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  1. Work to begin on Thai - Japan "Bullet Train" in 2019

    Couldn't agree more. A truly superb way to get from A to B. I hope they do follow the Japanese way.
  2. I am all for it but a fine of 2000 baht being enforced will do the trick without sending tourists away. 100,000 must surely top the world list of fines for this behaviour.
  3. I am a huge fan of no smoking on the beach. I wish it was enforced in the Bars as well. But this seems way out of balance when the fine for smoking in enclosed bars and restaurants, (although never enforced) is 2,000 baht and smoking on a beach is 100,000??? Is someone losing their mind?
  4. Thai youths batter Iranian tourist in Pattaya

    No amount of provocation warrants 4 or 5 guys to attack and then bottle the guy to finish off. Cowards.
  5. Ok. I have just left Swampy with my re-entry permit so I can explain it. After check in go to zone/area/entrance B which is at the end of Row J. Head up the escalator and around through x-ray. Head out of there and back down the escalator to passport control and you will see the signs for re-entry permit. The counter is straight ahead in the far left corner. Give them your passport and boarding pass. That is all you need. They do the paperwork and take your photo for you. You do not need your own photo or any photocopies of anything. Sign the document they print for you after your photo has been taken. Pay the 1200 baht for single. (Not sure the cost for multiple) Wait about 10 minutes in a seat in the waiting area while they process it. They then hand back your passport and boarding pass and off through passport control you go.
  6. I don't believe this to be true.
  7. If she stayed around and actually got sentenced I would guess she would not serve all of those years out and would be kept pretty comfy. Wouldn't that be better than being on the run for the rest of your life?
  8. So we have one person saying you need photocopies of passport info and a photo and others saying you do not need them. Which is it? Can we get some accuracy on this please?
  9. Pattaya will be a wonderful place to take the wife and kids now that the beaches are free of alcohol and incidents like the one mentioned above only happen rarely each and every day. Long live the mafia.
  10. Not with one phone surely but 26 of them...................
  11. They could clean the beach twice a day for a year and I still wouldn't get in the water but at least they could make some kind of effort. I think most Thais feel that cleaning up rubbish is beneath them. That's why the country is one big rubbish dump.
  12. Congratulations on your first and most stimulating post.
  13. I don't read any outrage on his Facebook post comments. In fact the video doesn't show them having sex at all but with almost 3 million views its clear things like this go viral and out of control quickly in Thailand. He went to great lengths to stalk them and video this in my opinion. Not really newsworthy.
  14. Cigarettes, alcoholic drinks to cost more

    The manufacturers can suggest what they like. Its up to the individual Bars to add on whatever margin they choose. About as transparent as a brick wall. If its about health why include Green Tea? How much Green Tea do you need to drink before it kills you?