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  1. Jim P

    UK pensions

  2. Cant see the problem, you show a stamped bank statement along with a book that shows at least an average of 65,000 baht per month has gone into that account in the last 12 months and a transaction done within the last 24hrs. The letter is just a waste of money. People saying they are not wanted, well those that dont meet the immigration criteria in there own countries aren`t wanted either.
  3. No its not, that money doesn`t need seasoning as it does for extensions, and thats just one difference.
  4. That`s exactly as I see it, wire money each month in excess of 65,000 baht through Transferwise thus not keeping any significant amount sitting doing nothing in a Thai bank. Only thing looking at my mobile banking tonight is that it shows up as `No book cash deposit` which doesn`t prove it from my UK account.
  5. Jim P

    UK pensions

    Quick question. I intended to retire to Thailand in the next few months, I will be 56. Making two assumptions, one that the state pension still exists when I am 67 and two that I am still living in Thailand at that age. Is my pension frozen at the rate I have accrued from the day I start receiving it at 67 or is frozen at the rate when I leave the country at 56?
  6. Im not 65, you only have to prove income of 65000 thb per month, you dont have to prove retirement. So for example private rental income would provide proof.
  7. In fact you can pretty much get it all done from the comfort of your armchair at home if you so wished, except for a quick trip to the Post Office. and doctor, imagine all the hassle of doing everything in Thailand ! And at a conservative 2% your 20k will earn you nearly £800 before you ever have to show it should you choose to prove your funds in that way.
  8. Getting the O-A visa in the UK is the best, easiest, cheapest and most hassle free option. You can get all your documents notorized at a Post office £10.50 per document, your police check done online and the doctors may charge you a fee, mine was £25 and of course all with fluent English speakers should any problems occur. You wont have to convert any UK funds to THB for nearly two years if you exit and return just before expiry of the visa, do you really want to convert £20k at current rexchange rates? The first reply you received is the best option imo.