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  1. We are a couple and will arrive in Krabi on the 9th or 10th of feb 2017. We are looking forward to make a boat tour to the islands Hong islands, Koh Gai, Koh Tup, Koh Mawr, Poda starting in Krabi at the 11th of feb. Is anyone interested to join - as big group we can get better offers and eventually customize the trip. Please contact via pm with your mailadress. I'll write you. Thx
  2. visa run in February 2017 Hi everyone, our experience from the visa run - it was very uncomplicated - the link I posted at opening the thread describes how to make it. We took a red truck (songthaew) from Ranong Market to Saphan Pla (this is the pier of Ranong) - 15thb each person. Some days before we changed Thai Baht into two 10 USD bills in a bank on the way - much better currency conversion rates. We told the red truck driver that we're going to Myanmar and he stopped in front of the right pier and indicated us. Out of the truck a young guy came and asked us if we want to make a visa run and said he'll charge 250 thb for it - we agreed and he escorted us to all stations we needed to make the visa run: Photocopies of the passports - if you need money exchange - departure stamp in Thailand - arrival stamp in Myanmar - arrival in Thailand once again - the whole story took 2 hours and was uncomplicated. Highly recommend. It is true that you can only make 2 visa runs per calender year since 12/2016. You don't need a Myanmar Visa to do the visa run! Question by the way: I could see the Market in Kawthoung from the place I stamped my passport in Myanmar and could have entered the country easily without a official visa because they don't check it passing the barriers.... I don't have much experience with visas, but what happens if you enter Myanmar without a visa?
  3. Thanks for the advices, we will make the visa run via Saphan Pla in this case! If I get to know anything new I'll post it here. Bye for the moment
  4. Hi everybody, in December 2016 some things changed with the regulations about VISA runs in Thailand. The Thai immigration office itself writes that visa runs are not possible any more. We were planning to do the Ranong Visa Run following the explanations of this community member in 2013 Visa Run Ranong. We are in Hua Hin at the moment heading in direction south towards Malaysia. Does anybody know if this is possible? If not... do you have any advices? We could go to the immigration Office and pay the 1900 Baht but we would prefer the visa run as we are passing by in the correct time anyhow... Nationality Germany, February 2017. Thx and Regards