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  1. What do Isaan women really like?

    I'm curious. What do you mean by that?
  2. What do Isaan women really like?

    UNFREAKINBELIEVABLE! They do roll them off the same factory line! Wifey is just like that! smh
  3. Thanks Sheryl. Anyone on price?
  4. What do Isaan women really like?

    Ok, let me list her personality traits and you guys tell me how much of it is just her.... 1. There is no time that she looks more content then when she'd just had a really good meal = food is a very big deal. 2. Not into fashion or brand names. 3. Almost everything she buys has to be on sale...except when it is stuff that is vitally necessary but never on sale, like sauces and stuff for her food. 4. Hates to bargain. She would rather pay extra knowing that she is being ripped off than to bargain. 5. Showers a gazillion times a day. 6. It's only dirty if it had something to do with the bathroom or shoes. 7. Verbally unaffectionate (no awww / puppy eyes / i love you). If there is "i love you", it come off strained and mechanical. However, affection can be faked perfection when needed...like with strangers, to be polite. 8. I could have a better intellectual conversation with our cat. 9. Will not allow me to even look at the kitchen. Making a quick sandwich is a crime. 10. Loves to cook. EXTREMELY good at it. 11. Talks (A LOT)...but never listens. 12. Clorox is the best invention...ever. She will actually sink into clinical depression if she had to go without clorox for more than a week. 13. The floor is cleaned a hundred times a day. 14. She drinks a lot of water. 15. She loves watermelon. That's about all i can think of atm. I'll add more later as they come to me.
  5. What do Isaan women really like?

    Mind if i ask where you met her and how long you've been together?
  6. What do Isaan women really like?

    Again, im shocked. I used to get her gifts and she straight out hated whatever i got her. She didnt hide her displeasure too. I mean, i thought courtesy when receiving a gift was an international practice. Under normal circumstances, you don't show people you don’t like their gift .I found that to be really rude... still do. She was never happy with anything i got her. I enjoy seeing people's faces light up when they're presented something nice. I never got that from her, so it was a bit depressing. So after a while, i stopped getting her anything, even food. Unless it's something i know she likes, i would never go out of my way to surprise her with anything. But I realized something, when it was something cheap or at a bargain, she immediately liked it. When it was something that cost more than discount store prices, she automatically hated it.
  7. What do Isaan women really like?

    why the acrimony
  8. What do Isaan women really like?

    WOW! That pretty much sums up exactly how she is, i mean to a tee - except the skin part. Just wow! Food is her comfort. I used to think that it’s just her personal weakness - an addiction like that of ppl i'd seen on t.v shows. Didn’t know the whole town was like that. Feel like there is a factory somewhere in the village where they install the same version personality chip in each one as soon as they are born.
  9. What do Isaan women really like?

    Haha im starting to realize that now.
  10. What do Isaan women really like?

    Thanks for your input buddy! Yeah, i got the restaurant/food part figured out from day one. I guess what I’m looking for now is stuff similar to what you would find in "what are Thai women like" articles all over the internet but specifically about Isaan women as they tend to be a bit different than your average BKK woman (which is who the articles mostly focus on). Generic stuff basically. Small things is all im concerned about at the moment. Would like to know about menality as well
  11. How to stop ants

    Sugar loving ants: Honey with a dash of Borax Grease loving ants: A piece of fresh meat (or peanut better) with a dash of Borax
  12. Hi all! Besides money, what is it that they typically enjoy, value, and like? Many things that i've read here and in other places have been a shocker to me. I'm starting to realize that a lot of things that my significant other likes is basically what every other Thai village woman likes. I used to, naturally, think it was her personal preference when all the while it was as if she is genetically predisposed to liking those things. What’s funny is that she herself would think it’s just what she personally liked and never associated it to her upbringing...most of which wasn’t even in the village, or even Thailand for that matter. For example, she hates dressing fashionably or wearing any brand name clothing as she associates it to being "sluty". She loves food more than anything. She hates BKK (i believe it’s mutual there). And so many other things i can’t think of right now. Basically, if you asked me to list all the things about her and what she likes. Almost everything on that list would be something I’ve recently read online under a heading that goes something like "about Thai women". So I’m wondering, besides money (she makes plenty of that), what would be a fail-proof gift i could give a typical Isaan lady (not girl)?