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  1. I was thinking Chinese space junk. 555
  2. Or perhaps the junta is the greatest threat?
  3. Grumpy Duck

    Is there a forum to bitch about the US Embassy?

    Yes, especially since trumpalumpa was appointed. Many career state department officials have chosen to retire. Even his own appointee (Tillerson) had issues
  4. Grumpy Duck

    YouTube star slams rip-off taxi driver

    I always wonder why it is the pink taxis trying to charge extra, driving in circles etc. Do they have higher lease rates than the All Thai Taxis, or the green and yellow taxis?
  5. Grumpy Duck

    YouTube star slams rip-off taxi driver

    Agreed, I have used the airport link a few times. Day or night I find it even more crowded than the MRT or BTS at rush hour. When meeting someone at the airport I will use the airport link to get there but take a taxi home.
  6. Grumpy Duck

    YouTube star slams rip-off taxi driver

    I seldom have problems with taxis. The few times I have it has been pink taxis. Yesterday I needed a taxi from Vejthani Hospital to my place. He didn’t complain about my wheelchair I was worried he would not use the meter. When we started moving the meter was on. Traffic on Ladphrao was terrible but he maneuvered well. Got home the meter showed ฿95 as he got my chair out of the trunk for me. He appreciated the ฿25 tip. Not all taxi drivers are bad. To the contrary I find most Thai people to be honest maybe just because I am older without the usual “I am better than you” attitude
  7. Grumpy Duck

    YouTube star slams rip-off taxi driver

    Where is Big Joke when he is needed?555
  8. Grumpy Duck

    Swimming pool enclosure for mozzies

    What are mozzies? Mosquitos perhaps?
  9. As I understand the retirement visa if applied for in the US will require a physical exam by an md. I arrived here on a tourist visa then eventually applied for the retirement visa at Government Center Immigration office the biggest pain was paying the US Consulate $50 to notarize my income statements.
  10. Grumpy Duck

    British man beats  wife to death in Ubon Ratchathani

    Perhaps it will bring out comments from people opposed to a man kicking a woman, his wife, to death no matter if British, French, African, or Asian. I wish the woman Rest In Peace perhaps the next life will be better for her.
  11. Grumpy Duck

    The UV(?) light bug zapper with fan

    A couple of years ago I purchased a cheap “frog” zapper. Didn’t get any mosquitoes. I gave it to the building employees. I saw a neighbor buy screen doors but did not help much as the mosquitoes here are smaller than the screen pattern. The fogger hits this place every month or so. I found the best idea was to move to the top floor (8), keep the balcony doors closed, and use “Off” repellent.
  12. Grumpy Duck

    Songkran traffic death toll climbs to 188 in 3 days

    A quality news report would not only report this years tolls, but also last years. Oh wait, but maybe last years numbers were worse.
  13. You mean postponed again? No other parties are allowed to organize or even meet? Yet this dictator has unlimited travels around the country patting himself on the back. Giving cattle to farmers, at whos expense? Did he buy the cattle with his own money? Ihave some Thai friends, some educated and successful, others just worker class. The few that will discuss politics at all seem to feel like it doesn’t matter who is elected. The rulers (Hiso owners) will continue to rule behind the scenes, nothing will change but names and faces.
  14. Grumpy Duck

    Shopping at the fresh market?

    Please where to buy Jalapeños? I even tried growing my own with no luck Tomatillo’s would be nice also.
  15. Grumpy Duck

    Shopping at the fresh market?

    I usually buy my MEAT at foodland. I don’t go grocery shopping to MEET anyone.