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  1. How on earth can this country ever hope to advance or progress as long as these lunatics are allowed credibility when they keep bringing up this ghost rubbish and spirit tripe! This is the second case in about two weeks involving the wonderful BIB, the previous one was concerning the death / murder of the French guy and the local CHIEF OF POLICE had heard and seen spirits near the police station telling him about the crime. <deleted> is it with this place? Nothing here carries responsibility, it can all be just blamed on outside or external forces, how convenient for them. The one good thing I have noticed over the years here is that the younger generation are not as willing to buy into this garbage as their parents, they do tend to knuckle down at the crunch, but they are a lot more difficult to convince than the previous generation.
  2. I am fed up of some of the stupid stuff that Windows 10 keeps coming up with. The irritation at the moment is the continual creation of a directory on EVERY hard drive on my computer that is linked to my user name (I am admin on the PC) Every single drive keeps getting a set of directories created that contain Documents, Pictures, Downloads, Music etc. all prefixed with my user name account info. I already have this garbage on my C drive and do not use it, by default I set my Docs/Music/Pics etc. to my D Drive, and my Windows is configured in a way that the main ones are stored on my OneDrive folder, also on a different drive to C: I can live with the basic setup that creates Username\Documents....etc. on the C: Drive, as it is part of the installed OS. I can also live happily with my drives configured to store all of the data to my other drive under the same username\Documents... etc. as it works pretty much OK. What really pisses me off is that after a few restarts I then find the same folders duplicated on every drive on my system all with username\documents... etc. Mostly Windows does not seem to use these drives or directories to actually store anything and most times it defaults to my own configured drive. But, every now and again especially when saving things like a PDF from the net. it just goes and saves the file on some random drive under username\documents... Then later when I look in my configured documents folder, the damn file isn't there and I have to go traipsing around looking in every drive under my username to find it has stored the file in the documents folder it has created there. Anyone know how to stop this bloody thing from doing this? Cheers!
  3. I can never understand these sick [email protected] There are thousands of working ladies around Thailand who ply their trade yet, these creatures have to go one better and pick up children. What is wrong with them?
  4. Noisy Motorbike Exhausts

    You are not wrong there! I know a young lad that was fined 1600 Baht, the bike was detained until he removed the exhaust, then the cops smashed it to bits with hammers - Chiang Mai. I agree with an earlier poster too, the constant thumping of deafening overloud Thai music is far more disturbing than the occasional blast of a loud bike. Most of it is just young kids being young kids.
  5. New RAM or new laptop?

    Windows troubleshooters are basically useless. Even getting SFC and DISM to work correctly is often impossible. Best to see if you can do a fresh install from USB, and use UEFI BIOS if possible (maybe the 6 year old board is compatible?)
  6. Whilst many of the comments are rather amusing and witty, a lot of people do not seem to grasp how serious things are becoming here with their new laws regarding computer crime. It will have the effect of stamping out any disagreements or differing opinions, effectively bullying and forcing many people to be afraid to express an opinion. Imagine the power they can have? They can basically just about jail anyone they want using this act as an excuse, from something as simple as a Facebook post, they can jail their own citizens at will. Talk about 1984 and big brother, this place is going to be worse than anything Well's dreamed up!
  7. Frenchman Confesses To Italian’s Murder

    Don't forget that old corker "plastic bag over the head" trick! A real humdinger that one, guaranteed to have everyone laughing 'til they're red in the face.
  8. Find it a bit strange they are trying to prosecute the lorry driver, as far as I recall from the original incident there was nothing he could have done to avoid the accident.
  9. QUOTE " The constable-ranked officer – 46-year-old Pol Senior Sergeant Major Cherdchai Phuchuaythuam " So he is ranked as a constable but holds the "Title" Police Senior Sargeant Major? Something is amiss he.
  10. There used to be an insurance plan available at the local government hospitals - my local hospital offered it but you had to have the Yellow Book - Hence the reason I danced and jumped through many hoops to get the yellow tabien bahn, however, by the time I got the yellow book, the option for foreigners to be put on the Thai health insurance had been scrapped. I believe it lasted for only about a year before it was done away with. Now, as posted by others, you can only get private cover. As an aside, when I was living here years ago, my wife managed to get me on the Thai 30 Baht scheme, I had a card and everything despite not having the yellow book. I used it once for some Tetanus jabs and stitches after an accident when I messed up my foot...again, this was revoked in less than a year. Despite the shortcomings and gripes a lot of us have about the systems here for foreigners, I will give them some credit. If you ever have a medical emergency the hospitals (both government and private) will treat you and make sure they do their best for you, without asking for cash up front, which is more than can be said about some of the hospitals in China. They would let you die before they provided treatment without first making sure you can pay.
  11. When you get married in a Thai Embassy abroad you will receive a couple of documents, One document is in Thai and is like a long A4 paper, it will have a listing of all of your details in one column and all your wife's details alongside in another column. It goes as far as to denote the splitting of assets if you divorce etc. (It has a basic English translation on the front side and will be handwritten in Thai on the rear). The second one is in Thai and English and is titled Certificate of Registration of Marriage, it very briefly lists you and your wife's manes and the marriage date. If you don't have these I cannot understand how you were married in an Embassy. And if you DO have these documents, you cannot get the flowery edged certificates from the Amphur.
  12. Butts Out: Smoking Ban To Hit 24 Thai Beaches

    Yeah! Killed off a lot of good bars around my way and destroyed a lot of landlords livelihoods.
  13. Hope this gets all the publicity it deserves and the end result will hopefully be Mazda loosing billions of Baht in sales! Any company that tries to hide behind legal action against a complaining customer deserves all the negative publicity it gets. Here's shooting yourselves in the foot Mazda, you dumb retards!
  14. 'Crazy' Apartment Staff lady?

    The same thing happened to me when getting my Thai driving license - I don't have a mobile and their computer system cannot accommodate LAND LINE Numbers from TOT, so in the end I just made up a number beginning with 081xxxxxx and gave them that instead - they seemed quite happy at the time. At least they haven't bothered ringing me to complain that it is the wrong number yet anyway.