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  1. I guess they were probably not THAT willing to catch me - because normally dogs "accelerate" faster than scooters.
  2. AFAIK it applies to the whole country (except mom & pop stores who are deep enough in the soi)
  3. Last night I went to 7-eleven by scooter and had 2 dogs run after me. Fortunately I outdrove them but it can definitely be dangerous.
  4. I've never seen the point of owning a dog here. The streets are full of them, and by owning one you just create nuisance barking, poop, and danger. Many houses have "beware of the dog" signs, but if you need to warn your guests that your dog is dangerous, then why do you have a dog?
  5. Jail. It's the only solution. We need to deter women from crying rape when it's false. This makes me wonder how many innocent men are sitting in jail now for revenge rape claims. She wanted money for buying drugs her sick mother. Poor little girl, right? A few years in the slammer will serve as a good example to deter girls from accusing men of rape. Fortunately, this isn't the West, so she won't get away with it that easily.
  6. SiamBeast

    Sex after 40 for Thai ladies

    If she stops giving you sex, time to trade her in for a newer model with less milleage.
  7. SiamBeast

    Thousands of migrant workers head home

    What a cruel world... forcing employers to pay wages that allow employees to not starve. Sad. #not
  8. SiamBeast

    Cabbie confessed to raping a Chinese tourist

    So why wasn't that girl traveling with 100000 other Chinese?
  9. Overall quite good, however the business and first class lounges could get some expansion - last time I took a late evening flight, the business lounge was full and we had to sit on the floor in the lounge - IMO not acceptable. Economy immigration queues could do with some improvement, when some friends fly economy and tell me they land at 23:45, I usually show up an hour late and I still have to wait for them. No problem with Thailand Elite queues though. Apart from that, no complaints.
  10. Motorcycle taxis charge 200 baht - they say "immigration 200 baht", but the department of consular affairs is right beside so it's the same price. If you show up before 08:00 then you can get most documents processed same day - if your translations do not have mistakes.
  11. There is some money to be made IF: 1) You own (or lease) a datacenter with over 10,000 dedicated machine 2) You live in a place where electricity is dirt cheap (or steal electricity) Some early adopters made money with mining, but nowadays, the difficulty and hashrate are so high that only the huge players make money - the days where someone could make money with their own computer mining are over.
  12. Glad to see them moving in the right direction - no matter why SCB has been my primary bank for a while.
  13. It is not illegal - "work" is where you make money in a job that a Thai could have taken instead, and you won't make any money mining BTC, so it isn't work - it's mostly "donating your money to the metropolitan electricity authority" with zero ROI. Unless you're gonna hire Somchai to bypass your meter, but that's illegal and I can't recommend this here.
  14. Let's hope it gets investigated. Texting and killing someone is manslaughter.