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  1. Jim P

    UK pensions

    Quick question. I intended to retire to Thailand in the next few months, I will be 56. Making two assumptions, one that the state pension still exists when I am 67 and two that I am still living in Thailand at that age. Is my pension frozen at the rate I have accrued from the day I start receiving it at 67 or is frozen at the rate when I leave the country at 56?
  2. Im not 65, you only have to prove income of 65000 thb per month, you dont have to prove retirement. So for example private rental income would provide proof.
  3. In fact you can pretty much get it all done from the comfort of your armchair at home if you so wished, except for a quick trip to the Post Office. and doctor, imagine all the hassle of doing everything in Thailand ! And at a conservative 2% your 20k will earn you nearly £800 before you ever have to show it should you choose to prove your funds in that way.
  4. Getting the O-A visa in the UK is the best, easiest, cheapest and most hassle free option. You can get all your documents notorized at a Post office £10.50 per document, your police check done online and the doctors may charge you a fee, mine was £25 and of course all with fluent English speakers should any problems occur. You wont have to convert any UK funds to THB for nearly two years if you exit and return just before expiry of the visa, do you really want to convert £20k at current rexchange rates? The first reply you received is the best option imo.
  5. Good point, thank you for your help.
  6. Its not expired John, it will still have two weeks remaining, so should be ok yes?
  7. I understand that, but if they do, and we all know despite any rules that they may do, will two weeks remaining be ok? I ask because passports have to have a certain amount of time remaining to be valid in many circumstances, is the permit similar? I really dont have the time to get a new one if it would definitely be ok. I assume it will or they dont need it as you say but what is the experience of others who may have been in a similar situation despite the rules.
  8. TIT can anyone else answer my question, tia
  9. I understand from above I dont need a IDP to get a licence as my current licence is in English. But just to be safe I do have one, it expires in two weeks from the date I intend applying once I am in Thailand. So if they were to ask me for IDP would it still be valid for the process with just two weeks remaining? tia
  10. Jim P

    Retirement visa

    No the funds aren`t already in a UK account, thats why Im asking. Anyhow it appears I can just add the funds prior to my application, thanks.
  11. Jim P

    Retirement visa

    As in the question O A visa. Retiring and over, 50 thanks.
  12. Jim P

    Retirement visa

    Just about to apply for my first Non o a visa in London. Is there a requirement to have the proof of funds in my account months in advance or can I just deposit it a few weeks in advance. I know for renewal it needs to be deposited 60 days in advance. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect