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  1. Samsung have got their fingers in too many pies these days and they are soon going to get burned! Their quality is suffering as a result - just as an instance, I have always bought Samsung TV's, owned about 4 over the last few years without a problem. Bought a 4K UHD model, it died after 3 hours, power supply problem - Just Google Samsung failure and you will see just how many people are getting bad products!
  2. Hope she doesn't happen to be British then as she will be well and truly <deleted> in both suggestions.
  3. Indeed, I sometimes have to take the motorbike out via Hang Dong late at night or early morning - 2am ish, and everywhere in Thailand the dogs are asleep except for Hang Dong - They wait by the side of the dual carriageways to try to spring an attack!
  4. Hardly see what the fuss is about, he is flown to work everyday and flown back, he only spends 15 minutes in his car each way - He should try driving 90 minutes to work each way in motorway traffic everyday with getting up at the same time and going to bed at the same time! He has it easy.
  5. Her second name is ChATman
  6. Yes it is, my mistake it fell onto the left side.
  7. My son went out with some friends on their motorbikes yesterday and they parked up outside a shop. After putting the sidestand down my son's bike went and toppled over into his friends bike parked to his right, this in turn toppled over into another lads bike. My sons bike has no damage, the bike his toppled into has no or negligible damage, however, the third bike which happened to be a new Kawasaki 300 has bore the brunt. Now I don't mind helping out and trying to put things right but I get the feeling I am being taken for a ride as the kid whose bike it is knows I am a foreigner and we all know foreigners mean money. Apparently, this lad now wants 12K Baht to repair the damage which as far as I can gather consists of a 1 inch dent to the bike tank (8K) and some scratches to the plastic clutch guard, the right side panel and scratches to two frame sliders. He simply went to the Kawasaki dealer and priced up all brand new parts - not a price to have them repaired. What do you reckon would be the best / fair way forward? - No one here is making an insurance claim as no one has class one and of course, they are all "FRIENDS"!
  8. Depends on how far out of CM you want to go, rural areas maybe 30KM out but near good road links are about 300K / Rai, less rural, more in a small town or similar on a main road for Chiang Mai will be nearer 500K / Rai.
  9. Anyone know any tweaks that can be done to the Corsair RAM to get it to run at the advertised speed of 3200NHz.? I tried the XMP profile and the machine just hangs in less than 1 minute everytime. I can manually get it up to 2800MHz. with ab adjustment to the voltage from 1.2V to 1.35, however, at 2900 MHz. it starts getting iffy. I ran Memtest at 2800MHz for 6 hours and it is stable, I was wondering which other tweaks on voltages or settings could get it to the advertised spee,d The Motherboard is an ASUS ROG Maximus IX Code, 32GB RAM and the Intel I7 7700K processor. I was wondering if anyone had a similar setup and what tweaks they used to maximise RAM speed. Thanks
  10. Good! Step in the right direction at last - now they will start to get a feeling what it is like having to meet financial requirements - given it is only 1 million Baht, but I see Norway being at the forefront in Europe of tightening the screws on migrants. (They will probably just move to Sweden when it gets too much.
  11. Oh I don't know about that mate, back in the UK leaves often stopped British Rail!
  12. "What would have happened if it came from Shenzen?" I Have no idea, maybe you could enlighten me?
  13. Ordered a Samsung 4K UHD TV via Lazada from a company AV-MBK in Bangkok, it was quite heavily discounted. 43" UHD Smart TV for 16.7K. What a beauty when we set it up, it looked great, colours everything were the best I had seen - (Samsung UHD 43KU6000) Sadly after 3 hours it died a death. Quite surprised really as I have always bought Samsung / Sony or LG when buying TV's and Samsung have been good up to now. Anyway, after looking on the internet at the failure mode (Display stops working and it starts powering off and on) it seems that Samsung have been selling some crap these days. I would however like to put in a good word for Lazada, they have been fantastic in helping me out to make sure that this piece of junk gets returned and I get a refund. Just be wary of things that seem like a bargain.....often they are not!
  14. Thanks for that! Answers just about everything. The only issue now is regarding the disabling of certain SATA ports. Cheers for those links.
  15. Cheers, I used Aeomi once before.....never again, I totally messed up, it was a terrible interface. I plan on migrating with either Acronis or Macrium reflect, both seem a lot more friendly to use.