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  1. Number 6

    What's your cost of living here in Thailand?

    20k. Includes everything including two dentals, but does not include holidays or larger purchases. I do go thru a few bottles of premium booze at home every month. My wife has a job and buys her own kit. She also pays for her holidays until I hit 62. I kick her parents a bit of money or take the family (6) to dinner every so often (4k). Small, comfy flat 600m from MRT in CBD Transportation to and from work Wife, self dinner out 2x monthly. 4k Durian$ Eat out all the time Pay for wife's food when together All electric 5-6 to 10pm MF, 11-12-10SS AC Water Laundry 60pcs I enjoy my job, busy with it, teaching smart kids. When I've had enough I'll go back to retirement and we'll most likely leave Bangkok. The income is great to stave off cash burn, but I can't afford both of us to be retired and traveling before 62-67. Shes 15 years younger, she can work another ten years especially as she gets 3 weeks paid and 2 unpaid a year for our trips. My wife and I are pretty lazy on weekends. We save up and take long weekends and bigger international trips. The flat is fine due to our working hours. It's quiet, cool even hear birds in the morning. I'll upgrade in a few years, but with the proximity to MRT, laundry, restaurant, 600m to MRT and walking (1-2km) to four malls, it's perfect for our lives. Oh and only 4km in a straight line via scooter to work for wife who has promised me she will sell the contraption before she's 45.
  2. Number 6

    Crazy price - Why ??

    It's b250 from PraRam9 Ratchada, about 220 from Chatuchak. Co-op taxi meter. Always.
  3. Actually I did have something like this occur first time in BKK but last three sailed thru - 15 minutes. We did not have a chance of name document (she'd changed her first name). But aggravating was the woman made a fuss about our very legit rental agreement. I forget what the gripe was. We returned with her doc and nothing more because there is nothing more. Got the IO next to her, no problem, not even a mention about the contract nor has there been since. The horror stories I read out of CM and HH make me vow to never think of living there.
  4. Number 6

    The New Skytrain

    How much do these cars cost? Such as a subway or new BTS car?
  5. So the TM30 is not the form I sign on entry, but additional form of notification after arrival which is what presumably hotels would fill out or myself would if I lived in a home. Im in Bangkok so I guess I'm good. Tell you what though, I'd book myself into a hotel first night on arrival just to save the hassle. Thank you very much
  6. Well, I live in Bangkok and I've done four extensions. Even the first did not require police visits or stranger neighbors vouching for our marital bliss. Bangkok ain't got time for this nonsense. I'm sure they might single out suspects but I've just not run into this at all from married here. I'll get off this visa as soon as I feel like stopping work. It's so bloody complicated that the cops are inconsistent and the offices are inconsistent. There should just be a precise checklist for everyone. Local IO checks the docs, signs and ships to Bangkok. Immigration is just a colossal make work program
  7. Just a quick question from reading another thread I did not want to hijack. So I reenter the country, fill out the form with my address of nearly ten years. Arrive home, don't tell my (apartment) landlord I've returned and especially that I've left. Is this a problem?? I've never had any issue coming and going and always done 90 day in person. What's the nature and drama of people not reporting after 24 hours? Seems those upcountry bear the brunt also those living in houses. Should I be telling my landlord to report my return to our flat? How absolutely stupid. If 90 day wasn't stupid enough already. Thank you
  8. It's a horrible company both to work for and supply. There are tons of fake goods on Amazon and Bozos doesn't care. Fake goods actually competing with real goods and driving original mfgr out of business. Not a wit cared.
  9. Number 6

    Convert vinyl LP to MP3

    Ridiculous. Just torrent the files. Once converted to MP4 the files won't sound the same as vinyl anyway
  10. Riding the MRT in rush hour is so unpleasant. It's full of poor, working and middle class phone zombies that bunch themselves up at the doors and steadfastly refuse to get on and off to allow people to alight. BEM needs to run logistic and politeness campaigns to get the zombies and lemmings to make this a less hateful experience. Not BEM minders but actual police stationed and controlling behavior, pulling people aside, warnings and noting names of misdemeanor. The phone addicts, endless flickings and browsing of nothingness. The stultifying glaze in their eyes. No lie, BEM MRT could move 25% more people if everyone just put their phones away. It's only what 35minutes end to end? I've lost immense respect for Thai people and humanity in the last year. God help us when phones go away and glasses reappear.
  11. I think Vanguard will kill your account WHEN they find out so do use VPN and have a backup plan. Fidelity definitely on the hunt, especially if account under 100k
  12. This park is not well cared for. As a general rule, ruins are not temples and therefore it is acceptable to bear skin when walking about. This is stupid behavior bound to get attention especially in this faux moral climate of military regime. Once again, stupid farang inviting scorn
  13. It has nothing to do with morality and everything to do with control. Quite Orwellian... prohibits students from public assembly that may cause disorder bans inappropriate acts that cause public nuisance. Violators would have their holistic points taken off, - China Social Credit undergobehavioural changing activities - RE-EDUCATION camp
  14. What most likely occurred is that the sales agent told her whatever she wanted to hear to close the deal, even if factually incorrect. But...what will carry water in the court is the contract.
  15. China social credit system is coming. China will manufacture and finance the gear. The junta will put the nation on the hook. If the election doesn't happen and the junta remains in place, even with bogus election. Freedom and democracy are doomed. Once all the control is in place the real theft will begin. Between the modernizing of the nation's infrastructure, Thailand 4.0, the atrocious education system, graduates with no direction and nation not pointed to STEM, the endemic corruption which will become institutionalized like the Philippines. Lack of opportunities for poor to middle class. The plastic, environment, resources... The nation is doomed. The decent may be even more rapid when EM markets start coming unglued and we find out how much debt is held in dollars and what sort of npl are on bank books. The model is China not Norway.