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  1. import duty on used car

    I heard the car has to be registered in the uk in his thai name for 2-3 years before he can bring it into thailand tax free.
  2. visa debit card stolen & used in udon thani

    Unless someone was an Alcoholic or Mentally Deranged, Why would they put their credit cards in a Checked baggage, ( I always have them on my person ) AND ONLY Miss them 6 DAYS later, Sounds Iffy to me, P.S. Maybe a G/F borrowed them.
  3. Thats just about asking too much, haha but would be nice.
  4. How to invest £160k

    Buy some houses here and rent them out..(p.s. I wish I was in your shoes,)
  5. Free 20 year Visa exempt.....with no sign-ons at Immigration,,,,
  6. Hi All, For ten years now coming to thailand, Have always noticed the exchange kiosks at arrivals at suwannaboomi airport are Always 1-1.5 baht lower than the bank exchange rate, Better to go to the Basement where you will get much better rates from the kiosks than even the Banks give you, Happy New Year.
  7. Us 100's to Thai Baht

    Have been refused many times over the years in thai banks, they seem to want clean or newish notes. not ones with writing or numbers on them like the ones many uk banks accept and use.( once in Hua Hin I was refused with nearly new 50 x 10 pound notes in bank, ) Just did not accept them, only 20,s up, I think it was Kas Bank. Now I just bring Very Clean notes.
  8. I,m just curious, Can you tell me in what way can you lose your liberty and possibly your life?
  9. Thai village funds.

    If she makes 35-40,000 baht a month, then shes rich compared to the other local villagers, P.S. It must be a very big Village to make that much.
  10. Irish kiteboarder, 40, drowns at Hua Hin

    Yes, Tragic, But if tourists ignore warnings, why not ban shops from renting kiteboards, but of course they wont do that.
  11. Jealousy or Control springs to mind.
  12. Do anyone know roughly how much it would cost fo transfer ownership of 5 rai ? Thanks
  13. Hi, Thanks for all posts, can anyone tell me, my thai friend is buying 5 rai of land from her uncle, (thai too ) In Nong Bua Lam Phu, Apart from the buying price to her uncle, What more does she have to pay, I.E. transfer fees and to whom and where please, Thanks in advance, steve.
  14. Let's Learn One Word A Day.

    Count me in, Let me know how to get on the thread when it starts, Thanks
  15. Cure for a weak bladder??

    what does :saw palletto: mean in english please ?