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  1. Alpha thalasemmia is very common among Asians. My wife is Singaporean and has it. In fact her whole family have it and all of them are very active and long lived her grandmother making 102 and her mother 98. All of her family are very active and she just keeps an eye on her annual blood tests to ensure she is not anemic. All your GF needs is a standard complete blood count (CBC), one small vial of blood and results within a week. Shouldn't cost more than a few hundred baht. Read this link. http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Thalassaemia/Pages/Introduction.aspx Absolutely nothing to worry about. Re the teeth, standard for Thai women, it's all of that sugar cane they eat (my Thai "sisters" husbands hates me as I always bring them over large sticks of rock to which they are addicted), but any good dentist will do a clean up and offer advice as to what is required. Where are you located?
  2. Conveniently missing out the part where I said it was RISKY. Now several of us have shown you with links that you can have a UK bank account while non UK resident, you ignore all of this and try to twist and spin your way out. You should be a spin doctor for a political party. You started off by stating you had proof of accounts closed because people were non UK resident and failed to supply any proof. You stated that you could not have a UK based bank account while non UK resident and failed to provide any proof. You obviously have no experience with UK banking while being a non resident like many of us have. Have you had your existing UK bank account closed because you are non resident....NO. Do you know of any bank that has closed an existing UK account because the person became non UK resident....NO. So do not suggest to others that their bank accounts are in danger of being closed. America is different and non resident US citizens have their own problems. The UK is perfectly OK with overseas non residents having UK based bank accounts.
  3. There speaks the Independent, a paper owned by Russian Billionaires Alexander Lebedev and Evgeny Lebedev. As Independent as it gets. No mention of the State sponsored Remain or the millions donated by just a few to it. Almost as bad as reading the Guardian or Mail.
  4. I think that the overwhelming majority of UK citizens would be very happy to sign up for the original EEC. It was all we ever wanted. An ECONOMIC union, not the political one that no one has ever had the opportunity to vote on. Both parties took us deeper and deeper in without ever asking the UK public if they wanted it. All politicians wanted it so as to get their snouts deeper into EU jobs and freebies. At last the British public have spoken and they have said."No way Jose". The Irish did as well but they were made to vote again until they said yes to staying in.
  5. I think you have trouble reading. I stated it was RISKY, I never said anything about there being no problem. They are your words, not mine. I see you are quickly changing your stance on UK banks. You seem to be getting very confused over the issue. No one has suggested not telling their UK bank they have become non resident. You stated that the banks were closing down non resident accounts but could not back this up. We all proved otherwise. Do you not understand, UK banks allow you to KEEP your UK accounts and have your PRIME address overseas as a non resident. No one has to resort to an accommodation address for a bank account. You just cannot open a domestic UK bank account after becoming non resident. You can open a UK bank offshore account after you become non resident. It's on all of the major banks web sites as linked.
  6. You are debating with a financial wizz kid who has been unable to back up a single claim he has made. Quote Barclays.." Non-resident bank account services With our International Bank Account, you can locate your account in the UK, or in an offshore centre, depending on which is best for your financial planning needs. " The States are always hard when it comes to living overseas and having bank accounts. If you need to keep a US bank he best way is to somehow keep an address Stateside and not tell the Government you are non resident. Risky but otherwise it's a hard life. The UK is easy. Provided you have a bank account before becoming non resident that is OK (despite what the wizz kid states, Lloyds, Halifax and other main banks do not agree with him). It is not possible to open one after leaving, just an offshore account.
  7. You have not given any proof at all, just some links to articles that are not about closing existing bank accounts of non UK residents. Not a single first hand account from any forum member or anyone else. Nothing, no proof, nothing. Go to any UK bank website and look at their terms and conditions for non resident UK citizens, they are the same as the Lloyds Bank I linked. Add halifax as well https://www.halifax.co.uk/savings/help-guidance/non-uk-residents/
  8. If anyone is concerned, Lloyds clearly state in this link that your existing accounts are good as a non resident, it is just accounts opened while a non resident that are closed. https://www.lloydsbank.com/savings/help-and-guidance/non-ukresidents.asp As we were taught at school. Q.E.D
  9. Everyone a blog or rumour with no actual facts behind it. Some not even about UK banks situated in the UK. We know the US is different but still no proof of UK banks doing this. Did you even read these links you posted? Not one actual incident of a UK citizen having a UK bank account, becoming non resident and then having it closed for that reason. Potential money laundering...... yes. legitimate non resident........no. P.S. Just carried out a TV search for "my UK bank account closed"....No hits or references at all in TV.
  10. As a "professional" ex pat, I have lived and traveled in many countries ranging from the Americas to Africa, Middle East and Asia. I have only been UK resident for the last 5 years. At no time has my bank ever questioned my residential status or told me it would close my accounts. I know of no one (UK) who has ever had their bank account closed or threatened to be closed because they are non UK resident. I have already set up the details with Lloyds for transactions to both Singapore (UOB) and Thailand (UOB) and they are happy to do this with either country as my prime address. The only issue is for anyone who does not have a UK bank account and is non UK resident and then they are offered an off shore account. If anyone has had a UK bank account and then become non resident and the bank has closed their account for this fact, could they post their bank name and when the account was closed. That would settle the issue.
  11. If you become UK non resident having opened an account while UK resident, you can have your primary address overseas without any issues. There is no rule or law against this. The problem comes if you are UK non resident and you want to open a UK bank account. In this instance the banks would offer an offshore international account such as Jersey or Gibraltar. My Singaporean nieces have had their Lloyds UK bank accounts since 1999 and 2001 respectively. The accounts were opened while they were at University and now they reside back in Singapore they continue to keep the accounts active for when they visit the UK on holidays.
  12. You have to ask how she got the stroller past the gate attendant? If there was a problem, it should have been dealt with at the gate and not on the plane. American domestic airlines.......they have to be the worst in the world. It's employees first and customers last. They really make you understand the term "Cattle Class" because that's how they treat you. I used to drive everywhere, even if it meant a three day journey rather than be subjected to rudeness and insults by the airline staff.
  13. Simply presented the same card and just as in any other shop refund, the money is transferred back.
  14. As I said, never trust a politician. Nothing but free loaders and pigs. No party will ever spend money on ex pats resident overseas as they are seen by many in the UK as the rich elite. They simply do not understand that all most people want is a nice warm place to retire to that is reasonably safe and where you can get more for your bucks. The fact that all of your pension income in the UK is taxable even though you are overseas does not matter one jot. When it comes to politics and money, never bet on them giving it away unless it is a massive vote winner like Gordon Brown and his winter fuel allowance/free bus travel. Bribes, nothing more. Sorry guys, although I would welcome a few more shekels in the pot, I know it will never happen.
  15. Again, I doubt many will agree with me, but if you make the decision to be a non resident UK, you should lose the vote as well. Just my opinion so as not to upset some people.