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  1. Hi I'm looking for an English speaking aircon service to fix my unit, who also work on weekends. Any recommendations around Victory Monument area?
  2. Customs screening at Suvarnabhumi Airport

    Arrived this week nothing unusual. Same amount of personal and no checks going on.
  3. Car parking near Khao Sarn

    Hi, is there any free or paid car parking possibility near Khao Sarn road?
  4. Rims and tires shop in Bangkok

    Thank guys will check out the options. Apriciated!
  5. Hello, Got a Mazda 3 and want to change the rims and tires to get a bigger diameter and different aspect ratio. Got 205/60 R16 now. Any shop recommendation in and around Bangkok? Thanks in advance!
  6. Buriram race track private car

    Cheers, will try to remember to remind you :)
  7. Buriram race track private car

    Thanks for your kind thoughts. I'm well covered, just looking for a save and controlled environment for some fast rounds.
  8. Udon thani good ferang restaurant

    Agree, good pizza with OK price.
  9. Hello Is it possible to use the Buriram race track with a private car? I know from others places there are tourist days where this is possible.
  10. 38th motor show in Bangkok. (29th March- 9April 2017)

    Agreed, Motor expo was small and not worth the hassle coming from downtown Bangkok. Will try this one though.
  11. Songkran when does the water action starts

    Does the action actually start before the 13th? Idea is to be home and save on the 12th.
  12. Hi We plan a road trip from Bangkok to chang mai and back on the Songkran holidays. When they actually start the water powder stuff so we can go back before and my car stays out of the dangerous time. :) Thanks in advance.