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  1. I'm launching a face powder product in Thailand called Casper. What do you guys think?
  2. I remember when i first met my SO - and no it wasn't a "business" meeting - she would always tell me these stories of things that she'd done/experienced/seen...mostly normal everyday things. Then later i would find out it wasn't true. But i couldn't get it...still don't...why she would make up things with no real purpose. I mean, people lie for a reason - whatever the reason might be - but there was just no reason for the stories she would tell me...it wasn't to impress because there wasn't anything impressing about the story... she was obviously not trying to impress. It wasn't to hide anything. It wasn't to gain anything. They were just mundane stories that you would never think weren't true because you would have absolutely no reason to think so. It was just making up stuff just for the sake of making up stuff. Absolutely no purposed. And then when i confronted her, she would just laugh it off as if it was so silly that i would even bring it up. Now obviously it didn't stop at those little lies...there were much bigger ones too. Anyway, never thought much of it... until a friend of mine recently told me about how his Thai wife would always lie so much that he doesn't believe anything she says...at least right away. I'm wondering if this is a common thing among Thai women/people. Is it normal...part of culture perhaps?
  3. Is it top secret? Is the answer a privilege I have to strive for?
  4. C'mon guys! I'm sure some of you have a missus somewhere in the vicinity that wouldn't mind translating a sentences.
  5. Got a two line email that i need help understanding. It's in Thai, most probably Isaan dialect (if it applies to text as well). Google translate has no idea what im talking about. Don't want to post here in case it's sensitive info. Can someone who is fluent in the local northeastern language (Lao influenced) be kind enough to volunteer? I would be most grateful. I will PM you here. Thanks!
  6. Wow! Thanks for this! Like really...thank you! I thought it was only the ones i've been with! Actually, that was one of the reasons i hit the eject button on a previous relationship. She was feminine yes, but emotionally cold...distant. I took it personally. Started noticing the same trait in the next one...and the one after that. To me, that the complete opposite of how a woman is supposed to be. I thought all, healthy, women were biologically wired to be intimate...touchy feely...wanting to be held...kissed. That was my experience with women from different backgrounds, before LOS. If she was angry with me and we were sleeping together, all i would have to do is put my arm around her waist and pull her in and suddenly, all the negative feelings would just melt away. This, and anything as such, seems to have zero effect on Thai women. Is this all Thai woman, or is it a trait of women from a certain region?
  7. She trims your toe nails really? A Thai woman? The western ones used to pin me down to do it because i was too lazy but the Thai variety don't seem too inclined to work with feet.
  8. Your observation seems on point! She cooks for me ALL the time and asks if i am hungry 10 minutes after finishing a meal (an extravagant meal) that she'd made me. I almost never wear clothes more than ones before it's washed. The floor is mopped a gazillion times a day.... to her...what more could i ask for right?