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  1. Ill bet it is going to take alot of money to fix, i wonder what next years asset reports will look like.
  2. You are in thailand, you have an office set up computers ect and you are making money inside of thailands border. You have an electric bill much higher than anyone else. If you are mining bitcoins in Thailand I dont think ot would be hard for a government agency to say your working without a permit. And qhen they take your compuyers they take your bitcoins with them. I wouldnt risk it
  3. Seems more like a flat tire with car on the side of the road.
  4. Move to cambodia, if i dodnt have kids here, i wouldnt be here
  5. They legalize pot and im opening a 7-11 or a pizza place with pot infused pizza... sir that is the rhird pizza you have ordered... dude its sooooooo goood
  6. So tell the democrats
  7. They kill teachers because they want uneducated people. They cover up women because muslim.mwn blame women.for their pervertion, so why are lottle girls say 5 covered up????
  8. I believe it, tje more money a person has the more they can get away with
  9. Nor will the democrats
  10. Run by pattaya so it will tuen out like pattaya
  11. Its not uncommon to be retried because of a mistrial. or someone could say the obama administration wanted to let it go and not do a full investigation because he is a fellow democrat. In criminal cases it only takes 1 person to cause a mistrial aka hung jury the exact reason there are 11 to 12 jurors in most criminal cases is to prevent a hung jury. The menendez had 10 if it had 11 or 12, the chance of a hung jury is low.
  12. Factbox: What happens in a U.S. government shutdown?

    And obama was the biggest barrower of money almost 12 trillion dollars but somehow that will be bushes fault. I think what you are saying is the us just prints more money. But not being an american you wouldn't know that. (Defending you not trashing you) It is like someone saying: i cant be out of money, i still have checks left.
  13. Factbox: What happens in a U.S. government shutdown?

    Yes life goes on and everyone gets back pay, government employees and civilian contractors, social security checks have gone out for this month. Its like getting laid off then rehired with full back pay for the time you were off work. Notice more have blue letters than red.
  14. And the link to your story is snops, cnn, msnbc?