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  1. The Pheu Thai defectors have underestimated the unpopularity of the Junta and PM. I predict there will be a Malaysia opposition style landslide to Pheu Thai
  2. Dave67

    Heavy rains forecast for upper Thailand through Sunday

    More insightful advice from the PM
  3. Science is important, another insightful statement from the PM
  4. Alright to take boats out in a storm then ? just don't go near any waterfalls and you'll be fine
  5. I agree. The point I was making its not something that is done overnight it means nightly possessions and interfacing with the signaling system both timely and costly
  6. Platform doors are linked to the signaling system so the doors open/ close when the train arrives and the departs. You cannot just put doors on a platform Yet more train related nonsense
  7. The first thing he should do is sack his tailor
  8. You can decide what you want in September the Thai people will decide in February
  9. The PM seems to enjoy waving his section 44 wand with both hands
  10. Dave67

    Govt investigating report of missing rice

    Have look under Yingluck's bed
  11. I suppose that's what happens when a large penis is running the country
  12. The Northeast is flooding now, send the PM up there to see if can stop the flooding like a Thai King Kanut sporting his Thai Niyom attire
  13. Yeah his old man is in bits and his Mums just stunned, I'm not there I'm working in Vietnam the Mrs if flying back Tuesday/