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  1. What is it like to live in Lamphun?

    I have heard from a couple of ex pats living over there that immigration is like an afternoon tea compared to Chiang Mai. Offices are almost empty everyday, no queueing etc. I am only 1km from the border and almost tempted to buy a place over there for that reason alone.
  2. Yes, that one changed a few years back - When I first did my extensions for the first few years the 400K had to be in a joint account. They didn't like that situation because at that time any income from the Thai spouse could be put towards your extension. So it was changed to Personal Account, and I think the two months "seasoning " came in a year or two later.
  3. They work amazingly too.....NOT! The UK Border agency use facial scanners / biometrics for all UK passports these days. I made a mistake sending an old passport photo when I renewed my passport from Thailand a couple of years back (The photo was rejected as being too old - Yes, I sent a 10 year photo with my new application that was already in my 10 year old passport - smart eh?) Well, I couldn't get my digital photos to be quite the right size so I just stretched them in Photoshop, changed the background colour , printed them and sent them as replacments. Believe me, they look nothing like me, in the photos my head is stretched like an egg, yet they were accepted and worked fine at British Passport Control. I simply think that the technology isn't there yet to do this facial recognition on a scale as large as an immigration entry point and so when the scanner cannot make the correct decision it probably defaults to having a Real Person check at the immigration checkpoint. As long as you have the same number of heads noses and eyes as you do in your passport and your skin colour is about the same, then as long as the photo is half recognizable, they will pass you through.
  4. Dilemma over a Thai ladies behaviour.

    Keep quiet, she will probably end up in the casserole, where maybe she will have tenderized somewhat.
  5. Indeed, the days of being able to flog a bike with only "invoice" papers is almost well and truly over. These unregistered machines will be fit only for scrap soon.
  6. Maybe he thought it was a bloke? Doesn't look like a young girl to me - Not an excuse, but might explain the brutality.
  7. "It was like that when I found it"

    I imagine Crossy probably thrashes them and beats them to within an inch of their lives, if not, then he should do.
  8. "It was like that when I found it"

    They are never at fault! Surely you must know that by now. To accept they are at fault would require some sort of sense of responsibility. In almost 20 years I have never found a Thai that has a sense of responsibility. It is all just Karma. Even when they wash your mobile phone in your jacket pocket and it comes out of the washing machine totalled - THEY did not break it, the washing mashine did!
  9. These utter complete fools should be paraded through the streets wearing nothing but a dunces hat, they really are a bunch of retarded fools that deprive the earth of worthwhile oxygen. They should have been fed to dogs at birth.
  10. Does anyone know if there are photo copy machines available there? Just if you try and do this at Chiang Mai Intl. you clear customs and all that is left is the immigration and the fools want a photocopy of your boarding pass! Last time I was at CM Intl departures, photocopiers were a bit thin on the ground upstairs in custom clearance. (And yes, you can ask the immigration people to help - don't be surprised at receiving a derisory look of contempt and scorn)
  11. Finding Staff

    Paid for 7 hours but tied to the job for 12. A bit like split shifts in hotels and bar work, no one wants to have to be available for 12 hours a day and only get paid for 7, maybe you should try zero hour contracts too?
  12. Taking away these moron's licences will do nothing - one, they are too stupid to even have one and two, they will just continue screwing up the roads without a licence. No, the only way to punish these shits is to make them pay money, if there is anything Thais hate and that is parting with their cash. As was said before, fine the bastards 10,000 Baht.
  13. Read this, it might help. https://www.siam-legal.com/thailand-law/thai-property-easements-servitudes-or-right-of-ways/
  14. "Funniest Guy On The Planet" - They just don't tell you which planet.