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  1. Can you imagine a meeting with Boris and Trump, dumb and dumber
  2. The Lion the Witch and Ko Tee,
  3. Black panther’s leg bones found in stream

    Dead Panther the sequel
  4. Black panther’s leg bones found in stream

    Oh shit I was going to see Black Panther this weekend
  5. Took the words out of my mouth Buffoon is spot on
  6. How irresponsible can you get? There are enough 1 parents families in Thailand and the rest of the world, I don't any of those other counties trying to make the situation worse
  7. The plot thickens as do Prayuts Y fronts
  8. Are you suggesting the accused has been in prison in Africa
  9. "......Prayut Chan-o-cha admitted yesterday that misunderstandings overseas could be a factor in the Thai government’s unsuccessful requests.........." I've never heard a military coup called a misunderstanding before
  10. Sort of lost for words this one, what state of mind can someone be in to do something so hideous
  11. Travelling around Asia taunting the Junta
  12. Premchai probed for alleged encroachment

    Looks a bit of a mess for company director
  13. Beijing to Vientiane wouldn't be too popular