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  1. I wondered why one of the locals was fitting helicopter blades to his washing machine, must be one of these inventors.
  2. Hs2 in the uk has not yet started and has been in dicussion /design for years now, would i be right in thinking high speed rail in thailand is a fairly new concept and they say it will start construction this year , worrying at least.
  3. Some good infomation here thanks guys
  4. Thankyou john.
  5. Hi everyone My daughters been over visiting and moved on to krabi, she has just let me know she has lost her tm6 departure card, is this going to be a problem when she returns to swampy. Cheers
  6. Heavy rain, im usually dragged outside to wash the motorbike and car!
  7. Not so much thought , one and a quarter thats all
  8. Accepted by who , english language police
  9. Sorry should of made it clear and written it properly
  10. One hour 15 mins travel time one way
  11. I was doing 90 day reports to cambodia so for me now its 11/4 hrs one way which is is sound .
  12. Yep to all i guess quite efficient no big problems , just passing on my experience of todays visit
  13. Went to chaiyaphum imm this mornig for my first ext of stay arrived 0910 and drove out at 1035hrs.Very quiet one in front of me and one after .Had to renew kor ror 2 at local amphore after they said they will check this st next weeks visit.Lots of form filling but pretty smooth.
  14. Plausable theory for this case, but i still think there are dark forced at play on KT