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  1. Is their a ministry of inactive posts, what do they do all day once they have been given inactive posts....? What a waste if,public funds ! What about dismissal and fines or prison if guilty ?
  2. Be like an ashtray on a motorbike !
  3. You need someone to oversee sale though to exchange and settlement, why would you not use a lawyer...maybe you should speak to principal of real estate and tell him your concerns....saving money great but not at the expense of sale falling over.....
  4. What difference "fully paid" means I don't know ! She buy condo knowing she can't have pets ? So did everyone else common sense should prevail, what happens if the people next door want to keep a monkey, that be ok ?
  5. Maybe Musk could score a few brownie points making a donation to dead ex seals family ?
  6. Reminds me of the Buddhist quote " do not speak unless it improves the silence !" Something they could both embrace ?
  7. And they are teaching the children ? If you cannot afford don't buy !
  8. Think it is going next to the cultural center, near the fine art exhibit !
  9. Lucky mike

    British cave diving hero finds love with Thai nurse

    Wish them love, peace and happiness !
  10. Lucky mike

    Donating body to hospital.

    Thanks for your input, sorry to read your story....so you think I better off with fire...nothing here time to move on !
  11. Lucky mike

    Donating body to hospital.

    With the birth of my latest grandson one questions their own mortality ! Does anyone know if I can leave my body to science/medicine when I die here and what is required paperwork wise ? It is a genuine one owner high mileage....ps living near Udon Thani...
  12. Rules first, adherence next then strict enforcement with penalties to reflect same ! Good luck with that....
  13. Lucky mike

    Wife ,42 had 1. GOUT attack

    Reduce intake of sugar, processed grains and processed meats !
  14. Lucky mike

    How bad is it to beep the horn here?

    Not at home now !
  15. Passing the buck ? Accountability, honesty, care gone again..,$$$$ rules supreme ?