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  1. R.I.P little baby angel.....
  2. Look at yorself in to a mirrow before you make judgment over other peopels looks!!!!!!!
  3. Hello all! We have (had) all seen it!Expat or thais! A friend, relatives and so on....... How do you know how much they i understand? Right, you have to guess! I found 1 way= MUSiC! All inputs are very welcom! Ninni
  4. To Englishinsiam! The pain NEVER goes away! I was 20 years old when my MAN passed, he was 34 and our son 7 month. I am 64 now but he is allways on my mind! I have never remarried. It is a part of life you just have to accept! R.I.P condolences to hers and his families and friends!
  5. Again a good reason that I took the right decissen 26 years ago to move to Denmark!
  6. A normal pregency is 40 weeks so the baby was born 6 weeks to earlie. Good luck to all 3 of you!