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  1. Thank you. Bumping this up as it's today and every Sunday from 3-9pm. Many happy people in the park.
  2. Coincidentally I see this today as a friend just left town with a girl from Uganda on a 3 night road trip.
  3. New York Pizza in central Pattaya on 3rd road. Nothing compares. They deliver.
  4. Inside the department store itself. Is there another shop that you know of just before the escalators?
  5. Big C extra Pattaya Klang 300 baht. Sorted. Thank you.
  6. Have you had to buy a picture frame lately? Where did you find nice quality/best price? Thank you.
  7. Nearly every hotel lobby has a western toilet.
  8. Over in Naklua is a shop opposite Banglamung post office on soi Sawang Fa that sells more blades than I've ever seen, including the basement of Tuk Com (which has a healthy collection).
  9. Start here. 500 baht/night. Close to everything.
  10. My favorite toilet is at the Avian hotel lobby (formerly Marriott) on 2nd road. Clean, aircon, and has a bum gun (water sprayer). I've gone to that toilet in good times and bad. :)
  11. Great reply. 555. The 1 person I saw was extremely welcoming and shook my hand. He said: "As-salāmu ʿalaykum (is a greeting in Arabic that means "peace be upon you".)."
  12. Not only Thais. I went to the Muslim prayer room which provides towels, shower, and soap (as many Muslims shower before prayer) and there was someone sleeping on the carpet. I brought a change of clothes knowing there would be a clean toilet and shower available.
  13. Bumrungrad hospital is the solution. No purchase necessary. Provides many floors offering a nice view with free coffee, tea, water, toilets, wifi, peace, quiet, cleanliness, various forms of padded seating, centrally located, and an inexpensive canteen packed with pretty nurses.
  14. I too cycle every day. I cycle very very slowly. It's the only way to avoid the same type of accidents you describe.
  15. A friend was at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital 2 years ago nearing death. The doctors explained you could die here in the hospital and you'll be at the funeral in 2 days or die at home and then it's off to Bangkok for storage and autopsy. He chose the latter and it cost his family a lot of money for all this over 3 weeks. Then he was finally cremated at a temple on Pattaya Klang and all costs were under 4000 baht. When his body was shown briefly, he looked nothing like how I remembered him just 3 weeks prior as he was in a fridge the whole time.