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  1. I think that the Thai Govt will introduce mandatory insurance for tourists - but it will be cheap and easy to get. TAT will make sure of that. But it will only last the standard 30-60 days. The main reason the Govt wants to do something is all the tourists turning up with injuries at the hospitals who dont have insurance. The other reason is the foreign workers who dont have insurance and who dont pay - or do things like leave their baby because they cant pay (apparently a lot). The long-term Visa visitors/residents are another issue - and the Govt is not that interested about us Expats (foreigners who live all/most of year in Thailand). There is not that many who 'default' - the Govt will only deal with this IMO if too many Expats default/die in hospital without insurance. A previous poster mentioned travel insurance. For those Expats who return home once a year or so, I would recommend getting this every time you leave and come to Thailand. A policy can last up to 12 months (in Aus) and can then be extended another 6 mths (18mths total). These policies only cover you for one 'accident' or a sudden serious illness (not pre-existing) , and can include repatriation costs - and they cost only a few hundred $Aus. I once checked this out for a UK Expat and found similar travel insurance was available - he had no idea. For some reason you have to 'travel' to get travel insurance type medical policy in any country. They all want to cover you for all medical expenses - and they cost way too much in Thailand - they are about the same as in US (no doubt they set Expat premiums at US levels). For those Expats n Thailand permanently, and over 60, there is no cost effective option available. Perhaps the Govt will look into a cheaper policy that covers Expats in Public Hospitals only, but I am certain the Private Hospital 'industry' will cry foul if they ever do, and the idea would be canned. Still, one lives in hope.
  2. What is happening though is that more and more people are complaining about these immigrant scumbags. And that is a good thing. Keep complaining everyone because that is all the Pollies hear - the squeaky wheel gets attention. We need more people in Aust to complain - only then will the issue get the Pollies attention. Trump was elected because enough US people complained about the direction the country was going, and eventually they voted for a candidate who heard their complaints and said he would do something about it. Aust doesn't have that option of a Pres (yet), but if enough complain then maybe one day there will be enough Pollies in the Senate to force the Labor/Liberal aholes in Lower House to do something about immigration and crime and terrorism. Aust is a long way behind EU or UK, but unlike USA and UK who are changing direction (slowly), unless the Pollies are changed we will become just like France and Sweden within 20-30 years. Wont be my problem, but the grand-kids will have more serious things to worry about than rising seas, warmer weather, and dying whales.
  3. Experts say that someone ending it all in such a public display, are actually desperate for help/attention and somehow their minds see that this act will finally get it - after they are gone. So sad. RIP.
  4. Khan is also the guy that banned and removed a picture of a woman in a bikini in an advertisement - because it offended his muslim friends and voters. His ultimate goal is the legal acceptance of sharia law for all muslims in London. He and all like him are anti-christian - which is what the west was founded upon - like it or not.
  5. Well said and so true - and so is your headline: Leftism/Liberalism is now the dominant narrative on Thai Visa, and their world news forum has evolved into an Anti-Trump echo chamber, where any dissension is quickly snuffed out. Khan is and always will be an apologist for Muslims - good ones and bad ones.
  6. TAT actually believes this to be true:
  7. Atypical CM planning ahead - NONE. That city is in big trouble - way to many people now, and far too little infrastructure - and very little room to put any. No railway and no buses - and no way they can ever have them. Cant even widen the roads. Adding water runoff canals for rain that comes once a year - no chance. It will only get worse year by year. But hey - at least the smoke/smog would have been washed away - sure dont miss that.
  8. I wont bother responding the the bleeding heart left-wingers, but I will say that as someone that dealt directly with the formation and management (and later abolition) of ATSIC, there is no amount of money in the world that will improve things for many aboriginals - all attempts to 'redress' things (that dont need redressing) have been a black hole of wasted expenditures. Yes, there are many aboriginal people who deserve some support and recognition - but there are far too many that deserve nothing. A very senior exec in ATSIC told me in the mid-90s that it would be cheaper to give every aboriginal (25%+) a $million to 'go away' and never make any claim for money/support again, and it would save a lot of money in the long run. He was dead right. Probably still valid today. The 25% (genetic) is what should be used to determine if a person is 'real' aboriginal - many people are far less than that (some zero) but they are 'accepted' as aboriginal in Aust (for welfare benefits). Unfortunately anyone attempting to deny someone is a 'real' aboriginal (eg. Bolt) runs the risk of being determined to be a racist - and could be charged and sent to jail. That is right - for those unaware - in Aust it is illegal to 'offend' someone by insinuating that they are not a real aboriginal (at least one parent/grandparent). If I wrote and punlished this in Australia I could be charged. Aboriginality is a protected and funded 'industry' and this claim for 'recognition' (or a treaty) is nothing more than an attempt to get more money/support in the future. My ancestors were killed and/or driven out of Britannia by the Romans. I want recognition and compensation.
  9. When I moved to Thailand a few years ago, I was intending to get and ride a motorbike. Having ridden for over 40 years back in Aus, I was confident I would be OK. But first I got a car to get around and after driving around Chiang Mai and seeing how bad the drivers were, and the BiB, and the roads and rules (and ignoring of them), and the trucks, and the pick-ups, and etc etc etc (especially seeing the aftermath of a pick-up taking out 6 bikes), I decided 'no way jose' to a bike. The Thai wife was pleased and I never regretted not getting one - absolute death trap - just a matter of luck/time. Perhaps in a local village or a very quiet town a bike would be OK - but no way in any City or on any major roads. We are now back in Aus and the wife can now understand why it is so much safer here for bike riders - the vast majority obey the laws and no one drives like so many in Thailand (the very few drunks aside).
  10. I agree that riding a bike while pregnant in a foreign country is stupid, and that riding (in same situation) without a helmet is stupid. I also agree that in Thailand a bike is not 'legally' obliged to keep left, however most Thais think bikes are required to travel on the left to allow other faster vehicles to pass. Most bikes travel slower than cars/trucks, and many drivers will push bikes left if they get in front of them. They believe bikes must travel on left side of road, and that includes the BiB who cannot be argued with as those who have 'encountered' them will testify (bribed yes, but not argued with). As anyone who has driven in Thailand for a while knows, what is legal is irrelevant. And that is always the issue when tourists ride bikes in Thailand - they dont know the real rules. Was the guy at fault for not being on the left side and therefore she would have fallen towards the gutter and not under the truck? Was the guy going quickly and overtaking cars and made a mistake? Who knows. I hope the truth will come out quickly. But as someone has already said - anyone driving/riding in Thailand without camera/s is taking a bigger risk than is already being taken by driving/riding in the first place.
  11. As a westerner who understands (a little) Thai culture, I know there is nothing that I can say or do that will change the way most Thais think about 'making merit' by feeding stray animals (and never killing them). IMO complaining on TV about Thais doing it, and demanding they dont do it, is at best a waste of time, and at worst is bigotted. My advice is that should a dog near you be a serious problem, and you decide that you want to do something about it, then do something about it - but dont tell the GF/wife or any other Thai (or anyone). One thing many TV posters need to know about Thai culture is that it is 'up to you' about everything. Do something and keep quiet about it and they wont have a problem with you doing something as long as they dont see/know you did it. If a soi dog disappears or dies, they wont investigate how or why - unless it is obvious you did something. Thais will never accept being told what is right or wrong, by someone who doesn't understand their culture. And that is whether they are right or wrong - which clearly they are about feeding soi dogs. Yes, they should be looking after ownerless dogs like is done in most western societies - but the cultural barriers to moving things in that direction are huge and will tahe a long time. Meanwhile - what you do about a dangerous dog is up to you (something or nothing).
  12. This is (yet) another chance for the Thai policing and judicial system to show the world that the rich are not above the law in Thailand. Me thinks they will fail (yet again) - and this will be another straw on the camel's back. The camel being all the various reasons why every year less and less western tourists come to Thailand (or live there).
  13. There is a web page tool on ATO that determines if you are a resident for tax purposes. https://www.ato.gov.au/Calculators-and-tools/Host/?anchor=DORSLA&anchor=DORSLA/questions#DORSLA/questions You can click and change your answers and get different results. With the right answers you can be overseas for up to 5 years, rent your home out while away, return once a year, etc., and you remain a resident for tax purposes. Once you go over 5 years the tool cannot give a definitive answer - but you can apply to the ATO for a separate individual ruling (I did). Basically the ruling was as long as I had an Australian address/abode and all the associated 'evidence' as stated in others posts (licence, voting roll, bank, family, friends, etc) then I remained a resident for tax purposes. However, remaining a resident for CLink purposes (such as Pensions) is not the same - and there is no tool available - it is a case by case system. As others have said, once you are away for more than 6 months CLink can decide that you are a non-resident - whether you are a resident for tax purposes or not. Yep - that is right - you can be a non-resident to CLink and a resident to ATO at the same time. And it is likely in the future that the 2 year 'rule' will be more and more ignored by CLink if they decide you only came back for 2 years in order to get the pension and that you always planned to leave once approved. Likewise, they can decide not to give you 'portability' of your pension (able to receive it after leaving the country) even after you have been back for 2 years, because they decide you were always going to leave once made portable. The pension id definitely worth getting (for many) and the DHS website provides all you need to know about who can get it and the payments and asset and income limits. But I would advise anyone thinking about going back beforehand, or when they get to the age and to wait for portability, to put together a strong and believable story. You cannot 'claim' it as a right - you will have to prove your are 'deserving'. You need to make CLink believe you are staying in Aust forever (more than exactly 2 years is a start). Things like visits for 4-6 weeks to Thailand (or elsewhere) are OK, but going back for 6 months at a time will draw their attention. The days are soon going to end when a Expat can come back at pension age, rent a cheap place and sit out the two years, and then go back overseas with the pension (or do the same 2 years beforehand). I agree that it is wrong - that Expats save the Govt - but we are an easy political target - and CLink is full of feminazis that cannot abide blokes enjoying themselves (90% Expats on pension in Thailand are men). But it is what it is - you gotta be smart/clever/cunning - slowly slowly.
  14. Solution - easy peasy. Force Greece to sell a few of its islands. They have many uninhabited (or mostly) islands that billionaires would buy if they had the opportunity. Like most posters I find it unacceptable that they are continuing to get away with their socialist liberal agenda. Main reason they were 'invited' in was that Germany knew it would lower the Euro - their exports will crash if the Euro gets too high.