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  1. Lancelot01

    Retired foreign couples, do they exist in Thailand?

    And three neighbours of mine, all UK.
  2. Ok, I now understand the difference in length of time adult and child UK passports however my point is, if the child is on his third UK passport i.e. two have expired, then 2 x 5 = 10 years even if the first passport was obtained shortly after birth. It's fairly academic either way but am i missing something?
  3. Lancelot01

    British opinion still deeply divided by Brexit: poll

    They must have been up all night working the percentages.
  4. How can your 7 year old son be on his third UK passport? A UK passport is usually for 10 years so requiring a third UK passport would mean that your son would be well over 20 years old.
  5. Lancelot01

    Employing Filipina Maid

    So I wonder what has happened since joining ASEAN? I was of the opinion that there would be free movement of individuals from member states and freedom to work in member states.
  6. Can anybody help? My Indonesian friend's daughter would like to study in Thailand up to A Level (UK) standard. Her parents are unsure as to the procedure and requirements of Thai immigration department. The daughter will be 17 yo in December. I have tried looking at the Thai Embassy websites but seem to be going around in circles. Any relevant advice will be greatly accepted.
  7. But most insurance companies only offer cover for trips up to 30 days, what happens to tourists with visas who wish to stay 60 or 90days or longer? I believe that such visitors would need two or three separate policies to cover their stay and in each case the policies would need to originate in their home country.
  8. Yes, a damn vacuum cleaner.
  9. Lancelot01

    Formula One great Niki Lauda has lung transplant

    A true hero from the 70's.