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  1. Your information from multiple sources, ummm let me guess The Sun, Daily Mail, You Tube, the understandable rants of angry and distressed tenants and relatives, that want answers yesterday etc None of which are evidence. Many missing are amongst those recovered, they haven't been able to confirm the identities yet. Your theories are, as I said, rubbish. Before they admit to it, admit to what ? Have you been inside the tower, or in anyway involved ? You are accusing the Police, Fire brigade, recovery teams etc of a cover up.
  2. Your talking rubbish, what maths? The figure given may rise, indeed it is likely to rise, but conclusive proof must be made before banding figures around willy nilly. Where did you get your information from, if you believe Im being patronising? You have quoted its POLICY to drip feed the figures.
  3. Not true, you must be a soft touch for the conspiracy theorists.
  4. I must have walked straight past her on Saturday as I strolled the whole length of the beach
  5. What you see on tv from the comfort of your chair with full hearing and vision are somewhat different from what you are faced with inside the building. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to walk unobstructed to doors and just ring the bell. For your information doors bells weren't rung, doors were smashed in, hope this helps.
  6. I heard the same Dave. I hope your daughter returns safe, thanks for her help and all the emergency services.
  7. This is called FSG, Fire Survival Guidance and has just been reported on the news if all fire safety conditions are met this should be the case. This policy was adopted after a fire at Lakenal House. One of the factors I would think last night was that been an exceptionally warm night fire will have travelled upwards through open windows. Other than that I can comment as Im not qualified to do so, Im just a Firefighter.
  8. Hi guys and girls I have just returned from this fire about 1 hour ago, I have been there since about 1.30 am and will be returning tonight at 8pm. I have never seen anything like this in my career As we approached the building along the adjacent A40 road we could see the tower alight on one side. On arrival this quickly spread to the whole block. A protected internal staircase allowed us to climb the building but as conditions deteriorated this became impossible. Many many people were saved but alas many more than is currently reported have perished. Residents had trapped friends and family speaking to them on their mobiles asking for help. People were jumping from the building, one hit a colleague of mine who was entering the building. Im watching on tv now, it seems unbelievable.
  9. Yes, thank you petermik I already have that.
  10. Ok cool so it wont be a problem for me to buy. I will be getting my Thai drivers licence asap. I put the Thai wife bit because I wasn't sure if I needed a Thai involved in some way as you do for a house purchase
  11. I will be moving to Thailand next year and applying for a retirement extension visa. Asap I would like to purchase a vehicle either from a dealership or privately using cash. I dont have a Thai wife but will be renting a property alone. Is proof of my address and a driving licence all that is required to make the purchase?
  12. How old are you now Mitch? Here is my view for whats its worth as I haven't made the move myself but I have been a UK landlord in the past. I wouldn't split one 500k property into two smaller ones with a value of 250k each, thats going to cost you 25k just in stamp duty alone. Your maintenance bill will most likely be bigger and you will be paying agents 10-15% per property to have to have them fully managed.Of course your chances of getting a bad tenant have also increased. If you have to sell I think buying one rental and investing half might be a better solution, interest rates for investors cannot get any lower than they are now and as suggested by others there are numerous investment vehicles depending on your appetite for risk. Of course your incomes have to be taken into account too, whatever is over £11500 will be subject to at least 20% tax. For myself who is shortly to make the move the exchange rate has been a blow but Im hoping over the next few years for some recovery and maybe in 10 years to sell my place if interest rates are higher and invest a large portion of it for additional income. Whatever you do good luck, I know Im a little nervous because for me if I retire theirs no going back to my job.