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  1. Ubonjoe thanks a lot . jeab1980 60 days extension to the 90 days - how do i go about coz it's my first time. do i go to chaengwattana immigration ? how many times can i get a 60 days ? thanks
  2. luggage wife ? do i need to bring my wife along ?
  3. thanks for all the advice from all. i understand that everyone meant well whatever the reason given. been involve in the hotel & restaurant business since 18 years old where i started working as young waiter in the hotel in singapore for nearly 12 years then another 11 years plus in privately run chain restaurant also in singapore. so i do know how difficult it's to start & run a restaurant. still running through ideas but definitely will starts small where it won't take a huge amount of money involved. but 1 thing i do understand very well is that here even if you have a work permit one is not allowed to be physically involve in working only managing the business thats make it very difficult. but i do wondered how about those foreign chef who starts their own restaurant - do they do cook in the kitchen since the law say you can't right ? anyone care to share how this overcome ? thanks
  4. Hi all, need advice on non o multiple entry for 1 year from Savannahkhet as this is my first time doing the renewal. the 90 days is due on coming 16th August. first do I need a re-entry permit when I go to do a visa run ? do I need to bring any documents other than passport ? does ban laem process this multi entry ? Please advice on what to do example step by step & what to expect. thank you.
  5. Hi, I was wondering what is the steps like for starting a restaurant business here in thailand legally. which is the right place to start looking / asking for information example like which government agency or department ? thanks
  6. to happy enough, hope this will help you. first picture is from mukdahan immigration to Savannahhet bus station & second is from savannakhet to mukdahan bus station in the city.
  7. called both but it will cost between 11 to 18k coz i would have to change the dash board since my dmax doesn't have one. way too expensive for me. was looking at garmin gps but unfortunately only their older model is compatible with their own type of reverse camera. the premium model nuvicam LM is also nearly 15k plus camera =20k plus too. the 57LM is very much older model though it's only 4k but feature are too basic. the other newer 2 model unfortunately doesn't support it.
  8. had check out their facebook , they are selling full system - sound speaker etc etc ..... what i need is just a reverse camera with a screen without the rest of the high end tech that come with it. thanks
  9. Hi, anyone here knows where to buy a reverse camera for parking & have it install by professional here in bangkok ? what brand / price range / installation fee - how much ? / good & trusted workmanship - this is for a isuzu dmax pickup 4 doors. any info greatly appreciated. thanks
  10. renewal of non o

    thanks for replying. so basically renewal it's the same steps as the first application at savannakhet right ? tried not to do border run as it is risky nowadays
  11. hi all, the 90 days non o 90 days marriage visa from savannakhet is due date soon, regarding the renewal for another 90 days i just need to bring the same documents sign by both me & my wife & submit everything again right ? is there anything i need to take note of when exiting Thailand to go into Laos ? thanks.
  12. thanks for the reply it was really helpful . Btw i enter Thailand on a visa exempt on 21/01/17 & will it be a problem when i apply for the above visa in savannakhet ?
  13. Hi to all, I am new here. Me and my wife will be heading to Savannahket to apply for a single or multiple entry no-o visa based on marriage visa with no proof of income. So we there is a couple of question i need to ask : 1) what is the required documents that both me & my wife need to prepare ? 2) if approved for the visa mention above ..... can i change it to 40k/400k baht with proof of income later in Bangkok ? 3) which is the fastest way to go ? by plane from Bangkok to Udon Thani then take bus to Savannahket ? Is it possible ? Or is there a better way to go Savannahket from Bangkok ? 4) which is the best day to do visa at Savannahket ? Does the consulate work on weekend example on Saturday ? What is the best time to go in the morning ? How do the queue system work ? Please do let me know what else I need to prepare or do. Thank you in advance to all !