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  1. separated, how to convince aussie consulate?

    Also tell him to contact the Aust Embassy and get a list of 'recognised' lawyers. If he wants to use a lawyer OK, or he can try and do it himself, but he should start the proceedings to officially divorce ASAP. This is in addition to the CLink details to get the single pension. There are several threads on TV about how to get a divorce in Thailand - he/you need to read them. Dont just 'let it go' and dont officially divorce because it is Thailand. There could be financial 'punishment' later on if his ex-wife or family or relative decides to take court action for anything. If you dont divorce then you are still technically married. Get divorced while he/you have nothing - win/inherit something and things can change very quickly.
  2. Seems to me that these academics have (as all academics do) equated intelligence to education. My experience is that it doesn't matter how much education an idiot gets, they are still an idiot. But the problem is that educated idiots always equate their education 'level' to their intelligence and believe that they are 'better' and 'smarter' than joe/sue average. Wonder why something is so obviously wrong and stupid? That was because an educated idiot (or many) was involved. When I was a lad the "D' classer became Tradies/Roadworkers/Postal etc. Now they have abolished A B C D classes, and we now send idiots to University. Many become teachers, creating what has been since the 1970s an ever growing number of educated idiots.
  3. Up to you what you do - but do something.
  4. Medicare card Australia. Can I still get it?

    It looks like the period living overseas is 5 years, but after 2 years you can lose residency and then if your card runs out you cannot renew it. https://www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/enablers/how-enrol-or-re-enrol-medicare#a5 Definitely get a MyGov account setup - easiest way to get many things organised. https://www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/services/medicare/medicare-card
  5. ...........the dog came out of a house three doors down as his daughter was playing in the street. It always looked threatening but had never bitten anyone , he said. Live near a violent aggressive dog and dont do anything about it, then it is your fault if that dog attacks your children.
  6. Australian Aged Pension

    I think you are right on automatic portability if you have been living in Aust for at least 2 years prior to applying for pension. I was referring to a few cases I found where guys have been delayed in getting portability approved, when they had returned and claimed the pension straight away, and then stayed the 2 years. CLink claimed that they only came back to get the pension and that they never intended staying in Oz. Those cases were all eventually 'won' after appeals, but it took many months - and now they can delay portability up to a certain time (forgot when). The 'source' of the claim by CLink was statements made by the person when they were back in Oz when talking to CLink staff - "I cant wait to get back to Thailand". Buggered if I could find the references again today - but I previously came across them on the DSS/DHS sites. Maybe I miss read them, but either way I will search again later this week and update if I got it wrong (about to go play golf). I cannot find the references to those blokes who had returned and waited 2 years, but then had their portability delayed/denied. Maybe they were on that DSS site where they give examples of previous 'cases' and determinations - but I cannot find them - and maybe CLink has removed them for some reason. During the year or so before I left Oz I did a lot of research (and lots since to keep up to date). Maybe I came across them on some forum? I am however convinced (probably) that I am right in that CLink can deny/delay portability. This is the section from the Act that refers to 'former residents' who return when they are eligible for OAP, and who then seek to leave and take the payments with them. Portability of payments for former residence The fundamental tenets of the Australian social security system are residence and need. Because residence is a fundamental qualification criterion for Australian social security payments, former residents who return to Australia and subsequently claim Australian social security payments with indefinite portability, are required to stay in Australia for at least two years before their payment becomes portable. The policy rationale for this requirement is that indefinite portability is only available to Australian residents. The former resident rule prevents people who lose their connections with Australia to return to Australia just to obtain a pension and return overseas. I have highlighted above, from the main part of the Act, which says 'for at least 2 years'. 7.1.4 Requirements for Former Residents of Australia Receiving a Portable Pension A person arriving in or returning to Australia (1.1.A.320) must satisfy the Act's definition of Australian resident in order to lodge a proper claim for a pension. A former resident who returns to Australia and is granted a pension (Age, DSP, WP, WidB, BVA), or who transferred under SS(Admin)Act section 12 to Age CANNOT take that pension outside Australia if they leave again within 24 months after having again become an Australian resident. The purpose of this legislation is to discourage people from coming to Australia just to get an Australian pension to take back overseas. As I have highlighted above, the detail part of the Act says 'if they leave again within 24 months'. This clearly states that leaving within 24 months means automatic disqualification for portability. BUT it does not state anywhere in ACT, that I could find, that staying for more than 24 months means automatic qualification for portability. What all that means IMO is that the approval for portability is discretionary at the decision of CLink. Which means at the discretion of the relevent delegate within CLink (whichever Feminist Nazi is in charge on that day). https://www.dss.gov.au/about-the-department/international/policy/portability-of-australian-income-support-payments I also found this in a fact sheet from a 'social security rights' organisation: Some people who have been living overseas may wish to return to Australia to claim a pension with unlimited portability with a view to taking it overseas with them again. You should be aware that a new claim for such a pension can only be successful where on the evidence available there is a clear intention to remain permanently in Australia. If Centrelink believe that you only intend to return Australia for a 24 month period then they will not be able to find that you “reside in Australia” and will not be able to grant you payment. https://www.brq.org.au/assets/Uploads/1FactSheets2016/BRQ-IndefinitePortabilityandFormerResidents-BRQ2016.pdf What that means (IMO) is that if you go back to Australia and CLink believes you have no intention of staying in Australia, they can deny/delay Age Pension payments to you from day 1. This would undoubtedly mean that even if you win on appeal, that they will have cause to delay approving your portability 2 years later. I am thinking this is what those blokes did wrong - they said they were only back for that reason (to CLink? to friends? to fellow golfers? drinking mates? ). My advice for all who are planning on going back to Oz to get the Pension in order to be able to return ASAP to LOS with full or partial pension payments, is two things: 1. Make it clear to ALL (friends, family, CLink, ATO, golfing/drinking mates, etc etc - this is ALL) that you have been overseas and had your fun, but you have decided to return and 'settle down' and intend to stay in Australia for the rest of your life. Say things like LOS is great but the medical system is less than ideal and is very expensive, and Oz has a much better system and it is free. Complain about the roads and how dangerous it is. Say everything and anything to give the impression you are staying long term in Oz. Telling anyone you will going back to Oz the minute you can take the pension with you, only leaves yourself open to being 'reported' by some ahole who hears that from a friend of a friend of a friend - and it would be some bitch you have pissed off somehow who dobs you in. For those of you who have a Thai wife/GF and are OK to tell CLink/Govt, then my suggestion would be to take her with you as a Partner Migrant Visa (min 2 years + 2). If you/she cannot do this, then tell ALL that she is preparing things in Thailand and that you are saving up the money ($7000), to lodge the Partner Migrant Visa in the future/soon. As the months go by tell ALL that you are sending money to help her/family, but as soon as it is sorted and you have the money for a Migrant Visa she is coming to live here too. Bring her over once or twice on a tourist Visa. Next thing you know it is over 2 years later, and things have not worked out, and the Mother is sick, and etc etc etc. So you have to move back to Thailand (with the pension). For those of you who have a Thai wife/GF and are OK to tell CLink/Govt, and can also afford to get the Partner Migrant Visa before you qualify for the Pension, and can afford to come back to Oz and stay for at least 2 years before the pension - then do that. For those that can afford to come back before the pension then do it. Portability is virtually automatic for anyone who has been a resident in Australia for at least 2 years before applying for the Pension. I never found one example of anyone being denied/delayed portability if they were in Oz for years before getting the pension - the only ones delayed/denied were those who came back to serve out the two years (and were too obvious or talked to much). 2. Stay across the developments on this matter. Indefinite portability is a loophole that the Libs want to close, and even Labor one day might decide to stop age pensioners living 'on holidays overseas at the taxpayers expense' (as the media portrays us). As things change - and they will - you will need to make changes to your plans. Dont assume what is right today will be right in a few years. Every election cycle brings the added risk of the Govt seeking to save taxpayers money being wasted on those Expats having an overseas holiday at the taxpayers expense :) There are people you can trust, and there are people you cannot trust. But you can trust that all people will talk about other people - what they know, but also what they have heard. The greater the amount of X chromosomes, the greater the level of talk.
  7. Australian Aged Pension

    Once you are receiving any Govt payment, you are required to tell them if you are leaving the country. If you are on Newstart (Dole) then it is stopped while you are overseas. If you are on the Pension, then the payment is only continued if you have been approved for 'portability' , and after a certain period (6 weeks) the payment rate is reduced. After 6 weeks the pension supplement and rental assistance is stopped. https://www.dss.gov.au/our-responsibilities/seniors/benefits-payments/pensioners-overseas-0 Then after 26 weeks the pension payment amount is further reduced, depending on how many years you were resident/living in Australia prior to getting the age pension. If you have over 35 weeks you get 100%, otherwise it is reduced on a pro-rata basis. You get nil age pension after 26 weeks if you have lived/resided in Aust for less than 10 years (no portability). Last year the Libs tried to change the 26 weeks period to 6 weeks, but Labor blocked it. Which reminds me - when back in Oz you will get extra pension/newstart payments if you are renting. Own your home and you get zip and have to pay rates etc., but rent and they will pay you up to an additional $124 a f/night. I worked it out that I am financially better off to keep my money invested, as the interest earned plus the extra rental assistance (and no rates etc.) more than pays for the rent. I think you are right on automatic portability if you have been living in Aust for at least 2 years prior to applying for pension. I was referring to a few cases I found where guys have been delayed in getting portability approved, when they had returned and claimed the pension straight away, and then stayed the 2 years. CLink claimed that they only came back to get the pension and that they never intended staying in Oz. Those cases were all eventually 'won' after appeals, but it took many months - and now they can delay portability up to a certain time (forgot when). The 'source' of the claim by CLink was statements made by the person when they were back in Oz when talking to CLink staff - "I cant wait to get back to Thailand". Buggered if I could find the references again today - but I previously came across them on the DSS/DHS sites. Maybe I miss read them, but either way I will search again later this week and update if I got it wrong (about to go play golf).
  8. Australian Aged Pension

    Fair and correct point. And believe it or not, I am thinking of voting Labor next time, if the Libs do not reverse their policies on the age pensions. They tried to bring in some more draconian changes after the election, and I hate to say this, but thankfully Labor blocked them in the Senate, saying they were unfair. The changes were aimed at all pensioners and not just those overseas. And believe it or not I sent a message to Malcolm telling him he is an idiot if he does not realise that the way to stay in power is to look after your 'base' (that is how angry I got). I pointed out that the reality is that a majority of 18-35s vote Labor, and that the majority of 50+s vote Libs. The Libs are trying to rein in the deficit which is good, but they need to be careful about pissing off their largest demographic of voters. Hopefully they will realise this, but if they dont, then Bill will get my vote and I suspect a majority of 50+ voters will also change their vote at the next election. Screw over the pensioners, and you will voted out of office - that wmust be the lesson for Libs. Screw over the dole bludgers, single mums, refugees, druggies on DSP, and the entire Aboriginal 'welfare system', and you will lose very few votes Libs. But if you screw with us pensioners then we are prepared to sack you, so that you learn your lesson for the next time. We paid our taxes and contributed - give us our dues or get voted out.
  9. "..... we shook our heads in mutual wonder at those bashers who profess a profound knowledge of the kingdom but in reality know ‘diddly squat’. " Great article - and just like many other posters, I prefer the company of Thais to most Expats. Some Expats are OK as we all know, but so many are just bitter twisted old whingers, and that is why we all avoid them. Yes there are 'bad' Thais, but they are a minority and even they will be respectful and leave you alone if you 'behave' (smile and dont argue or threaten). So if you are a new Expat and an OK guy but find other Expats giving you the 'cold shoulder', just take it easy and only slowly show yourself to those that you think over a long period are OK. We all quickly learn after being too open and friendly, that this will attract those Expats you will want to get rid of after a very short period (and some you just cant get away from without moving).
  10. Australian Aged Pension

    Didnt know that - thanks for the heads up. Looks like all you have to worry about are the Dorothys and Parkers. And you are right - we have to 'play' or we get nothing back. Yanks and Poms can apply when they are overseas. It annoys me that the socialist welfare state that is now Oz, spends so much on dole bludgers and druggies and refugees and single mums and others, but makes is hard for people who have paid taxes/contributed for over 30 years to get the pension and live overseas in their 'dying' years.
  11. Australian Aged Pension

    Exactly. People talk. But some people gossip and interfere (usually women). Warrants issued for fraud. Happens more than people realise (being caught).
  12. Australian Aged Pension

    I hate it when ignorant people slam into TV postings - like you just did. Annoying. Clearly you havent read enough of the postings - nor have you studied the issues by the look of it - likely both. The issue is getting a reduced pension because you are married. FACT. And it doesnt matter if your wife is of pension age or not an Aussie citizen/resident. Married means less pension. FACT. System was designed so that two people married both get the pension at the same time. If you have a wife, your pension is reduced to the married rate - whether she is working or not - whether she is on the pension or not - whether she is in Australia or not. Can they reduce your pension if you say nothing? Yes they can and yes they have and yes they do. They can claim he has a wife and reduce his pension payments - they do not have to give source of the information. He will then have to prove he is not 'married'. Married means living together for 12 months or more - irrelevent if you have formally married or not - once you are back in Oz their rules apply - not the rules in Thailand. And only an idiot will try to defraud CLink and risk serious fines or worse. Sure you can say you seperated (giving full details/records), but then you are under the risk of being made to repay, and pay fines for fraud, in all the years going forward. Eg. you annoy someone on TV and they dob you in. Yes they can cancel your pension if you go back for less than 2 years. FACT. http://guides.dss.gov.au/guide-social-security-law/7/1/2/20 You want to get an understanding of this subject?? Try reading this article to get a feel about things. Expats overseas on the pension are seen as worse than dole bludgers (in the media). For the 1st time since 80s I might vote Labor - because they are (so far) refusing to let the Libs/Nats cancel overseas payments. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/federal-election-2016/federal-election-2016-800m-cost-of-offshore-pensioners/news-story/fb9a0fae67c217c3420e41d6f23a5830 And try using Google - lots of info in there - and it is free. https://www.yourlifechoices.com.au/age-pension/claiming-your-pension-overseas/twoyear-residency-rule
  13. Australian Aged Pension

    Good thinking - but there is issues with her Visa. Firstly though - maybe also get a post office box - then all mail goes to that rather than to a house, and you can change houses/addresses with no affect on the mail. The wife's Visa to Aust will be a problem maybe. She should get a visitor's Visa with some effort, but she wont get anything more (longer term stays) very easily. Thais are strictly watched and assessed 'hard' - they have a high rate of 'disappearing' for several years (making cash) then going back to Thailand. Firstly, think about her visiting Australia by herself (after divorce) for a few weeks - to a city you will never go. This will show she is a low risk traveller. Then later she should more easily get a longer Visa (6 mths? 12 mths?). But she will have to 'come and go' - no way you will get her there for 2 years straight unless she becomes a Migrant. Not easy to get, and as a single Thai lady without a Partner and Sponsor, not at all easy. You should check this link out: https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1 Whatever you do going forward, avoid scammers who try to fleece Thais trying to get to Australia. All Visas from Thailand to Australia are processed through VFS Global - they have main office in Bangkok and also in Chiang Mai - and you can talk to them via email (best way). www.vfsglobal.com/Australia/Thailand/contact_us.html The whole process has been 'owned' by the 'Service Providers' in Thailand and that aint going to change. If you ever need the services of a genuine helpful service provider (Visas, Weddings, Police Certs, etr) , then I recommend the lady who is a friend of my wife: Chutimon Pondly https://www.facebook.com/Visa-Centre-in-Bangkok-at-PN-Mahamitr-Visa-Ticket-International-CoLtd-412805102120906/
  14. Australian Aged Pension

    All good mate - got lots of good advice myself on TV. Someone always knows what others dont. One thing to consider - once on pension you can take a holiday overseas. Call CLink once the pension is being paid and let them know you are interested in having a holiday to catch up with some Aussie mates you got to know while you were there before. Ask how it would affect your pension - say you heard that up to 6 weeks is OK. Dont do it too often, and if you must then also visit Myanmar and Cambodia (say you have mates there if asked). They will get a record of every country you visit. They will think you just like overseas trips. And tell no one in Aust you are married or is a serious relationship - say you had a few GFs but none permanent. You can even tell them now that you have split with previous and have just found another girlfriend. Mate - people talk - especially the females - word gets around.