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  1. Which is why I finished 555. It was a humerus response.
  2. And I couldn't care less. We are self sufficient in fruit, veg, eggs and chickens. Benefit of living in God's County and not the smoke.
  3. After being on a plane for a while or a drive to the airport, your feet probably smell and your body odour is swirling around for all to suffer. Yup, just the sort of Elite member I would like to sit next to in the lounge while waiting for my flight or arriving. 555
  4. Honestly, my eyes blurred over at the sight of so many grouses in a row. I felt like looking for my shot gun.
  5. Nothing to do with who is President as entry into the States had always been a gigantic pain in the ar se US immigration has to be one of the worst in the world. In the past I regularly used Dulles as point of entry and it would normally take about 2 hours to clear the immigration lines. Totally unacceptable in a so called 1st world country. America does not have to issue laws to keep people out, the immigration department are doing a great job.
  6. Try combining your posts or using multiple quotes. 8 posts on the trot is way over the top and unreadable.
  7. You won't get a reply from a post back in August 2016 and the FM has not been on TV since January. Wasting your time. Keeping the Elite scheme at a reasonable rate keeps out all the the backpackers and riff raff. Drop the price and it will be flip flops and T shirts all demanding to be treated like royalty.
  8. Actually, it did. It was all pre Roy Jenkins days.
  9. It's a pity that they cannot round up all of the drugs, sex and rock 'n roll scene and move it to some isolated island. Oh hang on, that's Phuket and KS. At least the scene is kept down south allowing some of us to lead a normal life.
  10. Usual informative post from the Strawman. Full of content and on thread subject.
  11. RAZ, if you do not stop posting sensible and to the point comments you will be reported. One day, I may get you to agree about overseas pensions but I doubt it and it is your right (as is mine) to have a point of view.
  12. I don't think selling copies of The Big Issue counts as menial work.......
  13. Yes.......One called Dr Tom. We were amazed when the manageress at our guesthouse/hotel was joking with us as my wife watched Coronation Street on Youtube. She said she was once a Thai soap queen and we laughed. then she showed us the series Dr Tom and there she was. We loved the series. Very Hmong and very interesting. She had to leave when she married and her husband stopped her acting.
  14. When you read the posts of the REMAINERS , it is hard to understand why they take a stance against the UK rather than supporting it. If I felt strongly enough about an issue such as remaining in the EU, I would leave the UK and settle in Europe. Oh, hold on a minute, I do which is why my aim is to settle full time in Thailand. I just want to get away from all of the open door policies and socialist projects which will be the main theme of Jeremy Corbyn and comrades if they ever get into power which looks likely now he has worked out that by promising free cake to day, free cake tomorrow and free cake everyday all paid for by borrowing and increased taxes gets votes from the plebs.