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    VA Health Care for Expat Veterans

    I have my disability direct deposited into My Bangkok Bank Account, there are no extra fees and certainly not the huge wire transfer fee. I know that Chase bank charges $42 USD for every wire Transfer, and the great thing about Bangkok Bank is that they have a Branch in New York, so there are to internatinal transfer fees. Something to concider to save a lot of money in the long run.
  2. Amphoephen

    VA Health Care for Expat Veterans

    I am Currently visiting the states to get some things taken care of, and My VA nurse told me that the new "See the Doctor of your choice" thing is for people Vet's that live a certain distance from a VA facility. And he did state any facility, not just a VA Hospital. BUT we did not discuss the option for those of us Living in other countries. So when i go back in next week, I will ask him about it, and find out where to get as much REAL information about the situation as I can. and I will post it here after that. Getting healthcare overseas As a Veteran living or traveling abroad, you can receive medical care for VA service-connected disabilities through our VA Foreign Medical Program. Under this program, we assume payment responsibility for the necessary treatment of service-connected disabilities. You can visit our Foreign Medical Programpage for more information. There are regional toll-free phone numbers on this page that you can call for additional assistance Just in case some of you do not know, there is a VA facility in Pasay City PI. , that we can go to. Here is the Link below. https://www.va.gov/directory/guide/facility.asp?ID=682
  3. Do they Honestly not understand that if it is not there to begin with that no one can buy it? WOW!! Not to mention the fact that they are desperate for tourists to come to Thailand , but now are not only trying to take away one of the big draws, but also blaming them for it being a Problem ??? If I was a tourist I wouldn't even come here after finding out about this.
  4. Amphoephen

    Church's Texas Chicken - Anyone Try It?

    Back in America I used to LOVE to eat at Church's Chicken, My (Thai) Wife also Loved it, Their Spicy is exceptionally good, And they always used Bigger chicken than the competition, We Rank them personally an EASY #1 with Popeye's a distant 2nd, and so forth. I hope that they will continue their quality here in Thailand, Although I have not been to one here, I will the second that I get a chance. Does Anyone know if they have opened one up In Udon Thani, or Nong Khai? I am actually between those 2 cities, and would Love to check it out.