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  1. Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    Really, my Honda CRF250L would not start after 2 monts with the gasahol crap sold here, took it to dealer, they drained the tank refilled with fresh and started immediately, never use gasahol in any 2 stroke here and seals will die in days not weeks, maybe the gasahol you had was not Thai derived.
  2. Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    Where I live virtually all Caltex and PTT sell it, yellow sticker on pump.
  3. Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    That is because you use Gasahol, use real benzine and your problem will be gone.
  4. Ford unleashes first-ever Ranger ‘Raptor’

    Not where I live in Loei
  5. documents for selling a bike

    If you live here get a yellow book, then nothing needed from immigration
  6. Recommended plug and socket for near 15A

    I wish I had brought a few box's UK plug and sockets with me these Thai/US ones are absolute crap.
  7. Diesel pickup trucks only

  8. Diesel pickup trucks only

    clearly you do not watch Thai TV, nearly every day my wife tells me another gas car/van burnt out
  9. Diesel pickup trucks only

    I would not have an LPG even if it was free, I see far too many burnt out
  10. Diesel pickup trucks only

    Yes same here mine was the estate version, awsome car
  11. Diesel pickup trucks only

    All the ones with gas conversions.
  12. New Honda PCX : how much ?

    I have had both and the storage space is virtually the same.