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  1. Dave67

    AMLO on Prawit’s false sound clip

    AMLO Actually Money Laundering Office
  2. I can just imagine the farmers face whilst he is being "Wooed" by this load of <deleted> The government has prepared four incentive measures. The first is a soft loan via the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) to fund production and soil preparation at Bt2,000 per rai (for up to 15 rai per head), available for only 0.01 per cent interest per year. The second has the government facilitating the private sector in buying produce at or above a minimum price set by the Commerce Ministry. The third is an insurance scheme for which a farmer would pay Bt65 per rai in order to get Bt1,500 compensation per rai if a disaster ruins the crops. Finally, a policy that requires the BAAC to give a low-interest loan (at 1 per cent per year) to agricultural institutes to gather and buy corn.
  3. Dave67

    One step closer to legalisation

    Yes it should be made compulsory for all Thai drivers to smoke weed
  4. Sound more like dickheads than dead heads
  5. Dave67

    One step closer to legalisation

    Give it a go it couldn't make there driving any worse
  6. Wow a "BIG" Data system. Bigger than Billy BIggs Big brother from Bigsville
  7. Where else would you see a headline like that ?
  8. “I strongly commit to reconcile the divisions [which hinder] national unity, even though we have different opinions,” Said the liar
  9. Dave67

    Can Thailand lure the Chinese back?

    Make shitting in the street legal they will be back in droves
  10. Highly likely .I've put Steve 100 in my ignore bin for over year I might let him out after the election along with Halloween
  11. Dave67

    Yingluck gets ready to make her move

    I'm still in the I would club
  12. I just put a friend request in, Jackboots on the front door tonight
  13. If you want a laugh go and look at at his page, one bloke posted 7 times ,I love you my father Prayuth ChanOcha in caps