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  1. At airport welcome to Thailand ! please go through biometric gate have your fingerprints, iris scan, hand geometry done, have a nice day ?
  2. Difficult to shoot someone without gun ?
  3. So the Chinese women bring 1000 Bt note, new t shirt, and don't change either ?
  4. Scotland to become first UK country to ban smacking children

    Why don't they take " no " out of the language as well ?
  5. Victims of floods can sue, say academics

    Cause and effect ?.... acceptance of blame, non existent !
  6. 300 k be good for Thai economy but the damage is already done !
  7. Health insurers are just the bookmakers of life ?
  8. My mistake a smoking booth, I thought it was one of the new subs ?
  9. Rescuers save young elephant caught in canal

    Good Buddha, well done !
  10. Knee Pain: Cause vs Effect

    Advertorial ! Could you have possibly put it in smaller print ! Hidden agenda?
  11. Perpetual flooding in Pattaya

    Water is like sh#t it won't run up hill by itself ?
  12. The falang insurances use the "old act of god " get out clause....maybe Buddha could lend a hand ?
  13. Help us to clean Koh Samui beaches

    The blame game ! The usual non acceptance......
  14. Beautiful one day, perfect the next....Er sorry that was Queensland !