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  1. Attempted Murder. Nothing less.
  2. Were they driving out of their designated area going to Na Jomtien? Stealing business from the local taxis can result in this as we all know.
  3. It reads like she was travelling alone. I'm not sure that's a great idea on Koh Tao at 18 years old. I'd be really concerned about HIV above and beyond all else. Sadly Africans have a history with Rohypnol use to get what they want and they also seem to have the highest concentration of HIV with daylight second.
  4. If it truly links all 3 airports with stops at Pattaya and finally Rayong then bring it on. Lets be positive.
  5. Yes very comfy. Withdrawals are taking longer but still happening. The white paper is there for all to read. You can do your own research. I am not a financial adviser. I am not suggesting you invest. They have had more than their fair shares of issues but Mondays announcement will be all good news I think.
  6. There has to be a lot more to this story of why he is not allowed back to Oz. There are far worse people coming and going from Oz on PR than whats stated in this story. The truth will come out soon. If he is not allowed back to Oz the Thai Gov will have to get rid of him also. Bit of a problem I think. At least it's summer in England.
  7. 15 pages of speculation. Until such time as these Bars in Thailand have fully functioning CCTV the Police should confiscate all their dartboards. This will solve all this guesswork.
  8. I'm certainly no Lawyer but it would have depended on the outcome of the evidentiary hearing I think. It seems clear the accused didn't spend a great deal of his time being a good guy. This story has more moves than a bucket of worms.
  9. New crackdown sees darts BANNED in Pattaya

    Crazy stuff. How long will it be before they confiscate Pool Tables and Televisions as they are other forms of entertainment? The country is really starting to go mad.
  10. Thailand bans smoking on 24 popular beaches

    I watched a bunch of filthy tourists smoking on Pattaya beach yesterday. All of them through their butts on the sand at the waters edge. I just don't get the mentality of most smokers. Nothing short of inward thinking.
  11. Correct. I often use the bus from either Ekkamai or the Airport. 126 baht or thereabouts and not much longer in time to get there than using a taxi. Take some food and drink on board and the time flies. The airport one is good because it takes you to Jomtien and then on a 10 baht bus in to Pattaya.
  12. Anthony has been found. He is not a drinker by the way so many here thinking way off track. He was in a hospital but the good news now is that he is doing ok.
  13. That article by Jesse Singh is a load of rubbish. Its written purely with the intention of getting you to invest with his idea so he can make money.. USI Tech is opening again in USA and Canada within days. It was announced yesterday. Nothing to do with Canadian securities commission. The new coin that USI is mining will be in the top 10 coins this year. I am more than very comfy with my investment with them. Its a risk like any high return investment but I believe as long as you invest what you are prepared to lose then your ok. If you don't want risk stick it in the bank or under your mattress. This explains some of it.
  14. USI-Tech just announced they are going back in to USA and Canada. Sounds like no one that did the right thing will lose any money. Good news for those investors there.
  15. As far as I know there is no connection between the 2 companies. You will find at least one story stating these coins, ico's or companies investing or trading are ponzi schemes. I don't believe USI Tech is a ponzi as we all know who the directors are and they don't appear to be stupid. They are constantly meeting shareholders in person. Over 1 million people invested with them now. But they did pull out of USA and Canada.