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    car is costing a lot on fuel ...advice

    Sorry but you are wrong. Goes completely against engineering science. E20 has a lower octane rating which means it has to burn more to obtain the same power output as 91 or 95 octane so to obtain better mileage is impossible!!! Just ask any engineer.
  2. How does anyone with a tatt like his on his face get out of Sweden and better still how does he get into Thailand. Surely anyone thats working in immigration must do a double take on seeing that tatt? Tor example he looks like a bikie and nearly all bikie's are crims.

    Where's the best/favourite breakfast in Bangkok?

    There is only one German Pub.

    Where's the best/favourite breakfast in Bangkok?

    Big breakfast at the German Pub in Sukhumvit cheap too.
  5. My friend had severe gout, he had to avoid all animal proteins. All fixed within a few months, except he discovered tomato's set it off too. Avoid all food that contains purines.

    car is costing a lot on fuel ...advice

    You did not check it properly. 95 has more energy as its a higher octane.

    car is costing a lot on fuel ...advice

    E20 is not efficient. Use the top grade fuel for the best economy.
  8. because he doesn't know better.
  9. I always find one taxi get his mobile number and call prior to make a tentative booking has worked so far.
  10. People will never learn. This guy will get a few years as per Ferang's in court as against rich Thai's. What beats me is why do people drive after drinking. The fact that your insurance will not pay up if your over the limit should be deterrent enough. Its going to be very expensive for this Scouse if he has any money to be got. All I can say is 'How stupid can you be" ?

    Phuket school assembly disrupted by parked car

    What happened to the common Thai practice of leaving the car locked but in neutral and it can be pushed out of the way when necessary?
  12. Cause of death is most likely to be choked on own vomit especially being found in that position. Don't know about her she must have passed out and woke up in a drunken stupor. Very strange, I suppose the cops in Pattaya have seen it all now.
  13. Drunken accidents are hard to believe sometimes. Seems incredible he could not have wrapped something round his arm his shirt would have done to form some pressure to slow the bleeding until he got help. Many years ago a friend of mine came home very drunk and tripped over a coffee table as he walked through his lounge and fell. He fell in an awkward way he basically sat down right on one of the coffee tables legs. Yes it went right up his anus and killed him.
  14. You should have disembarked from the cruise ship at Pataya and not messed up your one re entry ...... Hindsight is a marvel.