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  1. There's only one way to go: Death penalty. And knowing the Thai judicial system / jurisprudence, that's what he's likely to get. Sometimes, apologizing cannot fix a crime of this level. He deserves death, but if you must reduce his sentence because he confessed, LWOP is just as good.
  2. The first district didn't want to either - but my wife's parents broke their balls until they accepted to start the process.
  3. Getting married is not as easy as it used to be. When I married my wife, we had an interview with an official that questionned both of us before approving. Of course a black guy (no offence and no rasicm there - purely stats) wanting to marry a Thai girl who barely knows him will arise suspicion. The district offices should be investigated. Or was part of the 5,000 baht slipped into an officer's pocket?
  4. No shit, Sherlock
  5. Deport him if you must, but he doesn't deserve to be in jail. It's pure BS.
  6. Well I gotta admit, I kind of like the guy. He uses force and authority to do things but don't forget one thing: the masses of people are stupid following what everyone is doing. For this reason, I think a "true" democracy is not good for a country. For example, if you want a train rail built, everyone will argue and want shares and try to stall the project - without democracy, the PM can simply say "shut up, we're going ahead with the project now, end of story". It saves millions to taxpayers, get things moving, and improves the country. When watching the NCPO on TV, we clearly see that he doesn't know how to talk like a politician. And this is good. He focuses on getting things done rather than trying to find out which word will sound politically correct and offend as little people as possible. We have to offend people if we want things done, otherwise everything will stall. Look which countries on the planet have a fully democratic system, and make a correlation with birth rates, mass immigration, and loss of culture. Pretty easy to answer. Of course this implies that the leader must know what he is doing - but in this case, I think most of his ideas are good - except the submarine deal.
  7. Morons. Tobacco is not for kids. Actually, tobacco is for nobody, except those who are too weak to get rid of the filthy addiction. But I think the parents are also to blame - when your kid is stuck in a detention center, it means that somewhere along the way, you failed as a parent.
  8. Yes, put a curfew and try to curb prostitution in Pattaya... everyone will follow. #Not The beach is good - you can be sure to never hit a jellyfish or other animals, because none of that can survive in the water where Pattaya dumps its raw sewage. How about prostitution? Sure, all those girls will get real jobs. We'll have thousands of reposessed pickup trucks in Isaan, little bastards starving, and less sex tourists. What can possibly go wrong? Pattaya is sin city and will always be. Old habits are tough to break.
  9. I never had problems so far, using Thailand Elite's priority line - however I had some people arrive by Economy class and I waited for them nearly 1 hr 30 after they landed. It's now standard policy, when someone tells me that their flight lands at 21:00, I show up at 22:00, and still have to wait. Problem #1: Economy immigration queues are way too long and sometimes can take an hour. Singapore has a similar problem too. Solution: Manning the goddam desks. Problem #2: A lot of taxi drivers use the meter to park a hat rather than actually metering the fare. Solution: Have some soldiers check the whole thing, with severe penalties for cheating drivers. Problem #3: The food is of extremely low quality in the business lounges: Selection is bad, and what looks like orange juice is actually a sugary drink. Even Thai airways served me sugar when I asked for orange juice. Solution: Just offer real food instead of sugar. Problem #4: The business lounge, especially in the evening, is overcrowded and there's nowhere to sit. Solution: Just make it bigger. Every airport in the world will give you service according to what ticket class you have - obviously, people who pay more for the premium ones will get more services. It's like that everywhere.
  10. Why are you posting this without showing us what the content actually is? For example: a video.
  11. The war on drugs: Breaking families apart and putting fathers in jail to feed the beast that is the prison system. Same game than the US.
  12. My sympathies go to her families. I've seen the footage and I believe it is an accident.