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  1. Many thanks JOC, this is very helpful, I'll be going to Pranburi tomorrow.
  2. Give him half a days start.
  3. Give him half a days start.
  4. I realise that this subject has been raised several times but on checking, it seems most of the information is outdated. My licence expired last August and the time has arrived when I need to renew it. Has any member recently renewed their licence at Pranburi? What documents are required and what is the cost?
  5. Rolling like the metal on the edge of a knife.
  6. True Vision in Hua Hin

    Many thanks all for your informative replies. I am looking into options AND I am definitely terminating my True Vision contract. Sent from my [device_name] using http://Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  7. True Vision in Hua Hin

    I have had True Vision (Gold) package TV at the apartment in Hua Hin for several years and have noticed the lack of quality / repeat programmes over the past six months together with the long adverts (primarily for True products) all in Thai language that I do not want. I cannot watch a programme with this constant interference. The company raised the monthly subscription telling me that, by way of compensation for such increase, I would now receive access to one of the English football, Paramount movie channel and two others that I am not too interested in. The company have advertised that on one of the exsisting movie channels a new 'exciting' Korean soap "dubbed in English with Thai subtitles, all very good but no English. I am fed up now with this situation and ask members if there is a viable alternative to True Vision?
  8. Replacing desktop computer

    My old desktop, whilst still reliable, has seen better days and I am thinking of replacing it. I am not a 'gamer' and I do not use the PC to watch movies Any suggestions for a suitable replacement in the B15-25,000 range if possible with a solid state drive (SSD), Windows 10 (or better) installed?
  9. He's still smarting the fact that he wasn't even considered for the European President job.
  10. I think that they have meters but don't seem to have the instruction manual for using them.
  11. 7-Eleven To Sell Cans Of Thai Craft Beer

    Thai craft beer - bit of an oxymoron.
  12. Chang Beer 5% alcohol content whats happening

    And like Singha, the bottles have become smaller.
  13. You could ask any Tuk Tuk driver to take you to his brother's 'jewelry workshop.