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  1. Let's Learn One Word A Day.

    Count me in, Let me know how to get on the thread when it starts, Thanks
  2. Cure for a weak bladder??

    what does :saw palletto: mean in english please ?
  3. does not have thai on the list of languages.
  4. New Thai AA Big Book

    Thanks Patrick, No, I only wanted to see what the translation from thai to english is in step no 3, step no 5, step no 6, step no 7, step no 11, and tradition 2, e.g. step 3, we made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of ( God ) as we understand ( Him ) the words in Brackets is what I.m interested in, so Basically I,m only interested in what thai aa,s use instead of God, Him, power, His, but as I cannot read thai, only speak a little, could you please translate these 4 words from thai to english, + transliteration e.g, ( thai word + good + dee ) Hope you can understand me, HaHa, I appreciated, I love the fellowship, It saved my life since 26 years now, lol, Steve Mc.
  5. New Thai AA Big Book

    Hi All. I,ve been doing service for 26 years now, and I am very interested in learning about literature in other countries as I.ve been coming to thailand regularly ovey the past 10 years, My request is Could someone send me the Thai 12 steps and 12 traditions , But translated into english as I cant read thai, ( Also, How much does it cost to buy in Thailand ) much appreciated, Thanks Friend of Bill W.s, Steve Mc
  6. Eva Air any good?

    they all go from lhr to bkk, eva is my fav airline, very good.
  7. Eva Air any good?

    eva air are very good.
  8. solar panel

    Hi crossy, thanks for imput, would it be possible to get one like this one with an electric start and reasonably quietish one to make it easier and simpler for my g/f and 9 year old son to use and not too noisy for the neighbours, thanks again steve
  9. solar panel

    thanks Mae, can i get something like this with electric start as it would make things simpler and easier for my g/f and 9 year old son, thanks
  10. solar panel

    thanks bob, and crossy, sorry to be a pain, but would it be much more expensive for an electric start generator as it would make it easier and simpler (and quieter too for neighbours )for my g/f and her young son when i,m not there.
  11. solar panel

    thanks so much bob, i,m not very good with computers, i usually stay 30klms south of nong bua lam phu, any info is appreciated, steve
  12. solar panel

    Thanks Kamala Bob, this one , 14999 baht, ( just up my street for power for a few hours, for 2 fans, and maybe tv, ) I I couldnt read the writing on gen, how many watts can I use with this one. thanks again, steve
  13. What is Roiet like to live in?

  14. What is Roiet like to live in?

    why visit the hospital ?
  15. Jupiter Generator

    thanks this sounds ideal for me, is it quietish and how much was it, thanks