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  1. They could clean the beach twice a day for a year and I still wouldn't get in the water but at least they could make some kind of effort. I think most Thais feel that cleaning up rubbish is beneath them. That's why the country is one big rubbish dump.
  2. Congratulations on your first and most stimulating post.
  3. I don't read any outrage on his Facebook post comments. In fact the video doesn't show them having sex at all but with almost 3 million views its clear things like this go viral and out of control quickly in Thailand. He went to great lengths to stalk them and video this in my opinion. Not really newsworthy.
  4. Cigarettes, alcoholic drinks to cost more

    The manufacturers can suggest what they like. Its up to the individual Bars to add on whatever margin they choose. About as transparent as a brick wall. If its about health why include Green Tea? How much Green Tea do you need to drink before it kills you?
  5. I don't know what could be worse in life than losing a child or loved one and never knowing the truth. Some people are just so cruel. I could never sleep properly again.
  6. Someone enlighten me please. If any of us went to Russia for a holiday, got drunk and committed the exact same offences.....what would be the outcome?
  7. If they do go ahead with this planned nonsense Its a shame none of us will be here to see it turn around for the better.
  8. Your kind of right in your thinking but this whole thing is so wrong. If the Army allows this situation to worsen its pretty obvious that the bikies will have a bar in every big Isaan city. We know they are in Roiet and Surin. If not already they will have bars in Maha Sarakham, Khon Kaen, Nong Kai, Buriram and god know where else. Then they can distribute their drugs and basically do whatever they want. There must be a good reason why the Army is allowing this to go on. The Australian media is conducting research now to do a big story on how the bikies that got kicked out of Australia are now the drug dealers of Thailand.
  9. I know they were ran out of Queens Park Plaza in Bangkok where they had a bar of the exact same name, Crossed Pistons. I don't know if the Army will really do much about them in Surin though. Maybe they don't want to be involved or maybe they are already being paid to look the other way. But I feel that if the Army does nothing it won't be long before we read another story about another Bar in another town having the same problems. I hear Roiet has a similar problem with these guys as well. If it wasn't for social media we would never hear about these things. I am sure this is not an isolated case.
  10. Getting tourists to visit Pattaya is one issue, getting them to ever return is the real issue. The whole place needs a major cleanup and I am not talking about the Bars. Sort out all the thieving taxis refusing to use meters and putting guns to the heads of anyone trying to make changes to that. Remove all Jetski's from the beach to eliminate some of the corruption. Clean the beach daily. Stop the annoying street Touts from shoving a different watch in your face every 2 minutes after the sun goes down so tourists can enjoy a relaxing night out. If you start with this Tourists may even want to come back for another holiday.
  11. In the video all I see is a bunch of intimidating cowards. Like a pack of Soi dogs out of control. Need to be rounded up and exported back to where they come from. No place for this in Thailand. They would never do that in their own country.
  12. This is almost worthy of a Darwin Award. You have to be totally brain dead to do this kind of thing. I wonder where the drugs were headed? Here do you think? Or on to Australia or somewhere like that.
  13. Is that his left hand on the throttle?
  14. The arrow was at the point of impact. It was all over if and when the driver saw that arrow at all.
  15. I would. And I do. And I will continue to do. That's the way I was bought up. To help others in need.