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  1. Whats with curves on F kin Train route map a
  2. 1435 standard gauge and proper high-speed 250kpn + is always on standard gauge
  3. You can see the ruins in Ayutthaya of the old city that Heritage and History is not the Thais number one priority
  4. FYI Bangkok Hospital has a Syphillis specialist who the UK doctors consulted with. So there is obviously a reason why Bangkok hospital has Syphillis specialist
  5. I'd advise anyone who thinks they may have been infected with HIV to have a test for Syphilis as well The 2 go together frequently. If not detected early it can develop into Neuro Syphilis known as "The Hidden Disease" 10-20 years later you go down with ministrokes and signs of dementia. I've read up a lot about this as one of my family was struck down with this in 2015, in and out of secure psychiatric hospitals and eventually diagnosed with neuro Syphilis after a lumbar puncture test of spinal fluid, cured 2 weeks of mass antibiotics given to him intravenously. He's been married for 15 years and faithful man. He traced it back to a TWA air hostess he shagged in 97 whose friend later told him she had HIV, we were quite prepared to kill her. But his HIV test came back negative I don't want anyone to go through what he and my family had to go through so I've shared this horrific experience
  6. Once it's off the front pages Thai justice will run its course
  7. Meanwhile, the Junta are out buying submarines, attack Helicopters, armoured personnel carriers and borrowing billions from China for an unnecessary High speed railway network. Sickens me
  8. Arree, kids need their Parents time, not money and what it buys
  9. Before I speak I need the facts, facts, the facts, you know what I mean facts, there were both sides, both sides, with bad people, very bad people, both sides, BOTH SIDES
  10. I think he'll go off message and if doesn't he will look insincere
  11. Looking forward to Trumps inarticulate speech to the UN and the world
  12. Siam declares war!

    Moderated myself on that one
  13. Siam declares war!

    Source, No mention of Thailand https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_War_I_casualties Source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siam_in_World_War_I A War memorial dedicated to those died of Accidents and disease Siamese casualties during the war amounted to 19 dead. Two soldiers died before their departure to France, and the remainder perished from accidents or disease. The World War Volunteers Memorial honoring the Siamese soldiers who died in the conflict opened on 22 July 1921, in Sanam Luang, central Bangkok.[4] The last surviving member of the Siamese Expeditionary Corps, Yod Sangrungruang, died on 9 October 2003.[7]
  14. Siam declares war!

    Yeah you have to careful on this subject I was laughing as I was writing it