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  1. When you consider that, for so long, this country's ruling family concentrated on plundering all possible financial avenues, doesn't it follow that every one starts to think that it must be OK for them also
  2. gazza4

    Wife killed shielding mother from bullet

    Oh well, here we go. What will be, will be. (Doris Day?) I cannot handle any religion. Even the ( pure)religion, Buddhism, has been sullied. Is there any sympathy in American hearts for the number of Muslims their government has killed killed over the past years, and continue to do so. Is there any possibility that the Israeli/Palestinian situation can be considered, by, at least some Americans, as the basis for the ongoing disaster.
  3. Can I be first on your second hand, even though we don't know each other?
  4. I Am trying, so hard, not to lead it down any further.
  5. gazza4

    Damn Bangkok Taxies!!!

    I have not used a taxi in Thailand for about 15years. They don't want me. I certainly don't want them. Hey, the bus service is so good.
  6. Did you say unpunished alleged insider trading?
  7. I have been told that racism is banned from this forum. Must be the old "double standards" Touché
  8. gazza4

    Miss Tiffany 2017 - all these beautiful women were once men

    Me again. I cannot bring myself to address Thai males as men. I'm sure it's an insult to us real men. Ok , many reach puberty in their early 30's and turn out to be great blokes, once they forget about losing face. Before then, however, they get free admission to my UTM Hall of Fame. Uneducated Thai Males.
  9. any license plate numbers available?
  10. and what has has happened with his statement that he was being paid Bt50k a month as a consultant to a Thai brewery?
  11. gazza4

    Sunsets And Sunrises

    Thanks again
  12. What about a world movement to pressure the likes of Dubya , Cheney, Rumsfeld, Blair, Howard and don't forget the Israelis to donate to a "Restore the world" fund. Or, should we just leave it to our illustrious leaders to do it all again. It's too obvious that Nth. Korea are next in line. Who will be the lucky country? Oh, and let's not forget the Saudies. They obviously have some unfinished business. Maybe they are still expecting compensation for their "martyrs" who skilfully piloted those planes full of people into buildings also full of people. Reminiscent of Hiroshima and Nagasaki when you think about it.. Hey all you rocket scientists and brain surgeons out there !! What about humanity?
  13. I think it is fair to say that Thailand is not lawless. There's just no-one here interested in enforcing the existing laws. Too many pecuniary interests.