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  1. Moto GP to debut in Thailand next year

  2. Why don't they...?

    BMW has had them for years
  3. Moto GP to debut in Thailand next year

    will be utter bedlum, far from ready for such an event
  4. AMEX at Service Stations?

    Caltex accepts Amex as well as giving 1 card points
  5. See my post 46 what else????????????
  6. Just stamp on them much easier?
  7. Pattaya urine drug tests all around the city, why ?

    Yes should be done every where get rid/reduce the druggy scumbags.
  8. The black scorpions are relatively harmless, small sting like a wasp, the worst ones are the little grey ones, hurt like hell for a couple of days, none life threatening here.
  9. Looking for Floor Mats.

    Tesco Lotus have a large selection
  10. valves and guides.

    When I used to race TZ Yamahas with the same barrel finish, you measure the bore and buy the piston to fit, they were available in 1 thou increments after four new pistons they replaced with new barrels.
  11. IDP vs IDL to drive in Thailand

    No 90 days max , if you stay longer you must have Thai licence or NO INSURANCE
  12. Civil Servants holiday and immigration.

    Immigration are not civil servants, they are part of the Royal Thai Police
  13. Yes they can order from head office in BKK
  14. Pajero 2017

    Finally got a reply from Mitsubishi, quote not available in thailand.
  15. Buy a Pajero Sport and save 500000, ford is so overpriced