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  1. I've been using a 89 baht 3GB plan -- (*788*4066#). But it recently stopped working. Anyone know what is up? What cheap packages do you use? Cheers
  2. Buying iPhones at MBK

    Link me this shop?
  3. Buying iPhones at MBK

    Is there a more local friendly electronics mall that has better prices?
  4. Buying iPhones at MBK

    Thanks, great response. Any idea what an iPhone 6 or 6s costs?
  5. Buying iPhones at MBK

    What have you heard/experienced about buying iPhones at MBK? Worth it? What is the price? Can you negotiate? Thanks!
  6. Does anyone actually, 100%, unequivically know if getting a brand new passport (same name and DOB) solves this problem and wipes your slate clean? Seems like a mostly just read people guessing on this subject.
  7. Does it matter if you have the 20k cash on hand or are you allowed to just pull it out at a nearby ATM if asked?
  8. Boat from Phra Khanong Khlong

    Hey people i just moved into a condo on Onnut road right on Khlong Phra Khanong. I was wondering how you catch the boat taxi? How often does it come? Does it take you all the way to Chao Phraya? Once you get to Chao Phraya, do you transfer? Can you get all the way to Sathorn, etc? Cost? Lots of questions haha, but if anyone know about it I would appreciate the help. Cheers
  9. 3bb vs ais fiber vs true online ( fttx)

    A friend of mine mentioned that the stock router that AIS installs for customers only has 50mbps down capability. Anyone know if that's true?
  10. Home internet: True or AIS?

    Anyone know the total cost of AIS PlayBox platinum package (HBO) + 100MBPS fiber? Cheers
  11. 3bb vs ais fiber vs true online ( fttx)

    Hi All, I just read thru this threat a bit because I am about to move into a condo here in Bangkok, a fairly new one -- Blocs 77 in On Nut. I'm looking to get really strong wifi, something upwards of 75MBPS. The 3BB 200 MB down package is really interesting to me. I have seen several people mention that it is unlikely getting that advertised speed due to wiring used in the apartment building, computer specifications and other reasons. Can anyone explain like I'm 5 what I need to do if I want to get 3bb and actually achieve close to 200 megs down. Thanks
  12. How bad is the the same day visa run from Bangkok? Awful? Do you think traffic will be even worse getting to the border bc of Songkran? Anyone have a recommendation for border run van company?
  13. Ya i'm in Bangkok
  14. Already got the 30 day extension.
  15. Is that a recent change or been that way awhile?