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  1. Forgoing the salary is a deflection, the salary is tiny compared to the money he's making by abusing the office of the presidency.
  2. Thanks, found it. Somewhat premature to call it a victory, SCOTUS has only agreed to hear the case.
  3. Has there been a court ruling relevant to this topic?
  4. When restaurants in Chiang Mai close the cooks go to the markets and pick up produce that has just been delivered by pick-up from the farms. I don't know where the hothouses are that grow tropical fruits and vegetables in Europe, but I doubt that it works the same. However, let's assume the Vietnamese provide fresh, locally grown produce and spices in Europe (you did say they use dried spices in Europe, didn't you?), and it's of the same quality as in Thailand. If the food isn't the same as Thai food produced in Thailand, then it is European Thai, not Thai. If you prefer European Thai that's fine, but the topic is about good Thai restaurants in Chiang Mai. Your preference for European Thai is not relevant. If they are growing mangoes and papayas outside of the southern-most Mediterranean lands, they must have some impressive hothouses.
  5. He doubled the admission fee to Mar-a-Lago after the election, from $100,000 to $200,000, then called it the "Winter Whitehouse". I'm sure that has more than off-set the "sacrifice" of the president's salary. It would be very interesting to see who joined Mar-a-Lago after he doubled the fee. However Trump defies tradition and won't release tax returns, won't put his businesses in a blind trust, won't make White House visitor logs public and won't tell us which cabinet members needed waivers for conflicts of interest and what these waivers covered. It's safe to assume we won't learn who joined Mar-a-Lago, at least not without a long court battle.
  6. You know what else is on that website? Spices for sale! http://www.jesrestaurantequipment.com/search.asp?keyword=spices Perhaps that's why the "discussion" ends with the recommendation to stock lots of spices. I'm not sure I can trust their impartiality.
  7. We're on the same page on that. Trump, after months of denial, is now doing nothing about he issue other than blaming Obama. Funny that he hasn't blamed Putin; has he ever said anything bad about Putin? It's long past time for Trump to prove he's not Putin's puppet and actually do something to defend Democracy in the US from outside interference. However I'm not holding my breath.
  8. No, he's a grandstanding opportunist, presenting himself as a tough on Russia Democrat. I didn't call Rob13 a Trumpie, I pointed out that his deflections were the kind that Trumpies employ. With the benefit of hindsight it's easy to say Obama didn't do enough. However information on meddling came in increments, and much of it could not be revealed without also revealing important intelligence. I recall a news story about intelligence agencies being furious that Putin's involvement leaked out, it showed that they have a source or sources deep inside the Kremlin. Obama confronted Putin, put sanctions in place, and initiated a program for covert cyber retaliation which could be used by his successor. Unfortunately his successor is Trump, who has proven to be as much a clueless idiot as he was during the campaign. It's easy to say now that Obama should have done more, however even now I don't know of anyone saying what should have been done.
  9. Grown in Vietnam, packaged, shipped to a logistics hub, (presumably) flown to Europe, shipped to another logistics hub, distribute across Europe. Not as fresh as what is used locally, especially if the spices are dried. The spices used are what make Thai food distinctive, and the spices used in Thailand are much fresher than the spices used in Europe. That has been my point through-out, fresh is better than dried, and fruits and vegetables that are two days or less out of the farm are better than those that have spent days in transit, and have been chosen to be hard (green) enough to survive the transit. I don't argue that food hygiene standards are higher in much of Europe, but the ingredients are much further, in time and distance, form their origins. You will not find tom yam gung or mango salad in Europe that compares to what is in Thailand. More plain dishes, such as pad thai gai, may be comparable and have better quality chicken, but I don't consider the plain dishes to be representative of Thai food.
  10. It doesn't happen often, the last time was 2006, but anything on the river can be flooded bad enough to require abandoning the condo until waters recede and repairs are made. There will be other times when places flood less dramatically but still present a problem. In general the closer to the river the more frequent and severe the flooding.
  11. Stop editing my post to out of context snippets. You are attempting to cover up the fact that you were dead wrong when you posted Obama did nothing. To do so you are trying to make a topic about Trump into a "But, but, but.....Obama!" topic. Just like a good Trumpie.
  12. Boxes of dried stuff, got it. Are the lemongrass, ginger, etc available in Europe as fresh as that used in local Thai kitchens? It does seem like you developed a taste for westernized Thai food in Europe. Understandable. I tried pizza in Italy and decided I liked the American version better.
  13. This attempt might set a record for brevity: Will Trump Pull Out of Middle East Peace Talks After Reports of Abbas Kushner Rift? http://www.newsweek.com/kushner-trump-middle-east-peace-628859
  14. That's true, it was a rhetorical comment. Thai's always cook meats thoroughly. I've talked to a manager of a western restaurant who expressed extreme frustration that he can't keep his cook from grilling expensive imported beef until it's hard and dry.
  15. We're making some progress, you've gone from Obama did nothing to Obama chose to minimize the problem. However if you look at my post and the link you'll see that he took carefully considered actions, overt and covert, designed to immediately penalize Russia and set the stage for further actions should a responsible person enter the White House. Unfortunately a very irresponsible person entered the White House. Had Obama been able to predict the future I'm sure he would have done more, but then if Trump had been able to predict that being President is hard he probably wouldn't have run. Accept it, Obama did far more about Russian interference in the election than Trump has done and is likely to do. Inaccurately criticizing Obama with the accusation that he did nothing is a deflection. Trump, after months of denial, has now switched to inaction. Failing to ensure the integrity of future elections should be an impeachable offense, but that won't happen with Republicans controlling congress.