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  1. I was going along with your pun
  2. I was referring to post saying my Dogs are killer dogs and they are far from it. Mutts is or a Bitsa as in Bitsa this and bitsa That
  3. Kill who me, my 17 year old boy, a girl of 15 and wife? There not Wolves mate they are bitsa's weight about 10kg max "KIller Dogs " you work for the Sun newspaper?
  4. Calm yourself love , Again never attacked or bitten a person they used to shepherd my kid when they were young and playing outside (Cue the self righteous posts about kids playing outside )
  5. Wind your neck in, they have never bitten or attacked a person good family dogs
  6. Jesus, we adopted a litter of stray puppies, hope that quells your moral outrage, For a dog to "Turn" twice in its life is pretty good going.
  7. We look after them very well, just a couple of occasions over 8 years
  8. Brilliant impression of Trump starts at 3 minutes http://crooksandliars.com/2017/07/ron-perlmans-donald-trump-impression-spot
  9. President Donald Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., and former campaign manager Paul Manafort have agreed to be interviewed by staff of the Senate Judiciary Committee but will not appear at a public hearing next week, the committee said Friday. The Judiciary Committee had requested that both appear at a hearing scheduled for Wednesday, and threatened to issue subpoenas if they refused. On Friday the Judiciary Committee said, "Both Donald Trump, Jr. and Paul Manafort, through their attorneys, have agreed to negotiate to provide the committee with documents and be interviewed by committee members and staff prior to a public hearing." "Therefore, we will not issue subpoenas for them tonight requiring their presence at Wednesday’s hearing but reserve the right to do so in the future," the committee said. http://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/manafort-trump-jr-be-interviewed-won-t-testify-senate-hearing-n785471
  10. Like Nero when Rome burned
  11. I have 4 dogs who fight on occasion seeing them lose it with each other is not a pretty site they go for the kill and are not easy to separate, unimaginable to see that happening to a child of 5
  12. Farangs tainting Thailands reputation/image again
  13. A Sadamesque , Ghadafiest, USSR sort of democracy