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  1. Donnythecat

    Buy nonfunctioning TV monitor? (for an art project)

    Thanks Jollyhangmon, the map is super helpful! I will definitely scope out these two places in the coming weeks. Much appreciated!
  2. Donnythecat

    Buy nonfunctioning TV monitor? (for an art project)

    Thanks so much for this! Will definitely check it out soon.
  3. Donnythecat

    Buy nonfunctioning TV monitor? (for an art project)

    Thanks for your responses sceadugenga and Crossy. sceadugenga, where is down the road from you? So far I've been to one scrap yard but they only had old tvs. I think I might have more luck going to a repair shop and seeing what's around.
  4. Donnythecat

    Buy nonfunctioning TV monitor? (for an art project)

    Thanks for your responses 55Jay and Crossy. I'm putting together an art work and I want the dead monitor to use as a picture frame basically, so really I just need the casing/housing of the monitor which I will mount a drawing in - so no problem if it's been gutted for parts. I'm pairing this 'picture frame monitor' with a functioning monitor that will be playing a video. They're meant to be displayed side by side and must be identical monitors, aside from the working/non-working aspect. Crossy, do you know of a mom and pop TV repair store in Phayao I could go check out?
  5. Apologies for the strange query - I'm looking to buy a newish model of a nonfunctioning flat screen TV monitor (~25" screen) for cheap. I also need to buy an identical version of the nonfunctioning monitor that functions properly. It seems unlikely I'll find both at the same place, so i'll probably need to buy the working monitor from a proper store - hence why the nonfunctioning one needs to be a model that is still readily available on the market. Does anyone have any leads on a used electronics store in Phayao that might carry something like this? Thanks in advance!
  6. Donnythecat

    Taxis, Uber, for-hire transportation in Phayao

    Thanks for your response ripstanley, I appreciate it. What a bummer! I guess there are just not that many options around here. Good to know in any case, thanks again
  7. Does anyone know of any cab service, car service, Uber, Grab etc that exists in Phayao? I haven't seen Uber or Grab here nor have I seen taxi's. I imagine it's possible to go to the bus station and hire a samlor or songthaew for the day but if I need someone in a pinch, say for example if I've had a few too many at the pub or I need an early morning ride to the airport with my luggage, does anyone know of any numbers to call? Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks all! Appreciate it.
  9. Hello friends, I'm getting closer to the end of my 30 day visa-exempt stay in the Kingdom and will need to apply for the 30 day extension this weekend. Is there anywhere to do this in Phayao or Chiang Rai? Or do I have to travel to Promenade in CM to get this taken care of? I'm also concerned that getting the 30 day extension will end up being an all day affair and am grateful for any tips on how to get through quickly and smoothly. If I leave Phayao Friday morning for CM, is noon too late to start the process? Thanks so much in advance!
  10. Thanks for the tips everyone, especially Randy T for your thorough and thoughtful response. I suspect I will be back in the future for more advice, or if folks are interested I can post pics of the progress here, will likely get started next week. Cheers ya'll
  11. Just some more information, I was looking into trying winged beans, long beans, various eggplants, luffa, chilis.... I also brought seeds from the USA but not sure if they'll fly here....darkstar zucchini, arugula, butternut squash, and beets.
  12. Hello all, I've just rented a small house in Northern Thailand and for the first time in a long time, I have access to a beautiful yard full of potential. I'm very excited at the prospect of growing delicious healthy food for myself and friends, but basically I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm hoping that those here with some experience might share a few tips on starting out - preliminary steps to lay the proper groundwork, common mistakes one makes early on, insights into maintenance of the garden in this climate - whatever you care to offer would be appreciated! The yard is roughly 20 meters squared, there are a few teak and fruit trees scattered about, weeds everywhere, don't know about the soil quality but the yard is in general disrepair. The parameters of the yard are delineated by fences and they, along with the trees and the house itself, offer some shade from an otherwise exposed plot. I am soliciting any advice regarding 1) how I should prepare the soil/beds for growing by seed, 2) considerations to keep in mind as I lay out the garden, 3) suggestions for what vegetables or fruits do well in Northern Thailand this time of year, 400 m above sea level, 4) where those vegetables or fruits should be oriented within the layout of the garden, etc... 5) anything I didn't ask about but should have I'm also interested in raising some black thai chickens but maybe that's another thread... Many thanks in advance!
  13. Thanks again to everyone for their input. Yes, the LA consulate is great, got my METV there last year in one day with no issues at all. The problem is I am now on the east coast near Washington DC, and the consulate there I've called everyday since I've been back to no avail - on their website it says need 3-5 days to process if applying in person with no expediting options, and I fly out in two days. The reason I didn't get a visa in advance is because the school initially assured me it would be fine to come on the 30 day VE while they sorted my paperwork for the work permit, but then last week they told me it might take longer than that. Has anyone ever shown up at the airline counter with a bus ticket as onward travel and had it accepted? I'm thinking I might just purchase a green bus ticket to chiang khong as proof of onward travel to Laos, then just trash it. I imagine lots of folks touring SE asia want to play it by ear and not purchase all their various transportation tickets in advance, with the exception of flights in/out of BKK because it's such a hub - does anyone think that is a legitimate enough excuse for the airlines?
  14. Ok, thanks to everyone for all their input, all very useful information. It's a lot to wrap my head around, but it seems I will need to 1) secure a proof of ticket out of the country before I arrive, 2) get all my paperwork with the school taken care of, then 3) leave the country and then return on a non-B visa. Thanks again to everyone for taking the time to comment, and also to rhodie for the link to the teaching website! Much appreciated
  15. Thanks, yes I have verbal confirmation of start dates, payment, WP paperwork being handled for me, etc. I've already had to submit various documents, passport, etc and signed a contract in Thai that I admittedly understood little of, but again, I have faith in the institution to hold true to their word, and one of my Thai friends is currently a professor there. I was invited to give a lecture there last year as a sort of audition for the job, and I had some of the same red flags before I did it (who is organizing this? who do I direct questions to? when do i get paid?) but in the end those concerns were unfounded. Everything went smoothly, they paid me, then they took me out and we got day drunk over lunch time.