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  1. They say a picture is worth a thousand words:
  2. I dont have time to read 12 pages - if someone has already said this, then let me say it again: 1A. Dont talk to any Thai about this (or below) - not under any circumstances. 1B. Also dont talk to any Expat who is with any Thai your GF/Wife knows (or lives anywhere near you). 2. Learn more about Thailand culture and social norms - you are taking things the wrong way. 3. Get a DNA test done on the child ASAP (be discrete and think carefully about it). 4. Plan what to do if the child is not yours. 5. Plan what to do if the child is yours.
  3. Ditto. Unpredictable. The low point in 2009 was because of the GFC in 2008/9. 4 big issues I see going forward next 12-18 months. Chinese economy Australian election Thailand election Interest rates in Australia (now at historic low) IMO the Baht has been 'propped up' since 2015 - they cant keep doing that forever. IMO the AUD will eventually become much more 'realisitic' against the Baht (28-32).
  4. ELVIS123456

    Australian Aged Pension

    True. Obviously somehow CLink found out she was living with someone else and unilaterally changed the OAP rate. It was in Australia I assume - defacto relationships while in Aust are 'automatic'. When someone is living overseas it 'technically' follows the laws of that country - and in Thailand law defacto means nothing - in Thailand it is not married to live together. I dont want to go on about it too much, but the reason for the 'married rate', is because otherwise 2 people would get the single rate times 2. The deal is that 2 get a lower rate because they live together and share costs (rates, car, electric, bills, etc) and it istherefore cheaper. Plus the 'partner' if under OAP age is either employed or on Newstart. The Thai wife of a bloke in Thailand will never get the OAP (or Newstart), but CLink has unilaterally decided that doesnt matter. CLink will reduce a blokes rate to the married rate, irrespective of the reality of his partner's earnings potential as a citizen of another country. Not an issue I care directly about as I am going down another path - but I wonder why noone in that situation has appealed to SSAT and the AAT on those grounds. Perhaps someone has?? Or knows someone that has??
  5. ELVIS123456

    Australian Aged Pension

    Yep 'residency' is the key - you must show you are (planning on) staying forever. And as the years go by it will only get harder - the Govt saves money when they force people overseas through the hoops and they dont bother to come back to get it. No doubt the 'waiting period' for thoise that return will be 3 years in future, and probably 5 years some years after that move. That is why I figured it is best to go back before the OAP is due - easier transition that way.
  6. ELVIS123456

    Australian Aged Pension

    You got it - maybe take some part-time work - maybe not.
  7. ELVIS123456

    Australian Aged Pension

    I meant the option of claiming to be not married in order to get the higher single rate of pension. Once CLink know you have Thai family, they will decide you are married whether the Amphur ceremony has been done or not.
  8. ELVIS123456

    Australian Aged Pension

    If you are staying with friend/relos - you just need them to write a letter stating that, and have it witnessed and signed by a JP (police station easiest or council offfices). Once they know about family that 'option' is over.
  9. ELVIS123456

    Australian Aged Pension

    Thanks Mate. Yep - staying in Qld with the Thai wife.
  10. ELVIS123456

    Without Warning, Fuel Prices Rise To 3-Year High

    Same in Aust at the moment - over $1.53 per litre for the lowest octane (91).
  11. ELVIS123456

    Has anyone seen pool paint in Los?

    https://www.homepro.co.th/category/11213?lang=en Go to home pro and avoid all 'helpers' - say 'all good' or 'no thank you' Look up on internet how to paint a pool - before you do to Home Pro. Read the paint tin details and the instructions carefully (anything not in English is crap). You should look at heaps of tins before deciding which one - take your time. You will also need a decent air-filter - and painting gear (roller and brush for coreners/edges etc.). Take lots of time cleaning and preparing - number one issue. Then clean it again Spend at least 1 day cleaning and 1 day painting - dont rush. Use plenty of paint - 2 or 3 coats.
  12. ELVIS123456

    Texas teen charged with killing 10 in high school massacre

    How many mass shootings were there when Obama was POTUS? 24 I dont remember anyone blaming Obama. Why is this Trump's fault?? George W - 8 Clinton - 8 Bush - 4 Reagan - 3 Johnson - 1
  13. So the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) calls for action against Israel, for protecting its boundaries against invaders who wanted to attack and kill them. I wonder what the Organisation of Jewish Cooperation (OJC) would say on this matter? What about the Organisation of Christian Cooperation (OCC)? Or what about the Organisation of Budhhist Cooperation (OBC)? While these Islamic countries remain nothing more that Religious States, they have no valid say in World Politics, and they will continue to be ignored. The civilised world seperated State and Religion many years ago, for obvious reasons. Everything the OIC does and says is done so with regards to their Islamic religious beliefs and desires. Grain of salt.
  14. ELVIS123456

    Australian Aged Pension

    Single overseas pension rate is $21,481.20 PA. Over 10 years that is $210,481 (plus CPI increases) = 5,262,025 Baht. I assume you are living in Thailand and have for a while. In that case, to get the Pension and be able to leave and still get paid the overseas rate, you have two options. 1. Return to Aust at least 2 years before pension entitlement date. Stay for a few months after Pension received. Move back to Thailand. (this is what I am doing now) 2. Return to Thailand just before Pension entitlement date (or a year or two afterwards). Stay for at least 2 years. Move back to Thailand. In both cases you must always say (to CLink and anyone else too) that you are returning home to Australia and intend to live there for rest of your life. It can be anywhere in Australia - dont go to Sydney/Melb as far too expensive - select a cheap country town (or somewhere you have a relo/mate). Rent a cheap place - as cheap as possible - you aint staying long - 2 years will fly. You need enough money to get there - and rent and food for 2 months - and some extra for basics/needs. OPTION 1: You will get Newstart after 4-6 weeks from application. Apply immediately you have a place to rent/stay - you need at least a Lease (and as many other forms of ID you can get). Newstart is $14K PA ($270 a week). So you would have to live on that for 2 years, or top it up with your savings. OPTION 2: You will get Pension paid 4-12 weeks after applying - it will be backdated to the date your application is accepted as a valid application(2-4 weeks).. Apply immediately you have a place to rent/stay - you need at least a Lease , Licence, Bank Account, etc etc - you must prove you are staying in Aust. Pension is $23K PA ($450 a week). So you would have to live on that for 2 years, or top it up with savings. There are places, like a country hotel, where you can rent a room for about $100 a week. Or you can find a small unit in a country town for around $150 a week. Not great living, but the payoff is big. Most wait til they can get the pension as $270 a week is not enough for them. Up to you to decide if the trouble is worth it. I have decided that 10 million baht is definitely worth it (assuming I live to 87), but even if only 5 million, it is still worth it.
  15. ELVIS123456

    SURVEY: The Royal Wedding -- did you watch or not?

    Need another two options Scott. No - what wedding. OR No - and couldn't give a rat's ^^##