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  1. It really is filthy here. We need 8 people on the back of each pickup getting around with a trash trailer in tow cleaning the place up. There is no pride taken by locals in living clean.
  2. Parts of Srinakharin Road still flooded at 3pm. Lucky it didn't keep raining or it would be a bigger mess. There is very little runoff with the water dropping about a foot all day.
  3. If this is true I can really make some money. I wonder if I need a work permit for the masses of income surely headed my way?
  4. Interesting to read some of these stories. What I do know about South Korea is the pressure parents put on their children to study hard. High school is from 7 am to 7 pm and then many have private tutoring after that. They also have half a day on Saturday. Exams twice a year where you are numbered from your score. Everyone can see who is the smartest down to the dumbest. Kids are pushed in to University more so than any other country I know. So its no wonder really that there is a shortage of workers for the jobs listed in the above posts.
  5. I think extending the airport link train down there as planned should be the top priority. That will solve so many taxi issues also.
  6. So if your Police or a Governor you will be dismissed or transferred but if your a civilian you will be taken in to custody. At least there is no double standards there!! I am quite sure in most countries all would be taken in to custody, named as being a paedophile, prosecuted and if found guilty a lengthy sentence in her majesties no star motel. Sex with a minor is just disgraceful.
  7. You have to wonder what goes through someone's mind in carrying this out. Totally premeditated and planned. Sad for the family of the girl and her work mates. Getting a handgun here is just too easy.
  8. I heard they are imported in parts and assembled here to avoid tax but could be Bar talk. Did they seize the Ferrari used to kill the poor Policeman? That would have made as much sense.
  9. Scum of the earth. Does happen in every country though except maybe not so often in countries where you get your hand chopped off. Now there's an idea!!!!! Happened to us in Australia also. There are scumbags everywhere.
  10. If it were not for all the noise about this yesterday I would never have seen what I was not meant to see. Its all over the world now. Seems to be so much talk of whats being or trying to be removed here these days. Facebook Beach Umbrellas Beach food and drink Street food I am sure there are more. Seems to be a growing list.
  11. Sad story really. Especially for her family. The boyfriend will have to live with this for the rest of his life also.
  12. 20 million Thais use Facebook. I doubt it will be shut down. So many opinions against Facebook on here. Its not compulsory to join you know. Live and let live.
  13. This is one of so many sad stories here in Thailand. It can be a very lonely place in later life if you have little or no friends, partner or money. Help is possible to find here if you need it but you have to want it also.
  14. Its a disgrace that after 5 years they are finally talking of revoking his passport. Why did it take this long? You would think that would have been done the day he failed to show on the first occasion.
  15. If caught there will need to be a re-enactment.