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  1. I apologize if your post stating the Trump doesn't have time to play golf was an attempt at humor. Please be aware that such subtle humor does not work in this forum. If you actually thought you were making a point in the above reply, well... I do have some experience with critical thinking. Without bogging down in details, they involve degrees in math, engineering, aerospace test jobs, growing up in the bible belt and challenging a literal interpretation of the bible, etc. And you?
  2. Yeah, trillion dollar deficits are great at giving the illusion of prosperity.
  3. You don't follow the news at all, do you? https://www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/2018/07/trump_heads_to_nj_for_a_weekend_at_his_golf_club.html https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-golf/u-s-pays-trumps-scotland-golf-resort-77000-ahead-of-visit-idUSKBN1K72TF http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/article/2017/apr/17/who-plays-more-golf-donald-trump-or-barack-obama/
  4. On a Trump topic you post that Obama played a lot of golf? Trump spends more more time playing golf than in doing tedious things like receiving intelligence briefings and preparing for nuclear negotiations. He's way ahead of Obama in golf course time. Also, we do know what Obama did because, unlike Trump, he did not illegally violate the Presidential Records Act. If you didn't bother keeping up on the news about what Obama did, that's on you.
  5. I don't think the left is the least bit "torn apart" by these kind of pictures.
  6. " But this one was special, his (Obama) administration was spying on the Trump Campaign." When you open up with that kind of BS, the rest of your post loses all credibility.
  7. So you think it's normal to hack foreign governments and meddle in elections. Do you think we should just let it go, or should we do something about it when foreign governments are hacking our infrastructure and interfering in our elections? You something like investigate and take action against these things? Are you accusing the US of interfering in foreign elections? Are you one of those who will bring up examples from the Cold War, or site Obama publicly backing the UK government's opposition to Brexit before that vote? Do you have any examples of the US engaging in current election interference akin to what Russia did?
  8. An obvious, desperate and unconvincing attempt to derail the topic into a "But, but, but....Hillary!" direction.
  9. That should have Republicans scared.
  10. The intelligence agencies didn't fail in Iraq. The politicians failed to interpret available intelligence correctly and instead used if for political purposes. Just as Trump is doing with intelligence showing Russian election interference.
  11. How do you know they're giving peace a chance. Trump insists on illegally meeting with no official record taken.
  12. "Even Trump's director of national intelligence, Dan Coats, said he did not know what happened in Helsinki. "Well, you're right, I don't know what happened at that meeting," Coats said in response to a question at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado.' Trump's own people don't know what Trump is talking about because Trump is meeting secretly, in violation of US law, the Presidential Records Act. Here's a radical idea; how about Trump have future meetings with people present to keep an official record? You, legal meeting.
  13. Russian interference that Obama responded to with a private warning instead of publicly because Sen McConnell refused to take part in a bipartisan response. A bipartisan response could have been strong, a response by Obama alone would have been portrayed as election interference by Trump, McConnell, Faux News... Trump wanted this job, now he's got it. It's his responsibility to protect US elections from Russian interference. First he has to acknowledge it exists and support (not attack) the Mueller investigation.
  14. I want everyone to understand that tbl does not speak for all Americans. Some of us realize that greatness is not measured in military power alone. Some of us also remember that after we lost the Vietnam War we won the cold war, so we didn't really lose all our power. I'm all in favor of a US military so powerful that nobody wants to mess with us. I'm also in favor of only using this military after all other options have been exhausted, so I also want a State Department that is capable, well funded, and can make sure all feasible options are exhausted before going to war. Trump slashed the State Department budget and has been slow in filling essential positions. I'm also in favor of the US paying its bills as it goes along, not running up trillion dollar deficits as Trump is doing.
  15. Hopefully by the next Presidential election there will be financial disclosure laws and conflict of interest laws in place to preclude anyone like Trump running for office. At least then we will be able to debate the merits of the President's actions with less concern as to how he might be enriching himself at the country's expense. That should make things more civil. Common decency is needed and lacking in Trump's case.