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  1. Really it's a Royal protocol. You could the look their faces he 14-minute speech was totally unexpected, Anyway, I can see not many people appreciate your comments with you pathetically low like rate
  2. The protocol is 5 Minutes he spoke for 14
  3. Yes, I turned sound down and kept changing channels and was still there. He was actually preaching to highly educated people about the meaning of love.
  4. It was an embarrassing, cringefest as well as funny to see the Royals smirking and laughing.
  5. Reminds me of my daughter when she was a toddler. I hope they are both found safe and well
  6. Dave67

    THAI bets big on maintenance hub

    The old Thai Aircraft Maintenance Hub story, doing the rounds again. I do like a Hub story.
  7. Must be an aphrodisiac he has his nuts in his hand in the picture
  8. Don Mueang is closer to me by about by about 45 minute than Suvarnabhumi. I'm in Saigon working and use Nok Air only. Air Asia only care about their lucrative Chinese market. They delayed my flight to Saigon twice in order to keep a Hong flight on time. Everything is better with Nok newer aircraft, check in the civilized part of the airport away from the Air Asia Baggage drop Chinese scrum down, and next to a quiet Starbucks when you check in
  9. Mass public unrest will be the end of the Junta, they are now powerless to stop these protests.
  10. Dave67

    Junta to mark coup with video on achievements

    Don't blink you'll miss it
  11. Probably would have could be classed as accident and swimming is not a dangerous sport
  12. Dave67

    A man killed by a boar in Kathu

    Sounds like Somsak got hit in the sack
  13. Yes he must have been going fast to kill someone outright and put another in hospital in serious condition, He must be Hi-So driving a Porche so no breath test or even a slap on the wrist
  14. I don't care as long as they go
  15. Just kicked out like Suchinda and a loss of face would do me, that's a life sentence in itself for a Thai