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  1. Pattaya court goes online

    Thailand enjoys photo ops with their latest innovations so they can gain face but once the reporters go home, the innovations are secondary and often forgotten or "delayed."
  2. Accused of Lese Majeste - What should I do?

    Paid my way back in.
  3. Accused of Lese Majeste - What should I do?

    Been talking to my close confidantes and the results are: Thais: Get the F--- out now (as in tonight!) before vigilante group of 500 angry people comes to your door. They claim other Thais would indeed go rogue and cause a stampede without giving it a second thought. No vigilante will ever be charged with violence. Police vs. Angry Royalist. Forget it. Falangs: Lawyer up. Make complaint. File papers. Get papers date stamped. Get police to work with you.
  4. Accused of Lese Majeste - What should I do?

    Have you read of any cases where this neutralised the accusation? Please share any relevant sources. Thank you. I don't want to be like this guy: http://www.khaosodenglish.com/news/crimecourtscalamity/2016/10/18/chonburi-man-beaten-mob-royal-defamation/
  5. Accused of Lese Majeste - What should I do?

    I work for a company that posts our location, photo, and work email on their website so it's easy to gather the personal information. Looking at the 2 previously posted videos above, I'm scared for my life as authorities have an obligation to investigate all lese majeste complaints and I highly doubt anyone in authority will go to bat for an accused foreigner. The cases are tried by the military junta so I fear there is no chance for me to get a fair hearing. Thais sometimes make confessions as it halves their sentence (70 years to 35 years) and they get frustrated sitting in jail with no bail awaiting their hearing.
  6. I believe I am being pranked. By who, I don't know. Someone is creating social media profiles in my name and writing lese majese defamatory postings. Not sure if I should pack up now or wait and see. At this point, I'm scared looking over my shoulder but I have a family, business, and other investments in Pattaya. I am not a troll. Real person with a real problem.
  7. Ghost town

    Wait until it gets cold in Euro, Russia, and N. America. It's still beautifully warm in some parts of the world. The other reality is some people are going elsewhere. Simply fed up with the fakery and Thainess.
  8. Reading this forum fences in just some of the violent stories occurring right here in Thailand (heaps more go unreported). I speak with hundreds of Philippine based expats (many are former Thai based expats). They surely can't all be lying about their newfound happiness?
  9. I was deported 2 months ago and I do not miss Thailand. Great to be with my parents, likely for the last time. My plan is to move full time to Philippines. The expats I speak with are very happy. With 7,400 islands, English everywhere, an extendable visa for little money, it's the place to be. I'm 100% sure many Thai based expats feel stuck. They cannot leave nor feel better about where they are. I should have left in 2014. From then on, I began feeling too uncomfortable in Thailand. *I do miss my close friends but social media and Skype enables us to talk as clear as if we are in the same room.
  10. Money was not the problem. I didn't like all the hoops for the scam/loophole education visa so I decided to overstay. I've been in Thai for 15 years but had enough of all the friction and decided to accept my overstay and ban. Now I'm headed to another country where the people are very welcoming and aren't always doing stupid things. There are other options and I felt stuck in Thai. I was becoming a moaner. I also speak fluent Thai but do not like speaking or hearing the language anymore. Off to Philippines. Everything is so easy there.
  11. I spent 3 nights in police station jail because I was arrested on Friday and 1 night in IDC in Bangkok and then 1 night locked in a paddy wagon outside the airport for 9 hours with no toilet. An adult girl and I both had to pee in separate bottles. Glad it was only pee!! We were locked in the wagon outside with a 14 year old Vietnamese girl.
  12. I have a 10 year ban for overstay of 444 days and being caught. My stamp is all red and looks different. However, if Thailand doesn't want to help me spend my money, I know other nearby countries that are very keen. The girls are very pretty there too....
  13. American man found hanged in Pattaya

    Yes. I sent the company an email with no reply.
  14. American man found hanged in Pattaya

    I knew this Tony Klang from the expats club. We discussed cruises in great detail and he was an avid traveler some years ago. Business wasn't what it used to be and he was just dwindling away without doing anything to improve his situation. I have been there too where I had already had big success in the business world and when it crashed, I became impoverished while doing nothing to change my fate. When I was penniless, a kind Thai took me in and we lived together 1 year and 3 months. It was rough at times but my new business took off. I had the choice to stay in Asia or return to my homeland for the summer. Some people DO NOT have choices, food, hope, and have debts. Sorry to see the end of Tony Klang but some people do not have the luck that I did.
  15. Farewell Pattaya

    I can be happy anywhere as long as there's regular girls that are interested in meeting me. Not bar girls. I've been to CM a few times and the student body did not seem to look in my direction. I felt maybe it's a faux pas to go with farangs up there?