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  1. Retirement visa

    Originally I was just going to put the 800k in a Thai bank and leave it there for reporting purposes but at current exchange rates of GBP I would rather not do that. As I’m retiring to Thailand in July on an O-A visa I would rather use income based evidence and keep an account with nominal funds and season it as needs be. As highlighted above I can keep it that way for two years if I use the visa wisely. Hopefully the GBP may be stronger then and for convenience I will deposit the 800k. If it’s weaker or the same I still have the proof of income and my 800k invested in the U.K as sterling.
  2. Retirement visa

    Does pension + rental income count if combined they total 65000thb or more? Therefore just keeping a nominal amount in the Thai bank.
  3. Gym workout and protein intake

    Ah Clint Walker, never heard of him, I was trying to decipher the signature, thought it was Walsh.
  4. Gym workout and protein intake

    Who is that transam? Yeh I don’t like cottage cheese on its own. I mix with frozen blueberries and have a scoop of peanut butter, that tastes pretty good, or replace it with Greek yoghurt. Your right about the salt content of cc. If you don’t like something don’t eat it. I don’t really get on with sweet potatoes so I eat white same with brown rice, tastes like cardboard so I have the spicy ones or white.
  5. Gym workout and protein intake

    The OPs target.
  6. Gym workout and protein intake

    The highest percentage initially needs to be good carbs to build the muscle and provide the energy. The protein can increase in the later months but it’s not that necessary. Protein remains consistent throughout but the cabs and fats will need to be adjusted as he progresses. Just getting in shape and being well defined and cut are two different things imo. I was still pretty fit when I was a 94kg and didn’t really look overweight.
  7. Gym workout and protein intake

    Yep it goes against what most think and why most fail. Eventually your muscle will grow to meet your fat coming down and bingo. I got the result I wanted doing just that. The pre bed cottage cheese and berries they detail is one meal I often have with a scoop of peanut butter, nice.
  8. Gym workout and protein intake

    Haven’t read it all Polanskiman but their nutrition advice is pretty much what I have been saying. People are too ingrained into thinking losing weight is the priority. For a transformation it’s not.
  9. Gym workout and protein intake

    Calisthenics is mainly what I do now, getting older so body weight stuff mainly.,As you say excellent results, easier on the joints, need very little, if any equipment, change routines all the time so no monotony or boredom. There are outdoor gyms in BKK I think? As for the calories, yes he will need additional good calories to build some muscle and support his routine. I assume as he hasn’t trained for such a long time his muscle score would be somewhat low. I cannot see him, neither do I know all his stats or body type. I have said one size does not fit all. He used an online calculator and added the 500 from there, 300 would be fine too, and dropping 200 a day if when he re assessed his progress he wasn’t happy. It’s trial and error, but it’s a fatal mistake to cut calories from the off. People who do that hit a plateau, they are already starving so they can’t cut food anymore. They decide the only thing to do is more exercise which just burns the muscle, they give up and pile the weight on. This could take him a year, I don’t know but for sure he will have to alter his training and diet numerous times. We are all different but the basics of good diet, good exercise and good rest remain the same, you just have to find what works for you. Starting low you are limiting your options. Hope this helps
  10. Gym workout and protein intake

    Just keep it up Polandskiman, if you have to skip a session, go on eating or drinking binge dont worry about it your consistency will overcome that. I go on the beer, eat cakes etc you gotta live. As I say just start with your plan and look at it again after 2 months, I changed my diet and calorie intake numerous times to reach my goal. The naysayers never have the body to back up their negativity and neither do most people telling you how to do it.
  11. Gym workout and protein intake

    Explain please bkk
  12. Gym workout and protein intake

    So would I be, you were here asking for a spotter the other day and you haven't even begun yet! Let us know how you get on, main thing is you are making a start, just dont get injured. If you have difficulty consuming the calories buy a blender, you can make loads of high calorie nutritious meals using that. Stop keep finding obstacles like this and early morning nutrition etc. or you will never succeed. Your calorie intake will be slowly going down. Trial and error will be the way, what suits one may not suit the other. I am speaking from my own experience because my stats are very similar to yours. I never consumed 3500 calories a day as I am 18 years older than you so have a slower metobalism and lower testosterone. But 3500 is about right for you to build some muscle before stripping the fat, so long as you work hard at it. Rome wasn't built in day.
  13. Gym workout and protein intake

    He looks different than when he was solving cases
  14. Gym workout and protein intake

    Thats a great video transam, I have never seen that before but Arnie says it all. Have a goal and focus, mine is my holidays on the beach, that vision gets to me the gym when I dont want to. The oldest excuse in the book `I dont have the time` often said whilst sitting in the sofa munching a pack of Doritos and watching the X Factor