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  1. I agree. It's not like the old days when you might be using a holiday company such as Thomas Cook. The likes of Expedia, Booking.com etc. are simply online booking tools. I'd never expect them to get me out of a fix like that. I'd give the same advice to the OP if this ever happens again, i.e. park the family somewhere safe and head off on foot to find another hotel. And ALWAYS print your hotel confirmations and take them with you.
  2. How to politely turn down sellers in Thailand?

    That's one way to guarantee they'll leave you alone
  3. How to politely turn down sellers in Thailand?

    The Indian tailors in certain areas are most persistent and hard to avoid without being rude. They'll walk up to you with outstretched hand to shake, calling you 'mate' or whatever name they think will amuse you, then start asking questions and complimenting you. I only fell for it once and shook the hand. That was 18 years ago on my first trip to LOS. Now I give a polite "no thanks" without a smile and swerve them. If you smile they think they still have a chance. Some of the cocky ones have made rude remarks when I've swerved them, but I ignore that. They're not worth wasting oxygen on. I find the Thai sellers much easier to deal with. They tend to leave you alone once you've signalled you're not interested.
  4. You're probably right. Maybe it's best if I take a cab to some part of the island with a bit of scenery / something to do / eat, then just mooch around before taking a cab back. I just get bored with having only Chaweng beach rd and Central Festival within easy reach during the day. That's when I miss having a bike.
  5. What a nice bunch of people. A lying war criminal, the head of the most elite global bank and a bloke who made billions from the pound's demise. I'm sure they have the ordinary British people's interests at heart though...
  6. To be honest I don't think it needs any more.
  7. Racism - did I miss something? I thought they were simply rounding up people who were illegally staying in the country?
  8. As I've said, I'm not a natural on a bike, and I never owned one in the UK. License or no license, I think it's pretty obvious now that I've been lucky to escape serious injury (or worse) when hiring bikes on Samui. I'll look at Jeeps. I also like the idea of walking and might do a bit more of that. Is it possible to walk from Chaweng to Lamai along the beach / shore or are you forced to use roads for parts of the journey? And if I headed north on foot from Chaweng beach, how far could you reasonably expect to go in a couple of hours - is Bophut etc. out of the question?
  9. No the police are not releasing the CCTV to anybody. You will never see it. And the attacker is NOT in police custody. Many people saw him in Jomtien yesterday. This is surely just hearsay and rumours, no? They wouldn't release a man under suspicion of committing his second murder. Unless he was well connected - and I doubt this loser is well connected.
  10. What the... I wonder if this is a novel way to transport the tyre he just bought, or he actually has damage limitation in mind
  11. Gullivers on Khao San Road closed??

    Ok. I used to eat in Centre bar, the one with the pool table inside and quite a few tables outside, near D&D Inn? I always saw that place as an eating joint, or maybe for a couple of beers at the end of the night. Maybe it's taken on a new role since the changes in KSR?
  12. Are they likely to release the CCTV? I'm quite surprised that no footage of the incident has found it's way into the public domain yet - given the way these things usually come out so quickly in LOS.
  13. And if she crashes I won't get hurt? Cool! Actually that reminds me of my one and only bike 'accident' on Samui. Sitting on the back of the bird's bike - she had just parked. Then the taxi parked ahead of us just started reversing until it knocked the bike over. Only got a couple of nasty bruises, but it reminded me just how fragile we are.
  14. I've got an idea, get a Thai bird while you're out there and she can drive you around on a bike And if she crashes I won't get hurt? Cool!
  15. Gullivers on Khao San Road closed??

    Yep, a real shame. It seemed to have a winning formula back in the day. It seems they've paid the price for changing what didn't need changing.