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  1. Perhaps, the "I am a tourist get out of my way" attitude?
  2. 1. To transfer any funds from my US bank to any other financial institution costs money, (Min $35.00 transaction fee) It is easier and far cheaper for me to withdraw cash from an ATM and deposit into my Thai bank 2. I do not have the luxury of letting my minimal funds "sit" awaiting a favorable rate. My bills are usually already due when I receive payment. Like many worker class Americans I am relegated to living paycheck to paycheck. The last time I played casino, we were informed that a city was going to build a highway through a place my mother lived. Me my mother brother & sisters scavenged every dime we could to buy the 11 condos. As it was a sure win win. Then the state chose to build the highway a mile south. We lost our asses. I will not make that mistake again, primarily, as I no longer have the ASSets to allow it.
  3. Unlimited Data Roaming Packages??

    Yes there is, but I don't want to explain in a public forum but one major reason is I don't wish to risk bricking the device.
  4. I know little about Thai politics, but I have been trying to learn. My Thai friends are afraid to discuss the events which does not seem a halmark of democracy. As I understand it Thaksin was a democratically elected leader but was overthrown by the yellows under the false pretenses of defending the monarchy. As I understand the yellows are actually defenders of their wealth and status, nothing else. This is just a part of what I see as the owners of the world fighting to create a 2 caste system where it does not already exist. Owners and slaves. This has been argued in the US as people notice the middle class has been eliminated and the massive wealth disparity is used to divide and conquer.
  5. Not possible. Both my pension & social security must be direct deposited into a traditional bank, and I do not have the income to afford an "investment" account. Nor the desire to put my livelihood into a casino.
  6. How does a Thai National get HIV treatment?

    Wow, a post with replies that are not critical, hateful or blaming. Full of helpful suggestions. Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning.
  7. Oopsie, my bad, I have no idea where Australia came into it. Maybe they changed the country to make me look bad. 555 But the name sure sounds Canadian also, my comment was not about a shoplifter, but several bad stories about Pattaya most every day. Shitty beaches, foreigners killed, etc etc. oh I read she stole more than just nail polish
  8. I also hate the long lines and waiting periods at K bank. But perhaps there is a reason so many people use K bank.
  9. 2 observations; 1. All this bad news about Pattaya, why would anyone want to visit the place. Is there nothing redeeming? 2. I notice the womans name does not seem so stereotypical Aussie, perhaps she was visiting her homeland?
  10. Unlimited Data Roaming Packages??

    I have been with TRUE for the 2 years I have been here. I have unlimited internet (LAN & Wifi) at my place and for my US (AT&T) Locked iPhone i use a portable aircard and pay around ฿1700 month I think. I have also used it with my laptop, usually faster than free wifi but not as fast as I like especially when using VPN. I forgot to add that I have to notify customer care when traveling. I know I have roaming in Laos & I think Cambodia See the screenshot.
  11. I remember shopping with a viet friend in a Korean market in little saigon Calif a mexican security guard followed me everywhere I went, and was obvious about it. Any asian shoplifters were having a field day your feelings could be justified. I spend a lot at that store, and even though I often forget to place items on counter for checkout, I don't place them in pockets, I will often hold something in an armpit.
  12. Yes, I was pretty much a registered dem, but after this primary I switched to non-partisan, (now I can vote in either party primary) I have been disgusted with the republican light party since Reagan. I was suckered into believing in Obamas "change" but we still have troops in Iraq, not one banker has been jailed, guantanimo is still operating but he was still better than Romney. I also take into consideration the obstructionist tactics of the right.
  13. I have tried historic comparisons between Thai baht and other currencies on xe currency, but it gives me a headache 555
  14. I receive my monthly pension and social security payments thru direct deposit so I pay attention to the rates. I am losing Over $200 a month as a result. At first I wanted to blame trumpalumpa but I understand it is the Baht gaining strength perhaps to get a better deal on buying missiles from the US?