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  1. Vehicle Insurance Repairs.

    It isn't going through the insurance, I am just getting it repaired and want a place that can give me a genuine quote so I can pay a reasonable price and get a reasonable job done. I don't want some back alley shop, so somewhere that does insurance work is all I am after.
  2. Vehicle Insurance Repairs.

    Hi, wonder if anyone here knows a garage in the Chiang Mai area that can carry out some repairs to a motorcycle - some paintwork and a dent or two. I need to find a decent place that normally would carry out insurance work, somewhere that makes a nice job but isn't going to skin me alive. I need a couple of plastic parts either repairing or replacing but mainly need a dent or two fixing and a bit of spray painting. Thanks.
  3. Thai Customs and Immigration - Are They Serious ?

    Anything coming from the West seems to attract attention - and duty. If however you purchase from the East, like China, Hong Kong etc. they virtually never question it. The other problem of course is using DHL, they are probably the worst for having the receiver cough up. (I receive hundreds of items from E Bay, mainly from the East and have only ever been charged once, and that was for 5 Baht excess postage. From Europe and DHL- I received a gift of T-shirts that we were giving free to local schools, customs wanted almost 500USD for a value of 90USD, that was DHL.
  4. Yellow Book at Amphur Hang Dong - how long?

    Did my book at San Patong, after everything was signed, headman witness etc. it takes about 10 days.
  5. Humourous Cop Car.

    That looks very like the car I saw.
  6. Humourous Cop Car.

    I was travelling back from Chiang Mai city yesterday when I came upon a weird cop car. It was a pick up with the "Carryboy" type back cover fitted. It had large letters with "Police - Crime Scene Investigation" on the rear. It was a genuine cop car as it had the strange registration plates they use and there was a cop driving it. The funny thing was, written in perfect English across the rear door was the words " We Know What You Did!" in a nice smooth font. Anyone else seen these vehicles? It brightened my day.
  7. Register sons birth with the UK

    I went the registration route 15 years ago from Thailand - It cost 14K Baht back then and is unnecessary! - I did however get a British Long Birth Certificate at the time. You are correct though it is not needed and seems just a money maker for the Brit. Consul.
  8. Not sure about the driving, but it is annoying, they do it in China too. The chainsaw is a different matter, it is usually a two stroke engine and despite being lubed with two stroke oil they are prone to seizing and overheating if kept at a constant revs.
  9. The Thais I know in Chiang Mai that bought their cars in Bangkok reckon they get 20-30K cheaper deal in Bangkok.
  10. Thai News said last night that a bottle of beer was going from 50 Baht to 72!
  11. Had he ran away from the circus? Performing a sex act on himself while riding a unicycle naked.
  12. New Policy at CM Immigration?

    Don't you just love the way these rancid creatures operate? Rotten to the core every last one of them. Not an ounce of shame or morality between them.
  13. Problem seems to me that if they charge him with murder, they will have to prove he planned to kill the baby, which I would have thought would be easy for a decent lawyer to get him off with. Sure;y it would have made more sense to have charged him with manslaughter or similar, where intent is not an onus on the prosecution.
  14. Huge water bill

    Don't know what you are paying per M3 for your water, but I had a broken pipe that used over 600,000 units and the bill was only 3000 Baht - let me just say, it was pretty obvious that there was a leak as the land was flooded in a large area - however, if your pipes are 4m below the surface it could well go unnoticed. if it is a leak, just go and take a quick look at your water meter - the needle will be spinning like an aeroplane propeller.