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  1. Very appropriate. A demonstration by "Harlottesville" Services Well, this is Pattaya.
  2. The poll details are in the report. They surveyed 1,296 people of which 541 were Trump voters out of a voting population of some 200 million+ A real representative study if ever I saw one.
  3. Flustered

    May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Barnier has never disguised his hatred of the British. I sincerely hope that he now realises that the UK could have been a major force in the EU had certain French and German leaders not been so bone headed about the direction the EU MUST take. Telling the British what they can or cannot do is never a good idea.
  4. Flustered

    May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Yes please, we can but hope, There’ll be an ‘EXPLOSION’ Barnier warns of EU meltdown if Britain doesn't pay Brexit bill http://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/831064/Brexit-news-Michel-Barnier-EU-meltdown-Britain-refuses-pay-divorce-bill
  5. N.I contributions can only be spent on pensions and parts of the NHS. The various governments get round this by paying any surplus into an imaginary "fund" by buying gilts. In other words, they borrow the money for other purposes. I know it is all creative accounting but they try to hide this fact.
  6. I will not bother you as you are beyond help. You simply do not have a clue how Government finances work. Although there is notionally a separate fund for pensions paid for out of N.I contributions, there are years where the "fund" is insufficient to pay the pension bill and then this "fund" is topped up by money from general taxation. In the good years surplus money is invested in Gilts ( the Government actually borrowing the money for other uses),. So, and we come to the nub of it, While I have been paying N.I contributions all of my working life, some of my contributions have gone into these Gilts so that my pension is part paid for by myself and others of my age group as well as tax that we pay when the N.I contributions are insufficient. Bottom line is that when there is not enough money in the pot, the Government use money from the general funds of the Exchequer. In 2016/7 it is estimated that some £125 billion was collected from N.I, and some £91.6 billion spent on pensions. As parts of the NHS are funded direct from N.I contributions this means that money has to be paid from the "fund" to top up the pension payments, money that I and others have paid in. The crisis that we are heading towards is that with a growing population, there are more and more pensioners and not enough N.I money collected to pay them so money is drawn from the "fund". The vicious circle is that if we allow more immigration, then there will be more pensioners down the line and even more immigration required to provide workers for new jobs that do not yet exist to pay for the pensions. I know it is a hard subject to follow but please try. You may want to read this document. https://www.ifs.org.uk/bns/bn09.pdf
  7. Flustered

    May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Doncaster.....are you mad. Skegness is the obvious choice.
  8. Yet again wrong, don't you get fed up with being wrong all of the time. We are talking about...."France's economy minister tells Britain - 'We want our money back'"
  9. You really do not understand how the world works do you? Have a talk with SheungWan, he is the financial guru on TVF and will bore you to tears with theories and stratagems and blow your ideas out of the water.
  10. Wrong yet again. Every tax payer is paying for my State pension, old, middle aged and young. As there are more old and middle aged people. the young are in the minority. I paid for my private pensions. At least get your facts right.
  11. And arrived late at each party after the dirty work was done.
  12. Flustered

    May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Almost right but not quite. London is a dirty polluted city with some of the worst air pollution figures in Europe. It's population is made up mainly of recent immigrants (last 5 decades or so). It also has some of the highest benefit claimants (percentage wise ) in the country. The only reason that London remains the capital of the UK is because it would be too expensive to move it elsewhere and who would want all those free loading, snout in the trough MPs on their doorstep. Average speed of traffic in London is 7.8 MPH expected to drop even further. London, a place for the down and out. London SW? keep it, you are welcome to it. http://www.londonspovertyprofile.org.uk/indicators/topics/londons-geography-population/londons-population-by-country-of-birth/ http://www.londonspovertyprofile.org.uk/indicators/topics/londons-geography-population/londons-population-by-ethnicity/ http://www.londonspovertyprofile.org.uk/indicators/topics/receiving-non-work-benefits/housing-benefit-caseload/ http://www.standard.co.uk/news/transport/revealed-average-speed-of-london-traffic-is-just-78mph-a3416446.html
  13. Why should you care. you live in Chiang Mai. And for the record, it is the elderly that have paid all of the money into the British economy while the young have contributed ZERO.. All they want is the free life that Jeremy Corbyn has promised but now reneged on. I am perfectly happy to let the young have their way as they have to pay for it in the long run just as we are reaping the benefits of our "outdated and stupid ideas". Now who is outdated and stupid? Certainly not the pensioners who realised that frugality and planning is better than borrowing and spending and are now enjoying a good life.
  14. A damn site lower than when I walk into the kitchen and find my wife, my daughter and my niece all holding different conversations with each other. Then go out into the garden to be assaulted by the chickens or the female rabbit that hides under our workshop and has just had a huge litter (probably also all females). It's females that drive up blood pressure, not TVF.