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  1. The economy is a continuation of the Obama recovery. No matter how many times that is pointed out, the willfully ignorant refuse to accept it. Public land is being taken from the public to be exploited by private businesses, not everyone thinks that's a good thing. "lying media outlets exposed"? You offer a list of lies told by MSM and I'll make a list of lies told by President Trump, and we'll see which list is longer.
  2. Funny how you reply to my most light-weight post about Trump's eating habits, pass over my post about his cardiac inducing eating habits, and completely ignore my post about tax reform that caters to lobbyists and the rich, especially the Trump family, and proves "the swamp" is doing just fine under Trump.
  3. He went to Japan and didn't try the sushi? That's an impeachable offense (one of many) in my book. For the record, one doesn't have to be refined or rich to enjoy good food, especially in Thailand. I love the variety, taste, and price of the food in Thailand. It's also a lot healthier than KFC.
  4. Junta Deputy Head Sports Spendy Haute Horology

    Being a fan of (intelligently regulated) free markets, I don't approve of businessmen using government connections to maintain monopolies, duopolies, or assorted restrictions to free trade that benefit the well-connected at the expense of all consumers. However this sad state of affairs that is common in many "developing" countries. That being said, using the military to manage and tax illegal smuggling, including human trafficking, and dealing with genocidal armies is far worse.
  5. Max Boot, a highly regarded military historian, author, conservative and adviser to John McCain and Gen Petraeus, speaks out against Trump: http://edition.cnn.com/2017/12/03/us/max-boot-foreigner-gps-cnntv/index.html He's also Jewish and immigrated from the USSR as a child, so the "Heil Trump!" crowd won't care.
  6. From the link: " “On Trump Force One there were four major food groups: McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, pizza and Diet Coke,” the book claims. And one dinner for Trump by itself consisted of “two Big Macs, two Fillet-O-Fish, and a chocolate malted.” " He may cause his own removal before he can be impeached.
  7. He's a simpleton with a talent for duping other simpletons who want to be duped. No doubt this tax "reform", which will cater to special interests and GOP donors, benefit his real estate business tremendously, save his family an estimated $1 billion in estate taxes and greatly increase the deficit will be hailed as a great victory by his simple followers. These people want to believe they back the right person, so they will fail to notice that he is making the swamp bigger and deeper than ever.
  8. Junta Deputy Head Sports Spendy Haute Horology

    " Before his retirement at the end of September, the general received a 1.4 million baht ($43,000) annual salary as army chief. His assets include a Mercedes Benz S600L car, a BMW 740Li Series sedan, luxury watches, rings and several pistols. " https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/oct/31/thai-prime-minister-an-ex-general-is-millionaire/ I couldn't find information about Prawit's pay as a general, but I assume it was similar to Prayut's. Thaksin owned flashy stuff too, but made his money as a business man. The current crop has never explained its wealth.
  9. Politics ban ‘risks nation’s credibility’

    Two recently. There have been several caches of military weapons found under military rule since the military coup. The military wouldn't stage such things just to justify continued military control, would they?
  10. Yes, some people take advantage of government programs. Some people take advantage of insurance programs. Some people take advantage of disaster relief and humanitarian programs. Some people take advantage of honest businesses to steal. Some people use romance to take advantage of the lonely. Shall we stop being human because some people are bad people?
  11. Add to this the blatant hypocrisy of, once again, going from "deficits will ruin the country" to "deficits don't matter". Many are still insisting that the tax cuts will pay for themselves, without offering any proof or historical examples (there is no proof and the historical examples show that tax cuts lead to increases in the deficit. Duh!) In spite of this, people who want to be fooled will allow themselves to be fooled. Trump won't lose his core support.
  12. I googled the post before it was removed. It was Russian and in response to the post about Flint pleading guilty to lying to the the FBI, and in English it was "They make an elephant out of a fly". Perhaps Russians don't understand how these things work in the US. There's an interesting article in this week's Economist on Russia's reaction to the meddling and investigation thing: https://www.economist.com/news/united-states/21731882-hyperventilating-about-vladimir-putin-infuriates-russian-liberals-it-has-led Sorry, I can't cut and paste a few lines summarizing the article, but I think it's worth reading. One of the notable conclusions is that Russia didn't expect to actually influence the election; if the Russian government thought it could have done that it would have conducted a more disciplined campaign. Instead it allowed a disorganized group of trolls to make nuisance posts in hopes of disrupting and discrediting the election. The remarkable success of the minimal effort comes at a price. In the only noteworthy bi-partisan act since Trump's inauguration Congress has made sanctions already in place a law, eliminating Trump's ability to remove them without congressional approval. Sanctions will now be more difficult to lift than if HRC had been elected. Social media is under pressure to prevent fake new posts, and even if they do improve their own self-policing, laws may be put in place requiring the big internet companies to know who is paying for advertisements and to remove false, slanderous, inflammatory posts. For those who wish to use social media to disrupt democracy, this tactical victory is turning into a strategic defeat. Also, any hope of improving relations between Russia and the US has been set back "yugely", as Trump might put it. Oh yeah, the meddling also prompted investigations that are turning up illegal activities other than collusion, and charges are being filed whenever warranted. We may finally get to see Trump's tax returns; they are certain to be part of his and his family's trials.
  13. Commie hating? But his boss is so fond of Russia, and seems to have an on-again, off-again thing going with China. I don't like the idea of a President Pence, but at least he's stable and not an idiot. Even though he'd be very bad, he'd still be an improvement.
  14. If Mueller is allowed to finish his investigation before the next election I think impeachment is likely, and it will be impeachment brought about by arrogance and stupidity. Any person of any intelligence knows that if you want to keep your finances private you don't run for public office. Trump either was too stupid to know this or so arrogant he thought he could get away with it. The fact that conflict of interest and disclosure laws do not explicitly apply to the President gave him some hope that he could keep his business affairs private, but by stupidly appointing poorly vetted people who had a history of dealings with shady people from Russia and other countries, and who neglected to fill out security forms correctly, he opened the door to investigating Trump and family's business affairs. By firing Colmey over "that Russia thing" he required this opening be used to conduct a thorough investigation. Maybe an examination of Trump's finances will show no money laundering, assistance in sanction busting, tax evasion or other crimes, but I doubt it. Maybe Trump can get away with having Mueller fired and his findings suppressed, but I hope not. I think the biggest question is whether the investigation can be finished and reported before the next election.
  15. The myth of melting ice and rising seas

    You think a solution that displaces or drowns hundreds of millions of people and will cause the extinction of countless species is preferable to reducing fossil fuel use and planting more trees?