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  1. These do - gooders are everywhere! They feed these filthy mutts with their usual sense of Karma and good luck, basically they believe that by doing this they buy themselves a place up front in the queue in paradise. We have a few of the same idiots that perform the feeding karma right outside the school that my kid goes to, they come along on a motorbike sidecar combo, dump a pile of crap on the road, and drive off. Within 2 minutes there is about 20 filthy mangy dogs running all over the roads trying to get a feed, running in front of traffic, almost causing accidents, chasing kids as they come out of school etc. I am not averse to dogs and cats being kept as well looked after pets, but Thailand needs one major cull of these filthy vermin and then stiff penalties for people that encourage their existence. Why don't they go adopt a dog? Get the vermin off the streets, even cooking them is preferable to seeing thewm running around out on the roads.
  2. Everything these idiots do is initially "Exaggerated" Until it becomes law! Let's see the idiot implementation of people not being able to ride in the bed of a pick up or not being able to use the rear seats of their cabs! Let's just see how long these despots are tolerated, before the ordinary people rise up and burn these scum on a pyre....where they belong! You cannot even use the old adage, no fool like an old fool, eventually it will be written that there is no fool like a Thai fool!
  3. Chiang Mai - It clearly states that no extensions will be issued without a completed TM30!
  4. It has nothing to do with clearing foot paths, it is exactly as you say, it is about money, and in another way about power, hopefully, when the internal business in Thailand that needs to be sorted out over the next few months is finally put to rest, then maybe, just maybe some of these dogs will get there just deserts, it is on the cards, just depends on the strength of feeling and the willingness to take the risk.
  5. But the fact that no one cares is now going to cost the foreigner that stays there 1600-2000 Baht, regardless of who actually is responsible, because unless you have the TM30 in your passport, you are NOT going to get any extension of stay on your visa. Never mind though, the filthy corrupt pigs have already sorted this out by allowing the foreigner to fill in a power of attourney and kindly pay the fine (on behalf of the Thai Landlord) there you go, another rip off from the land of Satang!
  6. Thanks a lot! I will give that a try - just out of curiosity, if it does not trip on direct but still trips on the leakage settings (5-25mA) when all the breakers off, where would you begin to look? Thanks!
  7. Sorry, I don't understand what you mean about tripping on direct? I assumed Direct prevented it from tripping. (Safe-T-Cut) - Does the Safe-T-Cut still trip out on Direct?? None of the breakers actually trip at all. What do you suggest? Maybe run it for a couple of days on direct and see if a breaker trips? Thanks And yes, L is still L and N is still N!
  8. SafeT-Cut Tripping -Not sure what to do with this problem. It has just started this week, after nothing in particular, no changes to anything. My house is wired via a 63A Safe-T-Cut box, the mains come in direct from the road (no breaker). The box is about 12 -14 years old and I am wondering if the box could be on its way out. Symptoms are as follows; The trip is set at 25mA and has been like this for years with no issues, suddenly this week the trip has been cutting off the power and I cannot find a reason. If you take a look at the photos, the output from the Safe-T-Cut goes into the main breaker (far left ) on the Square D box, this is a 60Amp / 10KA rating. From the 60 Amp in the square D, the power is fed to the individual breakers from 1 -12 (12 is spare). When the Safe T Cut trips, I can turn off all of the 1-12 breakers AND the 60A Breaker and yet for about 1-2 minutes, the Safe-T-Cut will keep tripping with nothing else switched on? Once the Safe-T-Cut can be reset, then I can power everything up and it works fine, I have reduced the trip to 15mA to see if there is one particular circuit that is more sensitive, nothing happens. I then run it at 5mA and again nothing trips (This is running one breaker on at a time to see if I can identify maybe one particular circuit that is leaky) I cannot get any decent results using 5 or 15mA using more than 5 or 6 breakers as eventually any combination can cause it to trip. So, we set it back to 25mA and it might run for a day or two or even three but it will go and trip again, reset and all is fine. Any ideas where to start looking? I can't understand why the Safe-T-Cut would trip when the main 60A breaker has been opened as there is only power as far as the Square D breaker. Any ideas thanks?
  9. Most of those ribbons on the white uniformed Thai uniforms are not for military decoration, they are there to mark their achievements; Brown - Able to wipe one's bottom unassisted. Blue - Being Able to do joined up writing. Green - Being able to grovel like a harping seal on the floor in presence of superiors. Gold- Finding their way to and from work on time. Wings - Accomplished boarding an aircraft without a concealed weapon (or at least not getting caught)
  10. So then, how would you stand if you had the equivalent of say 800K Baht in the Siam Commercial bank in a Foreign Currency Account? (Which I think is what the OP was originally asking)
  11. The House Owner / Registered owner / landlord does not need to go. You get a power of attourney and get them to fill it in, you need two witnesses - Immigration does not check anything here. Copy of their ID (landlord) and copy of Blue book, this then allows you, the great courtesy of paying their fine for a late TM30 (1600 Baht)
  12. Make sure that you get CASH ON DELIVERY, believe me, they will find your home!
  13. Thanks, no way am I paying 23K, I only paid 15K and that was for 3 years and included fitting all of the piping underground! I am going to give it a go myself, I just need to pick up one of those high pressure piston pumps the Thais use for spraying crops ( I can put it to good use on my fruit trees so it is worth the 5-6K Baht). I already have a Honda Engine, just need to get it running nicely again. What chemicals are you using? I have been trying to find some of that "stealth" chemical that allows the termites to walk through it and eat it etc. it then gets transferred back to their colony and kills the lot. Termidor is one brand, but I have never seen it in Thailand.
  14. Do you pump it under the concrete? I am able to buy a brand new Honda GX160 + All the pump equipment needed for less than the Rentokil one year price. (I already buy the 3500 Baht SC30) I have already got piping installed under the foundations (Black plastic with the screw in spray nozzles - the type the Thais use for irrigation). I saw most of it being put in but cannot recall whether there is a return pipe at the other side or whether the pipe is blanked off. If you are pumping under the house, what sort of volume do you fill given the area in square metres? Thanks!
  15. Hi, wonder if anyone can help? Does anyone know of a reasonable company in CM area that can carry out soil / wood treatment for termites (sub terranean) Many years ago we used a company on a 3 year contract, but lost their details. My place has the underground piping installed, it just needs a company to come and pump a suitable chemical into it on a regular basis. Also to treat the wood and the surrounding ground around the house. I would do it myself if I could be sure of the correct chemicals to use, the only one that looks suitable in our local shops is Chaindrite Stedfast (SC30) The white bottle with the orange cap. The last company we used charged around 15K Baht on a 3 year contract, they came out about 4 times per year, pumped under the foundations twice per year and ground / surface treatment every 3 months, we never had a termite problem. I contacted Rentokil and those guys want 23K to pump the foundations ONCE and treat the ground around the house 3 times with a spray! (Very expensive) Thanks.