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  1. Someone doing laundry??
  2. Just ignore them... that will work
  3. At one time it was called a secret admirer. Its a joke
  4. Ok you have problems. Go stalk someone else. Im not going to change your mind you wont change my mind
  5. I wonder if that was the guy on here asking if he needed a work permit and doing something with bitcoin
  6. He is keeping his promises, i also understand that in negociating you dont always get 100% of what you want in every deal.
  7. I could careless i care how he runs the country. Yet you think its better to lie and not keep campaign promises. Its a mental state with the liberals, obama runs the debt to over 19 trillion dollars and all the libs said was... nothing. Who cares aboit an inch except an angry female and her husband with short commings.
  8. There are so few Ladyboys thailand imports them
  9. Winner for: Funniest post of 2018
  10. Your like an angry housewife.
  11. And how did he aquire the money to buy it, Before he sold it?
  12. Im sure the police are wrong.
  13. Nothing will happen to them
  14. I cant believe it.. police involved in drug parties and not jailed.. says alot