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  1. In what may sound like it’s straight from a slasher/psychopath movie, a South Korean farmer recently sparked massive outrage after he deliberately killed his neighbor’s barking dog and proceeded to cook its meat. Afterwards, he asked the pet’s owner if he wants to try and eat the meal he prepared. The story was first brought to the public’s attention this week when the daughter of the family posted an online petition that received almost 15,000 signatures calling for the support of the public to make sure that the culprit, a 62-year-old unnamed man, will be punished, according to AFP via AsiaOne. “We had been all around the town, handing out leaflets containing the dog’s picture, phone number and rewards of 1 million Won ($933), in order to find the missing dog,” the daughter said. “When I reached the man’s house, which is just three doors down from ours, he expressed sympathy, promising to let us know if he found the dog.” It was said in the report that the 2-year-old Welsh Corgi was already in the suspect’s possession when he was approached by the daughter. However, it’s unknown if the animal was either dead or alive at that time. He even visited the family the following day, the woman recounted. The suspect drank with her father and consoled him about the missing family pet. “He even invited neighbours to come share the dog meat, including my father who did not accept the invitation as he is a non-dog meat eater,” the daughter added. The suspect ultimately confessed to the crime after another neighbor tipped off the family over their missing dog. He admitted that he got irritated by the constant barking and that he was the one who killed the dog after he threw a stone that knocked the dog unconscious. “Only after the dog passed out, he claims, he strangled the animal and cooked it,” a detective from Pyeongtaek in Gyeonggi province, South Korea, said. “The man then invited his neighbours to share the meal, including the father of the dog-owning family.” According to the report, under the newly strengthened law for animal abuse, those who will be caught doing the crime may face up to two years in prison or pay a fine of up to 20 million won ($18,693). Full article
  2. Emme Thompson is a 21-year-old student at Dalhousie University. Her family is based in Kenora, Ontario. Thompson's family have a mixed-breed rescue dog called Finn. Thompson told BuzzFeed News that on Saturday, her dad and his girlfriend were taking Finn for a walk on a local trail when they let him off his leash. Usually, Finn is totally fine with this, but this time he caught the smell of a deer and ran. "I guess he caught the scent of a deer because he took off into the bush, not responding to their calls and whistles," she said. When the pair were headed back to the trail, they got a call from Ontario Provincial Police. The police told them that they had found Finn after he caused some chaos chasing a deer along a road. "He’s an extremely fast runner and inevitably caught up to the deer where they had a bit of a scrap, he’s much smaller than a deer so it got away and he gave up the chase." When Thompson's father and girlfriend went to pick up Finn, they took a photo of Finn in the police car, which Thompson then shared to Twitter. Since being posted on Saturday, the photo has been retweeted over 143,000 times. Full article
  3. A naturopath in Victoria, British Columbia, is facing massive criticism online, after boasting that she treated a four-year-old boy’s aggression and behavioral problems with a remedy made from rabid dog saliva. Dr. Anke Zimmermann recently wrote about this “interesting” case on her website. Apparently, when she first 4-year-old Jonah, he had trouble sleeping, partly because he was afraid of werewolves, and would “hide under tables and growl at people” at school. After talking to his parents, Zimmermann also learned that he liked meat, particularly hamburgers, hot dogs and meatballs, and didn’t like to be cuddled, but instead would someone sniff, nuzzle and lick his mother, like a dog. Armed with this information, the naturopath asked Jonah’s mother a critical question: “At this point I asked his mother if Jonah had ever been bitten by a dog. Indeed, the answer was yes, he was bitten when he was two years old by a dog on a beach. The dog bit his hand because he wanted the food Jonah had. The bite broke the skin,” the naturopath wrote on her website. “Jonah was obviously in a dog state, slightly rabies-flavoured dog state to be more precise.” “I decided to give a homeopathic remedy made from rabies,” Dr. Zimmermann added. “The dog who bit him may have recently been vaccinated with the rabies vaccine or the dog bite in and of itself may have affected the boy with the rabies miasm. Either is possible and the phenomenon is welll-known in homeopathy.” Jonah was treated with the unusual cure, called “Lyssinum 200CH” several times over a few months, and this allegedly improved his condition dramatically. According to the article posted by Dr. Zimmermann, he slept better, as he was no longer afraid of werewolves, and didn’t hide or growl at people anymore. “The way I see it, he is coming back into a more human state from a slightly rabid dog state,” the naturopath concluded. The reaction to this case has not been as positive as Dr. Zimmermann had hoped. Soon after posting a link to the controversial article on her Facebook page, with the caption “”Why are some kids so aggressive? Maybe they were bitten by a dog! This four-year-old boy with sleep and behavioural problems, including aggression and violence towards school mates as well as hiding under tables and growling, improved dramatically with a remedy made from a rabid dog’s saliva,” negative comments started pouring in. “May God help us all. What’s next, injecting with tuberculosis for anorexia, leprosy for eczema?” Andrej Spec, MD, tweeted. “What living parent would allow this. What nonsense,” another Twitter user wrote. Full article
  4. A hamburger intentionally topped with a tarantula is attracting customers to a restaurant in Durham, North Carolina. Bull City Burger and Brewery is currently celebrating “Exotic Meat Month” by featuring burgers made with everything from alligator to iguana, python, bison, turtle and insects. But it’s the tarantula challenge that has customers going buggy, according to local station WRAL. For $30, customers get a 100 percent North Carolina pasture-raised beef burger topped with Gruyère cheese, chili sauce and an oven-roasted tarantula. And if they finish their plate, they get a T-shirt to immortalize the eight-legged feat, according to Bull City’s website. However, the restaurant purchased only 18 zebra tarantulas so anyone wanting to chow down on one of the arachnids has to win a “tarantula raffle” first. Full article
  5. Eating hot food is one thing, but munching on a snack which has literally been set on fire? That is an entirely different experience. A unique paan stall in New Delhi has recently gone viral on social media for its game-changing preparation that keeps the traditional chew aflame as it touches the customer’s mouth. The street food stall, owned by Pradhuman Shukla’s family, has been selling paan in Delhi, India for 20 years, according to Barcroft. Traditionally, paan is a prepared chew composed of betel leaf stuffed with areca nut and sometimes with tobacco added and is munched and then swallowed or spat out. However 31-year-old Pradhuman, created a fiery twist on the traditional Indian chew by lighting them on fire before being stuffed into the customers’ mouths. He also changed the ingredients a bit adding sweet masala, with a little ice and a concentrated squash drink called Rooh Afza. Consuming/chewing paan is said to have medicinal effects on several ailments including colds, flu and sore throats. According to the inventive stall owner, that was how he came up with the fire paan in the first place. “I once had a customer who used to come here daily. He always had a sore throat and would tell me: ‘Make me paan. I have mouth ulcers.’ I would make him paan daily and every time he would say: ‘I didn’t cure,’” Pradhuman narrated. “Then one day a guy who used to work here burnt the paan and gave the paan to the customer. That day he said, ‘Yes, my ulcers have cured. Two men were standing near him and when they saw the fire paan they said: ‘What is this? This is a new concept. Make one for us too.’” While consuming the fire paan seems extremely risky, the shop owner claims the fire actually provides a cool sensation once placed inside the mouth. Full article
  6. Hand Dryers Actually Blow Fecal Matter Onto Your Hands

    Man, oh man, do I have some really bad news for anyone who ever uses public restrooms. Which is basically everyone. So, you know how we all tolerate hand dryers — which do a terrible job of actually drying your hands — because they're better for the environment than paper towels? Don't kill the messenger, BUT... It turns out those same hand dryers are actually blowing fecal matter — i.e. poop — onto your freshly cleaned hands. That's according to a new report published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology. Here's how that happens: When people flush the toilet without the lid down, little drops of poop fly into the air and get sucked up by hand dryers before being blasted out onto clean hands. Basically, "toilet plumes" are to blame here. According to the study, a single hand dryer can blow out up to 60 bacterial colonies in just 30 seconds! Full article
  7. A 30-year-old unnamed woman from Lijiang in southwest China’s Yunnan Province is making headlines claiming that she is “too beautiful to work.” The woman, who can be seen sitting on the streets with a cardboard sign in front of her, used to be a waitress and cashier before she got fired, Sin Chew Daily reported via The Star. She reportedly said that before, she had planned to write on her signboard “I’m hungry, need 10 yuan for food.” She strongly believed that people would help and give her money by using this method. Another plan she had in mind was to support herself by selling her body, but in the end did not pursue that idea. So instead, she decided to go the “honest” route with her cardboard sign. “I’m from Hunan, I’m a natural beauty, able-bodied, and healthy, and I choose to beg here instead of getting a job, thank you to the kind-hearted souls,” the woman wrote. Full article
  8. We’ve heard of robots and artificial intelligence taking human jobs, but I bet mayors didn’t really think their jobs would be threatened any time soon. They were wrong, and the AI running for mayor of a Tokyo district is clear proof of that. Artificial Intelligence can’t legally run for high-ranking public administration positions yet, but one mayoral candidate from Tama City, Tokyo, intends to maximize the use of artificial intelligence in running municipal affairs, so he’s running his campaign as ‘AI Mayor’. Basically, he’s proposing replacing human public officials with AI and having them collect city data and create fair and balanced policies that will benefit everyone. “For the first time in the world, AI will run in an election,” human candidate Michihito Matsuda announced on Twitter. “Artificial intelligence will change Tama City. With the birth of an AI-Mayor, we will conduct impartial and balanced politics. We will implement policies for the future with speed, accumulate information and know-how, and lead the next generation.” 44-year-old Matsuda also ran for mayor of Tama City in 2014, but lost by a large margin. This time around, he merely aims to act as an avatar for the AI he is convinced can make better decisions than any human can ever hope to. Not to mention that artificial intelligence is much less susceptible to corruption. The AI Mayor has campaigning very much like its human competitors. Posters showing a futuristic android and campaign messages have been plastered all over Tama City and campaign trucks have been blaring out promises of an AI utopia and asking for support. While some people have called Michihito Matsuda’s campaign a stunt, as a human will still be the one legally in charge, others have declared themselves excited about the prospect of AI running things in the background, adding that it has to be a better alternative to incompetent and corrupt humans. Full article
  9. One million aggressive bees have swarmed a Texas neighborhood and residents are unsure of what to do. The bees have set up shop in an east El Paso home for about three years, but homeowners said the insects have lately become more aggressive. The couple told KFOX14 that they are worried about people who walk by the home and the children who go to school nearby. Bee specialist Pyong Livingston went to the home to remove the hive but the bees became agitated during extraction. Rudy Reyes, a KFOX14 photographer, reported that he was stung eight times while shooting video of the bees. "I went on top of the roof. I went there with my camera and he was with his helper," Reyes said. "As soon as they got there and opened the roof, the shingles from the roof, it was, like, believe me, it was like a horror movie -- seeing this swarm of bees just coming out in a black cloud. Within seconds, I started getting stung by bees. I got two in the eye, in the head, and I just went into my unit (vehicle). Even though I went into my unit, I still got bees inside my unit." Livingston said there were about a million bees in the hive and were mixed, African and European bees. He said the bees were 20 to 30 times more aggressive than normal honeybees. “We were swarmed. We found that, as soon as we opened up a little area, we thought there were maybe 20,000 bees,” Livingston said. “It turns out to be over 100,000 bees. So they swarmed us and they started biting me all over, even with the suits." The city of El Paso said the bees were “not the city’s responsibility” and are the homeowner’s duty to remove or exterminate them. Full article
  10. Man gives dead shark a c-section to save 98 pups

    A fisherman who hooked a pregnant dead shark performed an impromptu caesarean section and released nearly 100 pups into the wild. Mathew Orlov, 56, caught the 8ft 8ins sevengill shark off the coast of Barwon Heads in Victoria, Australia, earlier this week. He said the shark had been fatally attacked by another predator after he hooked it and was dead by the time he reeled it in. But he saw the shark’s stomach was moving so cut it open to release the shark pups. It took nine minutes to deliver all 98 pups, however it is feared that it is unlikely they will have survived with out their mother. Mathew, who cooked and ate the dead shark, said: ‘As soon as she was on the boat we saw the seven bite marks from another shark. ‘I could feel through the line when she was being attacked. As soon as we pulled it up I knew was mauled by another shark. ‘When I saw the belly moving, instinct kicked in. I’ve never done anything like this before, but I’ve fishing long enough to know we needed to get the pups out as quickly as possible. ‘It was a very overwhelming feeling when they started popping out, I got this adrenaline rush. I was just dumbfounded there was so many, we counted 98.’ Mathew said he had never performed a shark c-section before but knew what to do from hearing the tales of fellow fisherman. Mathew, who initially thought he had rescued 76 pups in total before discovering more, said: ‘As a fisherman, I catch fish to eat. The meat from this shark fed lots of my family members. ‘I love the ocean and respect they’re an important part of the ecosystem. I think the pups’ chance of survival are high – they swam off quite healthily. ‘Some people online have said I should have just thrown it back, but they don’t understand how sharks work.’ Sevengill sharks generally give birth to 70 to 90 live pups after a pregnancy lasting approximately 12 months. The babies’ chances of survival rests largely on how close their mother was to full term. But shark expert Jane Williamson, associate professor at Macquarie University in Sydney, cast doubt over whether the premature pups would have survived on their own. Full article
  11. Jaw-dropping video footage shows the moment four women started brawling at a Chick-Fil-A drive-thru, with one pointing a gun at her rivals. The row erupted at a branch of the fried chicken chain in southeast Atlanta Wednesday. Two women got out of a red car, and began screeching at two other women in a blue car behind them. The passenger in that car, later named was Vonshay Redding, began waving a pistol and pointing it at her aggressors as a shoving match begins. Their argument appears to cool off, only to burst back into life seconds later as a huge fight erupts. A woman wearing a black and blue top slaps the firearm out of her hands, while they shove and pull each other’s hair. The shocking fracas was filmed by two other people parked in a car facing the women. It is not clear why the row began, although police say the warring women were involved in an ongoing dispute. Honey Shaw, who captured the fight told Channel 2: ‘It was really jarring. Full article and video
  12. A woman who received a series of angry texts from another woman claiming to be pregnant has shared the bizarre conversation online. Sophie Watch, from Swindon, had a barrage of messages arrive on Tuesday from a woman called Abbie. In them, Abbie appears to believe she is writing to a man called Aidan. She tells him that she's pregnant, but things go sour when Sophie tells her she has the wrong number. Sophie, an optical assistant, said things started off politely. The first text said: "Hey it’s Abbie, so basically I’m pregnant and you’re the only person I’ve slept with in the past few months so it’s yours, can you give me a call or message so we can talk about it?" Sophie said she was half asleep when the first text dropped in her inbox. She told Unilad : "I saw the message and was still half asleep I was so confused. I was like ‘I haven’t got anyone pregnant, wait how can I get anyone pregnant anyway’, then I felt a bit bad because obviously she had the wrong number. "I told her she had the wrong number and then when she got all rude and just wasn’t believing it, I just got even more confused and baffled I didn’t know what to think or how to take it because of how she acted." It's fair to say that Abbie was furious with Sophie's response. She doesn't believe Sophie, and later thinks she's Aidan's girlfriend. Abbie wrote: "F*** off you’re always running away from responsibilities. Aidan this is serious." When Sophie said again that Abbie had the wrong number, the conversation escalated further and Abbie got abusive. Abbie said: "Oh what so you’re his girlfriend??? Hahaha wow. "Well tell your d**k of a boyfriend we need to talk about this. "You’re a mug he cheated on you. [sic]" Some other choice words followed. Sophie, who took the situation in good humour, posted screenshots of the exchange on Facebook – she also tells Aidan, whoever may be, that he could soon become a dad. Full article
  13. 1. Data from Star Trek: 2. Dory from Finding Nemo: 3. The "Trying to Hold a Fart" Meme Guy: 4. Sonny from I, Robot: Full article
  14. A bargain hunter bought a car in London and drove it to Bristol and back because it was cheaper than a train ticket. Tom Church, 27, purchased the 21-year-old vehicle for just one trip so he could travel 100 miles away. He wanted to see a friend but had been put off by rip-off train fares. Then, after seeing someone else complaining about the same trains on Reddit, Tom was inspired to do something different. He bought the second hand car, road tax, insurance and petrol all for £206.81 – more than £10 less than the £218.10 return train ticket he had been quoted. The second hand car cost just £80. Road tax was £81.38, insurance for one day £20.43 and petrol £25. Peak-time return train tickets between London and Bristol cost between £210 – £218.10. Tom found the 1997 Honda Civic with 135,000 miles on the clock online – and was instantly drawn to the idea. The 27-year-old said: ‘The idea came when I saw a man share his ridiculously priced train ticket on Reddit. ‘I felt his pain because I had wanted to book that same journey to see a friend and colleague. It gave me an idea to try something different. ‘I found the car on Gumtree. The lady I bought it from, Sutinder, was basically selling it for scrap. It’s a very old car, 1997 Honda Civic, but the MOT was fine. ‘Plus, the engine was small enough that I could get the cheapest road tax: a minimum of six months for £81.38. ‘The total cost was £206.81. Less than just one train ticket. And I still have a car at the end of it! ‘Yes, it is still expensive. The point is to show how mad train ticket prices are. ‘Sometimes you have to think outside of the box to save money. ‘However, I’ll be the first to admit this isn’t the cheapest method. You can book tickets in advance and off-peak for less. Full article
  15. This is the heartwarming moment a fast food worker was spotted helping a disabled man eat his dinner in a shopping centre food court. The employee was filmed spoon-feeding the man, who has an arm and leg disability, in the Salvador Norte shopping mall in Brazil. Laurinha Victoria, who caught the ‘beautiful’ exchange on camera, says it brought tears to her eyes. The video has had more than 600,000 likes since she posted it on Saturday. Writing alongside the video, she said: ‘Today I was overwhelmed by emotion with tears in my eyes, when I saw this scene at the North Mall food square. ‘The young man with a disability in his leg and arms had already asked me to pick up his food when it was ready. Full article and video