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  1. Thailand import taxes on food

    Eh, eh I'd love it if they did Scouse ready meals. Deffo sending another email
  2. Thailand import taxes on food

    I like the idea and have sent off an email asking for picilli. Please if you like this join med and send an email
  3. I read in the Daily Mail about this guy, I didn't realize that he was working at The Cabin Chiang Mai http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4273122/Harley-Street-psychotherapist-raped-boy-swimming-pool.html
  4. Sick bastard, hope he gets a good going over in jail. Some right knuckleheads around
  5. Manchester United

    Not a sinlge player in Uniteds team good enough to play for us.
  6. Lunch Buffet - Bangkok

    Calm down like, us Bindippers always like a good bargain
  7. Lunch Buffet - Bangkok

    They call me a Bindipper, but even I am not as tight as you.
  8. Arsenal

    A tea cup is big at the yids
  9. Me and my German mate Seb, have had loads of problems wih bill padding in A few different places. I got slapped badly a few years back in Suk Soi 11 for arguing about a 80 bsht Pad Thai, me I was livid, but 2 bkack eyes and a bollocking later at work, sorted that for a while, my old boss didn't find it funny. Me mate and next boss Seb though, all the time, he's ended up being punched in Lonely Beach, Bangkok and Chanthaburi for argiung prices or touching girls. Had to carry him out of bars a lot of times in Koh Chang, soft <deleted> he is.
  10. Tottenham Thread

    Yeah, la, but when will you actually win something?? Tottingham Nextyears Sort of like the losers across the park :-)
  11. Poor reporting orginally, quick to blame the foreigner. The sad bit is that some of these places and Bar Girls and the local Somchai think they are a law unto themselves, and love to try and pad bills. When confronted they go batshit. Glad that he didn't have any worse injuries, still doubt The BIB will do anything about it though.
  12. You must have very saffron tinted glasses if you believe that load of dross that you just wrote.
  13. Tottenham Thread

    56 years and counting
  14. Eh he's obviously not a acouser. Socks and sandals, am going for a Yorkshireman. Reminds me of me ole German mate getting a slap in Chanthaburi after a night out in one of the nightclubs. Got jumped by 4 blokes for chatting up some girls. He liked a bit of LB love as well.
  15. Tottenham Thread

    Where's the numbnut smokie? He must be loving the Arsenal stuff