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  1. Interesting, so it's a culture mindset of not waste anything rather than direction of the bar owner, I guess that's going to be hard to change. Have you considered a sign 'Flat mixer? Tell the manager and your drink is free' and then take the drink price off the wages, should be easy to verify with cctv, if there's one thing that will influence them and of which they seem to have no problem understanding is money out of their pocket. I observed a similar act to the reusing of flat mixer with draught beers in an unnamed well known bar, the overflow when changing kegs sits there in a glass under the bar for a while then goes into the next customers pint with a fresh top up. Although to be somewhat fair they do throw them down the sink if its been there for a very long while so at least they are somewhat aware, still .
  2. You'd have to take out candy crush and line TV first..
  3. Lol. Can one really trust NPL figures? I know plenty of thais with cars taking so much of their disposable income that I'd caution against it even if it was repayment mortgage on their ideal home. Lending criteria? Not a problem.. You buy the rip off life assurance annuity and we'll carefully guide you through all neccessary formalities.. I promise, but wire me 5,000baht deposit to my bank first. <wai emoji> on line app ka..
  4. Cheers, Looking at If I buy a 50baht AIS sim and register it, I can buy this off-contract from AIS for 8,900baht? and then stick any other sim in it?
  5. Was the Samsung A3 2017 model withdrawn? I cant find any reputable sellers, and AIS shows as sold out on all purchase options, I found it listed on 11street but at significant discount by a power seller named just 'T' which doesnt inspire confidence. I'd like to check IMEI first by seeing the box so I know its not a fake. Any other decent less than 5" phones available in Thailand that are 2017 models? I don't want a small tablet in my pocket..
  6. The problem with that is there are many people with same name, esp when debit, I've met countless "SCB DEBIT PLUS" and "BE1st VALUED CUSTOMER", more popular than John Smith
  7. They seem to have stopped doing this although the disclaimer still litter the checkout pages of most airlines, i've not been asked in the last 10+ flights on various directly booked airlines, possibly they still do when the card isnt second stage authenticated (is there a better phrase) by Verified by Visa or Mastercard Securecode or SMS OTP for thai banks as I think with these the merchant is indemnified from charge backs due to fraud/theft so they dont care, I could be wrong. It would seem in this instance the OP card wasn't second stage authenticated though.
  8. Unless you are expecting to be mugged during your inbound travel, travelling with 10k or alternative major currency (+15% for volatility and incase they use an airport rate for conversion ) seems pretty damn safe. Western union would expensive in fees and you'll have to queue behind all the good folks sending release fees to Nigerian royalty and Syrian oil tycoons.
  9. Taxis to pattaya/hua hin arranged by 4/5* hotels in bkk do this too, despite telling the desk - tell the guy to fill up first .. It's very annoying.
  10. The buffet car on ETS does not sell alcohol, and Ive never seen it on sale at any station in Malaysia, I suspect its banned. Last time I was able to get a beer in Malaysia on a train was Pedang Beasar to Butterworth on the old thai trains that no longer run when occasionally one of the staff would have a side earner selling large changs for 120baht but even faded out last few journeys.
  11. On the ETS from KL to Padang Beasar book two seats next to each other, tickets are cheap and guards have no problem with this. The seats are extremely narrow, legroom okay though, suspect 16" wide, so if you get a big dude sat next to you its a very uncomfortable trip. Forewarned, the buffet card on the ETS only sells sugary 2 in 1 coffee and its more sugary than thai versions, meals are reasonable - microwaved curries for 100baht - chicken tikka sandwiches for 50baht. Dont book row 4, as no window. row 1 doesnt seem to have any extra neither. You can book ticket online at ktmb and print your tickets. VIP Bus from singapore to KL seems the best bet as need to change trains too many times. There a booking site with reviews, they all seem to have big seats. Padang Beasar to Hat Yai there a 80baht train which you buy tickets at the station for. There's only one or two a day and not all ETS trains match up with this schedule, in those scenarios immigration at the station is also closed and you have walk over the bridge and go through the main road immigration, not much fun when raining, then you can get a red bus (station just up from the police station) to hat yai for 40baht If me I would fly from HatYai to BKK, thai smile probably the best airline from Hatyai with reasonable price, the novelty of thai trains fades quickly when you experience the delays, minging toilets and almost zero station facilities
  12. File? Are you talking about an online booking? where she logged into your account on the airline website and you had previously ticked 'store my credit card details for future flights'?
  13. Can I get re-entry permit at airport 3 days into an TR 30day visa extension? I have a one-way flight home at the last day of TR visa extension, and Ive had more than my share of extemptions and TRs since 2016 to the point where refusal could be likely , unexpectedly I have some friend visiting Vietnam and I'd like to fly out and meet them tomorrow. I was figure a re-entry permit would be safer than chancing yet another exemption on way back in and then all the cost of having to rebook flight home if refused. Presuming re-entrying on a re-entry permit doesnt raise any flags as that hurdle with final date has been crossed?
  14. Well some people drink san maguel light so someone drinking corona isnt all too surprising,... Each to their own.
  15. Sadly for many of those 1,500 people this wont be the first time they've been scammed and it won't be the last, and even though this event is over thai social media, the next pyramid scheme with a different name will pull a near identical fraud, it's such lucrative business scamming thais since they have no desire to learn from the past Part of the job falang boyfriend is the anti-scam enforcement role.. No - your not signing up for a work from home scheme that will earn you XXk-XXXk baht per month after paying somchai on lineapp the $K training fee, No - your no buying some crap life annuity from your friends sister on whatapp that comes with a free 5k shopping voucher, No - we're not helping that old lady get back to Ayutthaya, no - your not paying just 200baht to learn to make millions on thai stock exchange, No - not that multi-level marketing cosmetic scam again, No - we've been through this work from home stuff six months ago, No - we're not signing up and certainly not signing up friends because we can a free 1st class flight to Soeul.. Rinse.. Repeat..