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  1. You seem to know, but one of the sois I mentioned does not have any signage which would support your hypothesis..... maybe Soi Pattayaland 2 (Soi 13/4)?
  2. The D24 is especially nice in Malaysia.....
  3. Sure, you can't chew gum either, but who cares!
  4. definitely not strawberry flavored
  5. Wrong....your loss! I have personally eaten durian with the owners/managers of many hotels so your 100% number cannot be right. Also calling food experts, "maniacs" is simply rude and disrespectful...learn some table manners
  6. Shoes in the house is very dirty.....do you clean the dog droppings of the bottom before your enter
  7. Looks delicious.....btw there is a great durian festival in Rayong each year, with an all you can eat contest. Enjoy!
  8. DIM SUM

    I though this post was about quality food, not low end takeaway which is just awful
  9. This entire post is filled with misinformation and pernicious nonsense....especially the old wives tale re. the alcohol. The "new" generation of Thais also is not switching to western foods....this is unsubstantiated nonsense! Durian smells and tastes great...try burping some up after drinking a beer, you can clear a nice space in the bar around you and enjoy the smell for second time.
  10. Jomtien 2nd Rd. roundabout gone!

    Is a lost smarter similar to less smarter?
  11. couldn't he submit a TM28 to change his status to a hotel room in Bangkok?
  12. Never happen in Thailand....stop listening to Eminem
  13. Shouldn't that be, " I never didn't not fail to inaccurately see how it works"
  14. Yes, but you are "implicitly" doing it, as in the beer example. Or even simpler, you ask for an apple, they give you an orange, so you send it back and say no I want apple.....starting to see how it works now?
  15. Boy you sure are thick....re-read what was written which I have boldened, italicized and underlined for you (hint especially the part that says "general consensus") "you may like the smell (most of my thai friends dont like durian or the smell) but the general consensus is that it is by many considered an unpleasant smell" And do get some new specs!