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  1. Hello all, I have a very convenient bus that can take me straight from home to work. It's Bus 44, normally a yellow, air-con bus. Today, a red, non-air con bus came with the number 44 on the outside. I figured same number, same route. Instead, everyone got off at Mo Chit BTS and the bus ride finished. Do the buses in Bangkok operate on both color and number? Do I need to make sure I take a yellow bus rather than red bus?
  2. It's hard. 1. Get a pickup truck direct to the border. It cost me 180 baht, but some will ask for 300. If in a rush, no time to negotiate though. It will take 45 minutes to an hour. 2. At the border, stamp out of Laos, catch the bus across the bridge (or pay a driver to make it quicker but it will be pricey), stamp into Thailand. Time can vary based on the bus and lines, but just have a pen ready to fill in the card and hope for the best. 3. Once through immigration, get a taxi to the airport. One solo person would be 600-1000 baht. Plan for one hour ride. It's hard and everything needs to go perfectly. If you're willing to pay up for direct rides, it's more likely to work, but I'd never leave it up to public transit here.
  3. I don't recommend but if you pay, it's possible. I was #512 last week pickup was fast, got it at around 14:30-15:00. Ride to the border is about 45 minutes, plus immigration, plus ride to Udon Thani airport is about an hour. You are really pushing it and it's highly likely you miss the flight. It's possible, however, you'd need to pay a ride on a pick-up to Nong Khai from the embassy and then pay a taxi after clearing into Thailand. That won't be cheap, you don't have time to negotiate. I recommend the 22:00 flight. Sure it's late, but you can save money on transportation and relax easy. Or just stay in Udon Thani or Vientiane one more night. I think that's the best option.
  4. Hi all, Looking for a teaching gig to start the next term (or late-September/October if possible). I am qualified and NES and would prefer to teach English (not certified in Math or Science). I've seen Ajarn.com, Craigslist, and Facebook have jobs, but not many. Thought there would be more at this time. Really looking to teach only in Bangkok at the moment. Does the hiring process pick up come October? And are there any other useful places to look other than where I listed? Thanks!
  5. Thanks! Yeah, I do see many are not too far via bike. I suppose my biggest concern is cost, if I take the train and then the motorbike, could be over 100 baht/day for transit. Also concerned with commute length, I'm fine with under an hour but concerned about the heat and coming to school so sweaty if I have to exhaust myself daily on the commute. Really appreciate the response.
  6. Hi all, I'm hoping to teach English at a school in Bangkok that is near the BTS or MRT starting in October. Convenience is the biggest factor, even more important than pay. I am locked into a lease at an MRT stop and would like to work at a school that has an easy commute near a train. I see many schools by train stops, but I do not know how they hire. Some do direct hire, some do through an agency. I'm not sure how to ask about English positions in October. I can easily find a position in Bangkok, but the preference is near a train stop (within 1 km.) I believe I am quite hire-able as well; I have education degrees from the USA, a TEFL Certificate, and am a certified teacher in the US. I prefer government schools as well, but fine with anything. What is the best way to go about finding a position in October for schools along MRT/BTS? Do I walk in and ask about applying? How do I find agencies with schools on a train stop?
  7. Hi all, What are the pros and cons of using ThaiVisaService vans to go to Vientiene for SETV versus by yourself, planning the trip out? My co-workers use the vans and highly recommend them, but I also like to plan a little trip out. Thanks!
  8. I did in late March. I had a SETV + 30 day extension followed by a non-B for 90 days and went back to get a new SETV. The website lists the requirements as needing a hotel accommodation and onward travel so I did do that and had no problems. Just used booking.com, printed out a reservation for 3-4 weeks, then cancelled after, so no loss there. Then a flight to Hanoi for like 1300 baht which isn't great but gotta do it. No idea if I needed those documents or not.....was super simple, just go in and apply with everything. Make sure it's all ready before, follow the regulations on the site and you should have no issue. Read the listed and non-listed countries for sure. Didn't see anyone denied but I wasn't paying much attention. And not sure about METV. I'm from USA btw.
  9. I posted here last week on advice.... I'm a USA citizen, went to KL last week for a tourist visa. Previously, I had a TV+extention and a non-B in my passport on back to back visas. KL required a hotel booking and flight outside Thailand. Just went to booking.com and got a print-out of a couple of bookings (for 3 weeks worth), then cancelled via free cancellation (make sure to get a hotel with free cancellation and not putting any credit card info down). Then booked a cheap flight via Nok Air for I believe 1300 baht, mostly airport tax. Not happy about having to do that, but no choice really I suppose. Anyway, went through with all my forms filled out and no issue at all. So KL is fine if you have the bookings and flight out, but of course that will be a little extra work, money, and time.
  10. Do they check status of that? Just concerned it would look fake....like I can make a couple bookings, print all confirmations (like two weeks in BKK, two weeks in Chiang Mai, then Krabi or something), and cancel ASAP, but just concerned that would fall through.
  11. Been researching visa runs ALL DAY and really wanted to avoid a van/bus and take a flight somewhere new. I am a little weary of the roads and drivers here and get carsick easily. Did some research and KL seemed alright, plus a little vacation for me. Currently, I am on a non-B visa that expires Wednesday. I came here in October on a TV, got an extention for 30 days, and looked for teaching work. Found a job for the last semester and transferred TV to non-B in Savannakhet. Now that I'm not working (semester ended), I was planning on getting new 60-day TV to look for another teaching job and then do the non-B process again. Of course, I'm now reading how strict KL is, requiring proof of onward travel and a hotel. I can easily book a dummy onwards ticket for cheap, I can accept that. But I'm struggling on hotel/accommodations. Currently, I'm living in a new apartment with a signed lease from March-October, which is probably not smart to show when applying for 60 days. I feel like I made a HUGE mistake here on going to KL for the visa. Is there anything that I can do to get the visa at KL, or should I just cancel the trip and go to another consulate that's more flexible? Such a bummer because I already bought the flight, just need a way to show hotel accommodation or something. I understand there's never a straight answer, but I don't want to waste a trip here and will need to get a good idea if I need to cancel and need to Vientiene on Wednesday. Thanks! PS: USA citizen if that matters. Also have bank statements, easy stuff. Just that hotel stuff...because technically I'm living in apartment with lease til October.
  12. I spent the last semester working at a govt school off the MRT through an agency. Decent pay, loved the school, all was good. I got a 3-month rental off the MRT for a quick 20 minute train ride to school. A lot of shit happened at the school and there is no word on whether they will renew the contract with the agent. I will not find out until late March. My problem is that my rental expires this weekend. It's too expensive to stay at this place, so I am trying to move. I found a great apartment at MRT Lat Phrao that I really like and want. However, I am unsure if it will be available soon so I must act quickly. If I can return to the same school next semester, it will be a great location. But if not, then I have to look for a job that is convenient to get to. My question: if I like the apartment, should I sign a rental agreement not knowing where I work next semester? Is MRT Lat Phrao centrally located enough that I would be able to have a decent commute should I work elsewhere? I am a certified teacher in the US, so finding a job isn't hard. However, my priority is finding a job that is easy to get to from my location so I would need to ensure my job is off the MRT or not too far on the BTS line.
  13. So it sounds alright. For reference, this is the electric pan I use to cook raw chicken. Just put in oil, cook it through. Some smoke of course, just hoping it doesn't set off a fire alarm.
  14. Hi all, I have a food allergy to gluten - quite serious so street food is quite a risk. It's good for me to have the option to cook now. My current accommodation has a balcony that most people cook on but it's a bit expensive and I'm looking for a new place for the next 7 months. As I'm visiting, it seems most apartments in my budget do not seem to be the most cooking friendly I'm trying to keep it under 8,000 baht/month (and 8,000 is pushing it) and within walking to MRT (can do BTS as well but MRT is much easier for work). Even 1 km. is a bit far for me because the heat, and I hate coming into work sweaty but I realize it may be something I have to do. Seems since Bangkok is an eating out culture, there isn't much in the way of kitchens unless you pay. When I ask, I often get a "no cooking" or "nitnoy" as my answer. And I have yet to find a place with both decent balcony and sink. Literally all I need is a rice cooker/steamer, electric pan, and a sink. Just need to cook raw chicken and maybe make fried rice. So my question is....has anyone had issues with cooking inside when there is no kitchen? I assume it might be a smell or fire alarm issue or something. When cooking chicken there is definitely smoke and I don't want to risk trouble. Just wondering if anyone else has had experiences with this in searching for apartments. I came across a good one today, quite cheap, but they seemed very hesitant on the cooking. Also, do most apartments NOT come with a microwave? I'm coming across many that have nothing. EDIT: My pan is electric pan. Just plug into the wall. Of course, that still smokes when cooking so maybe that's issue, but nothing gas.
  15. Wow, thanks! I don't know how I didn't know....but I stopped at pharmacy last night and it is so much cheaper! Crazy. Really appreciate the information.