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  1. Seeking a liveable city? Try Melbourne, skip Lagos and Damascus

    Yep - it aint what it used to be 20 years ago and more. These bulldust ratings are based on everything except what you spoke about. It seems they may be that way if you are living in Toorak or the inner City and have lots of money, but that reality aint the same for the majority of Melbourne residents in the less affluent areas, like Gladstone Park, Broadmeadows, Craigieburn or Casey. Hey, it is a great place to visit for the footy, racing, tennis, shows, restaurants, etc. but it aint so good where the majority can afford to live. And if I had the money, I reckon there are many cities in Europe, USA and Asia that would be my choice before Melb. I am not aware of any Australian who became a billionaire living in Melbourne (or Adelaide or Perth). The wealthy who live there now do so because they have to - business/family/social reasons - but many of them retire elsewhere when those issues no longer hold them there.
  2. I refuse to argue. Nah nah nah nah.
  3. I am not arguing with you - and I will not argue with you. But please allow me to retort: It is called a Burqa. The one with the 'eye slit' is called the Niqab. It is not up to the Muslim woman if she wears the Burqa in public, it is up to her Husband/Imam. She can put her case to their Imam, but she must obey if directed to wear one. In Aust the vast majority of Muslim Husbands and Imams are flexible and allow the wearing of the Hijab (showing the face). It is legal for Aust banks/petrol stations etc to ban people wearing helmets and balaclavas. It is not legal for them to ban anyone wearing a Burqa - that is specifically illegal because it discriminates based on religion and in Australia that has been made illegal for many years. The issue is about Aust - not the UK. Clearly you dont know much about the subject matter, nor the location of the issue.
  4. Thinking of moving to Isaan

    Only just saw this post - lots of good advice given mate. Take your time and think slowly. Many sad stories of blokes your age doing what you first said, and then things going bad and end up with stuffed life at 50+ and cant go back home. What I would do is stay in UK and visit Thailand every year, while working on my finances to 'pull the pin' at say 40. Take a long term view - trust me those 4 years will go by fast - but they can make a hell of a difference in your quality of life here in LOS. If after your first trip here you think it is where you want to live, then start building up your finances and get down your mortgage as much as possible. Plan plan plan. Take your time. Learnb all about Thailand first. And have a 'get out' plan. You may think you dont need one - but trust me you could be unlucky (marriage disaster, medical issue, legal issue, family/village problem, etc etc) and you need to walk away quickly. You are far too young to burn bridges. If you do well getting down the mortgage, maybe downsize UK home and have no mortgage, and some left over for setting up in Thailand. Maybe you could split the home and rent part and keep a room/area for yourself and your gear. And never bring all/most of your money hear - keep it invested in UK and bring over small chunks at a time. And plan plan plan. A few years spending some time here each year while preparing things back home (having a purpose for working), will make a huge difference in your life at 50+ whichever way your life goes. I wish I had decided in my mid-40s to prepare for moving to Thailand when in my mid-50s, instead of waiting til I had already turned 55.
  5. Mayweather v McGregor

    I am glad to hear Alantct thinks McGregor has a chance. I hate Mayweather, but cant see him losing this huge payday fight. He will just duck and weave and grab, and pick off McGregor for the points. As others have said, he may even 'do an Ali' and when McGregor is completely stuffed from throwing punches, he might just take him out. 12 rounds is a long way - UFC/MMA only ever go 5 rounds. If the Ref stops Mayweather holding, then McGregor might 'catch' him and knock the <deleted> out of the ahole. And if it goes the distance and the Judges do their job and reward aggression and not 'defensive skills', then he could win on points. But I think both scenarios are very unlikely. It is a long way from UFC/MMA to World Class Boxing - and it is all uphill. Heart says McGregor, but head says Mayweather will beat him at his game. What I would like to see is a UFC/MMA match between them - but Mayweather will never agree.
  6. I hate Mayweather, but I cant see him losing this huge payday fight. He will just duck and weave and grab, and pick off McGregor for the points. He may even 'do an Ali' and when McGregor is completely stuffed from throwing punches, he might just take him out with a few hard blows. Perhaps there will then be a return bought with some of the boxing rules waived to give McGregor more of an advantage, but I doubt Mayweather will ever risk his 100% record - unless he loses all his money. Either way, I will wait for the replay/free viewing. No way I will ever pay (again) to watch a Mayweather 'fight'.
  7. Because it is Asia and to criticise things/people here for not being the same as in the West where they came from is illogical or stupid or bigoted - take your pick of whatever shovel you would prefer. That is the reason some of us criticise TV whingers (even suggest they go home) who do so the wrong way. The right way is to complain about the issue with due deference to that it is the way it is here. The wrong way is to complain about the issue with personal insults and slights towards the people. Complaining about the rain is illogical and stupid. Complaining that you cant find a decent umbrella here is fine, as long as you dont also insult the people or culture/beliefs.
  8. Cant help about USA taxes/duties, but can help with Thai Post. Earlier this I shipped several 5kg and 10kg boxes via Thai Post to Australia. I had to declare what was in each box and that they were 'used' items (so as not to attract any customs taxes/issues in Aus). I had already bought and wrapped up the boxes in advance, but luckily I had taken a photo of each one, and they accepted that as evidence of what was mainly inside each one (and Thai wife'd words helped too). Perhaps a less 'friendly' Officer would have made me undo and examine each box, so probably a good idea to buy the boxes in advance and then pack and take the boxes ready to seal up, but do that at the Thai Post Office. Also it is probably a good idea to keep similar items in the one box - like computer gear, kitchen utensils, clothes etc etc. as they only wanted to give each box one description of contents, which I of course agreed to do. I did a cost comparison and doing this via Thai Post was much cheaper than paying excess baggage via airlines. I put all the 'more valuable' things into the 5kg boxes (but nothing of serious value), just in case one went astray. I sent them 'special post' (wife cant remember word), which meant that they could be tracked - not sent as ordinary post items. They all arrived in perfect condition - well padded inside with bubble wrap etc. but none of the boxes had any marks or damage I sent them to my Brother, and think this would be a good idea rather then sending things to yourself. DHS was ridiculously expensive. They deliver 'urgent' only (airlines) and charge heaps for that. The packages sent via Thai Post all arrived within 2 weeks (sent via ship).
  9. 10-Year Visas Now Available: Thai Immigration

    Unfortunately, the Thai authorities have looked at the 10 year Visa available in Malaysia to 'comfortable' retirees, as well as the generous Visa available to western retirees in many countries, and then completely stuffed it up. Malaysia (since 2002) offers 10 year Visas with multiple exit/leaves (unlimited), no 90 day reporting, easy renewal, import own car or buy one new one with no taxes, able to work 20 hours a week, able to own/run business with far less requirements, can buy land/houses, can add other family members to the Visa. But they did it not for the 'pensioners' and those who are financially 'weak': you must deposit about $30K AUD in a Malaysian bank (get 2% and pay no taxes) , earn about $3K AUD a month, and prove you have the assets/income. So what did Thailand do? 5 years Visa with the same 90 days reporting, no taxes relief, no business (unless get another Visa), no working (unless get another Visa), still cannot buy land/house, no allowance for any other family members (even if Thai Nationals). And they want about $115K deposited in a Thai bank and you get 0.5% and you have to pay tax on that interest. What's the bet that someone 'up top' has noticed the large number of 'quality' western retirees taking up the 10 year Visa in Malaysia, and told the minions to put something like that together to attract the 'quality' retirees. Of course, this would mean that all the vested interests would have taken out the bits that would hurt them/family/friends (financially), kept those that would financially be good the them/family/friends, and increased any financial benefits to you know who. The end result is the atypical Horse designed by a Thai committee (Dead Camel). Yep - I declare that they completed pharked it up and very few people will take it up.
  10. Being a 'larger' guy I have always taken the view that they move, not me. By 'they' I mean joggers and bike riders (and motorbikes in Thailand). They have to move not me - because it is a FOOT path. Back home they often 'demand' everyone moves out of their way, but I made a point of being 'non-compliant'. Many joggers got my 'cold shoulder' and like most skinny aholes, they all would quickly ran away. I remember one idiot on a bike that I saw coming from a distance, who was forcing everyone to move, including one old lady who fell over. When his handlebars met my arm, he found out why he was wearing a helmet. Everyone there to witness started their day with a smile except the ahole in a hurry on the bike
  11. The strange side effect of tattoos

    Methinks thou dost protest too much.
  12. Stomach ulcer - given too many drugs?

    My thoughts are - take Sheryl's advice and go see a specialist. Clearly the medications have not worked, and therefore it could be something serious (or not). IMO stop worrying about costs and go see a specialist (or two). If it is something serious, the sooner you are diagnosed the better - cost becomes irrelevant. If it costs you a little money to be diagnosed with something non-serious - priceless.
  13. Even more intelligent people would realise that the point you raise about democratic principles is completely different and unrelated to the issue discussed in the OP. I just gotta say that what the world needs less of is over-educated idiots. You know what I mean..................taught to articulate an argument, but just cant figure things out.
  14. One thing I recommend is to get those non-slip plastic mats that have suction cups and put them in all the showers and on bathroom floors for entry/exit from any baths/showers. For some reason Thais seem to like glossy (and slippery) tiles, and I guess when you weigh only 50-60kgs it is not an issue. But for us bigger (fatter) westerners then it can be a big problem, and as you get older it can be very dangerous. I cant remember where I got them - Home Pro or Global House I think - maybe Big C. Cheap and well worth the investment. Plus, you can get stick-on anti-slip strips from any hardware stores back home for the stairs. I have not seen them in Thailand - but did find this on the web: http://th.misumi-ec.com/vona2/detail/223004976991/ and on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/5M-Floor-Stair-Anti-Slip-Tape-Anti-Skid-Safety-Tape-Roll-Non-Slip-Sticker-Strip-/222310616751?var=&hash=item33c2beceaf:m:mVO8DNeDDR8x8ljS1x8JhvQ
  15. Farang Attitudes and Results

    OP True. Mainly miserable gits who would be miserable anywhere. Many good guys too :) Mostly those happily in a healthy relationship with a Thai.