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  1. Same here, they rejected a perfectly good printout from Google of a map showing where we lived and insisted and preferred a shitty hand drawn piece of scrawl on a piece of A4 with a biro with no Thai names, only a road number or two, crazy really, but who knows what is going on in their heads? They once accepted a photocopy of an ordinance survey map I had, I copied the wrong page by mistake and I simply put an X on where my home was, despite it being about 30KM from the correct location. There really is no explanation for stupidity and incompetence.
  2. Indeed, and it looks like he had mental health issues too, sad story.
  3. They advertise to the tourists that they will get milked!
  4. 90 Day Report - The Awakening.

    It has nothing to do with the age of passports or last entry, it is all down to the crap software that they put out! If you ever have the misfortune to deal with Chiang Mai immigration you will see that everything that they put out is just hell on earth, it has to be the worst immigration office in Thailand...people sitting outside in the rain from midnight on plastic chairs just to get in the queue! Do you really think I would not have used the online report form if their crap software had worked?
  5. Skilled Seamstress for Phoenix Phreak?

    Now there is a good idea! I never thought of Gore Tex, thanks for that, well worth looking into.
  6. Skilled Seamstress for Phoenix Phreak?

    This stuff is not Tyvek then, it is quite rough on the inner side and smooth but not slippery on the outer, I still think it is some sort of Neoprene on or impregnated onto / into Nylon.
  7. I just received my 90 day report back via the Thai Post by way of EMS - (most of the time if you don't use EMS it seems Postman Patchanuk chucks it in the bin - My local Post Office would just stick a 3 Baht stamp on my SAE when I asked for ordinary post) Anyway, since using EMS I always get the return form. This time however they put in a note: - "You can now report 90 Days Online" Well blow me, I have been trying to do this online for 3 years, does this finally mean Thai Immigration have successfully managed to install Windows 3.1, and is their copy a pirate or is it for real?
  8. British Embassy refused to do anything other than give a certificate to say they had " Seen" The documents - cost a pretty penny and is basically useless, they won't tell you this however, as they prefer to waste your time and take your cash, probably goes towards the sliced cucumber and salmon sandwiches.
  9. So, nothing has changed my view of Academics then.
  10. Skilled Seamstress for Phoenix Phreak?

    Thanks for that, I will take a look, appreciated!
  11. Another mysterious animal

    Maybe a dog getting a piggy back ride? Looks to me more like a Toktaw, yes if you grab them they will bite and refuse to let go, but they will not attack, they are very timid where there are people and will do anything to avoid contact - if you are stupid enough to grab one it will bite and draw blood, but if you clean it quickly in alcohol there will be no lasting damage - Don't ask how I know......but I still have a small scar on my thumb!
  12. Wonder If anyone knows of a skilled "Stitcher" either in Chiang Mai or Lamphun area that can repair a rather rare old tent of mine? It was made over 30 years ago, a mountain tent by the Phoenix Company from the UK. Problem is, the groundsheet has disintegrated and needs to be replaced, the material I believe is neoprene coated high grade nylon. I have shown it to a few of the local material and clothes manufacturers locally but no one has any idea as to the fabric other than it being nylon. I would like to replace it with the original material if possible, but if push comes to shove I would just settle for something available locally that is light weight and waterproof. The work involves unpicking all of the stitching from the nylon upper tent section, to remove the groundsheet, unpicking all of the cotton ties around the groundsheet that accept the pegs and replacing them too. It is not really an easy job and the local clothes places around here don't want to touch it. Anyone have any tips or contacts as to someone in Thailand that could do this sort of job? I understand it is probably way cheaper to buy a new tent, but this one has some sentimental value and I would love to get it restored. Thanks.
  13. Chemicals - Where to Buy?

    Thanks for that! Damn! I have tried Global House but never thought of Homepro, thanks a lot, appreciated.
  14. Chemicals - Where to Buy?

    Hi, I have been searching for two particular products without success here, wonder if anyone knows a seller in Thailand where I can get a hold of these? First one I need is a two part expoxy type resin, it is used on flooring, wood tables etc. It dries like a glass surface very tough with a glass like finish, it is usually poured onto an uneven surface where it is self levelling and leaves a great finish. Would be looking for 1 gallon of each as the sort of quantity. Something similar to this - https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/201978596950?chn=ps&dispctrl=1&adgroupid=13585920426&rlsatarget=pla-142405555266&abcId=&adtype=pla&merchantid=6995734&poi=&googleloc=1006524&device=c&campaignid=207297426&crdt=0 The second is expanding polyurethane foam - not premixed in an aerosol, but the two part chemicals in roughly 1 gallon sizes of each. This stuff can be mixed and injected into cavities where it expands and then becomes rigid, a type of insulation and or buoyancy aid. Like this - http://www.mbfg.co.uk/foam-materials/2513.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiAlpDQBRDmARIsAAW6-DOjyq3nGWXlMI-s6-FM7wltxIbh5tvQH1Bt9UD3USbC_J7hDBhDueMaAjqVEALw_wcB If anyone knows a supplier ANYWHERE here in Thailand it would be appreciated. Thanks.
  15. Minimising sizing of aircon

    If you undersize or oversize you will risk the aircon not doing what it is supposed to do. It will not remove humidity correctly, it could be running inefficiently wasting electric, best to try and get it as close to specification as possible.