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  1. Now they're all in Bangkok. Thanks.
  2. If the assistant did that to an adult anywhere, they would be arrested. But do it to a 2 year old in "school" and it's ok.
  3. Some people don't want to see a doctor and face the music. They think not knowing keeps it from happening. Some people would rather let the disease kill them. Doesn't really matter now. Rip
  4. Traveling the speed of sound, the driver probably didn't hear the sirens. Lol
  5. No. It isn't different. One is enough for me to make a comment. I don't need your permission or approval to respond to whatever I want.
  6. Where the shortage is is where the buyers are and where the sperm will be taken to for sale. That's what my assumption was but I'm no expert in sperm smuggling. Lol
  7. No one = 0 and I just pointed out someone who is. So saying "nobody" is wrong.
  8. How is painting all thai men with the same brush helping anybody? By all means criticise this man for what he did, but enough with stereotyping all thai men.
  9. Look a few posts up. "What is wrong with Thai so called men?" Every thread with a male criminal has these kinds of posts.
  10. Mental illness is a problem in just about every country I'll bet. Instead of male bashing, we should look for ways to improve detection and treatment. It's the only way to prevent these tragedies from happening.
  11. Sperm banks are having shortages everywhere. Why? Too many men have been outed and stuck with child support payments. As fewer men opt for marriage and donors become non-existent, it's only a matter of time before sperm becomes a black market commodity.
  12. This whole debacle reads like a frat house prank. Ridiculous.
  13. When I first read the article, I thought it said he received fist aid. Lol. I like my version better.
  14. Nah. When it comes to scamming people out of money, a vagina works better.
  15. If I have to choose between privacy/personal liberty and personal security, I will choose personal liberty every time. This is just going to create a (bigger) black market for sim cards.