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  1. heybruce

    Location of 3BB Internet office.

    After I had settled my True cable account at Siam TV and finally located the 3BB booth at Kad Suan Kaew to close my internet account, I stumbled across both True and 3BB offices at the Tesco Lotus near the superhighway. That's the way it always goes; when you're no longer looking for something you find it accidentally. Maybe this info will be useful to someone in the future.
  2. heybruce

    Trump calls Tillerson 'dumb as a rock' and 'lazy'

    What a President says and writes has consequences. Misinterpretation of the signals coming from the White House led to the Korean War and Iraq's invasion of Kuwait. Trump's open dislike for democratic allies, fondness for dictators, and labeling the press as "the enemy of the people" undoubtedly led to Saudi Arabia deciding it could murder Khashoggi without consequences. Responsible Presidents choose their words carefully. Trump is not a responsible President.
  3. Credible evidence shows that vaccinations wiped out small pox, is on the verge of wiping out polio, and prevents epidemics of measles and other diseases. You have no evidence to support your post.
  4. I am trying to cancel my 3BB internet service. However, the office I used to start the service, which was at Kad Suan Kaew, is no longer there. Does anyone know of a 3BB office near the old city? Is there still one in Airport Plaza? I can't find any current information on the internet.
  5. A friend of mine who used to run a guest house told me that the government is now requiring guest houses with less than 40 rooms to get a hotel license. A hotel license in Thailand is a major expense for a small business, especially for the older guest houses which don't have the detailed documentation required. As a consequence, numerous guest houses are closing, just before the beginning of the summer backpacking season. Has anyone else heard of this? Does anyone have additional information?
  6. I saw on the news that in one park in Africa they are sedating wild rhinos then injectin their horns with a yellow die and poison. The poison stays in the horn and doesn't hurt the rhino, while the yellow die lets poachers know the horn is useless in trade. I know I'll catch a lot of flack for this, but perhaps they could inject the horns already hacked off rhinos with the poison but not the die, and allow them to continue on their illegal journey. It's a way to thin out the population of superstitious idiots that fund this trade. If you want to be humane you could use something that makes the users extremely ill for a while but not permanently injured.