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  1. Now who's going to clean the water?
  2. Some of the accusers have admitted to lying and some have changed their stories multiple times (ie they're lying). What's happened to Bill is a travesty of justice.
  3. Marriage is the biggest scam going and the worst contract a man can sign. Good on the lad for getting out if it.
  4. I think only if they killed people. I'm worried politicians will start throwing the "terrorist" label around just to execute political opponents and others for their own convenience.
  5. When do they plan to move all the ugly buildings and sidewalks underground? Just kidding. I hope this project is successful and those unsightly wires are moved safely underground.
  6. I've never felt to be in danger here, same with the Philippines, but I stay away from the Muslim south areas in both countries.
  7. The butthurt is strong in this one. Wrong is wrong and lose is lose. "Almost" only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. They had her winning by a fair margin and she didn't. Pollsters getting it wrong is very relevant. There could be sampling issues, where their polling sample is representative of the population.
  8. Is this poll from the same pollsters who had Hillary winning the election?
  9. Good. Don't need psychos like her on the streets.
  10. This actually explains a lot. I've met many people here who must have been "hazed" as children.
  11. I guess he gave someone bad advice.
  12. This isn't vigilante justice. It's just plain harassment and intimidation.
  13. Your words. Not mine. I never said that. I don't feel sorry for her though. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Play gangster games, win gangster prizes. If it was a man, what would your feeling towards his beating be?
  14. This is like one of those movies that tries really hard to throw in plot twists but nobody is surprised. Lol
  15. Getting into debt with gangsters is maybe the dumbest thing you can do, especially if you can't pay.