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  1. And the affadavit and documents will be filed how? The IO initially sifting through ten pages of sketchy documents. Adding, subtracting...just manages to figure out you might have cleared the threshold assuming the paperwork is not forged in the first place. Gets passed on to some clerk with the math abilities of a US sixth grader. Yeah, that's gonna work real well. It may not be de jure over but de facto you've both feet in the grave. Good luck. It's so evident to me many, even most never had the income stream.
  2. This is gone. There is evidently no clear method of producing documentation, at least at this juncture. Again, the police will accept the letter, but they are no longer being produced for all intents and purposes. You'd really have to be a total chancer to rock up with a stack of complicated documents and yeah, it might work this year and it might save you until the police through this lot a lifeline. But this is Thailand, land of lazy bureaucrats. IMO solution will always be money in the bank. Single guy in Pattaya? Have a go. Have your life invested here? Maybe you should start playing the long game, you've already stumbled once. I must say, I've always foreseen this. I'm late 50s and have 1m in bank. I'm on a marriage visa. I am so not shocked by these events the BTS breaking down would be more of an eyebrow raiser. The fact is...many just have to go because they don't have the money and never did. Even with a pension of 40k generating 25k income monthly is a bit of dosh from equities. Perhaps a home but then you have expenses and that assumes you own a 12m thb outright. Then there's taxes, maintenance, etc. 800k is the favor. Don't look for more.
  3. Unfair. Lol. Who are you to tell this country what is UN/fair? 400k in the bank is very fair. If single, 800k extremely fair. Why do you think the is onerous on some but not others. We all made the decision to reallocate our money to sit in a Thai bsnk doing much of nothing. That is the price of the visa. Besides seriously...in this shonky market, what would any savvy investor have their money in? Of course you'll have to exchange the money but interest rates better here than US and please don't bring up Oz. 2.5% on 400k cry me a river. What we are witnessing now is reality biting hard. I'm not at all gloating but you're out here in a foreign country with no savings. No doubt no insurance. If I were Thailand I'd work to get all the married pensioners sorted out, especially with kids. I don't want to see a marriage broken up over this. The rest of you can GBH, Philippines or wherever.
  4. With the issue being that most embassies (soon to be all) are no longer producing such documents. Therefore, the standard cannot be met Therefore, put 800k bank (400k) and get on with it. I suspect those caught out, first year money seasoning will be lenient yet they still might require full amount. Can we all just put the small money in tbe bank and move on? Guidance: 1 Put 800k in the bank 2 Get a letter from the bank
  5. No shock, she totally doesn't have a clue. The embassies cannot meet immigration's verification requirement and got tired of lying about it. All Thai immigration need do is provide a procedure to submit documents. But they are too lazy and not competent to check such documents, especially in days. Further, this is not an issue for embassies. Embassies purpose is to represent the interest of respective nations. They are not a community centers for old coots to gather and purposely fudge their financial information to later be submitted to the government of a foreign country. The US letter was always a total joke. There's zero verification, lick and a promise done on of all things - a notarized statement.
  6. ? Where mainland Chinese fill the ranks that would otherwise be left vacant by UK Nationals? No, the world is still driven to US universities. Antifa smpathizers please take note of administration's backing.
  7. Good old fashioned stoning sounds about right to me.
  8. Agreed. Many millionaires in Chaing Mai and Pattaya. Old scousers with 2m baht to their names. We could all leave tomorrow and the economy wouldnt budge a cm. Besides, if it's a national imperative who cares? No matter how bad YOU perceive the policy. Perhaps even it's empirically bad financially - it may still have sound other reasons and objectives. I'll get your hat...
  9. Oh dear God save us. The Thai banking system is hands down the most solid of all developing nations. You'll see problems in China before Thailand. The only issue like every other country is internal debt.
  10. Well, start packing. The FBAR is quite simple to deal with after you sort it one year. I list four accounts including my wife's account. The automated process is fast and consistent. The US government doesn't care about your xxxx xxx having some paltry 50k over here. They are looking for people with 50m. Up to you
  11. No, it is certainly not. You missed the earlier posts. What is impossible is to get perpetual O visas based on being 'on holiday' and over 50. Coming in one one from home country, getting another might still be possible. Thinking youll be doing this for 3-4 or 10 years. That's a big nope.
  12. We nor the Thai government care about your empire building in Issan. This is a personal problem. It's your money, do as you see fit. Enjoy your day. It's laughable how self absorbed people are and how personally this is being taken. Put the damn money on the bank. Get an OA, a marriage visa or leave. You're not being treated any differently than anyone else so suck it up.
  13. Very possibly, but the calculation of billlions of dollars being forcably injected into Thai banks was trotted out. Burmese and Khmer, some big money there.
  14. Because embassies in the region have long since stopped issuing perpetual non-o for vagabond westerners. Non OA - home country