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  1. Lost Dog (Siberian Husky)

    Beautiful animal. If you can't find its owner I hope you can find a good home for it.
  2. You might be able to find legal work at one of the expensive international schools. Unlikely, but doesn't hurt to try.
  3. Thai people don't follow laws that aren't enforced. Neither do people anywhere else in the world. My comment about above the law rich people was in reply to a post questioning why towing isn't used. In an earlier post I suggested making towing profitable for businesses that can prove they towed illegally parked cars. Thai people are very entrepreneurial, if a profitable business could be created by towing illegally parked vehicles these businesses would spring up. However the rich and connected will never allow laws that result in their expensive cars being towed. Some car owners assume convenient parking is a right. It isn't. Before buying a car in Thailand people should consider where they will use it and where they will park it.
  4. He's talking about banning bump stocks. It remains to be seen if it will be anything more than talk. My guess is that it will not.
  5. I see; you're ok with that. No response needed, right? I'll put you in the "Don't care about democracy in the US" camp. BTW: In an election that close, it is impossible to say that the Russian interference did not affect the outcome. But that's only a concern if you care about democracy.
  6. My bias is against people who consider themselves above the law. In Thailand, and many other places, those people are the rich. Motorbikes can be moved without the key. Cars can not. In Thailand only the people of means have cars.
  7. "Even with all these revelations, Trump still can't get himself to say a bad word about Putin. Sigh." Worse, even though Trump now admits that Russia meddled in the election (but insists it did not affect the result) he still won't back any safeguards against future meddling or sanctions to punish Russia. I can think of only two possible reasons for this: 1. Russia really does have some compromising information on Trump. or 2. Trump wants to use the power and prestige of the Presidency to cut some profitable deals with Russia and its billionaires. Of course both can be true. So, Trump fans: Can you think of any reasons why Trump will not take actions regarding the election meddling he now admits happened?
  8. In 1950 the maximum marginal income tax rate was 91%. https://taxfoundation.org/us-federal-individual-income-tax-rates-history-1913-2013-nominal-and-inflation-adjusted-brackets It went down to 70% in the '60's and '70's. Income disparity in the US was much lower then. Strangely enough, when Trump talks about some vague time in the past when things were better, he doesn't mention these things.
  9. It should be attempted. However in Thailand "quality people" (rich SOBs) drive cars and park illegally.
  10. What swamp draining has Trump done, or even attempted? Don't tell me that Trump, the fountain of fake news, is draining the swamp by slandering established news organizations for unspecified reasons.
  11. I and every US intelligence agency believe that Russia attempted to interfere in the 2016 election. I and everyone who cares about democracy in the US want something done about it. What about you?
  12. I didn't bother to read all nine pages, so this may have already been suggested. Make it profitable to tow illegally parked vehicles. When a towing company finds, or is notified about, an illegally parted vehicle, it first photographs and documents the situation, then it can tow the vehicle to its impound lot and hold it until towing and storage costs and a painfully large fine is paid. Of course people accustomed to parking illegally will be outraged, but they will stop parking illegally.
  13. One has to be particularly credulous to believe that exciting lies targeting key audiences on social media will not affect the less educated ("I love the uneducated!" Donald Trump) and less intelligent voters. Putin is a former KGB agent and a master at disinformation. Evidence shows that he has created effective disinformation organizations and is using them to destabilize any country that isn't subservient to Russia.
  14. Your sources said that he met with the press, not that he provided his dossier to them. In fact in your own source Steele's lawyers explicitly stated that he did not provide the dossier to the press. You seem to believe that politicians with an agenda never lie on the record. They do so repeatedly, just look at the BS Trump has stated. That is why I don't accept memos crafted by politicians to advance a political agenda at face value. You shouldn't as well. However lawyers know better than to lie on record, especially a lie that will be caught. If it is discovered that Steele's lawyers knowingly lied on this matter, they will be in big trouble.
  15. "The memo states unequivocally, citing documentation from the FBI and FISC applications, that Christopher Steele is a liar. This is fact." Identify the part of the memo that says Nunes is a liar. "The memo cites FBI information which contradicts Steele's lawyers' submission that he is not responsible for leaking his dossier to the media." Identify the part of the memo that says Nunes leaked his dossier to the media. "And you really are clutching at straws with your point about Steele never getting paid by the FBI. The memo makes clear that he was engaged and then fired by the FBI." From your source: "Steele was suspended and then terminated as an FBI source for what the FBI defines as the most serious of violations—an unauthorized disclosure to the media of his relationship with the FBI in an October 30, 2016, Mother Jones article by David Corn. " I've already provided sources that state that Steele wasn't paid by the FBI. Why did you harp on about Steele working for, and being fired by, the FBI. He was an unpaid source who the FBI stopped using after he went to the press. Steele went to the press because he suspected the FBI was covering up a serious security issue. "Reduced to trolling typos now, are you? How old are you?" Actually it was an obvious grammatical error, not a typo. Quite sensitive, aren't you? How young are you?