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  1. You say this with pride, as though the EU is a country / federal state. Sometimes the EU commissioners think the EU is a federal state too. Or at least they believe it will become a federal state one day. The EU is 27 very different nations cobbled together, and splitting at the seams. It's a project run by bureaucrats. A project that is doomed to failure, and is already fracturing. If only they'd kept it as a common market instead of becoming power crazy.
  2. But presumably he's not a Unionist? A Unionist would probably have a very different view.
  3. So you are saying there might be a correlation between those who had free school meals (and therefore most likely left school at 16), and those who voted Leave - right? Kindly explain. I know you are not the type to insult people, so there must be another explanation
  4. Sorry, but saying they were misled (i.e. gullible) and lack cognitive ability is quite similar to calling them stupid. The fact is a lot of people, myself included, fully understood the consequences, and made their own minds up rather than getting sucked in by the propaganda on both sides. We were already hard coded against the EU project. We never wanted to be a part of such a project. So it doesn't matter how many doomsday scenarios are thrown at us, we just want out, and then to build from there.
  5. To be fair, you often suggest people you are debating with are uneducated or lack intelligence, and that's not pleasant. Not many of us can claim to be pleasant all the time on these threads.
  6. You mean like the democratic European Commission. Yep - it seems some people just love being told what to do by people who 'know better'
  7. Surely you understand that knowing a person's nationality on a discussion topic such as this one gives that person's comments more context. If we were discussing the price of beer your nationality would have no bearing on the conversation.
  8. I don't mind if people say the weak pound (caused largely by Brexit uncertainty, not by Brexit) has sped up the demise of some high street names. I object when they suggest the high street is dying because of Brexit alone.
  9. 401 out of 632 MPs represent constituencies that voted for Brexit in the referendum. That's 64% of constituencies. And yet most of those MPs continue to frustrate the process because of their personal views. I was listening to LBC the other night after Phillip Lee, MP for Bracknell (a Leave constituency) resigned so he could vote against the Brexit bill. The switchboard was jammed with furious Bracknell constituents. They were particularly angry at how he claimed to be resigning because he had a duty to protect his constituents. The constituents who voted him in to represent them. They voted to Leave. He was representing himself. You couldn't make it up...
  10. You know full well the highstreet is dying a death mainly because of the internet. Bricks & mortar retail businesses with rent and rates to pay cannot compete with online businesses. Please don't tag Brexit to every bit of bad news. It's disingenuous.
  11. But then the options would be: - Leave with no deal - Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU And again this gives the EU every reason to block all attempts to achieve a good deal. This is hopefully explaining why I don't think ref2 is a good idea.
  12. I almost agree with you there. The only problem is you can't have a 'request' as one of the options, because what happens if we vote to request more time and the EU refuses? Both choices on the ballot paper need to be 100% possible. It might work for me if the EU and the UK agree we can have a set amount of additional time to negotiate. So then the choices become: - Accept the deal - Extend the A50 process for x years
  13. I have a question for those who want a 2nd referendum. I'm sure this has been done before, but here goes. What two choices would you like to see on the ballot paper? Option A - Accept the deal that has been negotiated - Leave the EU with no deal Option B - Accept the deal that has been negotiated - Revoke article 50, and remain in the EU I assume all Remainers would choose option B for the 2nd ref paper. With option B the EU will offer the UK the worst deal possible. So option B would be a sure fire win for Remain. In other words, it would be a reversal of Brexit by stealth. Hoodwinking the British public. Can any remainers refute this, with an explanation? P.S. I think the same would apply if MPs got their 'meaningful vote'
  14. Which is why you can't use the 13m to calculate the percentage of Brexit voters! Wow... I give up. I'll put it down to the French/German/Dutch language barrier with you Belgians.
  15. My mate who's a lefty and ardent remainer worships Viz. I'm afraid he's the only example I have