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  1. Good point, thank you for your help.
  2. Its not expired John, it will still have two weeks remaining, so should be ok yes?
  3. I understand that, but if they do, and we all know despite any rules that they may do, will two weeks remaining be ok? I ask because passports have to have a certain amount of time remaining to be valid in many circumstances, is the permit similar? I really dont have the time to get a new one if it would definitely be ok. I assume it will or they dont need it as you say but what is the experience of others who may have been in a similar situation despite the rules.
  4. TIT can anyone else answer my question, tia
  5. I understand from above I dont need a IDP to get a licence as my current licence is in English. But just to be safe I do have one, it expires in two weeks from the date I intend applying once I am in Thailand. So if they were to ask me for IDP would it still be valid for the process with just two weeks remaining? tia
  6. Jim P

    Retirement visa

    No the funds aren`t already in a UK account, thats why Im asking. Anyhow it appears I can just add the funds prior to my application, thanks.
  7. Jim P

    Retirement visa

    As in the question O A visa. Retiring and over, 50 thanks.
  8. Jim P

    Retirement visa

    Just about to apply for my first Non o a visa in London. Is there a requirement to have the proof of funds in my account months in advance or can I just deposit it a few weeks in advance. I know for renewal it needs to be deposited 60 days in advance. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  9. Jim P

    UK pensions

    Thank you Partington and thank you for the calculation, that is good news as Im currently in excellent health but who knows the future. In fact I will probably only have about three and a half years to pay as I will be contributing to 2018 after April 5th so if I retire in October I will have 6 months contributions in the bag for this year.
  10. Jim P

    UK pensions

    Of course I will be accruing another year at the end of this tax year which isnt yet included hence the 4 years missing I am quoting, not 5 as shown.
  11. Jim P

    UK pensions

  12. Jim P

    UK pensions

    Sorry for the confusion guys, I am currently 55 and intend to retire later this year, by this time I will be 56. Yes I was contracted out. My forecast shows I can get a state pension of £159.55 in 2029 with full contributions. Based on my current record of 36 years contributions it shows I have 136.99 but it states that if I contribute another 4 years before 2029 I will receive 159.55, Im assuming that forecast is made if I keep working, which isnt my intention. I do not qualify to buy any of the missing years as they expire after 6 years and they were back in the 80s. I was wondering if I can just keep paying contributions for the next 4 years after my retirement to accrue the full amount and would it actually be worth it if I can?
  13. Jim P

    UK pensions

    Quick question for those knowledgeable on UK pension rights. I intend to retire within the next year. A look at my Govt Gateway statement shows that I will have approx 36 years full contributions at age 56. I have some missing periods from back in the 80s when I was travelling etc and was oblivious to NI contributions, it is too late to buy these back. My current statement shows that I will get 136.99 and the full pension is £159.55 . Would my circumstances allow me to continue contributing for the next 4 years after I retire.
  14. Yes notmyself, Soi 1 is the place I will be looking at. I had a drive around there last time I was over.
  15. To answer the OPs question, I find Phuket more expensive than Samui. But as has been said if you are flying Samui is expensive to get to and from.