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  1. (Policeman's diary on the case) ---> "Dear diary: Jackpot!"
  2. Brilliant post! I am age 45 and have already had 15 glorious years in Thailand. Next stop Philippines for I hope the next 35+ years.
  3. On my arrival in Pattaya, an expat warned me that Thais always win, farangs always lose. I went to a laundromat that offered a monthly special of 80 pieces for 500 baht, all written in English language with the shop's phone number. At the bottom of the ad, in Thai language only: the offer must be used within 3 weeks of the start date or customer forfeits the balance. The English speaking Thai owner said nothing about this when I paid. All to say, I was told I would have to pay again at the end of 3 weeks. I protested that I cannot read Thai and the English speaking owner could have warned me. I used software on my phone to call the owner 50 times a day on auto repeat. There is no charge for the calls on VOIP. The next time she saw me, she gave me the extension to use up my credit. Fight fire with fire.
  4. woman's body washed up at Jomtien this morning

    I saw a drowned woman's body on the beach in front of the Dusit hotel fitting your description. The locals said she was homeless and lived on the beach. There was a small crowd of people that looked homeless forming around her and most seemed to know her. She was fully clothed and her hair was still wet. She looked very peaceful. The ambulance came and took her body away. This was at 7am and the body was laying right by the steps from the hotel to the beach. Fortunately, at that early hour, few tourists were around. From then on, it was impossible for me to go to that end of the beach and not think about her.
  5. Is it only me or would you like to see a pack of Thais take on a midget black belt and get their asses whipped by 1 person? 555
  6. Maybe in a new line of work?
  7. Who here thinks Cook cuts a deal and is back in Pattaya sooner than later?
  8. In my opinion: 1) She was resisting arrest. The police are only doing their jobs. They should have handcuffed her and tacked on more charges. Who does she think she is? Spoiled brat. 2) These laws show how dangerous Thailand really is. Behind the smile is the danger. It's when you can't see past the smile that you are most prone.
  9. 1) Thais will never be charged. 2) Foreigners are encouraged to pay a lesser bribe when caught. Both sides leave happy. See jet ski scam.
  10. My experiences rubbing shoulders with HA has always been very supportive and they had nothing to really gain from me. I went to their official bar in Pattaya and the owners (big scary guys - haha) were very welcoming and warm. I'm very short, drive a small white motorbike, and have small tattoos nobody can see so I don't think they were hoping to recruit me. The other time was at their 2 boxing fund raisers at Boxing World. They all greeted me and ensured we were all comfortable in our seats.
  11. Car Hire on Samui

    I would like to recommend this company. Bernardo was very helpful. https://olalathailand.com/
  12. Call the owner Niels Colov. His phone number is publicly listed on his website.