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  1. nataliecooke

    Life Insurance

    I would also doubt it would go to my step daughter given what we do send she uses for herself whilst the grandparents raise her. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  2. nataliecooke

    Life Insurance

    The child support would not stop as I would continue to pay for her. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  3. nataliecooke

    Life Insurance

    Thanks for reading and any advice is really appreciated. I'm an Aussie woman married to a Thai man. We currently reside in Perth. His ex wife (thai) works for a life insurance company where he purchased life insurance for his mother many years ago. On our trip to Thailand last year we discovered she has taken out a life insurance policy on my husband with the child support money he...well I...had being paying...we had no idea. We had to go to the police department, make a report and have this cancelled. Of course she received no punishment! His mothers life insurance is paid every year and is due now. I do not want to send her the money as I do not trust her to pay this. I have been told by my husband because she works for this company it will be hard to change to another employee at the insurance company, and that it would be difficult for us to pay it from Australia. The insurance company is Thai Life. Any suggestions??? Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  4. My hubby needed a replacement birth certificate as well for his visa requirements here in Australia. We went to his home town in Seka to have this done. We had to go to his school, get a copy of his school report, a copy of his parents property title and bring along two independent witnesses...so very different from how things are done in Australia. His B/C stated the same as you mentioned as well as a current photo of himself.
  5. nataliecooke

    Honest Thais

    I'm married to a Thai man and he is one of the most honest men I have ever met. He would comment though about farang men and their experience with Thai girls...it is like going to the pound...sometimes you get a good dog and other times you understand why the previous owner let them go.
  6. And western men appear to do the same! Oh and you also lose your hair and have to head to Thailand to find the love of a cat...I guess Thailand is full of strays looking for homes
  7. I have read most of your comments with interest. As a western woman I have had many discussions with my girlfriends both Thai and Western about why hoards of western men find themselves searching for love in Thailand. Most of which end up with bar girls or the likes. My husband is Thai and he puts it quite simple...It's not the western men choosing Thai woman....its thai woman choosing western men....they represent an out...they represent a chance of a new life. Would these men( most of which he classifies as old and ugly) ever get a western woman? My opinion...well....I think western woman have become lazy. They don't put their husbands first anymore. They don't cater to their needs. They are demanding and some how in the last 50 years see themselves as equal....so if I was a western man....I would be choosing a thai woman as well!
  8. Certainly much more to the story than this. At the end of the day you have to way up the advantages of living in Thailand versus the possibility of having your butt booted back home. Seems a couple of Thais ladies saw this coming and decided to pick another lonely westerner in exchange.
  9. nataliecooke

    whats so wrong with isaan girls

    At the end of the day you can not control what people think. Being a Farang female married to a Thai man we have many people take a second look at us, then ask my husband how he got a white wife....we are both educated, finically secure and love each other regardless of what country we have been born in. In saying that, the general feel amongst Thais who see a farang married to a Thai lady...well she must be a bar girl...then she must be from Issan....regardless of your situation or where she is from. Wrong I know. But guys...seeing some of you hang around the poor remote villages in issan...I often wonder if you bring it upon yourselves...or whether the small minority screw it up for you.
  10. I am an Australian Farang married to a Thai and I have two sons from a previous marriage who are 13 and 12. I am struggling to find a good international school in Khon Kaen or Udon Thani. I find the "english programs" don't even have an english speaking person to even discuss enrolments! We are planning on moving to Thailand in May and Im generally worried we won't find a school in time. Any advice/help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.