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  1. Dog bitten on neck - what to do?

    Yes please go the vet immediately. The longer you leave it the more serious and expensive it gets and that wound is not going to get better on it's own even if you clean it. Please go right away!
  2. Ha ha, I understand what you're getting at but that's probably exactly what people were saying in Phuket 10 years ago...
  3. The humane answer that has also been shown to be effective elsewhere in reducing stray dog populations is to spay and neuter the animals. Soi Dog have had a lot of success in Phuket and things have vastly improved here. It does take time though and education is important.
  4. What do you do at Songkran? (Survey)

    Had a day off this year so made sure I had all outside errands taken care off and food/groceries bought ahead of the day. Walked the dogs and got my run in early and then stayed in all day...best Songkran ever
  5. Golden retrievers

    Please adopt don't shop but if you must purchase an animal do some due diligence on where it is coming from especially in Chiang Mai. There have been some horrendous photos posted on Facebook of dogs from "puppy farms" in that area. There are a lot of people working very hard to rescue dogs kept in appalling conditions on these farms and then find homes for the survivors but unfortunately there are still more people supporting the breeders and perpetuating the misery. Ask yourself why you want a dog? If you genuinely love dogs I hope you will consider adopting your next golden retriever. Maybe look up Care For Dogs, Lek Chailert or Soi dog Foundation, Thailand Adopt a Dog on Facebook. There are all kinds of dogs and puppies in need of a home, pure breeds included. It's amazing how much people spend on pure breeds only to be looking for homes for them a few months later when they decide to move, you may well get lucky. Good luck to you :)
  6. Taking dogs to Australia, E.Canis Test

    Hi, Sorry to hear about your situation. We are all still in Thailand and my dog tested positive on a Snap Test so I don't know what her titer count is exactly but I believe it needs to be above the .4 dilution or however the numbers work to come up as positive so I am somewhat concerned about the required IFAT test. I have her on doxycycline and we will keep retesting with those and in a couple of months I will send a blood sample to be tested with the IFAT test before I book everything. Where is your dog stuck? Singapore, KL or still in Thailand and what is your vet using to treat him? Let me know and I'll also keep you posted on our progress and anything else I can find out. My dog had one month of the local cheap generic doxycycline but I've now got her on Pfizer Vibra vet 100 paste as I'm sure the dosage is more reliable and more easily absorbed. Alison
  7. Hi, I am returning to Australia with 3 pets in tow later this year. We've started the RNAT (Rabies titre test) already and are waiting on results. There is a bit of a hurdle though.... As a precaution I had a snap test for E.canis (tick borne illness) done today and one of my dogs tested positive. She also tested positive in May 2015 when I first found her and was put on Doxycycline, it would seem she's still producing antibodies. She was never actually ill. Dehydrated and hungry but not showing signs of real illness, no vomiting or fever. My other dog is clear for this test having been with me since she was 7 weeks and well protected. Does anyone have any experience with this? Jetpets told me that one of their dogs tested positive for E.Canis while in quarantine and after 8 weeks of treatment and retesting the dog was then cleared and allowed into Australia. The owners had the option to either pay for that extended time and tests or pay for the dog to be deported. I have averted complete disaster by testing now but I know that the solution might not come easy. For now I will put her on doxy for a month and start a lot of research and possibly talk to Jetpets more and also AQIS. I will ask about submitting complete blood counts etc. The dog is in perfect health, but she must pass this test to get into Australia. If anyone has any information, anecdotal or otherwise I would be most grateful. Would a stay in Europe way from ticks help her stop producing antibodies perhaps? Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Alison