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  1. Regarding your last comment, I believe these properties are called "boltholes". When people have become rich in a corrupt country where they are at risk of falling out-of-favor with the ruling elite, many will purchase property in a stable, rule-of-law country and transfer as much wealth out of the country as they safely can. Trump has sold a lot of property to Russians that fit this description. That's why he's so keen on improving relations with Russia and dropping the sanctions that make it hard for the oligarch's to buy what he has to sell.
  2. I think the valves were checked and adjusted during the last engine check, but will verify. I'll look into the cylinder leak test before making a decision on the rebuild. It seems that 44k is not that much on this type of engine, so I suspect I have some kind of fuel/carburetor problem.
  3. Craft beer in shops (not bars), where to find?

    The craft beer shop outside the Prestige Hotel on Huay Kaew road is effectively out of the beer business and selling its limited remaining inventory. I think that is the one you are referring to. I'm not sure when the shop is open now.
  4. "Number of countries other that the US to have killed one million or more innocent people since WWII? Umm, Pol Pot's Cambodia. Am I missing anyone?" Yes. " The army of the Soviet Union killed large numbers of Afghans to suppress their resistance.[180] The Soviet forces and their proxies deliberately targeted civilians, particularly in rural areas. Up to 2 million Afghans lost their lives during the Soviet occupation.[31][32] " https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet–Afghan_War " Ultimately, nine African countries and around twenty armed groups became involved in the war.[8] By 2008, the war and its aftermath had caused 5.4 million deaths, principally through disease and starvation,[9] making the Second Congo War the deadliest conflict worldwide since World War II.[10] " https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Congo_War Not a war, but definitely a government killing innocent people: " It is widely regarded by historians that The Great Leap resulted in tens of millions of deaths.[3] A lower-end estimate is 18 million, while extensive research by Yu Xiguang suggests the death toll from the movement is closer to 55 million.[4] " https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Leap_Forward Bad ideas implemented by arrogant leaders who refuse to admit they are wrong lead to mass casualties. So does refusal to admit error and learn from mistakes. These are among the reasons I want Trump out of office.
  5. Thanks for all the replies. I stopped going to the Suzuki dealership about a year ago and took the bike to a Thai mechanic recommended by friends. He's the kind of mechanic that learned on the job through decades of working on motorbikes; since the old Suzuki has the old design (carburetor, kick starter, etc.) he seems like a good bet. He has replaced all filters and the spark plug and disassembled and cleaned the carburetor, and the bike runs much better now; but I have the drop in power and fuel economy described above. I've also run a fuel cleaner through a couple of tanks of gas, that also seems to clear up temporary problems with starting and periods of rough engine running, but not the power and fuel issues. The next time I take the bike in for maintenance I will ask that the tank be emptied and cleaned--the bike runs roughest when the fuel tank is low, which leads me to think their may be some contamination that accumulated in the tank and floats at the top of the fuel. The mechanic says it needs a new carburetor and that an engine rebuild might be necessary but I'm not sure if he means now or eventually. The language barrier keeps me from getting details. His desire to save money is part of the problem, he thinks Suzuki charges too much for a new carburetor but can't find a good condition used carburetor. Part of the reason for my question is to determine if I should ask for a new carburetor and engine rebuild at the same time, or just the new carburetor. I don't know what a carburetor would cost, I can't find the information online and I'm afraid if I go through the local Suzuki dealership they would add a big surcharge. An engine rebuild would cost less than a twentieth of what a new bike would cost, so economically it makes sense to use the bike a like for as long as possible.
  6. How long are small motorbike engines good for before they require a rebuild? I know the answer is "It depends...." but can someone give me an idea? I've only owned one motorbike, and I've had it for eleven years. It's a 150 cc Suzuki Raider, it's been used almost entirely for moderately aggressive city riding, and I've kept up on maintenance but have my doubts about the competence of the mechanics at the dealership. It now has 44K kilometers and doesn't have the pep or fuel economy it once did. I've had a tune-up and everything runs fine, just less power and fuel economy is much worse than when new. I know 44K is nothing for a modern car engine, but don't know about these little one cylinder engines. Is it time for an engine rebuild? My lady friend wants me to get rid of the Raider and buy something newer and more fashionable, but I like my little six speed clutch bike. I'm willing to pay for an engine rebuild, but don't want to do it if it isn't necessary.
  7. Craft beer in shops (not bars), where to find?

    "A microbrewery or craft brewery is a brewery that produces small amounts of beer (or sometimes root beer), typically much smaller than large-scale corporate breweries, and is independently owned. Such breweries are generally characterized by their emphasis on quality, flavour and brewing technique." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microbrewery
  8. Craft beer in shops (not bars), where to find?

    Perhaps I used too strong a term when I wrote "ruined". I like the craft ales with pronounced aromatic hops flavor, as opposed to the bittering hops. A bitter ale can stay drinkable for a long time, but the aromatic hops flavor has a short life expectancy, made much shorter by heat. That is why I worry that the hopped-up pale ales that I like need to be reasonably fresh and properly shipped and stored. However, since your experience with Wishbeer has been a good one, I will check and, if they have what I'm interested in in stock, give them a try.
  9. Craft beer in shops (not bars), where to find?

    Thanks for the reply. If they get the beers I'm interested in in stock I'll give them a try. I will dispute one point; if good beers are allowed to get hot, perhaps by being left in an uncooled cargo truck in the tropical sun, it will be ruined. That is my primary concern. There is also an age of beer concern; though if I purchase beer that just arrived I assume it won't be too old.
  10. Yee Peng Lantern Festival

    The general decided lanterns are dangerous at the free event, but not the expensive event? I'm not surprised. Any information on whether lanterns will be dangerous at the free event this year?
  11. It's all good? Maybe, once farming has adjusted to new weather patterns that will turn current grain producing areas into desert and current tundra into potential farmland, food production will increase. That is assuming civilization survives the chaos and mass migration caused by flooding of coastal areas where the majority if the world's population lives.
  12. Excluding the generals, is there a member of the Trump administration that is not an established swamp rat looking out for their own special interests? https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/07/us/politics/lobbyists-ethics-waivers-trump-administration.html http://www.npr.org/2017/06/07/531093101/trump-administration-names-more-former-lobbyists-with-ethics-waivers http://www.businessinsider.com/trump-ethics-waivers-kellyanne-conway-steve-bannon-lobbyists-2017-6
  13. The old "brilliant businessman" BS. Trump inherited a fortune, nearly lost it through reckless borrowing and spending, was kept alive by bankers who concluded they'd loaned him so much money he'd become to big to fail, was rescued by rising real estate prices, but the Trump fortune is still less than what it would be if he'd put his inheritance into an S&P index fund and left it there. I don't see brilliance there. Also, until he releases his tax returns and detailed financial disclosures (how much does he owe Russian banks and oligarchs?) I'm not entirely convinced he's rich, or that his wealth was honestly earned.
  14. Bar Closure during funeral week

    Bars open after midnight? Not in Chiang Mai.
  15. Bar Closure during funeral week

    I can understand the reason for the closing. What is the reason for not letting businesses and customers (people who wanted to go out for dinner and/or drinks) know in advance?