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  1. No licence, no insurance being drunk and being a clown has nothing to do with getting an MOT and Insurance! You obviously have difficulty reading English or may be DISALECASICX - I was at the TRO to GET MY INSURANCE and TAX!, the car is not a wreck and I only drive without lights during daylight hours. - go back to bed! (and the rules in the UK for an MOT on a 3 year old car have nothing to do with "protecting anyone" other than forcing people to spend money thay cannot affor on stupid technicalities... like the speed of the wipers, the speed of the indicators, you could probably take a brand new car off of the BMW production line and some "Jobsworth"at an MOT test station would find fault with it....hence the reason they give you three years grace! I could ruin a new car in a few weeks by driving it badly and make it totally unsafe, yet the UK won't check the car for three years!
  2. Up early and took the pickup down to the local TRO office to get tax and insurance, in the past the test ranges between a test drive, a brake test on their rolling road and a few years back an exhaust test that measured smoke and noise. Last couple of years there has been no emissions testing or dB level test, but they always carry out a brake test. Anyway, I was at the office for 8:45 and they still hadn't managed to get logged on to wherever they log onto using Windows '98. Left the engine running and handed over the paperwork. Bloke comes out with a mobile phone and photographs the car, goes back inside and five minutes later calls me in and I hand over the 2K something Baht, tells me to come back for the tax and insurance Friday! Never even sat in the car! I love Thailand at times, imagine the <removed> back in the UK getting their 3 year old car ready for those little Hitlers at the MOT testing station......just looking to find the slightest fault in an almost new car.................
  3. Just work it out on the basis of a basic labourer is about 300 baht per day, someone with a bit more skill, then expect to pay maybe 500 Baht per day then go and cost materials.
  4. I was waiting for to jump around doing the heel and toe to "Be Bop A Lu La" it would have been perfect.
  5. So Thai Visa is simply a "Cut and Paste"? Regardless of decency or morals or is beginning to look that way.
  6. It has nothing to with ad blocking or VPN, all of the advertisements from users have all disappeared! Yesterday there was over 60 motorbikes for sale and over 250 electrical items, if you look today there are 2 motorbikes and just about zero for every other category. A lot of people have actually paid out good money for "Featured" ads. They have all disappeared. Joke!
  7. Looks like the new TV Ads section is having yet more teething problems, almost all the ads have disappeared! Whoever wrote your code should be shot!
  8. You really are a fascist aren't you? How do you not know that today he maybe gender neutral or even a female, he may even be pregnant. Don't just assume things, he might be transgender lesbian gay baby carrying man woman neuter?
  9. It isn't anywhere near that sort of price to get someone who knows what they are doing. We had a guy that was pretty OK but he never contacted us again and we lost his details during the house build. I contacted Rentokil and for them to do a walk around spray of the perimeter of the house and a 1 off spray of the inside - plus two follow up walk and sprays (takes less than 20 minutes) They wanted 23,000 Baht!!! I bought a new Honda GX200 and a new high pressure spray pump along with spray lance and 100 metres of tubing + 6360 Bahts worth of Chaindrite (10 litres) for less than 18K - I now have it for as long as it lasts, it has multiple uses, spraying weedkiller, spraying trees etc. maybe even pressure washing. So no, I won't be bringing in anyone for that type of money. If I want someone to do the labour, I can get them at 300 Baht a day and let them use the kit.
  10. Thank you for that, very interesting and very informative.....let the war begin! Appreciated thanks!
  11. Thing is though, if they move up these tubes into the house and then you get millions of them up in your roof or wherever, then you cut off their supply tubes.....what happens next? This is what seems to be happening for me. They are stuck up in the roof cavity and it is a big dark space it is over 160 square metres foot print with a 4 metre rise at the centre. There is probably nowhere for them to go so they just start eating anything. (just guessing by the way - as they are not eating the wood only ruining the gypsum in certain areas.
  12. Thanks, I should have done that years ago, but now they are inside and I have to find a way of killing them.
  13. I have treated as much of the wood as I could and it seems like when there is little left to eat these buggers can actually go through cement! The plasterboard is not the internal stuff either, it is the waterproof external grade. Once these sods are into your house it is a nightmare getting shot of them. They actually ate very little of the plaster board, just boring random holes everywhere until it weakened it to the point where it collapses under its own weight. The sections that dropped on my head were large sheets, not small bits, I now have a hole in the ceiling outside about 1.5m x 2.4m. One more thing, the Thais like to plant bushes and trees around the house - CUT TO DEATH anything that is touching or almost touching your house, they will use it to get in.
  14. In my last post regarding how bad things come along in threes, well maybe today I may have had a bit of luck! Was at Global House going to by another 3180 Baht container of Chaindrite to try to stop these damn termites when a rather well informed (rather unusual) member of staff cam up and asked why I was buying it. When I told him the problems we were having with the termites he pointed out this product by Beger / Bayer. He was being helpful as he could have let me buy the 3180 Baht Chaindrite, but he said this stuff was better and it was 1600 Baht. Apparently you mix the 250mL. of chemical into 100 Litres of water then treat the soil / house. He said the termites eat it or spread it and it then gets back to the nest and kills them all, hopefully with a really slow painful terrible death. My Thai is not too good at understanding this stuff and my wife is useless, so if anyone has any experience of using this please feel free to chirp up and give me your two Bob's worth. My intention is to get masked up and spray all of the inside of our loft, gypsum etc. with lashings of this stuff so that if it doesn't poison the b@stards it might just drown them. Take a look at the pictures and the product sheet, let me know if you have used it with or without success. Thanks!
  15. Wouldn't have believed today, it has been somewhat of a strange bummer of a day. Been renovating a couple of rooms and putting in extra sockets, switches and the like. Anyway, I was in the roof space putting in some cables to drop into sockets, when I am up there I always give a check to the state of the wood beams and laths as our land is a termite paradise. All was good, no signs of wood damage so I was happy. Gets up today and hears a rather loud crash, often the wife will dispose of a pile of plastic or packaging by hurling it out the upstairs window so I thought no more about it. Went to go downstairs and there is about a four foot by four foot section of gypsum ceiling from out outside roof hanging off along with some wiring and light fittings. Shouts for the missus to take a look, she gets a long pole and starts poking it, so I immediately let her know that this is dangerous and probably a mans job. She gives me the pole, I poke the ceiling and lo and behold an entire 8 X 4 section complete with cables and lights lands on my head! Full of termites eating the gypsum!!!!!! Next, Tesco turns up as I am chucking chunks of broken ceiling from the first floor, goes down to pay, not really in the mood but they are nice guys. Anyway, just as they are about to leave I realise that some of the order is not there. After all it turns out that an entire case was forgotten so they had to do another 90KM round trip to fetch the missing items. All good humoured, I know the guys and they are pretty easy going.....WHO CHECKS THE OUTGOING ORDERS at Tesco Chiang Mai? Then the third PIA, Thai post turns up with my new Maktec MT230 Mitre saw, signs for it and off he goes in his almost brand new truck, he gets 30 yards and the truck is dead, 2 hours on the phone to get him back on the road. Now, I could make a separate post about tools and the good and bad, but I will just tag it on to the end of this. Not that impressed with the Maktec saw, you can get good results but if you follow the manual you will never get a square cut. The set screws for mitre and bevel angle are just bolt heads with lock nuts. You can set the saw up perfectly square in all directions and then, when you lock the rear clamp it twists the blade out of true. You can get round this but it takes a lot of time and patience and relies on you tightening everything up in a similar manner each time. This would not be repeatable between different people. If you want a compound mitre saw, probably worth you doubling the budget and buying the real Makita. If like me you can probably get a smile on your face by actually getting two 45 Angled pieces of wood to match up then, this might do you. Like I say, it isn't bad for the money but it could be a lot better, I can see a lot of the angle stops and critical lock positions wearing out quite quickly. End of today's sermon.