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  1. Im sure she is, but take away Briar do you believe she would be involved in anything like this? I dont. She is a poor farm girl and sees money and gifts coming from gullible farangs for just doing a bit of acting, bar girls do it everyday, its hard to blame her. She has been coached and the heart string vlogs are choreographed using her child to gain sympathy.
  2. I asked AlexRich what logical reason BT would have to make this offer as AlexRich was claiming he was trying to access information. AlexRich suggested that Briar was aware it was a bogus offer, now that makes no sense to me. If he accepted BTs offer (called his bluff) and it was bogus then it would be BT that looked like a fool, no harm done to Briar in that case, except he would have had to disclose the amount of the bill ummm! But he didn`t accept, he ignored it and carried on collecting money into his personal account. If it was due to a pre existing issue and BT was attempting some `fake shiek` investigating then good on him. he may have saved people thousands of pounds in the long run and exposed a scammer. Either way that offer wont really matter in the great scheme of things.
  3. I didn`t spot it Wassup, another poster on YouTube noticed it. It just confirms everything that I have been thinking. Why people are giving this man money is beyond me. I dont blame Pie as she has been manipulated and will probably do anything for her son, she is just another victim.
  4. For me this is the most damning evidence yet that GB is using this family to his own ends, and his vlogs to extract maximum cash. The reality is he needs them more than they need him. At 13.51 in this video you will see Briar tell Pie "say it" to prompt her to talk about the expensive cost of keeping the child. Unbelievably just prior to this he tells us all how unimportant money is, this is carefully choreographed to tug at the heart strings, Pie just forgot her line for a second.
  5. 1) As is not having the appropriate visa and apparently the required funds. And now he will never be able to get affordable health insurance, who`s paying the next bill? 2) That`s how it works, you feel you can trust the man, thats how lonely hearts lose their life savings, to charismatic and clever manipulators. 3) He did tell us he had money, thats how he gets his visa, right? Then the money for the farm went on a spanking new expensive bike, paid for by who? Now he tells us he has no money, ummm! 4) Charities are legal above board and registered, so its not like a charity at all. 5) Ditto, same to you Testokan.
  6. I have a feeling returning the money would be the most stressful thing for this guy. Anyway in another week he will apparently be under the knife, good luck to him if its a serious as he is making out. The investigation etc can wait until after that.
  7. Yes lamyai3, both these guys have brought it upon themselves. The thing about GB is that he could definitely provide a better living for his family if he really cared. Declaring himself retired in his early 50s when potless and living off begging is a disgrace imo. Its a very interesting story to follow and I wont be losing any sleep no matter what happens, but I am intrigued.
  8. We all know the two facts in life, death and taxes. Now Im sure there are plenty of Youtubers and digital nomads under the radar but this guy put himself in the spotlight, not anyone else, this is his own doing. If what he is doing is a contravention of his visa status I guess he will have to sort it out.
  9. Not according to the Thai Labour Department as highlighted above Lamyai3, its work, not a hobby.And Nate doesn't even have Patreon, clearly thats more additional revenue.
  10. If he was genuine by now he would have returned all the money raised as one sponsor is footing the bill. That alone would have been a big step in the right direction, poor suckers are going to lose it all I think.
  11. Ummm a hobby, recording, editing, publishing for financial gain, thats not a hobby in my books. But again that will be for the authorities to decide. As you say he calls himself retired, more like bone idle I would suggest. If someone said the word `work` to him that may induce a heart attack. Society in general isn't very forgiving of those that are able bodied and fit for work scrounging off those that play by the book and pay their way, and rightly so imo. More fool those that donate, but as they say fools and their money. I guess its a game of numbers, the more viewers or subscribers you have the more gullible sorts you will gain from financially, that how mail shots work, on a 5% return. Currently he is running at less than 1% so I guess he needed one big payday.
  12. Im not misinformed Lamyai3, that subject has been done to death on TV and very Thai forum. GB calls it a retirement visa as do many others, its more for the purpose of simplicity that I use the term. As you have called Youtubing an occupation and a career that would also be breaking the terms of such visa. If its a business he would also need to be employing Thais, if its a charity it would need to be registered. I agree with your assertion that its work.
  13. You clearly haven't been following the thread or the story. GB calls himself `retired` in his early fifties whilst still being able bodied, he doesn't meet the Thai Visa requirements, if he did he could have paid his own medical bill. In the UK he would be called unemployed, receive benefits and have health care free at the point. Of course he could also look for a job and earn far more than he does as a parasite, thats if his family really come first. Retirees should have enough money from pensions and investments to support themselves. Graham Briar doesn't want to entertain the notion of work, simple as that, its easier to beg. If some of the stories that have been discussed on here and YT are true then he is a very unsavoury character indeed in many ways. His legality will be looked at and potential criminal activity will be investigated, it will be up to the powers that be to judge him on them. One way or another there is a lot he could have done to help himself in this last week and he hasn't done it.
  14. Strange only one person has admitted to donating. This is classic and often happens in scams, particularly those of the heart(pun intended) The donor feels embarrassed that they fell for the smooth talking criminal. I saw one post on Briars vlog that started "Come back Graham we need you" Now I really felt sorry for that person that didn't only think they had bought themselves a friend for a few dollars every month but the use of the word `we` Clearly they felt they were part of some sort of community. I imagined them sitting home alone in a dingy bedsit with little money to spare but now felt part of something. I may be way off but that's the image that was created in my mind when I read that line. A lonely and vulnerable person that has been taken of advantage of.
  15. You and AlexRich will make what ever interpretation you like, that's clear, I have never said that. I have said that this guy hasn't been playing by the rules and has questions to answer as regards his status in Thailand. I have also said that given the speculation this could also lead to a criminal investigation. Far from the likes of me destroying his life if he is guilty of any offences or his status isn't legal then has destroyed his own life. Unquestionably he could be providing a better and more long term sustainable life for his family, if that's really his main concern, by working outside of Thailand. His visa doesn't allow him to work in LOS.