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  1. what's going on with the Thai Baht

    Well i read that 'foriegners' were buying the baht in shedloads just this year so its increasing in value although exporters in thailand are anxious its getting too strong.As for the pound brexit wieghs on it and the dollar well the us economy , trump im not sure
  2. Road Work in Thailand

    Lots of resurfacing in chaiyaphum as well some of it not needed and some new roads already disintergrating
  3. Sorry, we got th e builder to quote build cost so we bought all materials so you can decide how much you want to spend on quality of of materials etc.
  4. I had house built in chaiyaphum province june to september 2016 we bought all materials 3 bed 2 bathroom lounge diner kitchen .132sqm 2.5 millionbht ish 51500 pounds .And very nice to.Keep an eye on the plumbing and electrics.Best of.
  5. I think you may be right whilst checking his fishyness he collapsed and fell .
  6. A new years gift from the pm wow thats nice of him
  7. potato shortage

    Presume your english so par for the course "racist"
  8. Met anybody famous in Thailand?

    Met some thai bloke at KK airport mrs was impressed i didnt have a clue though
  9. Will his real dad be there?
  10. Thai doctor warns "Pass Out Challenge" can kill

    Recently ive seen a number of thai children playing with palstic bags on their heads parents not taking any notice
  11. Why you must visit Koh Chang in Thailand

    Its not what it used to be and my first trip was only in 2005 so much building since then.Mini pattaya still the same though ie empty