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  1. We had a private party yesterday. I and my friends (18 people in total) decided to have Mexican Food night, so I searched for a supplier or a restaurant we can order and they must be able to arrange the delivery for us. All I wanted from this order was whatever that simple and fast. A friend of mine suggested a website http://www.elcharromexthai.com. They are more like a food supplier not a restaurant but whatever they have is Ok for us. We order some Burritos, Flour Tortillas, Enchiladas, Tamales, Salted Corn Chips and Guacamole. After we transferred the money, the order took about 45 minutes from their place to my door. I placed an order on Friday and stored the food in my fridge. Sunday morning, I took the food out and warm them in microwave and pan (I left it defrosted for guacamole). I didn't even use oil! just warm the pan and put the tortillas in for 15 seconds till it turned yellow or light brown. I made salsa myself so the tortillas and chips go very well with the salsa and guacamole. We had a good time with the food which is so easy to prepare and to eat. The taste is very good. My only advice is, If you don't have time to defrost or warm them in microwave or pan, then you should order from a restaurant better