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  1. Survivors of Vietnam's My Lai massacre remember 'darkness and silence'

    I wonder what was your reaction when Nixon blanket pardoned deserters and draft evaders during the end of the “conflict”. I processed many of them who surrendered in Los Angeles, bussed them to Ft Ord for final action. I vaguely recall a PBS documentary stating that Ho Chi Minh only asked Eisenhower for moral support in their fight against French Imperialism. Ike chose to financially support our allies the French (as well as the US military industrial complex). Imagine what would have happened had we supported the Vietnamese fight for freedom?
  2. Survivors of Vietnam's My Lai massacre remember 'darkness and silence'

    Somewhat true, Calley was sent to the USDB Leavenworth, however commissioned officers cannot be confined with enlisted personnel. As I have read Calley was transferred to Ft Benning, GA where he was placed under house arrest. Ultimately pardoned by Nixon. I understand several of his superiors were indeed tried by general courts marshal, but found not guilty. I do know the Captain who ordered Calley to run an anti VC operation in Mei Lei was found not guilty claiming Calley misunderstood his orders.
  3. Survivors of Vietnam's My Lai massacre remember 'darkness and silence'

    Yes, he appealed his conviction and for numerous reasons after several years of house arrest he was released. He is a gemologist now.
  4. Survivors of Vietnam's My Lai massacre remember 'darkness and silence'

    I once dated a girl that escaped Vietnam by boat to Thailand. Her father worked for the French Embassy. He had to stay a year or so after the fall so he could collect retirement.
  5. Former FBI No.2 McCabe fired; claims he is being targeted

    And in the house intelligence committee leadership. The WH lapdogs. Yes Nunes talking about you
  6. Survivors of Vietnam's My Lai massacre remember 'darkness and silence'

    I read an article about a couple of helicopter pilots that were unsung heroes actually firing on the offending American troops. They were accredited with the reporting of the incident to congress. Vietnam was the only war in which modern mass media was allowed which caused the enormous amount of anti war sentiment. Since then the military has seriously curtailed media coverage such as in Desert Storm & recent conflicts only allowing friendly news releases or photo ops. Turning media outlets into a “ministry of propaganda”
  7. More cases of aid fund come to light

    Sorry to hear of this. In the US the welfare fraud is committed by recipients. Well with the exception of corporate welfare and welfare for billionaires those cases of fraud are committed by elected officials receiving payoffs. Oopsie, I meant campaign contributions.
  8. Watch out for fake 1,000 baht banknotes in Chonburi

    A taxi driver tried to pass me a fake ฿500 note once. The face of the bill was completely washed off. Fortunately I have a habit of checking my change right away. I insisted he return the ฿1000 note I gave him went to the 7/11 got change and cut his fare in half. When he complained I invited him to call the police. He left.
  9. Good work by the lad. But is it art or engineering or can engineering also be art? 5555 I believe we are all artists in our own way.
  10. Are you really so naive to believe Paris Hilton didn’t profit off the video releases?
  11. And they both made a bundle of cash in the process.
  12. It is so difficult to record AND at the same time perform in a bedroom situation it requires specific lighting, and a woman would have to be really stupid to be so duped. But at the same time I have not seen such videos mentioned. Here are a few such scenes images courtesy ofhttps://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/pictures-empty-porn-sets-taken-7423056 I will guess copyright by Jo Broughton.
  13. PM urges Thais to wear period costumes for outings

    Why don’t they have a slobbering emote?
  14. I wish he would visit Esplanade Mall late at night. A ton of taxis claiming “meter broken” trying to charge ฿200 for a ฿65 fare.
  15. Oh well ฿2000 is better than ฿100,000. But I don’t care. I have no plans to ever visit that place. So much negative news about the place.