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  1. Good. I find Thais to forget too quickly, far too quickly, so I wouldnt be surprise if a bit of wai-ing, and some conveniently third party produced TV special, ironically to be air on the original channel but hey another company no problem, of say touring klong toey slums and then 'he good man, before he bad make mistake, but now he good man, he give food to poor, jai dee'.. blah blah blah You don't have to be Max Clifford to fool these people..
  2. Is the bystander driver in the car in the middle lane well enough to attend the shake hands and wai each other session yet?
  3. Ha.. was the driver behind obeying the 2 seconds rule: It is important that you keep a good distance between you and the vehicle in front. You may remember the 2 second rule. Clearly not. It seems he got milliseconds and seconds mixed up Lol Thailand
  4. A few weeks ago I posted about the small dog problem, I think with improved fencing this is sorted now - i havent seen any dog crap for a while, but now I have the cat problem as they just climb over, small narrower craps. Is a large catering bag of chilli powder the most cost effective and just sprinkle this every day? Or is it better to buy cayenne pepper.? Context: fencing is sorted, glass bottles didnt nowt, sonic repellent goes off multiple times a day but seems to obv have no effect on the cats,
  5. ladada

    AIS Freedom Unlimited

    It's a pre-paid package, not an add-on, it auto-renews... I think... I switch my pre-paid to this promo and then it deducts 99+vat a week unless Im mistaken? I have no other fees beyond costs outside of package allowance. Addons are listed on a seperate page. I have a prepaid ais number.
  6. ladada

    AIS Freedom Unlimited

    Am I reading this correctly? http://www.ais.co.th/one-2-call/promotion/en/freedom.html So that's eseentially 11gb max speed 4g per month for ~440 baht per month? plus the free calls and free wifi. That beats any post-paid deal on any network as far as I know? Whats the catch?
  7. ladada

    Vacuum dust bags in bkk - imarflex

    All the ones on lazada say 'ship from abroad' so probably same sellers as aliexpress. That looks indeed like the best bet now. Shocking they sell stuff here like that. I bet there's thousands of thais with several year old vacuum bags none the wiser just full of minging crap. Lol, i mean how many cheap bag based vaccum cleaner get sold every day across homepro, powerbuy, index, etc.. infact i may even got mine free with a tele i cant remember, so thousands could be millions.. unbeliveable
  8. ladada

    Vacuum dust bags in bkk - imarflex

    Okay so maybe there isnt a specific model, maybe it takes any old bag It came with one dust bag and one paper bag, and Ive used (lightly) it several months now I thinks its time to change, whats the difference Dust bag looks similar to this: http://www.lazada.co.th/vacuum-cleaner-cloth-dust-bag-00015-filter-bag-gray-9042781.html?ff=1 And paper bag similar to this http://www.lazada.co.th/dualx-vacuum-cleaner-kraft-paper-dust-bag-set-of-15-packs-18656267.html?ff=1 Im way in over my head here..
  9. Where does one buy replacement dust bags for a small vacuum clear? I have this but it only came with one spare http://www.central.co.th/en/g/เครื่องดูดฝุ่น-imarflex-รุ่น-vc-911-สีน้ำเงิน Central doesnt seem to sell them, cant find them online neither,
  10. How do other countries in the region compare in these specific areas? Loss of face - from how do they respond to constructive criticism such 'do it this way due to x reason' on the job, to making things better - let's improve this process, to something as casual as waiting for a taxi and shaking your head at some idiot reversing up a busy highway due to a miss turn and then for all hell to break loose due to falang shake head.. Entitlement - Issues like Lo and behold - man who threatened bank employees who came to repossess car is a cop, to Ayutthaya car crash trial postponed as Jenphop testimony postponed again, to the Red bull guy, to the 7 suspects in the killing of a handicapped bakery delivery man plead not guilty. Corruption - Infrastructure projects that are a merry go round of feasibility studies to meeting of understanding whilst nothing ever delivered in big cities, across the board to the useless paid village header in the jungle. Faith in the law - Probably encompasses all the above I get this stuff affects all counties including western super powers, but in what degree and visibility and in what direction is it getting worse.. Specifically counties like vietnam, cambodia, laos, myanmar, indonesisia, and malaysia (maybe seperate east & west?)
  11. And another story we'll never know what happens in the end. Thai journalism hasn't quite grasped 'follow up' yet..
  12. ladada

    electricity payment leniency period?

    I don't know the exact leniency period is but let me tell you it is a ballache to travel to the nearest MEA office, queue for bloody ages, ages - i have no idea what they are doing there, hand over 1k+ to someone that doesnt know ka or kup, and then 3hrs later your back on. Never again. Btw, if your outside the date on the bill you can still pay a 7/11 for 7 days longer for a I think double the service fee.
  13. Reciprocation is good. Bring on the the 5 quid ATM fees for thai card holders abroad.. Surrounding countries (where the ATM is either free or max about 100thb - malaysia) should be the first to stick the boot in
  14. This is just the tip of the iceberg... Benefits today? Consequences tomor.. transmission interrupted... Deal-complete Note to falang sponsors: If you ever set your thai GF with a restaurant, bar, massage parlour, clothes shop and at some point acquire credit card processing terminal then make sure you stress the dangers, under no circumstances process cards of behalf of friends "businesses", or worse someone they've never really met offering some blinding deal to run transactions - like you keep X%.. Infact, just tell them they're not having a cc terminal..