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  1. After a few years it will be straight forward. Its not that complicated - and I do the marriage extension, far more tricky. Just get a checklist and complete the items. It's not pointless. It keeps an army of bureaucrats employed in pensioned jobs shuffling paper in 26c degree office.
  2. This is a horribly I can and do eat Thai chilli's all the time. No idea what the drama is here. Straight up raw as well, with cabbage, ginger and issan sausage. Horribly written article.
  3. Effective pollution masks N95/N99/P95/99

    Siam? Thailand??
  4. Yes, the drama and fake news. It could all end tomorrow, couldn't it?
  5. It's all dead and gone anyway. Let em have at it. It's not just idiot tourists. Dive boat operators and baby divers worst offenders. Even the Marine ecosystem in the most remote parts of Indonesia is on borrowed time.
  6. Even more hilarious is when they have guys overseas on a string. When they come to visit they don't expect to pay their"girlfriend" (!). So, the girl is holed up for two weeks with some guy she's never met - no income. Can't go outside to work. Oh the days
  7. This was cute, about twenty years ago. If the girls are smiling it's to humor you genius.
  8. Caucasian or Middle Eastern, but mostly the latter. Well, really all of the latter. 5000 men. Interesting. If she'd taken up with a scant ten percent 500 have known her intimately. VIP introductions - 98% of the men that visit Thailand are not VIP. Thailand is known to cater to the contrary. Considering this may involve prostitution and human trafficking, Thai authorities should have a laser pointed on this gig.
  9. Tabasco is amazing. It's worth having about. Sriratcha I find gross. Thai don't eat it. I will say it's far better than that disgusting cheap orange sauce. How did this ever happen in Thailand?
  10. I've no special affinity for American brands, in fact I avoid them. European jams are always betters than American. I only buy western food as a total treat, therefore I also only pick it up when it's hugely discounted. Further, I buy that I fancy when it's on sale. So, if chocolate is no on sale, I won't buy it until it is. I only buy cookies discounted. Same with cheese. I avoid Casino brand. Despite the French arrogance toward food, all Casino brand foods are rubbish. There are a number of foods I won't buy discounted at big C. Often it's spoiled product (cheese, meats). I'm tired of being ripped off. Don't buy dented cans. We've all heard the drama about boutilism but I've actually seen an expanded can at xxxxx. American processed foods are utter crap. Heinz ketchup that lasts a year is about the only must have murcan food on my list although I sometimes buy fire Cheetos for long plane flights .
  11. Have you left Thailand ?

    Filipino men are very jealous and have huge inferiority complexes. The women will think nothing of blackmailing you placing you in serious Jeopardy for chump change all in league with club owners, foreigners and police. The nation is an absolute basket case. The reason 10% abroad is there is 40% unemployment. The quality of goods is poor and experience, much like India. I've absolutely no respect for any Filipino male I've worked with here in Thailand and 90% of the women. The entire nation is not very clever. I friend once told me the avg IQ was below 90. Average. Most of all, it's just a nation of very desperate people. Most of the women lose their looks after their first kid (17-18) or 23 which ever comes first. Angeles city if we were honest is indentured servitude.
  12. Have you left Thailand ?

    Pokara is crap. Was there few years ago. Pollution, plastic, lake is dry. Funny how everyone knows to stay the hell out of the Philippines.
  13. Retirees in Thailand

    My first trip at 32. I'd no real interest in Thailand, in 1992 it already felt done. I enjoyed the next decade bouncing around Cambodia, Lao, Myanmar, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and N. Pakistan. Ten years later I was softening. Cut my circuit to half those countries added States and started visiting my parents annually. Used Pattaya as an off season base from 2003-07 until influx of Russians and young British thugs showed up. Started spending all my time in Thailand on islands in the Andaman in high, cool, dry season and travelling other countries during low season. Met my wife. Decided to settle, it became a thing, then 2.5 yrs later a marriage. Few yrs later I decided to teach English bc I could not afford both of us not working. Then, if I'm stuck in BKK might as well work. I'll retire from school (2nd career I guess) in a few years. I'm winding down investments, moving money, planing for early social security. Finish up 60-62. I respect and enjoy Thailand but it's a hot and cold running affair. Thailand is no longer cheap, it's just cheaper than US. I'm floored at supermarket prices in BKK and values in real estate. We are staying on bc the US is a sad, broken, expensive place. Healthcare is crap here but even worse in US. It's become a nation of hidden taxes and petty fees. Seems like everyone is on disability. I've no idea where we'd return to. CA too expensive and extreme. Rest of the country cold, expensive, landlocked and or just crazy. If if weren't married I could be easily banging stunning women in their 30-40s, even a fewfar younger. Amazing what happens when you put on decent clothes and on mass transit indicating you've got a job $$$ (and yes, I make great money for a teacher and have since my second year). I've been an expatriate so long, I just can't go back. The whole US experience is valid and just weird. 27 years abroad. 1. My wife. My in-laws are ok too. Could be worse. 2. If we went back, when I died, she'd have to sell up and come back to her bro/sis here anyway 3. I love the vibrancy and being around younger, active people 4. Food is cheap and delicious. Easy to grab on the run. Food everywhere. 5. I know I'm far healthier here 6. Cheap trips to Asia but really only Japan that's interesting anymore. We're looking at NZ, Mongolia, Trans Asia by train, Europe... 7. Andaman islands. Still love camping the islands 8. Really do enjoy my job. The school has a stellar reputation. Love helping my students dream big. 9. Cheap transport, really free. 10. The overall lifestyle. I'm happy, I whinge a lot, but life could be far worse. 11. 7-11 12. Yeah, some things take extra time to get done but other things accomplished so much faster and cheaper than in USA. 13. THIN, pretty girls everywhere! A. Seafood is crap B. Medical is sketchy and expensive C. Prices are really climbing D. No adventure in SEA E. Immigration 90day, reentry, pick up extension takes WAY too much time. F. Trains always full G. Idiot tourists H. PRC Chinese I. BTS MRT commutes - horde of plebs and morons J. Real estate prices K. No safety deposit boxes L. Filing FBAR M. No green spaces N. Many middle aged Thai really don't like us. Especially the men. They can be ugly to deal with from time to time. O. The Andaman Sea ecosystem is completely dead. No snorkeling.
  14. Army Vet planning to move to Thailand

    First and foremost you will wear out your welcome here in a year for visas if nothing else. I would estimate based on my own skint spending that it's enough to survive and nothing more. All your basic needs can be met assuming you eat only Thai food and everything else is done as Thais would. You'll do best living in Pattaya or CM during the off season and you can backpack in the national parks in the cool season. Go to the VA and get your teeth entirely sorted out. You will run into visa issues quickly. See that TV section for broke, panicked, soft and sex addicted middle aged men that can't bring themselves to leave Thailand but can't come up with the 800k for retirement visa. The government gives you enough money for you to give some to your mother, early retirement and to live overseas. What a great country.