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  1. Well, I won't be driving around Libya on holiday's anytime soon.
  2. Quick!!!!! Clean the beach so the water goes back to blue.
  3. I apologise upfront if I am taking this too far.....but! If I have 5 million baht in my SCB Term Deposit Account do I need a work permit to receive the interest paid quarterly? I am just saying. Where does it start and end?
  4. So if 20 digital nomads get together and do as you suggest what do they do with the 80 Thais they must employ to make this legal?
  5. I personally don't think so. What Restinpeace says above is correct I think. This guy is making his money from being in Thailand. If he was living anywhere else he has no income. A digital nomad can work from any country because he does not need Thailand to support his income. Working from home while abroad and not taking anything from any Thai person. His work and his income are not connected to Thailand.
  6. Thank you. And I do hear you and agree with most of what you say. But the digital nomads I know still pay tax in their home country. I think the only way to avoid tax that I know of is to be paid cash and enjoy spending it quietly.. The trouble is we are fast becoming a global world and with technology the way it is more and more people are working from home. Does it really make a difference whether that home is in the same country as your company you work for? I know of a couple of people who must have descended from Gypsies. They move about all year probably spending about 3 or 4 months in each country. Should they not be allowed to do that? I'll stick with my original statement. Tons of grey area to whats right or wrong.
  7. Try that bit about "spending a ton of money and supporting the economy" to sidestep paying income taxes back home and see how far it gets you. Or the bit about "all my money comes from overseas customers, so I don't owe any taxes here where I operate" (and suck up resources). Where did I say that?
  8. The guy appears to be quite silly but there are far worse farang doing far worse things in Thailand than he will ever do. Lets start with the drug dealers for one thing. The digital nomad thing is interesting. I have many friends doing that here. Are they stealing a job a Thai can do.....No. Are they spending lots of money here supporting the economy while being paid from overseas....Yes. As far as paying taxes go every time I order something from Ali Express I don't think I am paying tax. Am I bad? I think there is tons of grey area around the digital nomad issue and paying tax issue. With every litre of fuel and every beer I am sure we pay some tax don't we?
  9. There is not a lot of value put on life here when we read these stories so often.
  10. My understanding is that this is incorrect. All toilet waste or black water goes in to holding tanks nearby the toilet and have holes in them to allow the broken down effluent to seep out in to the ground. Grey water does the same but to a different tank to allow the black water to break down. I believe the water getting in to the ocean is 95 % stormwater from street drains. But then the food vendors, people working on cars, bikes etc tip all their unwanted waste in to that system. I am not saying that no one has connected their toilet to the stormwater in the street but its unlikely. You need fall for this to work and in 99 % of the cases this would not be achievable. Without fall on the pipework your toilet would stay blocked. The bad smell you get walking around streets in Thailand is from grease. Grease smells way worse than sewer. There is no "sewerage system" as such that I know of anywhere in Thailand. Holding tanks need to be pumped. Septic tanks need to be pumped out when full of solids. If the septic tanks were ever connected to stormwater the area in the streets would stink. I had the pleasure of digging up an old septic tank in Bangkok and replacing it with a bigger one. The ground around the tank was black from the broken down effluent seeping in to the ground around it. Not real stinky though as it was broken down.
  11. Removing the rubbish from the beach changes the colour of the water? Next they will be telling us they can walk on water.
  12. That's the trouble with clearing the beach of umbrellas and chairs. Now we can see just how filthy and disgusting the beach there really is. Guess who has been at least trying to keep it clean, yep, those operators that are now gone. We walked to the southern end of Cozy Beach a few years ago and you could see the oily sludge built up on the water from the current. Never swam there again.
  13. I wish I hadn't watched that last video. I'll need a belly full of G&T's tonight so I can sleep.
  14. When you see it in slow motion it does not look good for the pedestrian imo. She can clearly see the bus which the cyclist may not have seen in her mirror. When I put myself in her position I would not have dropped my shoulder, I would have walked to the right or even turn sideways to face the bus.. Maybe what she did was unintentional but it looks so bad. Be very interesting to get the final take on the accident from authorities but I guess that's not going to happen.
  15. What a sad accident. The pedestrian should have been watching where she was walking and could have moved over to her right but also there was a lot of room to get between her and the bus for the cyclist. What are the odds of the bus being there at that exact moment? The habit of walking and playing on the phone is a lifestyle here. Thais spend so much of their lives with their face in the phone.