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  1. Hello Phuket Forum, Can anyone tell me where I can get a custom leather belt made within the next few days? I also need a good tailor for some shirts, any recommendations? Thank you, Oohwan
  2. Hello Forum, Does anyone know what is the cheapest method to send 1 bottle 500ml of coconut oil to the U.S? Supposedly Thai Post forbids sending liquids by airmail?
  3. Thanks again ubonjoe, My first 90 day entry expires the 1st of July 2017, is it possible to get the 60 day extension 1 or 2 days before this date? Does the 60 day extension start from the day it is granted?
  4. Hello Forum, This past April I entered the country with a ME Non-O based on having a Thai child. The stamp in my passport says I need to leave the 1st of July. I just wanted to verify again what the procedure would be to continue my stay here. When should I go to Immigration and ask for my 60 day extension, and what are they going to ask for? Once this 60 day extension expires I'll have to leave the country either by air/land renter, and then I will receive an additional 90 days, which then I will be able to extend for another 60? I can keep doing this up until my visa expires correct? BTW it will not be possible for me to legitimize my child, because we are waiting on marriage documents from my home country. I do not think we will be married by the 1st of July, and I would rather wait to get married than having to pay an attorney to legitimize the child legitimization. If I get married before my visa expires do I need to get a new visa? Once my current visa expires, and I have already gotten married what happens if I cannot shown the income or fund requirements in the bank for a new ME Non-O based on marriage?
  5. Private social insurance / Foreigner

    I will be moving in a couple of months, so I decided to call call 1506, and ask them what the procedure would be to enroll me in the new hospital. They informed me I can make the change anytime, either in my current province, or in the new province. They said it can be processed within 24 hours.
  6. Private social insurance / Foreigner

    Congratulations! Yes there are death benefits. There is also an old age pension benefits payable on monthly basis, or you can choose the old age gratuity at 55 yrs old which is payable in lump sum amount. If you choose the lump sum amount the SS office told me my health insurance would be void. There is also a child allowance, and maternity benefit. You can qualify for them all under section 39. You can also designate a beneficiary who can collect what you have contributed along with your death benefit once you pass. You can ask the SS office for a print out of how much you have contributed to date. All things considered I think the Thai SS system is exceptionally well set up.
  7. I did not get any reply so I will update everyone on the procedure tomorrow once its "hopefully" completed. Another question I had is when registering the sole proprietorship, will my partner need to register the name of the proprietorship with the same name as the website, or can she use a different name? I'm trying to help her fill in some of the forms printed off the DBD site this evening, but we are both a bit confused on what the registered name needs to be. Here is the form I'm dealing with now. http://www.dbd.go.th/download/downloads/01_tp/form_tp.pdf Any assistance would be much appreciated.
  8. Are you saying saying that it is possible to send ACH from the U.S. thru BKK Bank NY to some other person's BKK Bank account in Thailand? Are you still doing this now? This is great if it is 100% percent certain. When you transfer the funds to BKK Bank NY how do you give them instructions to send it on to the account in Thailand? I assume this has to be done online?
  9. I have lived here for 10 consecutive years and have never filed a U.S tax return. I doubt they will hunt me down knowing I made less than 14K USD per year. If the IRS wants my money let them come and get it.
  10. One of the main reasons I don't have any direct financial ties back in the U.S. Gifts to foreign citizens are subject to the same rules governing any gift that a U.S. citizen makes. If a gift exceeds the annual exclusion amount, which is currently $14,000, then they must typically file a gift tax return to report the excess. Often they won't owe any actual tax, because a lifetime exemption applies above and beyond the annual exclusion amount. Currently, that lifetime exemption is $5.45 million, so it takes a huge amount to generate actual gift tax liability. Gift taxes only apply to the person making the gift, not the person receiving it. Foreign citizens generally don't have liability for U.S. gift tax and therefore don't need to report gifts for those purposes. Worst case scenario would be Schwab closing the account.
  11. So you can sleep a little bit better, I'm a dual national and have never had a US bank account. This doesn't mean I don't have a bank account in the country I was born in. Earlier in the discussion I did ask about opening up a U.S bank account online, but I am no longer interested in this option since it seems so much easier for the sender to go the Schwab route. Also if opening a U.S bank account online they would have asked for a drivers licence which I do not have either. My apologizes for not mentioning this earlier, and I thank you for giving me the answers I was looking for.
  12. I totally agree with you on this. Thanks for the heads up. I will make sure to tell her when she opens the account to mention she is a frequent traveler, and to allow international transactions.
  13. I thought about that as well so I used their branch locator tool to find something close. I was able to find an independent branch 8 miles from the senders zip code. This shouldn't be too much of an inconvenience for her.
  14. The BKK Bank New York looks like the best option, but unfortunately I do not have a U.S bank account. Having read all the comments posted I think I will tell the sender to open the Schwab account, and then have them send me the ATM card. "Using a U.S. bank card that allows ATM withdrawals up to $1000 per day at least, and preferably, one that reimburses you for the Thai ATM fees and has no foreign currency fee of its own" TallGuyJohninBKK Thank you all for your contributions so far.
  15. I was thinking that it might be possible to make the Schwab or State Farm account in the senders name, and then have her FCU make the 2000 US deposit on a monthly basis. I would then have her send mail me the ATM card.