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  1. Fire breaks out at Fortune Town shopping mall in Bangkok

    Just good that no one was hurt or injured.
  2. They hate each other. Since the coup, the police have lost alot of money.
  3. This country has too many Terror related problems.
  4. Help me fix my fan.

    To fix, please pay 1,000 baht and buy new.
  5. Scotland's Sturgeon says: I can win an independence vote

    Wealth was spread throughout the UK.
  6. Didn't NATO win the World Cup of Football 30 years ago ? And Miss Universe in 1934 ? I think NATO also had the first man to walk on the Sun. I also have a NATO country passport. No visa fee for the moon. Google it.
  7. 555 They are not a NATO member !
  8. US-Bangla to fly to Bangkok from May

    Don't do checked bag for your Parachute. Suggest carry on, you may need it.
  9. The Thai-Belgian bridge; will be repaired by Burmese.
  10. Government, only wants the Thai people to feel sorry for them. Maybe ?
  11. Good news, is that you can only get two more types, then you are good. My friend had it three times; from three different countries. He said the type he caught in Thailand was the easiest. Pakistan strain the worst. He still has one more to go. I got it here in Thailand. It was not easy for me !
  12. Yes true. Last time I got a x ray. They told me I need an oil change :)
  13. Scotland's Sturgeon says: I can win an independence vote

    Rest ! I think you fell asleep :) Have a good day.
  14. Google ? Google coffee is good for you. Answers all yes. Google coffee is not good for you. Answers will all say, it is bad.