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  1. As a child and adolescent I was raised with guns and went hunting often. Killing an animal to eat never bothered me. I served in the US Army from 1970 thru 78. In 1972 i killed 2 men it was justified in line of duty. When I returned home my father, (who I was not close to) used a .357 Magnum loaded with super vels (high velocity hallow point rounds)to blow his brains out, I found the body, half his head was all over the 4'x5' room he did it in. It didn't bother me, but I remembered the back of the guys head explode from the.45 cal round. I went hunting once after I got out. When I shot a rabbit I saw that image again, soon after I got rid of my guns. It is easy to talk about an eye for an eye and all that but it stays with a human being. I know I would have no problems taking a life to save another (innocent) life at that time. But would not be happy after.
  2. Samsung screen bulging

    This was many years ago as I said I updated from Win XP to Win 7. The problem was the software only worked with win 98 and Win XP. I did find a work around, but the camera died soon after.
  3. U.S. court blocks immigrant teen's bid to obtain abortion

    No where did I read Free Abortion at tax payer expense. But perhaps when a person is in taxpayer custody there may be a taxpayer liability
  4. In reading the OP I saw nothing to indicate pre-meditation or malice aforethought. But perhaps I am merely assuming the lad carried the pen gun all the time. I was thinking more along the lines of manslaughter.
  5. I am curious if TV, movie, or video games have desensitized youth as to what destruction can be inflicted by human beings? How many acts of violence can a child see on TV daily without learning the reality of it?
  6. Electric oven recommendations?

    I purchased a cheap Ricco oven at Macro Bangkapi. (Forget if ฿2000 or 5000) It indicated a high temp of 250 degrees C but will not get hotter than 175 degrees C, (using an oven thermometer) I discovered it is only 2000 w. But works ok for my beer can chicken and most cakes cookies and cheesecakes turn out ok. Suggest you check to see if it is 3000 w or more. I miss cooking with gas!
  7. Samsung screen bulging

    I refuse to own any Samsung product. I used to own a Samsung digital camera, had an excelent schneider lens. Came with software to save images on PC. I upgraded my pc from XP to Win 7 and the software would not work. I called tech support to see if there was an upgrade, the korean I talked to told me I need a new cable, I replied, no, my cable works fine on my laptop I need a software upgrade. He said I was stupid and needed a cable. I demanded to speak to a supervisor, complained about being called stupid, he never apologised but did tell me there was no software upgrade. That was maybe 5 years ago. I still refuse to buy any Samsung product. Yes, a stubborn grumpy duck but samsungs loss. 5555555
  8. I was thinking the same thing but then I also thought (hopefully) maybe he is firing blanks?
  9. Yes, I agree, putting catsup on pizza is almost as bad as ruining a steak by putting catsup on it!
  10. I am curious are they specifically taxing sugar (sucrose) drinks? I understand most US soft drink manufacturers have switched from expensive sugar to cheaper and more unhealthy corn syrups as sweeteners. Will the tax also be on sugar free diet soft drinks?
  11. I was going to comment about Chinas "Buy 2 submarines get one free" deal. 5555
  12. Go-go going as Chinese women fuel Thai tourism boom

    I remarked about what I know, I cannot tell the difference between thai and malaysian, I have no idea what Thaniya plaza is and I have never been to hat yai. I have never been to Venezuela or visited GB. And never heard of such tours. I don't look down upon prostitution, and do not deny its existance in the USA or Europe. Perhaps you can educate everyone about prostitution and sexual exploitation in the west? From my own observations sexual exploitation of asians in the US has been at the hands of other asians and exagerated by the media and in Hollywood films.
  13. Go-go going as Chinese women fuel Thai tourism boom

    Not only Europeans and Americans, Japanese and even Chinese men visit here for the sex trade. I understand Japan even has sex tours to Thailand.
  14. Suspected German pedophiles arrested in Pattaya

    True, the headlines are big moneymakers when arrests are made, however, when suspects are found not guilty all we hear are crickets chirping. I remember several years back in the USA a number of men were arrested for child mollesting in sting operations. (Some in TV programs) Police posed as teens in chat rooms, in one case a big corp ceo was arrested and was in all the headlines. But eventually he was found not guilty, the media silence was deafening. I read about it in an article critical of the sting operations, and the media coverage/participation.
  15. I find this to be true, I had terrible pain from kidney stones went to Ladphrao General I was bumped to the head of the line waiting. The doctor fees, nursing fees, x rays, iv, drugs for pain even a prepaid return and the total was about ฿5300. Even with Medicare in California I would have been charged a minimum of $180 + 10% co pay with a wait of many many hours (8 hrs would be average). My doctor treated me for chronic back pain for years, I came to Thailand to discover the pain was kidney stones. 5555. I also went to Paolo Hospital in Chock Chai once for colon pain. (Felt like my colon was tied in a knot) I do not remember what the diagnosis was, I think something like diverticulitis. Soon after a nephew was hospitalized and underwent surgery and several days in the hospital for the same thing. He is a firefighter and has great insurance, I will guess his co pay was $5000. I paid cash (about ฿2500) for outpatient care, Dr visit, nursing care, and several injections.