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  1. I think it needs to be done during the first 90 days from the day you stop working. Ill find out soon with update.
  2. Thanks ubonjoe, When applying for the extension of 60 days during the last 2 weeks of my 90 day entry, does the extension start on the day I apply for the extension, or does it start on the last day on my 90 day entry? What is this type of extension called? When I need to leave the country at the end of these extension will a regular borderland visa run be sufficient, or do I need to fly out of the country?
  3. What is the best way to use this type of visa? I recently received a Multi Non-O based on having a child. I am not married or do I have legal custody of the child. I've heard that I can stay 90 days, and then a day or two before the 90 days is up go to my local immigration office, and ask them for a 60 day extension? What documents will I need to show them? After I get the 60 day extension I then do a visa run before the expiration of the 60 days, and this will reactivate the visa for another 90 days upon entering Thailand? I can then do another extension for 60 days? How long can I keep doing this? The visa I assume is good for 4-90 day entries, so if I get 4-60 days extensions is the visa good for a total of 20 months?
  4. So where does the sole proprietorship get registered? Some people are saying go to the Tessaban, others are saying the local OborTor? I also was told she needed to go to the Ministry of Commerce? Sent from my SM-N920C using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  5. I agree with you al007. I myself have been going to a Thai government hospital for almost 10 years, and have always received excellent service. The private hospitals are a lot nicer looking, but beside that I really do not see any difference. Of course some government hospitals will be better than others, but once you're in a Thai National hospital I think the medical expertise can be just as good as anywhere else.
  6. I think I would be happy sending my child to a Thai government hospital. I do not see any difference in the medical services/experience provided in private hospital opposed to a good Thai National Hospital. As Sheryl said on my other post "The terms of coverage compare very favorably to private insurance policies - with the sole (and notable) exception of lack of choice of hospital."
  7. I am not too sure if this form is even given out at any immigration offices. I found it on the net while researching TM30. It worked fine for me when I presented it to Phuket immigration. Just wanted to add they also asked me for a copy of my passport, visa, and my arrival card. All which needed to be signed by me as well.
  8. It better to just do it. It doesn't cost anything, and could avoid you a fine if the immigration officer is in a bad mood that day. If you want my honest opinion yes it needs to be done. Best to make copies of all documents presented, TM30, rental contract, copy of your passport, arrival card, and the tambian bahn of the owner who rents out the property with their ID card. This way if you do travel outside the country frequently you have all documents ready, and don't have to bother the owners for signatures.
  9. A couple of days before I left Thailand I made a new TM30 because I rented a new house, and upon my return I went to immigration to do it all over again (same address). I was only out of the country for 3 days, but was told this is what needed to be done by the immigration officer the first time I went to do the TM30. Supposedly when you leave the country your current TM30 will be deactivated, so there is a need to go back to immigration to reactivate it. When I am travelling in Thailand, and check in to the hotel, I always mention to them that I live in Thailand, and not to report my stay with immigration. Most of the time they understand. On a ME non-o the 90 day report supposedly is not necessary. As for the TM28 I had it filled out but it was given back to me. They said it wasn't necessary. The owner doesn't have to go either. You can get them to sign a power of attorney which you can get by clicking on the following link. http://phomes.perfecthomeschia.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Power-of-Attorney-Form.pdf
  10. Thanks Simon43, That is really cheap considering I was quoted 15K from a local accountant. I was told she needed to go to the Ministry of Commerce to register the business, is this done after it is registered with the local Tessabahn?
  11. Yes I know a Thai sole proprietorship cannot sponsor a work permit. Would you happen to know how much it costs if she were to set it up herself excluding the TAT?
  12. I have decided it would be best to just to make everything under my Thai partners name. No shareholders will be involved. She will be setting up a website selling day tours, shows, and boat charters. She has already received a quote from a lawyer saying this can all be done for about 45K including the TAT licence. If she were to set up the registered sole proprietorship herself, without the lawyer, does anyone know how much this would cost? Isn't the bond for the TAT licence different depending on what type of business is being performed? I've read somewhere if there is a website presence the minimum cost of the licence will be 100K?
  13. So I guess it would be fair to say that Thai social insurance would be better than having a private policy if using a government hospital? What about heart disease and cancer?
  14. I do not have any issues going to a Thai Hospital, but as I am not sure if social insurance would cover a life saving procedure / terminal illness treatment if ever needed.
  15. At this time I am registered at Mission Hospital located located Phuket, and I get my prescriptions filled at Vachira Hospital. For one reason or another Mission hospital's pharmacy does not distribute the medication that I need. I haven't had any problems with either of these two facilities, but I do prefer Mission as it is not too full with people on a daily basis. Both hospitals seem to have a MRI machines if this counts for anything. Soon I will be moving to the outskirts of Khon Kaen, so I would appreciate any recommendations you can give. The reason I am asking about private insurance is because I've heard rumors that if I were to get a terminal illness such as cancer, or needed dialysis on a daily basis, social insurance would not cover such treatments? If this is the case, I would be more than willing to pay for a private policy employed or unemployed.