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  1. I am relocating to Udon Thani, what do I need to obtain drivers licence ? I have a current license from Australia, Thank you in advance
  2. You don't just marry the girl, you marry the family ! You can easily take some holidays on the coast....
  3. I have just visited a mate in Udon Thani who has some health problems. Blood pressure, cholesterol stress. He is on about 10 medications. Can anyone recommend a good doctor maybe someone with natural healing leanings ? Your help would be much appreciated thanks !
  4. Let me guess next we will be plastic bag free ?
  5. Welcome to the new sports capital !
  6. Submarines with come in handy off the coast at Patong, stopping this illegal behavior! Up periscope....
  7. If you spend time looking for the right one ! Your problem is that Thai women are very family oriented. Maybe you can find some one who is not close to family and would be happy starting a new life with you. My suggestion is to find someone happy to live abroad but first live here with them for a reasonable time....good luck !
  8. Maybe more hungry than wild ?
  9. Managing debt here is nearly non existent. Keeping up appearances of success is important to most Thais, same as western world. I know of families that ave bought new pick up on the never never over 8 years then refinance again at huge interest. It is like diving into a swimming pool with a couple of concrete blocks around your can't eat "face ". ?
  10. Acceptance is part of the Buddhist teaching. No doubt also the belief in rebirthing helps also.....
  11. Son in law material?
  12. Mother Nature not happy !