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  1. I don't let my kids use my phone... my sister in law gave my 2yo daughter her phone to use. My daughter threw the phone when the Internet slowed down and broke the screen she wanted me to pay to fix it... I told her that's why I don't let a 2yo use the phone and said sorry your mistake.
  2. Batman Nightclub (from the 90's)

    I was there today. Defiantly a huge building I'm sure it was an experience when it was open
  3. Blocked until the the land is sold and houses are built...... then oh sorry
  4. The police might look in to how 10 people made 10 million baht since they all were willing to scam the system to get ahead
  5. I can tell you that anyone rescued at sea by the us navy doesn'the cost a penny. The nave is doing training missions or maneuvers they are out there getting the same pay rescuing someone or cruising around.
  6. Someone tell me what country police don't break the law.
  7. I couldn't smoke enough in a lifetime to put out as much pollution that a jet puts out taking off. Yes let's all complain about smokers, but how many on here drink and drive.
  8. It was OK to go after the smokers! now it's not Ok to go after the drinkers? Be careful what you wish for.. remember Hitler was only starting with the jews
  9. They can use the tanks purchased from China.
  10. As an American I can tell you Thai pork is better.
  11. They didn't find anything while searching a 49mb house what about the house????????????? Where did the money come from oh yeah a 20 year old haaaa