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  1. Formaleins

    Land with No Chanote

    This type of land, if it is what I think ti is, can be transferred within your fathers family. I expect it is the type of land that must be tended and kept in good order, or the government will take it from him. Even though it has no chanote, it can often be used as a guarantee, it can often be rented out too. It is obviously not legally binding like a chanote title, but is better than nothing. We bought a 15 rai patch outside of Li for 250K about 12 years ago, it had lots of lam yai trees. We were able to farm the trees and sell the lam yai which made a few baht. After 5 years I resold it to a guy (TThai) from Li, we got back exactly what we paid for it, 250k.
  2. I am 100% sure some Thai families would be willing to help, why wouldn't they if they had the money?
  3. Yeah, when things actually work here they tend to work very well. Glad to hear that it is an easy process.
  4. Formaleins

    Phuket Immigration to launch ‘Drive Thru’ service

    The contrast between different Immigration Offices is unbelievable. Compared to many, Chiang Mai is in the stone age! Does anyone know if any of the other immigration offices still offer the Queue Online System,where appointments could be booked online for extensions?
  5. I am sure TAT will disagree and will assure us that numbers are up again as usual. There are now more Chinese people in Thailand than left in China, and they all have suitcases bursting with cash. It is a wonder that they didn't announce another tightening of the screws on visas, as the billions of cash flush tourists must be almost overwhelming them.
  6. Well, which one is it going to be then? A crowdfunding begging session or in Scouser's case, will mother be off to the DHSS for an "Emergency" Loan against her benefit claim?
  7. Half an hour on photoshop, some famous Thai landmark photos, a tasteful soft porn mag and a good VPN and you could send their computer crime squad into a burnout overdrive implosion!
  8. Formaleins

    HEVC-X265 Video, Handbrake and Plex - Help Needed.

    That is interesting (So was that movie by the way - I will have to go dig that out again - I was just watching Ryan's daughter from the same era) What I have since found out about the HEVC format is that you can actually stream it directly to the Smart TV using Windows Media Player as the media server. I found this surprising given that the HEVC titles will not even show up as video format in Plex. I always simply assumed that Plex was the most up to date player and that Media Player was actually an almost obsolete piece of software. That software you are using actually looks very similar to Handbrake, with just some modifications on the skins, I will probably take a look at that later today, if it is able to boost audio levels (which a lot of encoders cannot do) I will give it a go - thanks for passing on the info. I am going to keep on messing around to see if I can get the encoders to do what I want them to do, but given that Media Player streams exactly what I want, at least I have a way to watch the movies without any hassle. I did download another Media Player that is supposed to be ideal for my TV - It is Smartshare by LG, what a crock of junk! It is incapable of even loading up a video library directory correctly. Must be one of the absolutely best examples of how not to write a piece of software, absolute rubbish.
  9. Formaleins

    HEVC-X265 Video, Handbrake and Plex - Help Needed.

    Cheers, I have used a lot of encoders with varying success over the years and have found Handbrake and TMPEG to the best for what I need. The problem I have is the type of encoding that is the quickest / easiest that uses the least resources to convert HEVC x 265. All of the other formats are straight forward and my current software handles it no problem. HEVC is quite new and not all decoders and encoders are capable of handling it just yet, plus, most people seem to be looking at encoding into HEVC rather than what I want, which is to re encode into a different format. I have never used HEVC or 10 BIT video before so it is a learning curve for me.
  10. OK, hopefully someone on here might be able to help me out with this one. I have some video that has been packaged in the HEVC x 265 Format, there is a few Gig's in total. I can view the video no problem using Win 10 (I have their HEVC CODEC) or watch it in VLC. The problem I have is when I want to run it on my TV, using PLEX. None of this format of video even shows up in the PLEX App. Menu on the TV, it seems PLEX is not capable of running this format just yet (TV Is running the PLEX app. and using my main PC as the PLEX Media Encoder) In an attempt to get the video available to watch on the TV I fired up Handbrake and used my usual high speed 1080 x264 to try and encode it so it will work on PLEX. I managed to get it to work fine as far as audio video goes, and it runs on the PLEX Media server fine. The problem I have is the encoding - Normally when I use this preset, x264 with nothing else added other than a 10dB Audio Gain boost, it will take the original video file, usually MKV x 264 or even AVI or MP4 and re encode it around 1000FPS, so it takes very little time to stick a load of movies in a queue and run them through mainly for an audio boost for plex. When running this HEVC, x265 which I believe is in in 10BIT Video format, then it is a different matter. Handbrake takes over the PC to the point where it is almost unusable during the recode, and the Handbrake Frame rate can be anything from 60FPS all the way down to 10FPS (original I believe is 30FPS) So as you can see converting a few gigs of movies takes ages and hogs the PC. So what I am hoping is that someone knows a smart way to simply get this HEVC format into something reasonable that will run on PLEX, it does not need to be fantastic quality, it just needs to be reasonable, but if possible, to be recoded with a boost to the audio (as PLEX is garbage with audio, way too quiet) I have looked online and read loads of junk, most of which describes the opposite of what I need, i.e. there are hundreds of tutorials on creating HEVC, but not a lot on downconverting to another format. Any pointers in the right direction would be appreciated, thanks.
  11. It is to point out whose toes you are treading on if you try to get money from littering tourists.
  12. They have absolutely no concept of ANYTHING being a classic, they ruined this beer a couple of years back when they diluted it to the strength of a soda drink. Ruined! Definition of Classic - 1. judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind.
  13. I blame society, he was obviously not loved as a child, probably not given a fair chance in life and only needs a second chance. We need more social services in Britain, it is all Margaret Thatchers fault, pushed the poor hard working salt of the earth's faces into the dirt. Trod on by the rich, never given a chance.
  14. Could he be the long lost missing father of "Scouser Lee" looking for his wonderful son?