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  1. Import license required ? for a jacket ?

    Thing is I already paid all, they ask me to register myself as import license - what does it mean ? next purchases they will bother me again ?
  2. Hello, I ordered a jacket online and because its value over 40k thb , DHL told me i need to register myself as Import license and bring my original passport. Anyone knows what it means ? Why I should I register myself as an importer ? I am just individual ? What are the implications of this? Thank you
  3. Hey, Anyone can recommend a cheap lawyer that can do certifications for passports, utility bill, foreign ministry affairs etc with normal prices? I contacted two, but seems they live in a dream and try to scam me for 4000-5000 THB for certifying a simple document. I am looking for a lawyer firm around Sukhumvit area (24) or close by. Thanks for all
  4. Best gym weight lifting in Sukhumvit

    Thanks. ASPIRE is more like for cross fit. I been to emquarter its too busy alot of ppl also its inside the shopping mall not so convenient. Will try muscle gym. Anyone been to 7 fitness sukhumvit? The 24 hour gym and can say how is it?
  5. Hi guys, Which gym would be the best in Sukhumvit soi 24 area best for weight training? I am usually going at 11am or 1pm to train, so no problems with rush hours. I dont care about the price, I just need the right place for body building. thanks
  6. Watches insurance company

    Anyone ??
  7. Watches insurance company

    Hey, I am still looking for a insurance company that can insured my watches. I spoke with Chaz before but seems their insurance policy doesn't worth alot... Too many exclustions, Watch have to be in safe - and their price is high. Any other recommended companies ? Thanks
  8. Hi Guys, I think to apply for the Platinum Card of Bkk bank in order to get using the Miles with Thai airways. Anyone knows to estimate how many miles I need in order to fly from BKK to HKK business class return trip for example? Anyone is already doing the same and using the miles for flights ? is it worth it ? BKK bank told me the fees on the card only 1% when using it. Is it true? any other hidden fees (transcations, maintiance monthly/yearly fee?) Thanks in advance
  9. Where to Sell Luxury watch?

    Hi, I have a AP royal oak offshore , new model which I am interested to sell, Anyone can recommend where I can sell it to watch dealers? Thank you
  10. Best dentist for implants

    Hi Someone can recommend high quality clinic for implant? I heard bumrungrad has one. Anyone can recommend them? Or someone which is better