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  1. If that is true, then I hope the driver can be brought to justice. He most likely used a cellphone jammer, there are several ones from China available for sale in Thailand, it's common among criminals and it's cheap.
  2. The van was just overbooked, so she got offered to "volunteer" her seat before she would have been dragged out.
  3. Bad idea. In a country where face is valued the most, I'm pretty sure that we'll assist in situations where Somchai is riding his bike on the footpath, someone takes a video, then Somchai stops and roughs the guy up. As my parents always said, "you never know who you are messing with".
  4. Yes if you submit your documents before 08:00 and pay extra.
  5. Is she affiliated with United?
  6. Numbers starting by 5 are MasterCard - and since it's 16 digits, it's likely someone who racked up a huge credit card bill and left.
  7. There needs to be controls. Do not ban street food but require hygiene inspections. For example, the vendor leaving meat under the sun for hours should get a heavy fine.
  8. Because they need the buckle to open their beer.
  9. That's right. Ask the hotel to call a taxi for you. At that time, you should be able to avoid traffic. They will most likely use an expressway entrance near the area and go through the pay tolls, which makes it faster.
  10. Normally, the law says that you can wire out of Thailand the same amount than you wired in at that bank. For example, if you wired 2 times $100,000 in SCB, then SCB will allow you to wire $200,000 out. If you want to wire more funds out, you'll need a work permit and tax documents, as they want to ensure that foreigners don't come here to take money from Thailand and send it out of the country. Tell your friend that any Thai bank is fine except Krungsri and Kasikorn - they flat out do not allow outgoing international wire transfers, no matter if the money came from abroad.
  11. I'd be in favor of a little price hike in order to have better service. Perhaps start the meter at 50 baht and increase the fare slighly, I think 15% should do it. A close friend of mine is a taxi driver, and most refuse fares because they know that they will make zero penny with that ride.
  12. You won't have any issue for a small item like that. Use EMS and it'll go right through.
  13. From: Nitirat Low and Collections Limited Subject: Please pay the debt before you have to go to court Contract # 512492000208818 We have received a mandate from Thanachart bank Limited and we are advising you that that debt that you have ignored still has not been received. According to the contract that you have signed with the bank, We are advising you of the following: 1) We have submitted the case to the court in order to issue an order advising you to show up in court and to allow the court to consider the case. 2) If you lose the case, you will have to pay court fees as per the case and applicable interests along with additional fees (applicable by law). You will have to pay interest on the debt starting from the date of the judgement. 3) The company is therefore advising you that the case has been submitted to court and the court will send you a notice to appear. When the court will produce a judgement asking you to pay for the debt, you will probably need to liquidate assets. We will also be eligible to perform a seizure on your monthly salary. 4) If you need to make an arrangement and make the company withdraw their court claim in order to avoid court fees and penalties including subpoena fees and other associated fees, please reach out to the company upon receiving the confirmation of debt payment within 3 days. If you do not contact us back, we will assume that you have acknowledged this. The Bank of Thailand is the control center that manages all the banks in the country. The BOT has a purpose which is to offer consultations, take care of unpaid debts, and manage financial operations all over Thailand. The BOT also offers financial advice to the population. If you are looking for more information, please inquire at the phone number 1213, fax 0-2283-6151 or e-mail Please consider the above, for your information. ------------------------- I'm neither an English nor Thai speaker so I hope my translation will be good enough. If you're not the one named in the letter, you can ignore it.
  14. Basically you have been owing money to the bank for a long time already and they are informing you that the case has been taken to court.
  15. It's all about perception. Your "inwards" is someone else's "outwards".