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  1. Hope you come back soon

  2. The Vulcan

    Liverpool F.c.

    Barclays recue Liverpool http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/busi...icle7094313.ece
  3. The Vulcan

    Manchester United

    6 minutes gone and the damage is done!
  4. The Vulcan

    Liverpool F.c.

    Nah, we missed out there - Fergie already signed him to console your lot when Chelsea collect the trophy
  5. The Vulcan

    Liverpool F.c.

    would you call for him to be replaced, vulcan? and if so, with whom? given that any replacement of the manager now would set the club back years, cost about 20m quid and probably lose us a few key players? Totally agree - we're stuck with him. we're not 'stuck with him', we're bloody lucky to have him. year on year progression, a record finish last season despite not competing on the same financial plane as our rivals and him undermined at every turn by the club's owners. if he'd been given the money he was promised this summer to re-invest in the squad instead of having it stolen from under him then who knows what position we'd be in now? Stevie your loyalty is admirable and I commend you for this. Nevertheless I maintain my views with regards to Rafa.
  6. The Vulcan

    Liverpool F.c.

    would you call for him to be replaced, vulcan? and if so, with whom? given that any replacement of the manager now would set the club back years, cost about 20m quid and probably lose us a few key players? Totally agree - we're stuck with him.
  7. The Vulcan

    Liverpool F.c.

    That's it. Middle of October and our season's over! Make no bones about it - there's no way we're still in it. I said it 2 season's ago, and again last season - Rafa just does not have the savvy to win the EPL. His transfer dealings have left us short, the squad lacks depth and we have no cover when key men are out - and that's not just down to a lack of funds:- it's a lack of insight and poor preparation. And it's a lack of knowledge of the English game! Totally weird team selection, tactical approach non-existent. A wretched result of which we were lucky to escape with only a 1-0 loss!
  8. Great Advice on the Photography forum. Thankyou so much.

  9. The Vulcan

    Liverpool F.c.

    LIVERPOOL FIXTURES August 15 Tottenham (A) 19 Stoke (H) 22 Aston Villa (H) 29 Bolton (A) September 12 Burnley (H) 19 West Ham (A) 26 Hull (H) October 3 Chelsea (A) 17 Sunderland (A) 24 Man Utd (H) 31 Fulham (A) November 7 Birmingham (H) 21 Man City (H) 28 Everton (A) December 5 Blackburn (A) 12 Arsenal (H) 16 Wigan (H) 19 Portsmouth (A) 26 Wolverhampton (H) 28 Aston Villa (A) January 9 Tottenham (H) 16 Stoke (A) 26 Wolverhampton (A) 30 Bolton (H) February 6 Everton (H) 9 Arsenal (A) 20 Man City (A) 27 Blackburn (H) March 6 Wigan (A) 13 Portsmouth (H) 20 Man Utd (A) 27 Sunderland (H) April 3 Birmingham (A) 10 Fulham (H) 17 West Ham (H) 24 Burnley (A) May 1 Chelsea (H) 9 Hull (A)
  10. The Vulcan

    Liverpool F.c.

    Yes, the Barry move was a surprise especially, as you point out, all that talk last year of CL football. I don't see City achieving that status for a few seasons yet. I wonder if money was behind it after all. As it is, I'm actually pleased as it would be suicidal for us to now release Alonso who I consider is leagues ahead of Barry.
  11. The Vulcan

    Images Of Samui, Phangan And Tao

    Mark Neat Image is adjustable to your taste. Basically you need to initially allow the software to establish its own finding. Then move the little square to a point of detail and see if it has clipped the detail. If so, adjust the sliders to correct this. This is the procedure I adopt. Burning out in the highlights is over-exposure. If your camera is set to spot or centre weighted metering this can happen. Set it to evaluative to cover the whole area. Bear in mind the exposure latitude also. High contrast scenes need consideration as to were you expose. A general rule (with digital) is to expose for the highlights and there is invariably shadow detail that can be recovered. Digital has a far greater exposure latitude than film ever did, so bear this in mind. The "snap" that you are missing is gamma/exposure adjustment. I achieve this using curves and needs some learning. Now the good news. Forget Photoshop. Adobe Lightroom is the way to go. It's reasonably priced also. L/R provides ALL the tools you'll ever need. Highlight recovery, "punch", selective exposure controls etc etc. And it's a Digital Management Programme to boot. Turning to HDR. Photomatix is very good, and better than Photoshop but you do need to observe a few rules. Ideally use a tripod, take 5 and not 3 exposures. vary from the "norm' in 1 stop increments. Use the original "normal" shot as the blend master. Then experiment to your tast. In the latter respect there are no hard and fast rules. Have a look at this site http://www.stuckincustoms.com/hdr-tutorial/ http://tutorialblog.org/hdr-tutorials-roundup/ http://www.hdrsoft.com/resources/dri.html#dr Hope this helps
  12. The Vulcan

    Liverpool F.c.

    Transfers - Gossip Shop: Everton eyeing Owen Of all the clubs in all the world, why does Michael Owen have to be courted by this one?......................... http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/30042009/58/...yeing-owen.html
  13. The Vulcan


  14. The Vulcan

    Chelsea Fc Thread

    Good result but definetly "squeaky bum" time in the second leg. Hope you do it - all England final again would be very nice. Good luck
  15. The Vulcan

    Liverpool F.c.

    During the last match commentary I sem to recollect a mention of Tevez being one of our summer transfer targets. Rumour or not?