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  1. I was told the copy of the birth certificate does nothze to be noterized. I have a copy of my sons birth certificate and an original birth certificate for my daughter
  2. What deals. Oh yeah the deals that have kept american jobs
  3. I call Soi siam country club lunar lane. Its like driving on the moon.
  4. Canada is going to regret this
  5. He won because people are sick of America being given away
  6. As an American thai pork is much better and so is the chicken about everything except strawberries and beef.
  7. More love and tolarence from the religion of peace
  8. No water wings needed, ill be on the beach watching the democrats eat each other
  9. Erace everything bad like it never happened, that is truly bad.. It is apart of history.
  10. Good luck. The liberals will be losing the next election. The world new section is more like the anti trump section.
  11. Take the protesters out to have them retrieve the bodies, when they are faced with death they will change their minds
  12. He knows his attackers he isn't saying why
  13. With a thai child a visa is only good for 90 days I thought it was 1 year
  14. Pattaya is safe now the e cigarette seller has been cought
  15. Australian slits his own throat at Suvarnabhumi airport

    And the story not long ago about Australians are the type of tourists Thailand wants