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  1. Lancelot01

    Is there a law in Thailand about such behaviour?

    Asi recall from UK the marked price is an 'invitation to treat' not a fixed price.
  2. With ample seating and toilets!!
  3. And no extra charges for cleaning and administration. Sometimes as much as two nights stay.
  4. So he is not an Irishman. Only lived there
  5. Lancelot01

    So much to eat at the Pattaya Seafood Festival

    Probably Soi 6.
  6. These statistics were based on data prior to the Brexit referendum.
  7. And, as the statistics are already two years out of date, why is this 'news' now?
  8. Lancelot01

    Whale died after ingesting 29kg of plastic rubbish from the ocean

    And me. I always turn up with a bag for my shopping until it is unusable at which point I may take a new one.
  9. Looks a little bit like an April Fool story to me.
  10. I am having some family and friends around to my house for a small lunchtime / early afternoon celebration, up to 10 people. Does anybody know of a reliable quality outside caterer who could accommodate this next Thursday 29th? Many thanks
  11. I know that I my home town many of the 'so called' homeless people have been offered accommodation but have refused it because it is not suitable i.e. no WiFi connection, cable TV, have to pay for rent and utilities etc.. Typical of the Guardian to run an unbalanced story.
  12. Many thanks JOC, this is very helpful, I'll be going to Pranburi tomorrow.
  13. Give him half a days start.
  14. Give him half a days start.