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  1. "Though she admitted that safety was still a concern - personally, she would like to see zero accidents and no deaths of tourists." And I'd like Nelsons Column in my back garden made of chocolate, far more likely than the shit you mentioned
  2. Will Southern Thailand Turn to Jihad?

    Having worked and lived in Malaysia for six years imo , a Jihad in the south could not happen without the co-operation of the Malaysia government which is dominated by the majority Malays. Najib Razak the most corrupt man in Asia, Malaysian PM looks after the Malays as have every other prime minister before him. The Malays have the extremists under control as the majority are content with their Government. It is suggested that the conflict in the south of Thailand is funded through the back door by the Malaysian Government who are happy with a conflict in the headlines rather than their own corruption
  3. Read the word "Normally" If you can't work it out I'm not going to tell you again
  4. We used to get free milk but then came along Margaret Thacher the milk snatcher
  5. Tea, cake and cucumber sandwiches, making small talk with a military Junta
  6. Bullshit detector gone off the screen
  7. Getting sacked can lead to bad health
  8. Even it is legal to undertake a car on a bike, normally self-preservation or common sense kicks in, They have a similar Law in China about pedestrians crossing the road so they cross without looking. When I pointed out that someone could be killed the person i mentioned it to said "Yes but its the driver's fault"
  9. He tried to shoot on the inside when the pick up was clearly turning in, should have slowed down, his own fault. In the car with my wife and some <deleted> on a bike cut across us to get to a right-hand turn while we going straight no time to brake and he missed us by I would say less than 10mm