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  1. Im lost for words....asleep on a motorbike!!!!
  2. Agree on this ,Chang does'nt need extra hoardes its still quite chilled out .But progress usually ruins mst things imo
  3. 25km bike ride daily 6.30 am
  4. My wifes nephew joined up a couple of months back his CO has asked him for 200,000 bht no pay no stay nice little earner considering 100 were recruited.But i dont think 100 will stay
  5. My sister in laws husband keeps roosters etc next door they can start early doors , i think he would just laugh if i said anything then again his missus stragled a couple of them when she had enough of them , village life carried on
  6. You can definately get a bus from ekamai run hourly i think will take you to trat and a songteaw to chang ferry point.Cheap and maybe safer than a minibus.
  7. Ahh live im, happy hols
  8. All correct i drove 630km yesterday from koh chang didnt come across 1 policeman the whole way but saw all of the above all the way.Proper dvr training needed and enforcement but this aint gonna happen soon
  9. Is begging a job?
  10. Unfortunately your correct, 1000s of thais upset about not being able to put their own lives at in the bed of a pick up but when a conscript gets murdered carry on chaps.
  11. Every tv member living here sees children every day riding m/c, underage inexperienced untrained illegal, and their parents happy to let them carry on . Consequently the raod deaths will continue
  12. If this gets enforced it will take a while for things to change, thais cant see how dangerous this practise is .I pointed this out to my wifes family only last week , did they take any notice.What do you think!