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  1. I may try that next time. I wanted to make sure my first 90 day check would be done correctly, and I have more faith in a visa service than the Immigration office, which gets mixed reviews from those that deal with it.
  2. I read your words. I took them at face value. I asked reasonable questions. Now I understand your fondness for Trump, you and he share a common trait: “This is what makes covering Donald Trump so very difficult: what does he mean when he says words?” Zachary Taylor, CNN editor. What do you mean when you post words?
  3. I re-read your post. "you use stories from publications with historic ties to pro democrat, liberal outlooks on us politics." Please identify the publications you say I use. "you're using selected items to meet an agenda from a news publication that is a business" I am drawing obvious conclusions--Trump is using the office of the presidency for personal gain and ignoring established ethical practices--based on facts that you have not refuted. "the difference between us is I do not need to post links to conservative sources to imply I am using facts" Once again, I don't recall you using facts, referenced or otherwise.
  4. Can you specify the sources I used you consider suspect? Can you refute my facts? Have you offered any facts yourself? I only recall you stating your opinions about acceptable business and political ethics, but nothing specific even there.
  5. I use facts, you ignore facts. I also used the subjunctive, note the use of the word "if". If you do see the obvious ethical violations and hypocrisy of Trump my observations about ethics and moral compass don't apply.
  6. I walked to a visa service near my condo on Tuesday, gave them my passport, some information and 500 baht, walked back on Thursday to pick up my passport with my 90 day check complete. I wasn't asked about a TM30. Total cost 500 baht, total time invested, including travel to and from the office, less than one hour. Since I don't like hanging out in malls, don't like taking my bike on the superhighway, don't like waiting in line and dealing with bureaucrats, and it would take at least an hour each way traveling, parking and finding the appropriate offices, I think I'll stick with the 500 baht lazy method.
  7. Trump claims to no longer be in the business world. Yet he doubled the price of membership to Mar-a-Lago after the election, then made it the "Winter White House" once in office, traveled there many weekends at great expense to the taxpayers, held official dinners in the dining room, and in general used the office of the presidency to promote and profit from this business. That is blatant abuse of office for personal gain. If anyone other than the president did it it would be illegal. It is obviously unethical. Your yammering on about rules in the business world do not change the facts; Trump is using the office of the Presidency for personal gain. If you can't see this then you have no idea of what ethics are and how to define them. If you can't see the hypocrisy of Trump demanding Romney release his tax returns in 2012 and now refusing to release his own tax returns then you have no moral compass as well.
  8. The most ardent supporters have disappeared. Has anyone heard from rubl, smedly, djjamie, etc. recently? Remember all the posts with "Give the general a chance!" and "Prayut is a good man."?
  9. That's not going to happen. This is the law that allows the hi-so guilty to fend off pesky reporters and peasant activists.
  10. " At least two necessary laws have been put in place, particularly the state service facilitation law, under which state permission has become more transparent through concrete procedures, Thippatrai said." Of course these laws don't apply to military spending, as the recent submarine purchase demonstrates.
  11. Many US banks limit ATM withdrawals to $500, so for these banks the 20K limit isn't a factor.
  12. Is there a "The Mall" in Chiang Mai? These are the four AEON locations in Chiang Mai. Convenient for some people but not for all. https://www.google.com/?gfe_rd=cr&ei=4r8AWe6rN7TR8AfF2K2IDQ&gws_rd=cr&fg=1#q=aeon+atm+chiang+mai+locations&rflfq=1&rlha=0&rllag=18787544,98995882,3083&tbm=lcl&tbs=lrf:!3sEAE,lf:1,lf_ui:3&rldoc=1
  13. Not in Maya, not in Kad Suan Kaew. Those are the only two malls near the center of Chiang Mai. I know that Airport Plaza has an AEON, and maybe the other malls, however that doesn't help me. I don't like driving 30 minutes or longer to get to an ATM, and I rarely go to malls for the heck of it (I'm not a mall person), so I find AEON ATM's few and far between.
  14. The posted rate is not as good as the inter-bank exchange rate that ATM withdrawals are supposed to be charged (this being Thailand there's no guarantee about anything financial). If you look at the buy and sell posted exchange rates, the inter-exchange rate will be about in the middle. Whether the slightly worse exchange rate gives you a better or worse deal than an ATM withdrawal with a fee depends on the size of your withdrawal.
  15. This issue came up several years ago. If I remember correctly the rational was that if the musicians are drawing paying customers into the business, then they need a work permit even if they aren't paid. That was the local interpretation of the law by the police at the time, however the thinking may be different now. This strikes me as one of those areas where the answer you get depends on who you ask and how you ask. If you know someone who knows how things work, and how to make them work in Thailand, you may be able to do it. By a restaurant in Nimman, do you mean somewhere in the Nimmanhamin road area, or a place called Nimman?