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  1. I sense a bit of jealousy here...
  2. As far as I can see, the EU want to be as difficult and as spiteful as possible. They remind me of a small child that's had his ball taken away. They are willing to over complicate the Irish border issue, and offer no solutions themselves just to make things difficult. They don't care that this raises tensions in Ireland and threatens the peace process. Because we took their ball away. Have you heard the latest gem? The EU have decided to disqualify UK cities from becoming European capital of culture. This is despite Turkey and Norway having cities included in recent years. And this is before anybody knows the outcome of negotiations, e.g. the UK could possibly still be in the EEA. 5 UK cities had spent hundreds of thousands preparing for bids. This is just spiteful. All because we took their ball away...
  3. So you choose not to identify as a Belgian, but you would like to identify as a European in a united states of Europe? Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  4. So you choose not to identify as a Belgian, but you would like to identify as a European in a united states of Europe? Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  5. I guess some Belgians might have an inferiority complex about big countries like the US and Russia, and want to make a big gang to compete with them. But the UK is quite capable of competing and surviving alone. I think your one country dream is splitting at the seams with all the turmoil in Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Greece, Hungary etc., plus the UK's funding coming to an end...but good luck anyway.
  6. So why all the fuss about us leaving then? Why not just let us go, with a mutually beneficial trade agreement? I do appreciate you finally expressing your true feelings though
  7. Yep, have to agree with most of what you say here. Let's hope the 40bn bung helps Barnier find a loophole in the law!
  8. Let's think - did the polls say Trump would become president? Did the polls say May would only win the last election by the skin of her teeth? Did the polls say we would vote to leave the EU? The polls have been anything but accurate lately.
  9. And we all know how accurate the polls are...
  10. I think the 40bn would be in exchange for a great trade deal, thus minimising any negative effects. Otherwise there would be no point in paying them so much.
  11. Very good point. We're now seeing the damage that the hard remainers are doing to us. They think they're going to get a reversal of Brexit if they continue undermining the government and talking of catastrophe. But all they're doing is strengthening the EU's negotiating position, and costing the UK more money. The likes of Clarke and Heseltine should be ashamed.
  12. I don't think Brexiteers are necessarily scared of a second referendum. It's more a case of wanting to get on with it, and not wanting to waste more time (and a whole lot of money) on another one. For me it would be interesting to see how Ref 2 would go without the government of the day pushing hard for one side, as Cameron did for Remain. I've always thought it was wrong for the government to take sides. I agree we have to take what we hear at face value in terms of public sentiment. Nobody really knows how a 2nd vote would go. At the same time, nobody knows how the negotiations will finish up. Maybe with 4 years of project funding secured (€40bn) the EU will agree to a good permanent trade deal for both sides. After all, the UK's legal financial obligation through Article 50 is zero, the moral obligation is perhaps 10-20bn (commitments to the end of the EU financial period), so 40bn is a generous amount of goodwill from our side.
  13. Actually I've heard of the Dog House now you mention it. Good idea - I'll use that next time! Thanks
  14. I listen to a lot of debate on this, particularly on radio talk shows. I hear a lot of people who voted Remain now saying we should leave, and as quickly as possible. Mainly due to the dictatorial behaviour coming from the EU. Many also felt hoodwinked by Cameron and Osborn who told us we would fall off a cliff immediately after a Leave vote, and face a 3rd world war. Those who voted leave are generally getting increasingly angry and wanting to walk away without a deal. I have rarely heard a Leave voter wanting to scrap Brexit. So in all I get the impression UK public opinion has shifted further toward Leave since the referendum. I do understand the fears of the (remaining) remainers. There are some huge challenges ahead, and the next few years will not be free of problems. The situation isn't helped by the globalist establishment flooding the media with scare stories, and only focussing on the negatives. There are lots of multi-billionaire businessmen who get progressively richer from globalism. They are putting all their weight behind the scare campaign.
  15. Thanks again. I'll keep an eye out for those ghosts, and the red Fanta I think I get it...I think! Thanks