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  1. I can be happy anywhere as long as there's regular girls that are interested in meeting me. Not bar girls. I've been to CM a few times and the student body did not seem to look in my direction. I felt maybe it's a faux pas to go with farangs up there?
  2. While the price would be higher than a curbside laundry, any large hotel would surely provide such a service.
  3. 19 September 1951 – 23 June 2013 As the 4th anniversary of rocker Darryl's death in Pattaya nears and that there's sadly very little mention of him online since, I wish to post / create this memorial to my friend Darryl. If you have anything you would like to add, please feel free to do so. There is plenty of information on Darryl's pre Pattaya success that you could find in a simple Google search (such as recording an album with one of The Doors). At the very least, perhaps people would like to post photos and/or memories of Darryl here. Thank you.
  4. The real estate and commercial developers such as Harbor know something regarding the future of Pattaya. Many people know what's coming down the pipe but it's not being openly discussed. There is no threat of Harbor closing. There's very good reason why Terminal 21 is on the way too. Stay tuned.
  5. I'm sure people will look back on 2017 and remark "now those were the best of times!"
  6. It's all for attention. If you were a little Asian boy, you do what you can to stand out.
  7. Thai man with total freedom: "How is your wife and my kids?"
  8. Wattana on Pattaya Klang opposite Harbor Mall offers 300-400 baht in house or 600 baht as a service call.
  9. Could anyone please recommend a technician who makes house calls? I know about Tuk Com, Wattana, and Harbor Mall. I always like using freelancers by recommendation. Thank you.
  10. Thank you. Bumping this up as it's today and every Sunday from 3-9pm. Many happy people in the park.
  11. Coincidentally I see this today as a friend just left town with a girl from Uganda on a 3 night road trip.
  12. New York Pizza in central Pattaya on 3rd road. Nothing compares. They deliver.
  13. Inside the department store itself. Is there another shop that you know of just before the escalators?
  14. Big C extra Pattaya Klang 300 baht. Sorted. Thank you.