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  1. PM urges Thais to wear period costumes for outings

    Looks like a clip from the "King and I" !
  2. ‘New kind’ of corruption feared

    Pardon the small fish for evidence against the big fish, then some serious punishment Loss of face and forfeit all assets of family ! We one can hope ?
  3. Police general to be charged over lottery probe

    Need separate branch to police the police, never happen.....
  4. Accountability, severe penalties, naming causing loss of face, retribution ?
  5. Good luck to you ! You will always have the phophets of doom, to hell with them. This is not a dress rehearsal take you happiness where you can !
  6. Fresh fruits and vegetables in restaraunts

    We was everything, my wife recently was hospitalised after eating for that had formalin in it...Profit before anything !
  7. Should be served daily to these two until they die !
  8. A grab using religious intolerance as the headline ...shame on you masquerading as responsible journalism !
  9. So what right of entry does a landlord have ? Can they enter and take fruit and veg growing there ?
  10. Rooster, sabai jai ! You always put a smile on my face, thank you. Always something to crow about ?