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  1. Concert/Tenor Ukulele

    I'm sure a few members can point me in the right direction. Seeking a concert/tenor uke. I'm willing to spend a few baht, but probably can't go really high-end. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  2. Lotus Channel on We TV

    One of my favorite channels on We TV just seems to have poofed in the last week or so: Lotus Macau. Has anyone lost that channel as well? It had good movies in English, plus I actually enjoyed the Chinese musical breaks between shows! For me it was channel 838.
  3. Alert: Chiang Mai cooks.....

    Thanks for posting this! I sadly bid my cast iron pans--some passed down two generations--some diligently used/seasoned by me over months and years--upon my move here. Big mistake. My pans and a few more books should have made the sea-journey... Oh well: hindsight. It's great to know where I can find one or two to start the task of seasoning them . I've always used a very hot oven as a way to seal new cast iron...don't know how I'll do that now w/o an oven... Maybe I can hire a pizza kitchen to keep them oiled up and sizzling hot for a fortnight...hmm..(!). Again, thanks for your "pan posting." Made my day.
  4. Gnat Infestation

    Thanks observer 90210! I have tried the vinegar/soap combo before in the southern US, and I didn't trap many gnats. I tried again last night, and once again, didn't catch many critters. I did, however, fill a spray bottle with 70% isopropyl alchohol and soaked those little suckers. Knocks them right out of the air, which is cruelly satisfying somehow. But they do die immediately, and my place smells hospital-fresh (!) I'm sure the electrified "mosquito rackets" would help out as well, but both of mine simultaneously bit the dust, and I was unable to try out the electrocution route. Anyway, after the isopropyl spray offensive last night, the plague is down by about 50-60%, so I think I'm on the winning end. I checked my drains, garbage cans, etc. to determine the breeding source of these tiny vermin, but found nothing. I later realized these bugs may have made their way to my house via Hong Kong Post. I receive lots of small packages weekly from China, and I had just opened a package < 1 day before my deluge. It has me wondering... Bottom line: the alcohol works, and I will either vacuum up the rest (yes, vacuuming them IS a thing, and apparently works well) and/or get old-fashioned fly paper/tape to round up the rest. But a question to members: Has anyone ever experienced unwanted visitors in their air-mail parcels? Just curious....
  5. Gnat Infestation

    In the past 24 hours my place (inside and outside) is infested in gnats. Don't know why it's happened now--certainly we've had lots of rain before today... Anyway, does anyone have a decent, hopefully non-toxic way to dispatch these little guys? At least they're not biting or causing real harm, but I'm reaching my tether. They are everywhere. Any suggestions?
  6. Testosterone Gel

    That popular pharmacy (can't remember name) on Ratchadamnern Road. Walking away from the Gate, it will be 1/2 block down on left. It's tiled in blue on outside. They have T-gel for sure, but it is expensive.
  7. Beading Classes/Workshops?

    Does anyone have a line on any decent beading shops that offer classes or workshops, or local groups that focus on beading? Thanks!
  8. High quality sticker printer needed...

    There are 2-3 American outfits who do just this and ship cheaply. Can't remember their names--just Google it up. You can see a final edit on their sites. One Thai online company I looked at wouldn't work with me on final edit until I paid. No thanks (!) BTW, if you DO find. a local option--please post. I am looking to print smallish quantities of 25mm round and 30x40mm oval stickers myself.
  9. Hi all, I just know some TV member will know EXACTLY where I need to go to procure tall (~ 5-6 foot or 152.4--182.8 cms) garden stakes. They are lightweight, hollow, with a steel core and heavy PVC coating. Plase see image: I know they are available locally, but before I go traipsing to various garden centers, I thought I'd inquire if anyone has had a "positive sighting" of the above. I can order them online, but nobody ships for free or a modest fee: in other words, it costs more to ship than buy these guys. So, a local source needs to be my go-to. BTW, I do not want bamboo or any alternative material. In fact, it turns to out these stakes are PERFECT for making hiking/trekking poles! I have a bad knee, use a cane, and have been having back pain from "cane posture.". I wanted to try out using a Nordic-type pole (or pair of poles) as an alternative. I went looking for them in a couple of sport shops last week, but to no avail . (They may be available here in a climbing shop or two, but I wanted to avoid a high-end purchase). Serendipitiously, I found a piece of this PVC stake in my yard, and realized it would make a perfect tall walking stick--and it did. See image below (hard to accurately portray in pics, but what the heck...) So if anyone know where to pick up these stakes, please let me know! Oh, BTW, my back pain has steadily improved using a tall stick versus a standard cane. If anyone is interested to know how I made mine, PM me. Wishing all a good day!
  10. Skin tag removal - eyelid

    I agree with the last poster. Skins tags on other parts of the body may be more easily removed (although they may be more vascular than you think--resulting in more bleeding than you think!) But the eye? Go to a doctor--it's cheap enough.
  11. Large Size Prints

    I wanted to mention once again: WALL DECALS. They can be bought from Amazon, eBay, etsy, Lazada--you name it. They are a good bargain when addressing large wall spaces, can be easily installed (use two people and a good leveler), don't damage walls, and can be removed, and reused. The can also be totally customized via several online companies. This could be a great option for you!
  12. Large Size Prints

    Another, slightly outa the box option is to online search "custom printed shower curtains." You can upload ANY print/s from the 'Net and have it transferred to fabric. I did this: (got three LARGE images on one curtain --I used a "photo collage" app to get them all on the same one curtain), had it shipped here, cut them out, and took them to a framing place to be stretched and glued-stapled onto internal frames. They look great, and folks always want to know how/ where I got them! Also, check out eBay (I filter with "free international shipping"), and have found massive prints/wall decals at a good price. Hooe this helps.
  13. Skin tag removal - eyelid

    Find a good ophthalmologist in a gvmt or private hospital. I am an old Eye Nurse, so I can tell you this should not be a big deal. FYI: I once removed my own upper eyelid tag, but I had the right tools ("tissue scissors") that I "borrowed" from the clinic. If you don't have the right tools (and you won't find these German/Japanese ultra-expensive surgical scissors online or in any store), then just go to an ophthalmologist. Luckily, it's not a big deal.
  14. Looking for dress maker

    PM me--I may have a trusted source in Worowot. I haven't used her yet, but I scratched hard to find this contact!
  15. dysphagia test

    You need a barium swallow test. You drink a barium solution, and it's viewed and recorded on video. I imagine you could easily have it in CM or BKK. You need a gasteroentologist to order this test.