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  1. Those who feel supporters of the American Constitution and Bill of Rights are "nutters" may have forgotten what it cost to make America the great land of freedom that it has been since its inception. Many brave men bore arms and paid the ultimate price for the rest of Americans to have their liberties and rights. Among those essential rights is the right to be free of governmental tyranny. When governments are desirous of maintaining absolute power over the people, they must first disarm them, and America's founders well understood this vital principle, ensuring that the people should have the right to bear arms. With this fact in mind, it gets a bit sticky when people begin saying that the military or law enforcement should have more powerful weaponry than the citizenry. A great disparity in the balance of power can have disastrous results. Personally, I don't want to have a gun. I don't like guns. But the American Constitution is an admirable piece of work, worthy of the world's respect, and those who wish to exercise their rights should be free to do so.
  2. I don't know nor understand how or why, but this will change. America will come to the point where it repudiates every principle of its Constitution. This has been foretold since more than a hundred years ago. I, for one, am not looking forward to this "milestone," but am certain that it will be reached, probably sooner than anyone thinks.
  3. Ha! Is this going to end up pitting Big Pharma/AMA against NRA? I wish more of the real truth would be published. Doctors might be in the hot seat. If only people knew about the SSRI connection to mass murders....
  4. The keyword in the above is "school." There have been other mass shootings in the UK. Of course, the UK has also experienced bombings, vehicular assaults, etc. Can we ban bombs, vehicles, knives, bricks, wine bottles, and, er, .... fists? I always chuckle a bit to think of airport security checking for fists.
  5. NRA is one thing. Big Pharma is another. The latter needs far greater scrutiny, as virtually every single one of the mass shootings on record in the past two decades has been carried out by someone on drugs, most notably the SSRI drugs. With so many people taking drugs affecting their brain chemistry, it's a wonder we don't have even more of these horrendous events. But the list of those benefiting from the pharmaceutical industry's profits is longer than stock market traders . . . congress, government, media, medical schools, doctors, and the list goes on. This is why everyone is led to believe that the human body needs drugs, vaccines, etc. to cure every ailment. The drug makers should be held to account for these side effects resulting in violence.
  6. That is sure true. The food industry and the drug industry seem to be in cahoots to sell their products to people whose needs were created by those same products. Without the nicotine, who would want to smoke? Americans are addicted to their psychosis-treating pharmaceuticals, and end up worsening their own situations in the process of using them. When will the vicious cycle be broken? While some seek to break it by banning guns, that will never solve the real problems. Australia learned that banning guns reduced the murder rate, but disproportionately spiked the incidence of rape. I guess we can pick our poison. <sarcasm> It's probably better to be raped defenseless than to see people shot to death, right? after all, women are not so important as men--and they're the ones more affected by rape. </sarcasm>
  7. I blame the SSRIs. Secondly, I blame the doctors for prescribing them. Thirdly, I blame Big Pharma for planting their own teachers in the medical schools to ensure doctors are brainwashed to use them. Fourthly, I blame the lawmakers who have turned a blind eye to the situation on account of the corrupt blood money from Big Pharma that helps support their campaigns. Fifthly, I blame the press that is also affiliated with the big money makers and is too compromised to publish the truth about the drug connection to the mass murders. But the truth is documented online for those who seek it.
  8. How so? Banning alcohol during the prohibition didn't stop its consumption--it just went underground. Now...banning SSRIs might well have prevented the entire thing, including the student's suspension from school--whether or not he had guns.
  9. A normal following distance is usually summed up by the two-second rule. This should give the driver enough time to stop if the vehicle ahead does the same thing. For a commercial vehicle, however, the rule is doubled, i.e. a four-second rule. In the case of this video, the log truck had at least six seconds from the time the other truck pulled across the lanes to the time of impact. As others have noted, no brake lights appeared for most of that. Regardless of how the log truck driver thought he could swerve around through the shoulder of the road, it was unwise not to slow down considerably upon seeing the lanes blocked. My assessment would be, from a legal perspective, 100% fault of the log truck driver, who could have stopped safely, although the other trucks' drivers lacked etiquette and were equally rude and selfish in their driving. Their selfishness contributed to the accident, even if their actions were technically legal. Of interest to the case might be the fact that the log truck driver had just used his hazard lights, in place of a right-turn signal, to change lanes from the left lane to the right lane, before the other truck had pulled out and while the road was entirely clear of moving vehicles ahead of him. This brings up several questions more, such as: Was he intending to do a U-turn at that intersection? Was he simply trying to avoid passing the truck on the shoulder ahead in such close proximity? If the latter, and he had demonstrated awareness of the situation, why are there no indicators of braking when that truck pulls out ahead of him? If it truly was "brake failure," his brake lights were obviously as non-functional as the brakes themselves.
  10. That's not her helmet that you see flying away. See posts #61 and #67 above. Try going frame by frame through it yourself and you will likely come to the same conclusion. She apparently did have her helmet strapped on properly, it took the brunt of the contact with the windshield and roof of the car, then appears to have fractured when she hit the ground. I would conclude that the helmet did indeed save her life--without it, the video makes it clear she may well have broken her neck on the first impact with the car, even before the potentially skull-cracking contact with the ground 25 meters distant.
  11. I cannot see the helmet coming off either. That's not the helmet. That's her purse (black) and shoe (white). I thought the same as you while watching the video at normal speed. When I slowed it to quarter speed, then paused the video on each successive frame, it was clear that the helmet was still on her head throughout her somersault over the vehicle's roof, while her purse took flight starting at about the same moment her helmet first contacted the windshield. I have yet to see evidence of its detaching, though it does appear it may have broken into pieces.
  12. Actually, the problem is not so much the use of the steering wheel. The problem is the failure to properly utilize the brake prior to the turn and then gently use the accelerator as they make the turn. Many Western drivers don't get this either. So many people do the opposite, and apply brakes throughout the turn--which results in a greater reduction of speed overall, and less efficient traffic flow. However, I've seen many who keep their claim on their current lane and who move just halfway into the turn lane whilst slowing to a crawl for the turn--thus forcing traffic behind them to slow down along with them. That might qualify as not knowing how to use the steering wheel.
  13. Certainly malnutrition is involved, but it takes more than just a shortage of calories to cause brain damage. I haven't heard much about brain-damaged folk from the concentration camps in Nazi Germany, for example, even though many were rescued almost on the verge of death. Lack of vitamin B12, only sourced from animal products, is known to be a cause of brain damage. I would really like to know more about what the children actually were eating.
  14. I'd like to know if they were vegan. B12 deficiency is one of those things that can cause permanent neurological damage.
  15. 1) There already is oversight of homeschooling in most places--to one degree or another; 2) This issue really had nothing to do with schooling; 3) There are exceptional cases everywhere one turns, including in public schools; and 4) Because people want to label things a certain way in an effort to either understand or condemn them does not necessarily make them so. This situation was just plain criminal. Deal with the situation as such, whilst resisting the urge to stereotype others who are law abiding.