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  1. Yes and other countries don't care who daddy is
  2. Anyone on here need to unfriend them
  3. Its not all but wesuredontneed to look very hard to find them
  4. Muslim State Secretary for Berlin voices her backing for Sharia law in Europe, saying it is ‘absolute compatible’ with German legislatio. And when it is enough voters you will find out how much difference there is between infidel and muslim
  5. I have a clue and it would of included not importing them. We are infidels nothing more than a tool of the devil
  6. I see old people with walkers driving yup can't walk but I can drive. 64 is old for some plenty if older people should not be driving.
  7. You are an infidel or Muslim there is no gray area. When you understand this then you will get it. No Muslims marching against the attacks I wonder why.
  8. Not reported as a terrorist attack, Next it will be mental issues that he had. People are dead because of the government. Good thing its not my kid because they would pay.
  9. If the dealer paid way under market value then he knew.
  10. I wonder if they will go after current owners.