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  1. Buying a car on a Tourist Visa

    I have had the complete opposite experience, copies of licence every time.
  2. Tourist’s car overheats, catches fire in Phu Rua

    Sounds like one of those excellent gas convertions??
  3. Police very eager to issue fines?

    Just ak for a copy . is that so hard??
  4. Lifan GY200 ------> Honda CRF250L

    No it was one of the first ones, so bad in over 5 years I only did 2500 Kms on it.
  5. Lifan GY200 ------> Honda CRF250L

    I was pleased to get rid of my CRF the vibrations even only 10-15 Kms was enough to give me terrible tingling/numbness in my hands, added bar ends but no better, have a Yamaha Aerox and night and day better for my use as a local runaround.
  6. Police very eager to issue fines?

    They need money for food, their pay is crap.
  7. What is the BEST CAR BATTERY?

    oh dear always 1 idiot?
  8. What is the BEST CAR BATTERY?

    my batteries always last over 6 years and have never opened my bonnet, complete BS waste of time,just keep them topped up.
  9. Chevy Trailblazer - replacement battery

    Just get a GS Hybrid battery all this must be OEM sounds complere BS
  10. Breakfast Buffets

    Only 1 on their website and only 1 on Agoda ??????????
  11. Breakfast Buffets

    Well only 1 according to their website, so clearly you have not tried it, one of the best Buffet Breakfasts in thailand in my opinion
  12. Breakfast Buffets

    Is there a Centara in Pats?? the one in Udon Thani does a superb buffet 295 baht.
  13. Best Truck Ford or Toyota!

    And Toyota far better resale values by a country mile
  14. Best Truck Ford or Toyota!

    This is Thailand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!