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  1. I sometimes wonder if I'd be this bitter if the vote had gone the other way.
  2. We're never going to agree on the EU, and I'm fine with that. Your other comments above (e.g. "empathise with the disadvantaged") are again patronising and arrogant and indicate that you have a very blinkered view of the world. If you are intelligent you hide it very well.
  3. Funny you should say this. A Thai friend of mine has a daughter at uni in the UK. Prior to the in/out vote the daughter posted a big long rant on facebook about how bad it would be to vote Leave because we should welcome immigration with open arms, and that a leave vote was discriminating against foreigners. I watched as her 'educated' uni chums all commented in agreement. I then asked if she thought it was fair that an EU citizen can come and go as they please, yet a Thai citizen (or any other non-EU citizen) could not. "Isn't that discrimination" I asked? "Shouldn't all foreigners be treated the same?" I also summarised 3 or 4 other reasons why people might vote Leave, and asked if these had been discussed among her peers. Silence ensued...
  4. It sounds like you only read and observe what you want to read and observe. If you had a more open mind you'd be able to understand the opposing view, as I do. You can understand the opposing view and disagree with it at the same time. Simply calling those who disagree with you stupid shows a lack of empathy, and limited intelligence.
  5. I gather you (as a more educated person) meant to say 'those voting Leave'. Quite ironic really Seriously though, you need to stop with the arrogance and the patronising comments / assumptions about those who voted Leave.
  6. This is a moot point, and is quite insulting. I would say there were just as many voted remain without being in full possession of the facts, and who were incapable of rational analysis. Let's not forget we had the government of the day pushing and funding (e.g. £9m leaflet drop) a vigorous remain campaign. Yet the UK still voted in favour of leaving. I think a fair and balanced debate would have resulted in a much wider margin of victory for Leave.
  7. And we all know why that is. The EU's (unaudited) accounts are in such a mess they wouldn't have a clue what to charge the UK or how to quantify it. What the EU are looking for here is a bribe or ransom from the UK. They just haven't decided what amount to put on the ransom note yet.
  8. You're partly right I think. I'm afraid of a second referendum because most of the noise coming out of the press since the vote has been remain propaganda, and therefore I'm afraid the vote would be to remain in the EU. People are worried about the temporary weak pound, and this combined with the lies from Blair and his cronies might just make the difference. All of my adult life I've felt uncomfortable with the way the EU has been evolving, and I've waited decades for the chance to escape this corrupt dictatorship (FIFA and Sepp Blatter spring to mind). I don't want the UK to continue propping up the EU and taking orders from a bunch of unelected civil servants. So I don't want the people to be tricked into voting remain in a 2nd referendum. Stay strong people! The pound will recover, and our economy will thrive in the decades to come. The EU will not survive in it's current format. Just my opinion of course...
  9. To be fair it wasn't just the Brexit side spewing out nonsense; the remain side were just as bad
  10. Incident reported on London Tube train

    You're quoting the wrong person here. You've quoted a quote! I'm on your side of this argument.
  11. Incident reported on London Tube train

    I just find it distasteful when, straight after another attack, some people are more vocal about protecting the feelings of the Muslim community than they are about the disgusting attack that just took place.
  12. Incident reported on London Tube train

    The terrorists will recruit these losers with or without Islamophobia. To you the most important thing here is protecting the Muslim community against Islamophobia. That is not my priority, so let's agree to disagree.
  13. Incident reported on London Tube train

    Only if that's the way you want to read it.
  14. Incident reported on London Tube train

    While you make some points which are valid and mostly true, I just don't understand why your primary focus seems to be about defending Muslims after these incidents. This is what angers people like me about people like you. You expend so much energy on defending Islam, it's as though you think that is the most important thing after these disgusting incidents. I just don't understand that way of thinking.
  15. Incident reported on London Tube train

    Still not as sick as walking into a music venue full of teenage girls and intentionally killing as many teenage girls as possible. Or running around London Bridge stabbing to death as many innocent men women and children as they could. Or opening fire with a machine gun on a beach full of holiday makers. And in any case, let's move on from what happened 30 years ago. We are dealing with a whole new level of sick b4stards here, and yet some people (perhaps you included) are more concerned about Islamophobia than they are about what is happening.