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  1. sadly missed from the boards

  2. Maerim vanished last April, not banned or suspended. A call to the Uni should help, but you knew that, dincha?
  3. Asian Vegies List
  4. I just brought two parrots into Suvarnabumi Hi Piston, Good news..... where from and what species? Any probs with the Agri dept? In the hold or cabin with you? Costa freight? Any quarantine? Cheers
  5. There should be a link to delete the trees
  6. Hi Bina, if you want the lat & long of a place, just put your cursor on the exact location, and read off the lat n long on the footer of the page. If you want a grid, see "view" up the top left of yr screen.
  7. Can you give good directions how to find it..... on foot or by car?
  8. Try looking for placenames beginning with Phon Xxxxxxx... Just a guess, without more info.
  9. Have a look north east of Nong Kai at Bung Kan on the river. https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/index.php?ac...ost&id=7143
  10. Hi, I thought that was obvious from our last post, but maybe not. As it won´t be Thailand, then ofcourse we will go to somewhere closer to our home. We live in Denmark and have actually lots of beautiful countries more or less close by - Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Malta etc. etc. so it won´t be a problem. But we had fallen in love with Thailand - pitty A good , sane , decision.
  11. Have you checked out whether your dogs will have to go into quarantine on arrival back in Denmark? Rabies is prevalent in Thailand.
  12. Good Online street map of Thailand All areas.
  13. I would like to know if you have had any success in getting these maps. I am also after large scale maps of the area between Mukdahan and Ubon along Route 212. I am particularly interested in the area around Loeng Nok Tha, about half way between Amnat Charoen and Mukdahan. I worked there in 1967-68 on the construction of the airfield and a rural development road. I would also be interested in making email contact with people who are currently living in the area or are familiar with it. This includes any Brit or Australian Sappers or others who worked on the airfield/road. Aussapper Member "sezzo" is ex ADF & in your area. There are maps produced for each province (?) look for fold out maps locally with a red cover. Sorry, I don't know the printer as all my maps are in storage.
  14. Kitty, are you associated with that hotel in any way? Looks like a free ad to me, and others!