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  1. no problem , chinese experienced swimmers won't resist to enjoy .... even red flags don't stop them
  2. first advice : forget what you have been heard and those "folks who have been doing this for years..." 2 entries a year would be the norm with a visa exemption as us citizen wanting to stay long time in thailand , i would choose the single entry tourist visa (setv) if you want to leave after 28/29 days , you could come with visa exemption , then leave , then visa exemption again....
  3. must know : do you come on visa exemption or with setv/metv ? "........will be ok for up to 4 entries...." will depends on
  4. my neighbourhood ? far from bangkok ...
  5. Chelsea Fc Thread

    the belgian stroke again... Batshuyai didn't need more than 10' , hazard and courtois ... with lukaku (twice M U) , mertens (napoli), de bruyne (M city) , i wonder if the red devils shouldn't be in world cup final next year
  6. evading capture evading money .....
  7. British man saved after slashing wrists at Pattaya condo

    maybe simply "help/SoS asking".... unsuccesfull , i think
  8. for closing this thread : for the marriage certificate/affidavit : i must come with the requiered documents , after being approved , the appointment (with thai gf) will be decided. must wait min between 3 days and 3 MONTHS for receiving it (or pick it up at the embassy... (price : 80 euros) for the income affidavit : must wait 24 hours for receiving it or pick it up at the embassy (price 780 thb)
  9. Thailand’s tourism numbers continue to soar

    i dream of koh phi phi
  10. Fire jellyfish washing up on Koh Phi Phi beaches

    jelly fish box : the deadliest creature of the oceans..... welcome in the golf of thiland....
  11. "....they believe they can pill their way to health and beauty....." is rather a common trait of the rich
  12. Burglar gang strikes more Nonthaburi homes

    must at least have some people who knew the victims were not at home that night....
  13. Burglar gang strikes more Nonthaburi homes

    not even think about undercover police patrol / hideout in the neighborhood...