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  1. Like the title says...i got an audio that is in Isaan dialect that i really need to understand. Got no one around me that speaks it and Google is failing me. Any point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!
  2. What if i have a prescription from another country?
  3. Thank you so much for the info Rally! 60 day supply is that 30 tabs? Also, what do you need to buy them from a government hospital?
  4. How long can funeral be put off?

    Thanks AliasJohn. So is the keeping of the body in the refrigerated coffin part of the funeral or is the body kept there until the funeral starts?
  5. When someone dies, how long can the funeral be delayed? This might be a stupid question but where is the body kept until the commencement of the funeral...and how much (approximately) does each day of "storage(?)" cost?
  6. US Ireland Namibia Egypt Brazil China Yeah i know...huge list. Really appreciate it!
  7. Wow thanks for that list. Got a Chinese in the group. Is that list up to date though? It says it's from 2013. I hear they don't update their website much and that you cant depend on the info there.
  8. I hear they have enforced the proof of funds requirement for SETV. Savannakhet and KL being some of the places that do. Any info on Vientiane? Also, would just bank balance suffice for does it have to be a statement for a certain period?
  9. So if they say they can. Will it mean they really can... and would?
  10. Thanks for the input guys. Yeah LOTS of visas on my passport. That's why i'm a bit worried, and looking for a sure fire why of getting this done. Heard a lot of fail stories. The using an agent in Phnom sounds interesting to me. Do they guarantee it? How is that vs. doing it myself in Malaysia vs Laos?
  11. Which embassy is easier to get a Thai tourist visa from? I hear the Thai embassy in Phnom Penh is notorious for denying visas, BUT really easy if you let the doorman or a travel agency handle it - any truth in that? Laos i hear is "easier", but haven't heard of any doorman or agency expediting things in exchange for a little compensation for their troubles. Malaysia i haven't heard anything about. Honestly, i'm leaning towards Phnom Penh and use someones service, but i'm not sure how reliable it is. Anyone with experience? So basically, with compensation in hand, looking for a guaranteed success doing this. Any pointers?