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  1. Thx for this Expo tip ! Fully agree, sufficient water flow capacity is essential for good working gutters, especially when raining season hits again. The PRIMO series, of all the VG products, comes with larger gutter size (1245 ccm). Next, the downspout must of course be large enough ... VG comes with either 2.5 or 3 inch pipes, for sure would take the larger size. In regards to number of downspouts, general recommendation I have heard so far: 1 downspout per 15 sqm roof, somehow correct ? VG gutters are pretty good documented on their website. Unfortunately I can't find any useful information or specifications of the SCG Windsor gutters, be it in Eng or Thai ... :-( Mostly only about window frames, etc. Any website to look for ?!
  2. Pls take note: this is not a question of gutter materials or qualities, have been reading plenty of helpful information, pro & con’s about PVC, Vinyl (uPVC), Steel, Alu, Zinc, etc. As most previous postings are already 2+ years ago, and several new products are now available in Thailand, I’m posting this enquiry as a new topic. I’m just preparing for a gutter installation for a single, 2-storey house with a 9x9m footprint and ~7m height. So would need in total approx. 36m lengths plus 3-4 downspouts. Hoping for some hands-on experiences and comments in regards to installation, durability (damaged/cracked, fading color) as well as support & services about these 2 products/vendors: WINDSOR (Deluxe) Series - SCG Group VG (First, Primo, Ezy) Series - CNP Plastic Industries Both products have somehow comparable specifications, warranty/guarantee terms & conditions and are also similar priced. Looking forward to your feedback. Recommendations for other, similar products/vendors are also welcome :-)