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  1. I see lots of young adults (18-19 years old), most of them working all day to earn 9000 baht a month while they study, and sending 2000 or 3000 baht to their parents, who reside comfortably in some village, a good percentage of them drinking sangsom all day. I know that this is a big part of Thai culture, but to be honest it seems a bit selfish from parents, at least from those who are still healthy enough to drink cheap rum every day. I've been to a few houses of Thai parents who receive money from a few adult children, and they all look to me like they are taking advantage of the situation. I look at them, healthy men, owners of a house and a few cars, drinking rum while they children can barely meet ends, and I can't avoid feeling bad for their children. Wouldn't be better long term to let those children save and invest? Are there any Thai adult children who have rebelled against this system, especially those from abusive or abandoning parents? Again, I can understand special situations, such as those who have parents in real need or sick, but from my experience, most people I know are in a position where it would make sense to only send money to their parents when necessary, instead of literally throwing money in a pit. I'd never ask money from my children, I work and save/invest so I don't put a burden on anyone else. Any thoughts about this? What are the real motivations here? Are most families taking advantage of the situation to enjoy an early retirement with little effort? Is this actually abusive behavior from parents, whose children will then repeat it with their own children, and so on until someone breaks the cycle?