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  1. CobraSnakeNecktie

    Where to Get Oversized Cardboard Boxes in Chiang Mai?

    bicycle shops will give you boxes for free but it's not very wide but long and tall.
  2. CobraSnakeNecktie


    Just do some searches and download hypnotherapy audio tracks. In time you can record your own. Hypnotherapy is ultimately self suggestion to produce self improvement. The opposite of saying depressing things to yourself. YouTube has a lot also. here is example search. https://www.google.com/search?q=download+hypnotherapy+audio&oq=download+hypnotherapy+audio&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i64.11280j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  3. CobraSnakeNecktie

    Young Thai Big Bikers, Mentally Retarded?

    Way out there if one has a bad crash it's a longtime before an ambulance can show up
  4. CobraSnakeNecktie

    Was hit by car in a crosswalk. Enough is enough.

    Drivers might stop or slow down at the zebra crossings but it's not reliable. I have seen many motorbikes etc blow thru them with pedestrians in the zone. Your best bet is to be swift of foot.
  5. Nice to hear from you. Any guides to herbs in Thailand? or pointers to websites. A lot of things like black walnut tincture and milk thistle are import only. Would be interesting to see what can be purchased domestically and perhaps lower in costs. I am quite interested in aging males issues like freeing up testosterone and reducing estrogen. Also liver health is of large interest with herbs.

  6. Raw Bacon? not crispy bacon? not canadian bacon? not slab bacon? not pancetta bacon? not smoked bacon? RAW BACON? <deleted>? My head is going to explode

  7. CobraSnakeNecktie

    Visa Agent Kl

    Are Mondays queues that bad? What about other days? How long a wait is expected, what times to get there by for a TV? sometimes monday can be busy especially if its after a holiday. If you do decide to go on a monday then show up very early to get in the front of the line. I went on a thursday one time after a 3 day holiday and it was hel_l. I was not able to get my application submitted until 7 pm that evening after being in the sweltering heat for 10 hours. Thankfully they stayed open until everyone was served. Since then I have been going on tuesdays and its usually in and out in less than 1 hour.
  8. CobraSnakeNecktie

    Running Club

    have you gone out to 700 year stadium in the evening? I see maybe a hundred runners there every night and they have a nice lane set up protected by cones for the runners to use. For any cyclists the group meets at the Boat restaurant (near CMU) around 8 am
  9. CobraSnakeNecktie

    One2call - Keeping My # When I Leave For A Few Months

    Thanks to everybody and the good ideas. Lomatopo. Is it very expensive to roam in the states?
  10. CobraSnakeNecktie

    I Wonder If Tt&t Is Block Thaivisa ?- Chiangmai

    The silence is deafening fine for me with Maxnet in CM. I would suspect its the notoriously bad DNS servers of the major Thai ISP's. Try setting up www.opendns.com (its free) and see if the problem goes away.
  11. Sorry if this has been answered but could not find it in the archive I am going back home for 70 or so days and want to keep my 1 2 call mobile phone #. I think I can only top it up with about 5 weeks at a time with the prepaid (500 baht). How long can my number be deactivated before they take it back? Does anybody know? TIA
  12. CobraSnakeNecktie

    Tv #4

    I know what a #1 and #2 is.. What the heck is a #3 and #4? Heart bypass and lobotomy?
  13. CobraSnakeNecktie

    Ghost Visa Runs Illegal

    Or request two passports from your home country for business purposes because you are frequent travelerwhich is not that uncommon from western countries like the US. Each country has different requirements for an extra passport and some countries such as China will not issue 2 at all. In that scenario the traveler would make sure to keep each passport balanced for entry and exit stamps. To get the processing you would send the other passport to your office or lawyer and they would send it to the consulate for you.
  14. CobraSnakeNecktie

    Just Wondering

    You might want to visit either country. China or Cuba that is and get a clue. I visited China, but I didn't visit Guatanamo and Irak yet to check out how liberal it is there..... Forgot to mention that Internet is also restricted for US troops, so noone can upload something which may harm their reputation...... Yeah you got me there. In China and Cuba they let all their soldiers have unlimited freedom on the internet. Maybe that is why Cubans will risk their lives to float to Florida and why they have the highest suicide rate in the Americas.... Too many liberal freedoms and they can't handle it....
  15. CobraSnakeNecktie

    Just Wondering

    You might want to visit either country. China or Cuba that is and get a clue.