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  1. A shocking Instagram video showed a car passenger pushing an elderly man off his bike in a country lane. The OAP could be heard screaming in pain after being shoved on the single carriageway road. The smartphone footage showed the male passenger leaning out of the window, pushing the unsuspecting victim and then laughing with other people in the car. The vehicle was going at 50mph before it slowed down so he could assault the man. The footage was posted online on Wednesday and immediately angered social media users. Instagram user Loreno wrote: ‘F***king scumbag. Why do people think it’s cool/funny to abuse people. ‘Dirty world we live in.’ Full article and video
  2. If you don’t look this happy as the weekend approaches then there’s probably science to back up that you have no soul. A photographer caught these pictures of a horse that appeared to laugh at him while he was visiting Iceland. Bragi Ingibergsson said the horse then stuck its tongue out at him as he pressed the shutter on the camera. Bragi had spotted four horses at the side of a road and stopped to take pictures of them. As he turned away from the group, he spotted a fifth horse which looked as if it was laughing at him while he took his photographs. The 56-year-old was in Blaskogabyggd, Iceland, when he snapped the amazing pictures of the horse, which he said stood still as its picture was taken. Church minister Bragi, of Reykjavik, Iceland, said: ‘I love taking photos of horses and I spotted a group of four horses together in a field. ‘When I saw them, I had to stop and spent around 20 minutes just taking some photographs. ‘I was taking some pictures of another horse which was lying on the ground relaxing, it looked very beautiful. Full article
  3. Alexander Jheferson Delgado, a convicted sex offender and burglar from Peru, was captured by police a year after successfully escaping prison by drugging his identical twin bother, who had come to visit him, and putting on his clothes. On January 10th, 2017 Alexander Jheferson Delgado pulled off one of the most incredible prison escapes in history, and the first from from Piedras Gordas, one of Peru’s most secure penitentiaries, in over 12 years. That day, Delgado’s twin brother Giancarlo came to visit him, and deliver food and letters from his friends and. After meeting him in the common area of the prison, the two 28-year-old brothers went to Alexander’s cell, where the inmate allegedly offered Giancarlo a soda laced with sedatives. He passed out shortly after and woke up to the sight of concerned guards standing over him. Still groggy from the sedatives, Giancarlo Delgado told the guards what had happened, but they refused to believe him. It was only after repeated pleas that authorities agreed to check his identity, by comparing his fingerprints with those they had on file. However, that didn’t solve Giancarlo’s problems, as everyone now believed that he had been his brother’s accomplice, not his victim. Although he was never actually charged, the man was arrested and investigated on suspicion of having aided his brother escape. Prison security camera footage from the day of Alexander’s breakout show him wearing his brother’s clothes and casually walking through no less than six checkpoints on his way out of Piedras Gordas. The director of the penitentiary and several guards were fired after Delgado’s escape, after it was revealed that checkpoint guards hadn’t even bothered to check for the arm stamp that all-day visitors receive on their way in. Alexander Jheferson Delgado was a free man until a few days ago, when he was finally captured at a house in Callao, a port city near the capital Lima. A reward of 20,000 sols (about $6,100) had been offered for any information leading to his capture, although it isn’t yet clear if someone ratted him out. As local journalists pelted Delgado with all sorts of questions, the handcuffed criminal managed to say that he used his brother to escape prison out of “desperation to see my mother”. I guess he caught up with after business after seeing her and forgot all about Giancarlo rotting in prison. Full article
  4. A family have caught on camera the moment that their nanny held their baby’s nose to stop him breathing and repeatedly hit him. Anastasia Zhelyabova, 31, is facing prosecution after the parents of the eight-month-old boy handed over the recording to police. The footage shows Zhelyabova smacking him on the face and bottom. His mother, Elena Levendeeva, 26, became concerned after just two weeks of employing the nanny. She said that he would cry every day when Zhelyabova arrived. As a result she installed cameras around the house and on the first day of taking footage she caught the nanny being abusive towards the defenceless boy. The nanny apparently became angry when the baby refused to take his bottle. Elena from Nefteyugank in Russia wrote on social media: ‘Due to frequent and continuous hysterical cries from our child we installed video cameras that recorded the beating and torturing.’ Full article
  5. Terrifying footage captured the moment two window cleaners clung on for their lives when a storm hit as they were suspended high up in the air. The workers were standing on a flimsy-looking platform as the wind tossed them about 100s of feet up in the air while they worked on a skyscraper in China . Traffic could be seen passing far, far below as the wind repeatedly smashed the workers' light platform into the building. At one point, the platform started to tip at an increasingly steep angle, forcing the workers to grab desperately for ropes and pipes attached to the building to steady themselves. The howling wind tossed them from side to side as they tried to steady the platform - and avoid plunging to their deaths. Full article and video
  6. Say goodbye to your best friends, the term is not allowed in some places any more because it lacks inclusivity. A psychologist in the US said that a growing number of schools are banning children from using the term ‘best friend’ over fears some children are being left out. Prince George’s school, Thomas’s private day school in Battersea, announced in 2013 that it was encouraging children to have ‘lots of good friends’. Dr Barbara Greenberg told CBS New York: ‘There has been a movement in some American schools and European schools to ban the phrase “best friend”. The idea of banning the phrase “best friends is a very intriguing social experiment. ‘I see kids come in all week long who are feeling dreadful because they are excluded and because they are either nobody’s best friend or their best friend has moved on.’ She concedes that it is impossible to allow children to have a close relationship, but adds that schools want children to have more than just one friend. Headteacher of Prince George’s school Ben Thomas said at the time: ‘You can get very possessive friendships, and it is much easier if they share friendships and have a wide range of good friends rather than obsessing too much about who their best friend is. ‘I would certainly endorse a policy which says we should have lots of good friends, not a best friend.’ Only last month, parenting expert Liz Fraser appeared on Good Morning Britain and reinforced the idea. Full article
  7. Sure, it's meant to be one the most romantic days of the year, but all over the country, you just know a lot of panic buying is going down. So you have to feel for Duncan Robb. The thoughtful boyfriend had actually planned a romantic Valentine's Day surprise for his girlfriend, only for it to go, well, wrong. It had all started off so promisingly, with Duncan, from Chesterfield, spotting the Red Hot Chili Peppers - his girlfriend's favourite band - were playing in Belfast. Not only that, but tickets were going for £30 - an absolute bargain. But, as the saying goes, if something looks too good to be true, then it probably is. Duncan had shelled out for the concert tickets and flights, but on the Wednesday before, the penny dropped. It was only when his girlfriend did a bit of research that Duncan's error became clear. "My girlfriend wanted to know who was [opening for] them. She couldn’t find anything about the Red Hot Chili Peppers performing in Belfast," he told ABC . It wasn't the Red Hot Chilli Peppers the couple were seeing, but the Red Hot Chili Pipers, aka the 'world's best bagpipe band.' Full article
  8. Valentine’s Day is all about love and happiness, which makes it that much harder a holiday for people who have just been dumped by their partners. Luckily, a design studio is giving scorned lovers a chance to cope with their breakup by symbolically walk all over them. Created by the people at Bompas & Parr, the ‘Anti-Valentine’s Day Insoles’ present users with “the ultimate opportunity to get your own back on your ex, unrequited loves and the cruellest of heartbreakers and symbolically walk all over them.” All you have to do is send the design studio a photo of your ex-lover and they’ll print it on a pair of insoles that you can then cut to fit your shoes, so you can trample over their face every time you take a step. It’s supposed to be a cathartic way of moving on with your life. The idea of wearing insoles printed with the photo of someone who hurt you may sound a bit crazy, but it was actually inspired by ancient Egyptian culture, where it was believed that “the placement of a symbol of your enemy on the soles of your shoes represented a means to metaphorically subjugate and demean your enemy by literally treading them underfoot.” Originally, Bompas & Parr set out to make only 25 pairs of their Anti-Valentine’s Day Insoles with the deadline for users to send photos of their ex’s set for February 8th, but apparently the feedback has been so positive that they extended the deadline to February 14 – that’s today, so hurry up – with the insoles to be delivered by the end of the month. Full article
  9. This is the moment a passenger climbed into an x-ray machine because she did not trust train security staff with her handbag. An unbelievable photograph shows the women on all fours on a conveyor belt as she follows her bag as it passes through the security scanner. It is thought the woman did not want to be separated from her bag and its contents at Dongguan Railway Station in China’s southern Guangdong Province. And while it is unclear what she was carrying in her handbag it is likely to have been wads of cash traditionally given as a gift for Chinese New Year. The woman had happily put her suitcases through the machine before walking through the security checkpoint holding the smaller handbag. But security staff told her this bag would also have to be checked and so she reluctantly wheeled back round and placed it on the conveyor belt. Full article
  10. This beautiful image of a gorilla hugging her caretaker, titled "Pikin and Appolinaire," just won the People's Choice Award in the 2017 Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest. The shot, by Canadian photographer Jo-Anne McArthur, shows Pikin, a 6-year-old rescued lowland gorilla, cuddling with Appolinaire Ndohoudou, her caretaker, as she moves to a new animal sanctuary in Cameroon. McArthur's image was chosen as the winning photo by the public through online voting. More than 50,000 photographs were submitted to the annual contest, which is hosted by the Natural History Museum in London. Twenty-four images were chosen by museum staff for the People's Choice Award competition. The picture will be showcased in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the museum until it closes on May 28. The award-winning photo was taken in 2009 at the Ape Action Africa sanctuary in Mefou, Cameroon. (A museum spokesperson confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the contest has no time restraint on when images are taken.) In her book, We Animals, McArthur describes the circumstances that led to this incredible picture. "Even though it's unadvisable, to say the least, to get into a vehicle with a gorilla — given how they might panic in the unfamiliar, bouncing confines of a moving car — Pikin had been sedated and was being held by Appolinaire. Worryingly for me, Pikin woke up earlier than anticipated and looked around sleepily. Luckily, she seemed content to be in the arms of her caretaker, and eventually lay her head back down to rest and nodded off." Like many of the gorillas rescued by the Ape Action Africa sanctuary, Pikin was orphaned as a baby after her mother was killed by hunters. An infant gorilla found by hunters being turned over to Ape Action Africa. Primates in Cameroon and other African countries are targeted by hunters to be killed and eaten as part of the "bushmeat" trade. Since infant gorillas don't have as much meat as their mothers, hunters will often leave the orphans alone to die in the forest or sell the tiny apes as pets. The lucky ones rescued by organizations like Ape Action Africa often require intensive medical treatment and, like all babies, need to be fed and cared for. This means that the rescued gorillas get used to humans — making them more vulnerable to poachers — and therefore cannot be released back into the wild. Pikin's caretaker, Appolinaire Ndohoudou, started working at the sanctuary as a security guard after he was forced to flee his home country of Chad during the country's bloody civil war, but director Rachel Hogan noticed his kind personality and asked if he would be interested in helping her with the gorillas. In January, when the photograph of Ndohoudou and Pikin was named one of the 24 finalists, McArthur reached out to the caretaker about the 9-year-old photo and his time with the gorilla. "When Pikin arrived I saw that she was very clever," Ndohoudou said. "She really loved me and I loved her. She didn't like the other gorillas coming near me as she was jealous and she would shout if they tried to come and give me hugs. I was her father, I belonged to her. Pikin loved me and respected me like her father; when I [said] 'no,' she would accept but then she was clever as she would wait until she thought I had forgotten and then she would do it! She was very funny. Sadly, Pikin died as a result of injuries sustained in a fall in 2014. Full article
  11. Footage has emerged of the moment that a Bentley Continental GT appeared out of nowhere and crashed into a pensioner, sending his car flying. The Bentley, being driven by Richard Plum, 46, is estimated to have been going at 85mph as it drove through Old Amersham, Buckinghamshire. Pensioner Tim Edwards, 74, was negotiating a give-way junction and there was nothing he could do to avoid being hit. He recently released the footage of the crash that showed his car was sent spinning 360 degrees and through a garden wall. He miraculously survived the crash and his car automatically called for emergency assistance meaning an ambulance was there within minutes. However, Plum called a friend who came to pick him up and they left the scene without speaking to Mr Edwards. He was jailed for 14 months and banned from driving for four years and seven months after admitting dangerous driving and failing to stop. Mr Edwards told Mail Online that he believes he only survived because he was in a 4×4 and if he’d been in a smaller car he would likely have been killed. ‘I was in a pretty sturdy car which took the impact well otherwise it could’ve been a lot worse. Full article and video
  12. Thomaz Vieira Gomes, also known as 2N, is considered one of the most dangerous criminals in Rio de Janeiro, but recently he actually did something decent, albeit still illegal, for once. He and his gang kidnapped two male nurses and made them vaccinate the poor people of his favela against yellow fever. For months, Brazil has been dealing with a yellow fever epidemic that has already left dozens dead. Despite the Health Ministry’s plans to vaccinate millions of people in the hopes of containing the outbreak, immunization centers struggle to keep up with the high number of patients, and, as always, the poorest communities are usually ignored. That was apparently the case of Salgueiro, one of the poorest regions of Rio de Janeiro, and the headquarters of 2N’s drug dealing operations. So he decided to speed up the process by using a very familiar technique, kidnapping. On January 27th, the young gang leader and a few of his cronies descended on a local state-run clinic in two black cars, took as many syringes and vaccine doses as they could find, and kidnapped two of the male nurses on duty that night. They then drove to the Amarelinho bar in Salgueiro where the two nurses spent hours administering yellow fever vaccines to members of the local community. In their report, the two health workers stated that the kidnappers were not aggressive and had only carried out the criminal action because many Salgueiro residents were not able to visit immunization centers to get their yellow fever shot. After doing their job, the two victims were reportedly taken back to their workplace. The Rio de Janeiro police department was not alerted about the kidnapping, but the Municipal Health Department has announced that it will investigate the situation. Full article
  13. Two men have been arrested after 1kg (2.2lb) of cocaine was found in a pair of fake buttocks at Lisbon Airport. A Brazilian man carrying the two cushion-like implants, which were attached to a pair of swimming trunks, was detained by Portugal's anti-narcotics agency. Later, another man was arrested at a train station under suspicion of being due to receive the drugs. It is not yet clear how police discovered the haul. Full article
  14. Christin Johnson of Fostoria, Ohio, took to Facebook two weeks ago to share photos of her daughter with a very short haircut. She claimed her daughter's father and stepmother forced the child to cut it after she had "highlights put in her hair for her birthday." “This is what my daughter looked like Sunday when I took her home and the other two pics is what happened today before she was brought to me…all over me having highlights put in her hair for her birthday!” Johnson wrote on Jan. 31. She included a photo of her daughter, Kelsey, with long hair, and two photos of her in a dramatically shorter cut with her face covered. The post ignited an online firestorm. It has been shared over 25,000 times with thousands of comments, with many people criticizing Kelsey's father and stepmom. "This is emotional abuse," one person wrote. "She is beautiful," another commented. People began sharing photos of the dad and stepmom, and commenting on their public Facebook photos. Now, the Haskins Police Department confirmed to BuzzFeed News they are investigating a claim of possible child abuse in the incident. Police Chief Colby Carroll told BuzzFeed News Johnson filed a complaint alleging her daughter's father and stepmother forced the haircut on their daughter as punishment the same day she made the post. The investigation of "potential child abuse" is still pending, Carroll said. The Middleton Township Fire Department, where Kelsey's father and his wife are volunteer firefighters, also placed the two on leave after the incident. Middleton Township Fire Chief Steve Asmus confirmed to BuzzFeed News the couple is still on leave, pending the results of an investigation by police and by local child protective services. Wood County Children's Services could not confirm whether an active investigation into Kelsey's father and stepmother was taking place, "under Ohio Law," the director of the organization told BuzzFeed News. Neither Kelsey's dad nor her stepmom returned a request for comment from BuzzFeed News. BuzzFeed News couldn't reach Johnson for this story, and she doesn't seem to have responded to inquires from other media outlets. Johnson posted on Facebook last week that her friend, who is a stylist, invited Kelsey to her salon so she could pick out a wig. Full article
  15. Let’s be honest, finding clean and decent-smelling gas station toilets is hard enough, but one that makes you feel like royalty? Normally, I would say such a place doesn’t exist, but I recently saw these photos of a unique toilet in Quezon, the Philippines. To be honest, I kind of already knew that gas station toilets in the Philippines can be quite different than what most of us are used, after writing about this Shell Gas Station toilet in Tagbilaran City, Bohol, which featured wood furniture, a bookshelf and even a phone next to the toilet bowl. But I didn’t know the island nation actually had a public toilet fit for a king until seeing some photos of a Petron gas station toilet in Quezon. People sometimes refer to their own bathrooms as ‘the throne room’, but this particular gas station toilet is actually decorated to look like a medieval throne room. It features gilded wall and ceiling decorations, a big gilded mirror, a small chandelier and even a wooden throne frame around the toilet bowl. And Petron makes no secret of wanting it’s customers to feel like real-life kings when using their spectacular facility. Hanging on the walls is a big sign – with a gilded frame, obviously – that reads “At Petron you are KING!”. Full article