she has good English and has a hospitality background having owned food, beverage and accommodation businesses.....thanks mike....
  14. Thanks for help