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  1. Hey, Anyone can recommend a cheap lawyer that can do certifications for passports, utility bill, foreign ministry affairs etc with normal prices? I contacted two, but seems they live in a dream and try to scam me for 4000-5000 THB for certifying a simple document. I am looking for a lawyer firm around Sukhumvit area (24) or close by. Thanks for all
  2. Best gym weight lifting in Sukhumvit

    Thanks. ASPIRE is more like for cross fit. I been to emquarter its too busy alot of ppl also its inside the shopping mall not so convenient. Will try muscle gym. Anyone been to 7 fitness sukhumvit? The 24 hour gym and can say how is it?
  3. Hi guys, Which gym would be the best in Sukhumvit soi 24 area best for weight training? I am usually going at 11am or 1pm to train, so no problems with rush hours. I dont care about the price, I just need the right place for body building. thanks
  4. Watches insurance company

    Anyone ??
  5. Watches insurance company

    Hey, I am still looking for a insurance company that can insured my watches. I spoke with Chaz before but seems their insurance policy doesn't worth alot... Too many exclustions, Watch have to be in safe - and their price is high. Any other recommended companies ? Thanks
  6. Hi Guys, I think to apply for the Platinum Card of Bkk bank in order to get using the Miles with Thai airways. Anyone knows to estimate how many miles I need in order to fly from BKK to HKK business class return trip for example? Anyone is already doing the same and using the miles for flights ? is it worth it ? BKK bank told me the fees on the card only 1% when using it. Is it true? any other hidden fees (transcations, maintiance monthly/yearly fee?) Thanks in advance
  7. Where to Sell Luxury watch?

    Hi, I have a AP royal oak offshore , new model which I am interested to sell, Anyone can recommend where I can sell it to watch dealers? Thank you
  8. Best dentist for implants

    Hi Someone can recommend high quality clinic for implant? I heard bumrungrad has one. Anyone can recommend them? Or someone which is better
  9. Gold 18k Where to buy?

    Hi, I am looking to buy a gold 18K necklace in BKK, where I can find? I were in china town and everything is thai gold. What about Silom? any thoughts?
  10. Best condos in Sukhumvit area

    Im looking to rent in prom pong area ori soi 24 or thonglor , not lower Sukhumvit.
  11. Best condos in Sukhumvit area

    Hi, I am looking for the best luxuary condos in sukhumvit area, 2 bedroom, any suggestions which ones?
  12. Insurance for watches

    Sorry i dont give my details in the forum. Do you guys have websites?
  13. Insurance for watches

    Hi I want to make insurance for my luxury watches inside thailand and also possible ble overseas when im traveling. Anyone knows a broker?
  14. Highest quality beef in BKK?

    Is it imported beef or local? I would prefer new zealand or aussie beef.
  15. Highest quality beef in BKK?

    Hi. I am looking to buy the highest quality beef, sirloin, lamb chops, where should i go? price isn't an issue. Thanks!